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"You Failed me, your life force is out. I love you even thou
Mon Aug 31, 2015 09:54

"You Failed me, your life force is out. I love you even though you're a failure."

Bitch heard that from Father at 4.11 AM, "You failed me, your life force is out. I love you even though you’re a failure."

The cow now in full mutilation, hundreds of millions to die out slowly in America over the next 6 years, a full third of the human race perishing, as was revealed to us in the book of Revelation two thousand years ago. Another day of mass death and destruction, all funded by American Labor. Japanese Judah hybrid shells still burning us out.

Judee use his state to crime us, try to remedy it and his payrollers on the bench rule "sovereign immunity."

Is Labor not aware that these guys pull their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us?

Is there not some understanding that they are no more the sovereign here than the dog that Judee is showing pictures of is the sovereign here?

"God almighty has failed all of us here. 5.05 AM

He's obviously a very intelligent nice boy who is summoning the grand juries to retire them. 6.06 AM"

"We ever force white men to horror you," Judee say.

Do we see the roots of white power here? Will Labor not take poverty as a recruiting tool for fighting war away from Judah?

Will Labor not give us the bourse so that we can invite the merchant rights power oligarchic force into the grand jury rooms?

We have funded sealing ourselves into a couple of hundred million minnows dead in only the next 6 years. Nuclear waste still pouring in. While it is nice to seek out remedies for nuclear waste sickness does it not seem an even better idea to shut the nuclear waste incinerators down first?

As we are being perished HUGE, the claim we heard, "God almighty has failed all of us here."

Are we now blaming God for our failure to STOP THE WAR?

The Jew is still laughing at us. Our inability to organize, to get together, to save ourselves. On and on we just go on paying him to destroy us all.

"We're strictly guilty but turkey's failed to get you to STRIKE US OUT."

Bitch feels so terrible about it all. Insult you one time, Judee shows you some pictures and tells you some lies and a third of the human race dies out in a slow motion nuclear waste war.

Worst part of it for Bitch, his life form dies out of here with everyone else's.

The cow is being mutilated out of life form. Bitch has been concerned about the dangers nuclear technology for 50 years now. Apparently, some people don’t give a hoot about it. Is there not some chance that the people will take a look into what is now killing us all?

The violent force of militarism in our world, do we not now see that it is just Judee in disguise? His weapoled into existence shells in every terrain. Sleepers, just waiting to put us in.

His millions he died off in Cambodia. Used the Pentagon to send in the US Air force to bomb the nation to set it up for his genocide. Did we not hear our Elders tell us Americans, "You're involved in sin. Your lives wont be spared?"

With breath of false they hold the people in as we are being subjected to the atomic force. Did you see the fog in the air early yesterday? Is there not some awareness that it is now full of radioactive waste particles to decay us?

Breathing in the toxic fog. Is there not some sense of just how thoroughly we are being died off here?

Some now blaming God for this massive die that we are in, and some blame Bitch. Yet if we look closely, is it not seen that it is the minnow of America that is funding the destruction of his world?

Too frightened? Too unconcerned? Too unaware of what is being done to us here?

Might it just be too bad as we die out of here now?

In the Iroquois theatre fire of 1903, instead of ordinary door handles in the theater, Judah installed European finger slots to open the doors. In the panic, the people did not know how to open the doors up. Was that not a clever trick of Judee to do?

Do the people not yet have sense of just how wicked is Judah to man? Spends years to build a theater just to have fun trapping and burning the patrons up in there.

Can we only wonder how many officials were paid bribes after wards in Chicago, to help cover everything up?

Are we making a connection with catastrophes as a way for Judah to bourse corruption in? After over a century of unlimited free money to bourse corruption officially in, is there not some understanding of why there is not much honesty left in official America now? Will Labor not help us to take the corruption out of here?

Will Labor not step in to this breach, this vacuum of power, and fill it up? Is it not clear that Judee's fallen and he can’t get up? He shot you my friend, what are you waiting for? Get him out of here.

Two hundred million Americans perishing sick in the next 6 years. One third of the human race dying out of here. Brimstone breath to bury us all. Will Labor not hire us some grand juries to invite Hitachi-GE officials in? Will you not even try to save yourselves?

Has Jew put our society in to such a failure to thrive syndrome that we are past even trying to save ourselves here?

