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"Ultimately you'll Sail away out of this Field." That was
Fri Aug 28, 2015 14:30

"Ultimately you'll Sail away out of this Field."

That was a message that Randall sent to Bitch a few hours ago, Thursday evening. "Ultimately you'll sail away out of this field."

"Your abusive won." Tele receive. 8.33 PM

Might it be that droopy is just not aware that Judee scored him out of here yet?

"They hiked us. 8.06 PM

Houston mussed you. 8.13 PM

The foul has loaded chances; the future is almost finished out. 8.17 PM

I'm here.

Heard you don’t love me. 7.52 PM

The joke, you failed. 7.39 PM

Their dungeon stabbed you harshly. 7.41 PM

You failed, you're boursen' out yourself, your history is over dangerous.

They exhaust you out criminally.

You defeated your survival. 7.45 PM

You’re fish that are afraid to right yourselves.

Thespian taught you to fail.

Jealous is racing us. 7.41 PM

Snow fit. 8.06 PM

They're wiping out your fieldage.

For their vitamins, throw them away. 6.50 PM

Thank you. 7.32 PM

Serve you well.

The boss is dying for free. 7.19 PM

They're financial thieves. 7.35 PM

They died your race off. 7.34 PM

Nothing rancorous. 6.32 PM

They pushed you out of life forces casually.

He's tight forcing us out.

Their vengeance raid is now finished.

They falsed your lives away and you finished it, you failed tumors.

They got our air, they got us died.

You're all sad."

"You're quite an idiot, but right you see." The reverse speech of newscaster.

Now some Judee reverse speech:

"We just take you out torch. Rookie found us right. You won. Sherman investing is finishing you great late. Bitch, your mother we still freely hassle for sport. Jew oxygen freeze go soon. With a huge jail is how we slow them. My average was my false side but the scientist sees better, & he's rolled me off. I pitched Bitch right pasty. I allege you’re beautiful with cocaine, just say you got rocks. With a dog I shot you championship. We winnow away to core people. To sport you, it messes up the mental." Judee say.

Randall, who communicated to me that I would sail away out of this field ultimately, is a Mergetroid. I had communicated to him "thanks" for helping us. Randall, just like elder Jason, has a telepathic voice mailbox. His telepathic voice mail quickly responded back to me with a prearranged message, "Ultimately you'll Sail away out of this Field."

What might such a message as that indicate? Mercury previously indicated to Bitch that as the hot particles seep in and fill our air space, I will die off with the other 200 million Americans in about 4 years from radiation sickness. At this late date, apparently the mass of the people still just do not get it about Judah and his plans for us.

Bitch has had serious heart pains the last few days. It just occurred tonight, might they be due to the high level of background radiation in the area that is putting an electrical strain on the heart?

That is what the speculation is at this moment. Heart attacks will be the first killer from Hitachi-GE Jewish electricity waste radiation. Strokes will follow. Then cancer over a few years.

"I put a sale Jew on white boys, I just gas air." Judee High office seeker say.

Here's another high office Judee seeker as to what is in the unconscious of these errant folks minds:

"We'll just proceed now with police sentiments until we get you done. We arrest you to spite you with our palace."

Can we only wonder how many people agrees with Father, "You're a nice boy," Father said?

Didn’t know we had a high level Father until only a few years ago. Thought we were all alone out here floating around somewhere in outer space.

Even though Bitch had no knowledge of higher-level Beings, he just didn’t buy these pentagon guys and their fist routine. For decades, nuclear weapons would wake me up in the middle of the night thinking about what could happen to us here with them. Opposition to war was not a religious thing, to Bitch it was an act to protect ones very own self.

Saw war first hand as a teenage kid, didn’t know the truth at the time, but for sure knew that war was false, and the people who make war, liars.

"There's something wrong here." A voice inside said while looking at a twin five-inch cannon on a ship next pier over. That may have been the first clear thought I ever had in my life. That was summer of 1966, 49 years ago.

December 1968, time to go home, a couple of lifers asked me when I would return to join them? "Never," I said, "I'm out a here," it was "good bye" to them.

"O you'll be back," one of them said. "When you get out here for a while, you'll find it too tough and you'll re-up," one said.

