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The Death of the mass of the human race in America, moving f
Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:54

The Death of the mass of the human race in America, moving forward, no slow down at all. Vast quantities of nuclear waste pouring in to snuff us good.

An awesome sport. Slaying ones fellow man for fun, profit, entertainment. Revenge, jealousy, hatred, and most of all sport. Judah hates everyone, but hates the druid most of all. Is one of the stranger aspects of it, the Druid is funding Judah investments in war?

Must we not end forcing ourselves out of life outrageously? The air, poisoning it; might Judah not have figured out that is the one way that will get us all good?

"I foosed you's out. Fetchin you all in. I'm finally thrown, yep they threw me all out. We were ready to set you for a new course but Iowa broke all our chains," Judee say.

Is it understood Iowa is who reported the attack on us in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011 when Judah attempted do get us all out with his admirals shooting thousands of nuclear warheads at us?

Warned for thousands of years of the last days of Judah in our world, stupidly ignoring the warnings. God almighty of Heaven and Earth warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR for almost 4 years now. They've pushed the button, with no response as of yet from American Labor. The bomb that went off in China last week has been reported to be a nuclear weapon. Does American Labor have any idea of what it is funding?

Will we not pray that American Labor will find itself and STOP THE WAR?

Has contact not revealed well that Judah is no longer of us?

"STRIKE THEM OUT!" Tele receive. 3.38 AM

A corrupt tyranny, America in Judah hands. Still a very powerful economic machine on our planet. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"It's here." Someone said at 3.41?

Could it be the STRIKE that will take Judah off of us?

The only ethnic group that has the authority to issue our money worldwide, weap Judah. With this power in his private hands he tortures, punishes, imprisons, bribes in corruption and makes war all the time.

Elders from space continue to shut down Judah nuclear warheads that he keeps shooting at us. Smaller nuclear bombs, elders selectively stop them. The world trade center on 911 had small nuclear bombs installed in the base to help bring the buildings down.

Other nuclear packages elders shut down, as the ghost CTA train that went through 5 safety shut downs and collided with another CTA El before coming to a halt. Elders would not let them set that nuclear bomb off in downtown Chicago, as Judah planned to do.

Might Judah have so befuddled some and terrorized others that we just have not yet overcome the fear of crossing weap Judah and shutting him down?

"A percent holds you amazingly." Tele receive. 3.47 AM

Has Judah not gotten a hellacious score on the minnow? North and South Korea headed by the cipher of ancient Judah. Drawing in the minnows of America to fight and die on the other side of our planet while the minnows of American Labor fund all the war in our world.

Are we not yet perceiving that the Galactic Federation of light afforded weap Judah the opportunity to throw himself out? Now that it is known that Judah attacked us with nuclear missiles, has Judah not truly thrown himself out forever more now?

"I died him truthful." God our Father said to us.

Judah, with his fault of insanity, walked right into finishing himself off. He wanted to take the rest of us with him, but our good God would not let him.

"I purposely sin, I purposely fish them," Judee say.

While the mass of the human race is held by the threat of physical violence, privation being one of the most harsh of all forms of violence that is done to man, do we learn to not step in to help our fellow man because we are so conditioned of what can happen to us if we do?

Sure we would like to help our fellow man who is being attacked in war and end it for him, but do we dare say anything about Judah investments in war? Might that not lead to us being made homeless for voicing our concerns about the harm that is being done to our fellow man?

He's torn us up now. We've stood by and let him poison our fields and air. Those that were sure that all the wisdom was on Wall Street, must we not prevent our own little kiddies from suffering radiation poisoning now?

"He's trying to erase us." Tele receive. 10.28 AM

Not only trying, is Judah not succeeding in erasing us?

The one third of the human race to be died off that was revealed thousands of years ago. Is it not clear that we are now going out of life form over the next 6 years?

The human race to purge itself of a third of us in the next few years. Might that not finally bring us to end our lackadaisical approach to failing to act to end the war?

"We've been completely retarded and poisoned." Tele receive. 10.43 AM

Judah invaded and took over England in 1688. In 1694 he privatized the issue of England's money. Has his English mint not pounded the world gorgeous for several hundred years now?

