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You Failed to Steer a Port safe. Fold all My Children up" J
Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:11

You Failed to Steer a Port safe. Fold all My Children up"

Just heard that from Father at 2.25 PM, after having already prepared today's post.

"You Failed to steer a port safe. Fold all my children up."

Bitch thought everyone would jump at a chance to have your civil rights reinstalled. Bitch badly mistaken. Bitch thought everyone would jump at a chance to STOP THE WAR. Again, Bitch badly mistaken. Bitch thought everyone would try to save themselves from what is coming in upon us here. Again, Bitch badly mistaken.

"STRIKE THEM OUT their Fist has already died"

That is a Tele receive from 3.33 AM. STRIKE THEM OUT their fist has already died.

"I Always weap you good, but grandfather thinks we’re too hostile to you. I'm holding my desolate in virtually on dogs. With a horrible investment I fetch you out," Judee say.

Thousands of Hiroshima equivalents of radiation pouring into our environment each and every day. Will God not have mercy on us and bring your children to STRIKE THEM OUT?

"An obvious destruct will rule us out here." Tele receive. 3.36 AM

Baby seals dying of leukemia from swimming in the radioactive waste contaminated sea.

"I finished all of you's off. MY RIFLE HAS PERISHED THEM," Judee screams.

"Your force is obviously selfish, angerous." Tele receive. 3.31 AM

"I score out wisdom with police powers," Judee say

"ORGANIZE." Tele receive. 3.42 AM

"Nice idiots die for over thiefs'." Tele receive. 3.44 AM

"I scored them out sadly, breast pump," Judee say.

"The total race tumoring out.

You lost your faithful edge. 3.48 AM

Nice warring out.

Tyranny opped and failed the grateful. 3.49 AM

Perjury is a bourse fail. 3.49 AM

Atrophy is realatics. 3.50 AM

Once you realize you're abandoned hopeless, STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.51 AM

He's ever false. 3.53 AM

You're forging out yourselves for play dough. 3.54 AM"

"We mortgage you catastrophe," Judee say.

Our elders are with us throughout all time. Never left us, always with us helping us find our way into the universe at peace.

"You lost your way. You lost your wits." Tele receive. 3.59 AM

Americans, now sealed into a mass die off, a third of the human race coming out this time. Is there not some way that we will listen to our good God and act to save ourselves?

Is it not clear that the plan is to take us out at our roots? Are we not aware that even for those who survive heart attacks, strokes and cancers, nuclear waste still attacks us at the genetic level?

Tele receives shortly after posting last night:

"Don't kick your guys. 10.48 PM

That's an angry spirit." 10.50 PM"

Might the angry spirit be Bitch reaction from facing contaminated food and the wish to get them out of our food and beverages? Did Bitch kick his own guys? If so, apologies friends. Might it be Bitch is shaken by us going so far into the death zone now and he picks on you guys because he hasn’t been able to convince you yet to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Elder from space just said to Bitch at 3.15 PM while preparing to post this, "you’re ever welcome." Bitch says, "Thank you Sir."

Bitch so deeply troubled by this mass destruction coming in here and the fail to steer the children of God to a safe port.

More Tele receives:

"ORGANIZE and die drafty.

Authorize yourself.

To a Jew molest you lost.

They're done fantastic.

All rise and save your lives.

Boursing Alzheimer 's is thrillish.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

They made us nuts. 4.18 AM

ORGANIIZE use-ive. 2.32 PM"

Are we perceiving the mental molest that these errant guys have carried on as state policy in this nation and in this world?

Last night once again, Judee and his crystal ball showed up in Bitch sleep time.

He got close to Bitch with a knife and cut Bitch's face up. Has Judee not real professionally shown how to deface a guy? in particular, in the instance of Bitch?

Judee made up all sorts of fairy tales about Bitch. Set Bitch up to be a video star. Is it not something how he has been able to hold the guys with images and lies? Is it not something how he is still able to be the boss, after having lofted his great balls of fire on us? Is it not some extreme power of mental over the meek that he is able to hold himself in while he shoots war throughout the world for free?

"You’re a NICE BOY." Father said to Bitch.

"I'm totally outside looking in at my power. I'm totaled. I'm stupid," Judee say.

He lost his power for his nuclear war upon us. His offending God our Father with his claim of a right to kill us. His insult to God almighty with his oppression of the poor.