Bitch met lifers that had never had a new pair of shoes in their lives until they joined the US military. Regular meals also, were not part of their lives. Is there not some understanding, these boys didn’t sign up to go and hurt their brothers and sisters in faraway distant lands? Do we not see that harsh poverty is what Judah banker rules have been forced in upon the sons of this land?

The bed and breakfast of the simple working class. The barracks and mess hall they’re known as. To get them, a boy has to carry a rifle. A 48 hour pass. Liberty call. Weap for Judee sport all his working life.

The final weap of Judah, now in the last stages of dying off the giant that made him most famous; the United States of America.
Connie Francis

Rock-a-bye your baby
With a Dixie melody
When you croon, croon a tune
From the heart of Dixie.

Just hang your cradle mammy mine
Right on that Mason Dixon Line
And swing it from Virginia to Tennessee
With all the love that's in you.

Weep no more my lady
Sing that song for me
Sing it soft and low just as though
You had me on your knee.

A million baby kisses
I'll deliver
The minute that you sing
That Swanee River.

Rock-a-bye your rock-a-bye baby
With the Dixie melody.

Nadine Vesta Orbison
July 25, 1913
Birthplace: TX, USA
Death: Died May 12, 1992 in Nashville, TN, USA

Daughter of Royal Elmore Shults and Maude Della Shults
Wife of Orbie Lee Orbison
Mother of Grady Lee Orbison; Roy Kelton Orbison, Sr. and Sammy Keith Orbison

Roy Orbison
Mama lyrics

Mama, just had to call, oh mama
Your baby boy just had his heart
Broken in two, she said were through
But to send her best to you.
Oh mama, I'd like to run to you mama
I'd come home today, leave right away
But things won't work that way
Gotta stay, and be a man
If I can, oh mama.

No mom, I don't know I called her tonight
No, not at home, yeah, you're probably right
Yes I'll take care of myself. No I'll be alright
I'll go to bed early tonight.
Oh mama, tell dad I think of him, mama
Hows uncle Joe, my puppy go-go
Tell them hello, oh I'd better go
But good gosh, I loved her so.

Oh mama, don't worry so much, darling mama
Now mama don't cry, just say goodbye
Can't have us both in tears well mom, you know me
Yes I'll always be your baby through all the years.

The destruction of this beautiful nation now almost completely accomplished. God almighty of Heaven and Earth tried to save us. Warned for two thousand years of the coming end days of weap Judah in our midst. Will Labor not try and help us? Will Labor not try to STOP THE WAR? The third of the human race being died out. The funders of all the war in our world and Auschwitz besides, American Labor. Right less people who are funding our own die.

Our family fleeing from American Labor sponsored sport war is creating homeless refugees throughout our world. Planet Earth, an insane mad house of war, death and destruction, is there not some chance that American Labor will make an attempt to STOP THE WAR? Is there not some way to break the parasite trance and save yourselves?

The horrors of war, Judah used terrorism to take over the United States of America. Under cover of war, with the pretext that his war machine was put together to protect us, Judah snuck in his nuclear missiles to give us all our turn.

Judah did a sneak attack in the middle of the night to get us all right on out of here. Are we not accepting of the fact, that Judah is now done? If we know the score, will we not close them out of here right?

"They did foul." Tele receive. 4.32 AM

Yes they did. Their blast foul, June 11th, 2011, was pulled out of the sky by our loving elders from outer space.

"I heard you don’t love me." Tele receive from last night.

You heard wrong, Bitch loves you all. Might it be that when you go along with funding destroying us, I just have to turn to Father to get the strength to understand what is wrong?

The acceptance that a world of war is the way it's always been, and so why try to do anything about it. Is that the attitude that is holding Labor in to this vast sin of genocide that American Labor is funding Judah to commit?

The very physical end of our life forms now in its last stages of being sealed in. Bitch still praying that American Labor will give us a rise and STRIKE THEM OUT.

Our atmosphere being perfectly lethally poisoned to take us all away. Is there not a spark of the love of freedom within the people to try and free us from war?

"You lost your errous." Tele receive. 4.42 AM

The cow being mutilated from radioactive waste. A die in upon us such as we have never had to endure in all of our history. In his greatest plagues in Europe, Judah never had the potential to take us away in as large of numbers or percents as he has now with the high science of his nuclear waste technology.