His cooperator accommodator ability very high, when he is cooperating and accommodating others of his same cipher group in destroying other human Beings.

His ability to organize for making war, unequalled. His focus on carrying out his mission to wipe us out, still holding in, funded by the very people he is killing. His dutifulness to getting the job done, killing us, is he not right on it? His mission statement to himself? Is there not yet some understanding that Judah mission is getting the mass of the human race put in?

"Cheer." Tele receive. 4.16 AM

The Yahoodi, the followers of Yahweh. Might that be where the word "hood" comes from? Will Labor not help free us and take our purse away from weap Judah so that he can no longer hire his hoods to put on us?

Is there not yet some comprehension that we are children of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization? Our Father at the time of Jesus was Christopher. Father is a Galactican.

Before Father Christopher it was Father Baldec that was the head our house. Our house, is located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

The speculation of this chair is that it was Father Baldec that sent the Ten Commandments to Judah in about 1500 BC.

Yahweh preceded Father Baldec in guiding us. This chair speculates that Yahweh was a Martian serving for the Federation. The Federation has interests in bringing us up to become extraterrestrials ourselves. Judah, with his errant behavior, threatened to spoil the plans of the Federation for the children of God to live.

Is there not some view that the planned shipwreck of the nation state of America is nearing completion? Might the war funding and war making people of America soon be flotsam and jetsam floating on the sea? Once sealed into the die force of nuclear radiation, like the waves of the sea that do not hear our pleas to stop drowning us, might nature not take its course and wash us away then?

If we do nothing, might Judah not take a third of the human race out of here, as predicted and prophesized in the bible?

The errant life form Judah is being died out in tunnel death by God our Father. Does it not seem strange that a third of the human race was not able to hear the word of their good God to save themselves? Is there not some awareness yet that two out of three Americans are now going out of life form in the next 6 years from radiation sickness?

A third of the human race Perished out in the smoke, fire and brimstone of weap Judah Jewish electricity. With a two thousand year heads up warning in the book of Revelation in the bible, how did we ever miss this?

Will there be any who will be able to claim that they just didn’t know? Will there be any who will claim that they just were not informed of what was coming in upon them and their families? Will there be any in America who will claim that they just did not know that they were involved in sin?

"Your lives won't be spared." Elder from space said.

"You've been warned,." God almighty said.

"We came to warn you." Our good Qwill friend Sir Morris said.

"You’re involved in sin." Elder said.

Is there not some sense as to just how thoroughly Judah is cleaning us out of here my fellow Americans?

Is it not absolutely clear that those who make war are of no use to the universe? Will the meek not step up here, STRIKE THEM OUT; do God's will and inherit the earth?

"I challenge your right to sanity," Judee say.

The Judah man is absolutely insane Labor. Will you not come into this and humanely institutionalize them?

Is there not some hope that the people will realize that rather than being subordinated to the will of the bank, that Labor can take over the authority to issue our money and subordinate the bank to the will of the people?

Will we not pray that the ordinary fish will awaken to the fact that they do not have to subordinate themselves to bank terrorism?

The game that the banks played in Greece. Limiting the amount of cash, paper money, the people could withdraw from their accounts. As there is no shortage of paper or ink, do we not see how these tricky guys are playing with us here?

If we can understand that we are a creation of a highly advanced civilization, and that we have a small group of clever, cunning, extremely violent and dangerous life forms that have taken over planet earth, will we not listen to creator to save ourselves from being perished out? Will the ordinary people of Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from them and end wiping us out?

Do we not appreciate that stealing our lives away from us is a sport of the paper mint, the palace and the holy scrimmage crowd?

For what congress has done to us, must we not purge them out whole? Is it not certain that we can do better than genocide as a political business model? Will Labor not shut their sport down?

Do they not champion their many dogs well? Will Labor not let them off right?

What's so funny about peace, love and understanding? Is there not some way that Labor will end funding destroying us?

Will Labor not end its subordination to the banks, turn it around and subordinate the banks to Labors will?

Have we not clearly identified the intellectual tool that Judah has been using for fooling around with us here? Is it not clear that the tool Judah is using for his fooling is the authority to issue our money in his private hands?

Our income sources, he specializes in making them illegal. The plant that puts income into the hands of the ordinary people, hemp, he made illegal in this land. Do we not see the bribery that he has used to bring congress to make war on all man?