Are we not now seeing that God will not be toyed with? Though a third of the human race may perish in the next six years from nuclear waste, is it not for certain weap Judah will never again disgrace any office of state in any land in God's village once Labor pulls him out this time?

Is it not abundantly clear that Judah is now a dead life form? Though he is still directing massive death and destruction, waging wars throughout our world using the Labor force of America, and exterminating Americans in the hundreds of millions.

With this said, is it not clear that Judah is no longer of us? Is it not certain that his mental force that is holding Americans to fund his sport wars, will break eventually? Certainly it will.

Like the baby seals that are dying on the West coasts with leukemia, as the people notice the increase in frequency of leukemia in themselves and their children, is it not certain that they will act to remove Judah nuclear waste storm from us?

Judah has a burning hatred, a passion that calls for him to harm us. To hold us backwards. To destroy us with all the power he can muster against us. Is it not something to think about, the very people he is wiping out in the largest numbers he has ever scored, are the very people who are funding him in all of his sport wars?

"We just bow you with frames. We void the force inside you then capture and just take you out," Judee say.

"I'm going to sell you some unity to put purity away and their jail house will be finished." RFK speaking just minutes before he was stolen away.

That reverse speech is from a video running on public TV at this moment, Saturday afternoon. Bitch noticed the reverse speech of a man that was standing right close behind Robert, his lips in reverse speech said, "Wicked."


Our elders from space have shut down over 40 Jewish nuclear electricity plants in the last two and half years or so. Do we see how they could make a prediction two thousand years ago that one third of the human race would perish in the end days?

That is, why not half or three quarters of the human race dying out? Why only one third?

Do we see now that by having the technical control over Jewish electricity waste generators, being able to prevent Judee from crashing them with stuxnet by shutting them down beforehand, elders can limit just how much nuclear waste Judee can dump on us?

Here is a reverse speech from a speaker that was doing hands on work directing the radioactive waste clean up at Fukushima:

"We're just playing to make our big score."

Are we understanding that the clean up efforts are just playing with us to disguise that they are filling our atmosphere, fields and ocean up to the brim with their Jewish electricity brimstone waste to make their big score? Are we not aware that their big score is our nation and as much of the rest of the world as is possible?

"I tear you off this place with electricity fair," Judee say.

That was another Asian Judee speaker in reverse speech revealing what exactly they are doing to us here.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God almighty of Heaven and Earth said.

"It's a pleasure, murder. With assumptions we rule you right. We just scrunch your deal and suffer you everyday. Yesterday I summoned you with a NATO force, now my cat died. Our vitamins are still roasting for wale," Judee say.

Do we not perceive how our extraterrestrial family is helping us to wake up to the extreme danger, hazard and deadliness of weap Judah? Even with another 435 Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plants in operation, do we not perceive that our elders will trip them off line before they will let Judah melt them down on us as he has at Hitachi-GE?

Are we perceiving that our elders from space will indeed limit Judah's ability to die off of the human race to not more than one third of the people that are alive at this moment in time?

If Judah had been allowed to put some of the forty nuclear reactors that elders shut down, into full melt downs as he has done at Hitachi-GE, do we see how his nuclear waste war, would kill everyone on the surface of planet earth given time?

So while Judah had big plans to get us all out with his four-hour blast burn, do we see now how he is technologically limited to what he can do against us in his nuclear waste war while our elders from space provide protection to us?

A third of the human race now being died off from a range of nuclear waste sicknesses in only six years. As Americans are funding world wars, is there not more than a chance that we may be the third of the human race that may die out as was prophesized in the book of Revelation?

Is that not an awesome fantastic, great deal that Judah has afforded us the opportunity to buy for ourselves, nuclear waste in every breath we take?

As our elders know what Judah is doing all the time, and elders have shut down all of those forty plus Jewish electricity dirty bombs before they were forced into total meltdowns, can we not wonder, if they are protecting us so well, then why don’t our elders from space go in and shut the Dirty bomb at Fukushima down and save us all?

Might we return to the book of Revelation from two thousand years ago when we were informed that a third of the human race would pass out of life from fire, smoke and brimstone? As our elders knew what Judah would do to us in the end times, might letting us help ourselves have something to do with us bringing ourselves together to put a sensible, life affirming system in for everyone?

That elders from space have clued us for such a long time, does that not indicate that they love us? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and help us build a new world of peace?