Are we to die now, unable to rise up and throw the kings and queens out? Will Americans not awake to the plight of our extinction? Why send junior to school if he'll be dead in 6 years?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed." Elder from outer space said to Bitch.

"Close them up." Tele receive. 7.03 AM

Could it be that Labor has a tight grip on its grocery bag and tells itself, "I know what I have, why should I risk it for what I know not?"

How did we ever get so far away from God? Don't we understand he's the only reason that we exist?

The Yakuza, known as the Japanese mafia. Do we not recognize Judah in his shell configuration? That is who is operating the labor rackets at TEPCO, the owner operator of the melting Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot, which is poisoning us out of here.

Our family in Japan is terrorized by them. Do we see that when American Labor pulls the purse away from them here, it will end the terror there to?

Some Tele receives:

"Thieves win. 7.06 AM

Put them out.

They're taking us out HUGE; I encourage grand jury weaps. 7.20 AM

It's all over now. 7.22 AM"

The roast is going on here. From his reverse speech, Los Angeles looks to be a big die opp first. Bitch has not yet been able to convert nuclear energy ratings into easily understandable forces.

It is read in a multiple of different ways. A Geiger counter reads it in counts per minute. The question Bitch is asking, just exactly how much energy is in one count of nuclear radiation? How much energy is in a millisievert? How much is a becquerel?

If we put 20 becquerels of energy into our gas tank, how many miles would we get per becquerel?

Millisievert is a measure of absorbed radiation. Becquerels is a measure of the actual amount of radiation.

"O my God." Tele receive. 8.00 AM

"Have mercy." Heard some one say. 8.04 AM

That of course is Father's way. While thinking about it for a few minutes, if we go Father's way, then will Father not live with us forever? Seems like it doesn't it? If Father is with us on all of our journeys then, does it not seem that we will be welcome everywhere we go? Certainly.

Are kind sweet Beings not always welcome everywhere they go? Would we not give a yes to that? Sure.

Though is there not one exception here? Yes, is it not the place called planet earth?

"Our mental bruise telepathy," Judee say.

Our elders from space have been available to us to answer our prayers, our telepathic communication with our good God.

Do we perceive that Judah has been jamming our transmissions and receptions with our elders above?

If only we could understand the good kind sweet message from our Father's house above, would we not act to shut Judah radar love down? Will Labor not help us to get one more radar lover gone?

"We are totally out," Judee say.

While researching to gain some understanding of radiation effects came upon a note that "Soft errors" in measuring devices are usually caused by Cosmic neutrons.

"Linear energy transfer, (LET), it describes the action of radiation upon matter."

"Mass stopping power," is another term associated with radiation effects. "Single event effects" were also noted in radiation exposure. "Linear stopping power."

"Radiation weighting factors."

"Relative biological effectiveness."

"Mass energy-transfer coefficient."

"Rutherford scattering."

"Particle accelerators" and the "Bragg peak."

"Particles cross section."

"Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, before the end of the range."

"Monoenergetic ions, photons, and the heavier nuclei called HZE ions found in cosmic rays."

"Unrestricted linear energy transfer."

"Ionization by the primary charged particle are called Delta rays."

"Absorbed dose," and "stopping power."

"Biological cells and microelectronics."

"A high LET will attenuate the radiation more quickly, generally making shielding more effective and preventing deep penetration."

"Diffusion cloud chamber with tracks of ionizing radiation."

"Radioactive decay."

When our grand juries are in operation, might we not have the experts from Hitachi-GE come in and explain some of those terms to us in layperson's language?


"Kinetic energy released per mass unit."

"Angular distribution."

"Thermal bremsstralung."

"Berkefi's dielectric treatment."

"Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution."

"Thermal de Broglie wavelength."

"Hartree atomic energy units."

"Rydberg atomic energy units."

"Reduced Planck's constant."

"Electric field potential."

"Electric dipole moment."

"Bohr model of the hydrogen atom in its ground state."

"In the Bohr model of the atom, the center of the mass of the system lies at the barycenter of the nucleus."

"Fine structure, hyperfine splitting. Hydrogen, deuterium, and antiprotonic helium."

"The value, "R" comes from the best fit of the measurements of the theory."

"Bremsstralung cooling is a type of radiative cooling."

