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"Bitch Throw us out for our disservice response to our Breed
Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:19

"Bitch Throw us out for our disservice response to our Breeder," Judee say.

That reverse speech statement came from a high intellectual Judee. For those of a religious bent might we see Judah failure to honor and obey our good God?

Here we have a situation that our elders from space moved us up field by the installation of their very own high level genetics into our species, taking a couple of million years time off of our development, and instead of being appreciative that we have been so advanced, Judah views the Galacticans as our breeders? What happened to brotherly love?

The pups, the zoo, the kennel. The pick of the litter. Judee and his menagerie.

It is now 7.26 PM and Bitch has to go to bed to think about what sort of response to come up with in response to what Judah thinks?

Our Breeder?
It's now 3.20 AM. "Our breeders?"

Can we only wonder how many of us accept that we are a genetically engineered hybrid species that were created by extraterrestrials?

Judah has had the 'basics' of who we are for 2700 years. Figured out as early as 700 BC that we were a creation of God. Judah also figured out that God was an extraterrestrial power.

Does it not seem most improbable that such knowledge could be kept from us for so long? Yet it is a fact even if difficult to believe. Does this give us an idea of how long Judee has been putting on his false?

"A preferred body form," is how elder described to Bitch why we were chosen to receive our high level elders psychiatric genetics.

Bitch surmised that it was our hands that made us a choice to receive elders genes as it is hands that we use to build everything.

Dolphins may be as intelligent as us in certain areas, but have no hands to build a technological civilization with.

From hearing from elders, hands may not be the key to why we are a preferred body form to carry forth the genetics of our elders. It may be our symmetry of body form. Smooth and sleek.

Is it not curious that Judah seeks out the smooth and sleek, those with a nice balanced symmetry about themselves, and puts them in?

So one of the very things that our extraterrestrial creators chose us because of, "sleek form and nice symmetry," Judah seeks those specific types of persons to take out.

Are we seeing the differences between our good God and Judah? Our God is of life and Judah is of death.

Our elders from outer space do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life. "Be kind to the babies of the forest," sweet precious Father said.

"An existence stipend with something for everyone in it." Father wills that Labor put the stipend in once Labor has the authority to issue our money.

"Harsh can a state. Electrical forage us. Do well." Tele receives. 3.37 AM

Our ancient Greek family pondering if our home planet earth, was in motion in the 5th century BC? If only there had been peace for 300 years during that time can we only wonder how much different things would be for us today?

Elders reveal that it is a 300 years search to discover that earth is in motion after the time of first asking the question.

200 years before the birth of Jesus. If only there had been peace then might the magnificent wonders of velocity power sources have reached the hands of Labor to feed, house and clothe all of the children of God on planet earth then?

Might there have been so much wealth available to everyone that the Federation would not have needed to send Jesus in to give us the right path to follow, as we may have found our way to peace naturally?

Are we not seeing now how many thousands of years these Judah sport guys and gals' problem has slowed us all down?

From Jesus Sermon on the Mount:

"Ye have heard that it has been said that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

But I say unto you that Ye resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek turn to him the other also."

Are we seeing that the Galactic Federation of light sent Jesus to us to gift us with the right words to move ourselves forward?

"Violence as way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction of all.

The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than convert." Dr Martin Luther King.

Do we see how the words of Jesus to "turn the other cheek" have been carried forward and shared with us again in a more recent gift to us by Dr king?

Will Labor not help us end the path of the Blind and toothless state of war? Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and put it into your own hands and relieve Judah of management? Will Labor not step up onto the bridge and guide the ship of the United States to the safe shores of peace?

They challenge us ricefully to hate them. Will we not bypass hate and choose instead to find ourselves in a world of love? Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into your own hands?

"With H-----'s sport I'm super done," Judee say

Bitch seldom writes Father's name as a sign of profound respect and honor to Father's dignity. "Lord I am not worthy to come under your roof, say but the word and my soul shall be healed."