Do we understand that elders would like to come in and help us shut the Jewish electricity dirty bomb down at Fukushima, but as they do not fight, and we are funding Judah to make war, they cannot come in to openly help us because Judee is still shooting at them?

Bitch just said, "Good wishes" to elder Jason and thanked him for helping us and his telepathic voice mail said: "Leave white allegiance."

Will Labor not help us out of these hostile circumstances that we find our nation and world in? Have we not identified that we are in the zone of death because of who it is that has the power of the purse over us?

"Jew Comcast wall eye. We just have a video action to fight you and bourse you out," Judee say.

The understanding is that they have over 80 million people in America in sex action from their video services in hotel-motels and in apartment buildings. Might their action video series help explain why so many remain silent in the face of such wrong as we see?

Bitch still recalls the congressman that made some noise that was useful to us a couple of decades ago. The next video we saw showed him walking out of Washington DC never to be seen again. From memory, it seems he was from Ohio. What could have caused him to leave like that?

Are we getting some ideas of how sex videos helps Judah to hold us for our breeze?

"We died you right," Judee say.

Might we examine just how right Judah is in his dying of us here?

He force takes our dollars from our Labor efforts, income tax, and uses dollars to commit sins against our brothers and sisters in this world. Do we not read he does this to deface us?

Bitch tries to convince Labor to not give Judee any more free money, and Judee shows Labor some pictures of Bitchie and tells some lies about him to freeze Labor up.

If we look at it from the angle of legal standing, while the pictures may not be appealing, is there any way that Labor would have any standing to claim an injury to themselves? Nothing, right?

Now in the instance of Labor giving its money to Judah under force and duress, income tax, a forced taking, it is funding a vast criminal syndicate that is committing crimes against man and sins against God.

"We died you right," Judee say.

Some pictures and lies let Labor choose to not act on the pleas of Bitch to save yourselves. While simultaneously Labor has legal standing to make a claim that its money should not be used to commit crimes against man, or sins against God. Will Labor not exercise its legal standing and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

From an ethical perspective might we not have to agree with Judee on that one, "we died you right?" If we pay him to harm those who do us no harm, and also pay him to harm us, might Judah not be dying us right?

"I cored you disabled and shot you in," Judee say.

Do we recall that elder from space informed us that, "You are involved in sin?"

"The wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 6:23

Is Labor seeing that it is American workers wages that are being used to fund the sin of war upon the children of God on planet earth?

Father Father up above us our sweet Father he sure loves us. Father Father up above, said I wiggle like a puppy dogs tail. Yes, I wiggle like a puppy dogs tail.

Just took a little cheer break. Thank you.

Father does not want a third of the human race died off. Father wants us to save ourselves.

"I brush you off," Judee say.

The unlimited pounding of the British mint.

"Get em." Just heard somebody say at 6.08 AM

Is there any doubt that God's will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven?

Judah guy has been dragging his vicious minnows around for thousands of years to fornicate up his shells to molest the rest of God's kids. Will Labor not let them off of God's village right?

"Japan authority." Tele receive. 6.12 AM

That last Tele receive, do we see how Judah is using a cover to offend us here?

The claim that it is our Japanese family that is poisoning us. Do we not see clearly that it is Judah that is poisoning both us and our family in Japan?

Returning to the theme of Revelation, two thousand years ago. The time of the kind love of Father Christopher for us. His sending Jesus to save us.

"Idiots." Tele receive. 6.21 AM

Are we not yet getting some idea of what type of people we are contending with that have built tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, and mined our planet with them?

As we reflect on the intervention/transition that elders have gifted us with, rather than material and men, might the transition be helping our hearts and minds to rediscover that it is only love for one another that has brought us this far? Will we not wake out of Judah world of hate, end funding it, and bring in the world where we belong, the world of love for one another?

Stupid found ballistic and you’re still contracting yourselves out of here." Tele receive. 7.40 AM

"Their name game change, end it with immigration." Tele receive. 7.58 AM

Do we recall their tossing the many voters off the voting rolls by using criminal records and finding people with the same or similar name, and then using that to toss a voter off the rolls?

Might we guess they played the same game with immigration?

Find some one with the same name, charge them with it, and there they go. No claim of civil rights because they were charged with not being a citizen of these here United States.

Are we seeing that Judah likes to play the citizen immigration game with us to mess our heads up?

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Citizen was not defined in the constitution. Did that not lea

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