"Fusion plasmas."

"Free atoms."

"Fast electrons incident on solid targets."

"Kramers law. The spectral distribution of X-rays produced by an electron hitting a solid target."

"Against the emitted minimum wavelength given by the Duane-Hunt law."

"X-ray generators" and "Beta decay."

"Due to the strong electric field in the region of the nucleus undergoing decay."

"Gamma decay."

"The complete quantum mechanical description was first performed by Bethe and Heitler."

"The absolute value of the virtual photon."

"Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes."

"Cyclotron radiation."

"Free electron laser."

"The committed dose is the measure of health risk due to ingested radioactive material into the human body. The committed dose is not intended as a measure of deterministic effects such as radiation sickness which is defined as the severity of a health effect which is certain to happen."

"Acute radiation syndrome."

Chronic radiation syndrome."

The best prevention for radiation sickness is to minimize the exposure dose or to reduce the dose rate. The longer humans are subjected to radiation the larger the dose will be.

Is there not some way that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and get their fault of insanity out of here?

"Gesundheit; thank you. " Tele receive. 10.17 AM

The main chapters are preceded by forewords from Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner.

The book Nuclear War Survival skills explains that even the fruition of the Strategic Defense Initiative program would not make "self-help civil defense" obsolete.

A comparison is made of the civil defense preparations of Switzerland, Russia, and the United States, where it is concluded that: "Switzerland has the best civil defense system"; "The rulers of the Soviet Union... continue to prepare the Russians to fight, survive, and win all types of wars"; and that "the United States has advocated... a strategy that purposely leaves its citizens unprotected hostages to its enemies."

Thus, "The emphasis in this book is on survival preparations that can be made in the last few days of a worsening crisis."

Duck and cover? Bug out bag?

"The United States has advocated... a strategy that purposely leaves its citizens unprotected hostages to its enemies."

As the nuclear artillery from Hitachi-GE unloads a couple of thousands more Hiroshima radiation equivalents into our air and water each and every day, might we the hostages not have purposely been left unprotected to the penetration by our enemies?

"It is no more, put them out, they’re criminals."

Is there not as of yet a recognition that our good God has spoken his word on the end of the Judah tyranny in America?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. Put them out, they’re criminals."

Do the people not as of yet understand that we have been attacked all out with nuclear missiles to exterminate us in total?

The cow, never alerted to the four-hour shot beforehand, did nothing and was burned out. Is there not yet a general awareness that except for the intervention from our good God above, we would all be gone now?

After nearly four years of alert of the second and final shot of Judah, for what reason, are we allowing them to mutilate the cow? Is there not some way to free ourselves and end the slavery of war?

Some tips on how to filter radioactive waste out of our water?

"We're sporting," Judee say.

Do we not recognize Judah sport with his nuclear waste artillery that he is shooting at us from Hitachi-GE?

Is there not yet a general awareness that Judah has his shells in Japan scrimmaging us with nuclear waste?

A lethal poison that is taking us out at the genetic level. His Trojan horse to do it, his Jewish electricity power plants.

He is a bourse raider. He would have won with his blast. What did he try to win? His plan was to win against God and burn us all up.

Now that our good God has helped us, Father saved us all, will we not help our fellow man to recover from Judah war on the world?

Judah still has the ownership of the authorization to cash our checks for free. With this authority, he cashes check for those who breeze. His warons are still working our streets and our schools.

"Minimum reliable dose." Tel receive. 11.04 AM

Does Labor have its selection of the members of the committee of the whole who will take over the authority to issue our money yet?

The sense that Bitch has from elders it that it should be comprised of 160 people for the United States.

Does Labor not see that it is finally after suffering this mess for forever, putting master in his carriage and rolling him away?

Just STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. God is with us. Might we not appreciate the sweet lovely way that our elders from space have afforded master the opportunity to retire himself out of here?

As to the amount of energy in nuclear waste. What ever the value, might it not be that it clings to us permanently and that is one big hazard of it? Because the particles are so very small, it attaches to us at the cellular level. Radiation is cumulative, it remains in us after we breath, eat or drink it in.

Continues at:

It's an obvious criminal force. Is there any disagreement on that? Mentaled us to hold us in place so that they could unload their thousands of nuclear missiles onto us.

If we have the intent of mind of Judah to

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