"Psychic; you’re real faith to us. Tele receive. 4.38 PM

Bitch is committed to the truth. Father has a plan for his children here. To implement Father's plans his children must first become conscious enough to not accept false actors with their con job routine to make war.

"They're not useful men. For assaulting us we'll pull them away. Their fortunes just degrade us." Reverse speech of a high world official.
The dam and reservoir up the road a ways. It's about 5 miles strait north of the city of Des Moines. Might we guess that as with the world trade center buildings that were designed to be collapsed and used as triggering devices to bring America into a new series of world wars, that the dam likewise, may have been designed ground up from day one, to flood us?

As with the world trade center, the designers already knew the plan was to collapse it when they were designing it. Might we not understand that the designers and builders of the Saylorville dam and reservoir system, may also have had plans for collapsing it when the time came?

Do we recall when we were attacked with nuclear tipped cruise missiles in August of 2007? The "Minot event" it's known as. Where 6 nuclear tipped cruise missiles were loaded onto a B-52 bomber and flown across America.

Only one cruise missile was launched, our elders took a hold of it and shut it down.

The other 5 cruise missiles were software blocked and Judah was unable to launch them. The understanding of this chair is that one of those cruise missiles was targeted at Saylorville dam.

"Your lives won't be spared." Elders from space have informed us.

"I warned you." God almighty said after warning us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

"We came to warn you." Our Qwill friend Morris said.

Is there not some chance that Judah may try to drown the cow as he is going away from us for good?

"If it wasn't for ------ I’d of shot your face."

Does Labor not get the idea of what these political payrollers think of us yet?

"Function." Elder just said to Bitch at 7.13 AM

Was looking at some articles on designing electronic circuitry. This boy is still day dreaming that we will be building Velocity power supplies in the not too distant future.

While reading about some of the advanced technologies we now have on the shelves and at our fingertips, elder woke me up when he said, "Function." Thank you Sir.

Elder Jason shared a message with us for today. Here it is:

"It's your obvious goose war that is racialed right."

Double thanks for that message Sir Jason.

Might we read that Judah has the world thinking that it is white fin that is creating all of the havoc in our world?

Sure, its white fin that is on the ground shooting, bombing and burning country after country to the ground. But do we recall, some white fin never had a new pair of shoes until he joined Judee sport war machine? As we know this is true, how could white fin be responsible for this world at war?

With the authority to issue our money in Judah private hands, have we not noticed that little fin of all brands has limited choices when there is restricted income sources available to them?

Tens of millions of people available for Labor, with no jobs slots available to them in America. Youngsters not being afforded the opportunity to develop marketable skills, do we see how the army option can look good to them?

New shoes, regularly scheduled income and meals, plus a warm place to sleep most of the time.

The options? Youngsters looking to find a places in the economy, that has been held back, not affording a lot of opportunities to eat.

Will Labor not take the responsibility for the failure of much of our economic life that is driving down this country? Should Labor not take the responsibility for what is facing us? As American Labor is funding world wars on our family, plus funding the nuclear artillery that is blasting us from Hitachi-GE, should Labor not have something to say for itself?

Bitch, in joyful peaceful cohesion with Mercury, Mars and Venus, has delivered to the people the message that Judah attacked us all out with his nuclear missiles. Also Bitch ash revealed that we do have a precious sweet Father that loves all of his kids.

"I would have given you anything." Father said. Will Labor not give to Gods kids, the miracle of a world at peace?

Judah, with an able assist from Bitch on Mercury, has thrown himself out of this world. With deep regret though, Bitch has not been able to bring Labor in. The funder of all the war in this world, still ignoring its going out of life form.

Its been said that "You can bring a horse to water, but can’t make him drink." Then there was the commenter that said, "You can bring Americans to data, but can't make them think." Will we not think that we can have a world of peace?

What is it that is preventing us from having our victory in peace?

Might it be that Judah has kept us in war for so many thousands of years that some of us think that war is a normal state of things?

Might his power of intimidation be what is behind it all? What in God's name can be this mental power that Judah has that is holding us from saving ourselves?

If we look at things from the Galactic Federation of light's perspective, the civilization that crafted us with their high level 223 psychiatric genetics, do we recall that they let us in on the secret that one third of the human race would die out in the end times?

Continues at:

Do we see that elders' perspective accepted at that time, that the final finishing of their product, that's us, only 2 out three wo

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