Respect and honor to dignity are the most important things in elders world. Might we contrast elders world with the daily disrespect that Judah pushes onto us with his waging sport war?

Is there much of anything more insulting than giving Judah our purse then doing nothing as he commits crimes against us and our extended family using our own dollar?

Is it Judee insulting us or might we be insulting ourselves by standing by and doing nothing about it?

In our elders world everyone is afforded the opportunity to enjoy the life of the mind. Might we not consider how different our elders' world is from Judah management style that continually forces us to endure his well crafted, brutal, cruel and vicous mind degrading experiences?

"Animals tossed our rights out." Tele receive. 4.34 AM

Just heard a message from elder Jason's telepathic voice mailbox:

"You have to try to save yourselves from eviction."

Thank you Sir Jason.

"Maximum dies serve luxury. Druid is stupid because he let me set you," Judee say.

In November of 1965 after sleeping with nuclear missiles in launchers above deck and in storage below Bitchie's bunk, intuitively he figured out that we had been set with nuclear weapons.

Is fire not the devils only friend? After attacking a couple of totally defeated, defenseless cities on the other side of our world in 1945 with atomic bombs might there be more than a hint that the Devil is Judah's best friend?

The scientific fire of atomic bombs and nuclear waste. Will Labor not end funding the devil's best friend?

Tele receives:

Desert rate is off. 7.50 PM

You got to RISE UP. 8.32 PM

You failed your cipher. 8.47 PM

You failed to save your souls.

West German failed us. 8.52 PM

Every right you have is procedural right. 9.24 PM

Do wing it. 10.23 PM

You’re very stupid. 10.28 PM

Stupid life forces have ultimately failed. 10.32 PM

Eventually you failed muddled. 10.34 PM

Delightful images gave a great fail.

I found you have Jew fossil fear.

They're Jew perping on apple time.

Your politics, they’re Jew sporting you out of life.

Miracle died. 1.14 AM

You help yourself out of here so delightfully with police forces. 1.15 AM

We feel bad pooch has lated you. 1.23 AM

They're trying to save us. 1.25 AM

You're peaceful. 1.34 AM

You failed a political response after Bridget.

You failed to establish your race after they wounded us. 1.36 AM

Beautiful psychage. 1.37 AM

Bitch scored them out and you repossessed them. 1.38 AM

You're scoring out self possession.

Your police mortgage war is finished.

The Jews scored you finally, you make a fabulous sale. 1.41 AM

For criminals you delightfully died. 1.45 AM

Murderous deals, genocide, delightfully speechless. 1.47 AM

Patrick paid for us psychic.

It's established, we're finished wicked, we failed to save ourselves electricity.

Their arrow is taking us out. 1.53 AM


America is dying fistally in poverty.

You're punishing out yourselves, RISE medley. 2 AM

Footage will wash you ballistic. 2.02 AM

The useful field is out forever, stapled.

They browsed us infamy in. 2.03 AM

A complete German state here.

Intimate we lost. 2.04 AM

You failed statage.

You failed your nice communities.

The gambler shaves us. 2.05 AM

It's a completely big hit, you die forcing out yourself and your children. 2.42 AM

Invest your council here. 2.43 AM

You’re leaving us to die out of here failed. 2.44 AM

You falsed up your suicide health.

Pat, they fist libelous. 2.45 AM

Bitchie, you failed Jew fries, washed you peacefully. 2.48 AM

A false Dracula heart will lick us and take us soon sinful. 2.54 AM

Cherish rising up yourselves. 2.55 AM

You've failed to save yourselves, ORGANIZE, their bars hold us. 2.56 AM

Their days forced us all. 2.57 AM

They wipe us sad. 2.58 AM

You’re all failed. 3.01 AM

Electric will forage us. 3.11

Harsh can a state. 3.37 AM

It's a complete perish. 4.49 AM


Lead us out of this misery. 5.16 AM

They mis-sight you to set you down with dope rules. 6.39 AM

Judah trifled and rifled us.