Judah holds man in hunger, poverty and hopelessness until he can get man hungry enough to harm his fellow man. Is that not a business model that should be ended?

"Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and give unto God what is God's."

After thousands of years of failing to be able to accommodate others, and proud of it, is it not clear that Judee finally threw Judee out of here for good? His failed attempts to genocide us with his nuclear blast weapons. Should that not be enough to wake the cow up?

Failed his opportunity to love the other kids that God made man. Chose a chariot as his style of government.

His multi thousand year relation ship with us. Never for better, always for worse. Until death do us part. Has he not tried everything to get to us?

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God almighty said.

Thank you God for letting Judah throw himself out of here. We praise your magnificence and glory. That you love your little Simian children of planet earth is our true joy. Thank you Father for loving us all. Your kindness is so touching that Patrick wiggles like a puppy dogs tail for your love.

We pray to you God to awaken the third that are now forcing themselves out of life form. We pray to you God that your love will come in and open their minds up to accept a new world of love. That your love will open their ears to hear that you love them too and do not want them to die off in this last weap of Judah, his nuclear brimstone waste war.

Judah bows a man with a frame. Pounds us with his mint. With his shells in place, turns man against man everywhere.

200,000 years we have had our high level psychiatric genes installed in us. Some thousands of years ago Judah devised his theory. He rejected the theory of God's love for man, and put in its place, hatred of us.

As our quickening as a species approached the time for us to become extraterrestrials, the Martian overseer that was serving the interests of the Federation, stepped aside when the Galactican Fathers of our house stepped in to directly guide us here.

Do we recall the first thing Father Baldec did? He contacted Moses and had him come up on the mountainside and take a copy, carved in stone, of the Ten Commandments from above.

While we can only speculate until we have the original records of what transpired then, can we only wonder did Judah chafe under Yahweh rules?

The defiant child in him. His well known anger management disorder. His lying, thieving and fire setting behavior. His killer ape ways of turning people against each other. Are these all manifestations of the cannibal complex?

Elders merely state of weap Judah, "He mishandled his higher level potentials. Animal primtivism."

"Jerk," Judee say.

His focus on crafting a facility of mind, suited to deceiving others. His unwillingness to go along with peaceful endeavors. His urge, his passion, the mission he assigned to himself, to molest the other children of God.

His unwillingness to accept the rights of others to live. Do we see his transgressions against the rights that God gifted his children with, Life, Liberty and the pursuit if happiness? Will we not end his crimes against us? Do we not see that Judah put his face not only against only man, but against God also?

Though might we not note, his mental power, that he boasts about having over the ordinary lot of man, has not been broken even to this day? His is still the only ethnic group authorized to issue our money. Will Labor not correct that for us?

His mind still asserts power over the mass of the human race, by his ownership of the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money.

He is still shooting out our world because the ordinary man as of yet, has not pulled him out of here.

"He loves us all." Was just day dreaming about riding a CTA bus in Chicago, and just as I was departing, I turned and looked at all the passengers sitting there and said to them, "He loves us all." Then I stepped off of the bus and went on my way full of joy for the love that God has for his kids.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT so that our day dreams can come true for us all?

An extraterrestrial intervention to save us all. Is this not a story that is almost too fantastic too imagine? Yet do we not see that this Godly transition is the way that higher-level powers of the universe, welcome their baby brothers and sisters into their ways?

While Father Baldec was the first Galactican Father of our house, our second was Father Christopher, who sent Jesus in to help us.

The Federation has been creating high-level life forms for millions of years. Can we not appreciate that two thousand years ago they knew quite clearly what would transpire here in these last days of Judah among us? Will Labor not do its part to protect us from brimstone disease?

Has Revelation not given us a two thousand year heads up? Should that not have been enough time for us to figure it out? Will we not hear the words to the wise, sent to us from our good God above to, "save yourselves?"

"You disparage my shill who’s trying to convince you to save yourselves." God almighty of Heaven and Earth said.

Judee said, "Bye bye" to Gods kids, he made himself go. Will Labor not step in here and STOP THE WAR?

"I want you to be comfortable. I would have given you anything." God our Father says to all of us.

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