They perished all municipals.

Animals tossed our rights out.

It's half won. 5.47 AM

They're very corrupt. 8.40 AM"

Could it be that half of Labor is won over and ready to STRIKE THEM OUT? Will the other half of Labor not join in and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from the animal primitivism guys and gals that mishandled their higher-level potentials? Will Labor not close their corruption out

"We died you out. You read insects negatory. Freedom chasers I sold good wicked. We can’t assault you now, Bitch told you what is going on. Viewlocity, that's how I hold you all wastrel," Judee say.

23 seniors died after receiving this year's flu shot sold by pharmacies

Underground Health
Mon, 16 Sep 2013 01:55 UTC
Package insert for Fluzone flu vaccine marketed to seniors reveals 23 seniors died during drug trial.
Because in the United States vaccines enjoy complete immunity from lawsuits in the market place. If you are injured or die from a vaccine, you or your family cannot sue the manufacturer of the vaccine. This law enacted by Congress, was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011.

Like last year, only more so.
By: gdpetti

Since my mother received her vaccination last year, and after two days near complete lethargy set in and hasn't left. Most we've met that had similar symptoms felt better after 3 months, but they were all decades younger and when this happens to the 'elderly', other excuses are easily given.

At least she's learned when to say 'basta' now.... 'no mas, no mas'... sort of reminds me of that scene in HPHBP in the cave sequence with Harry and Dumbledore... and the poison... that didn't end well either.
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 11:29 UTC

My mother also
By: lydia

In 2004 my mother died, I am almost sure, from the effects of the flue vaccine. She never took the vaccine but that year, in Barcelona, the doctors where hysterics and came house per house to vaccinate old seniors.

Since when a doctor is worried about a senior? So they came at home and at that time I was not aware and informed as today.
My mother one day after receiving the vaccine started to feel very bad and some days after she died. She had problems before the vaccine, as many old people, but I am sure the vaccine accelerated her situation.
They come to your house with syringes, they seem normal, they have the authorization to give you poison in your veins telling you it is the best for you, but in fact they are mad clowns disguise in white.
Wed, 18 Sep 2013 01:09 UTC

Judge Fines 67 Year Old Woman $1,000 for Submitting a Negative Yelp! Review
(ANTIMEDIA) Staten Island, New York — 67-year-old Emily Fanelli of Staten Island was fined $1,000 for leaving a negative Yelp review for a business owner that she says gave her terrible service.
As we first look at a New York judge fining a woman $1,000 for giving a negative review about a business service that she was displeased with, might we not wonder if this is a Judee staged opp?

With that said, do we see how difficult things could be if we have no civil rights?

Are we not aware that when we have our American Bill of rights in that it provides that in a civil action for $20 dollars or more, that a jury trial is guaranteed?

Does Labor not see the importance of putting our American Bill of Rights in again?

Do we see how Judah has been stealing our cars, houses, bank accounts, liberty and lives with his un-American false courtroom processes?

Bitchie has read in reverse speech from numerous sources that Judah has had a long running team that specializes in taking real lawyers out. Judah steals our doves away as matter of his hate filled process.

In the case of the 23 seniors that died after receiving flu vaccines, is it not curious that congress passed a bill giving them immunity for their lethal failures?

And as usual, the supremes in concert sanctified it all.

Is it coming through the process is not American law? Do we see by controlling the issue of money, Judah has been able to insert British mint law into America?

"Serve me optimistic." Father said. Bitch is praying day and night that Labor will take a look at the situation and give us a general STRIKE until Labor has the authority to issue our money in your hands.

"Bitch Throw us out for our disservice response to our Breeder," Judee say.

Of course, our breeders as Judah calls our elders from outer space, did they not give us free will?

So when Moses went up on the mountain to get the rules that were carved in stone, "thou shalt not kill," Judah did not have to obey them if he didn’t want to. And of course, after attacking us with nuclear blast and now nuclear waste, do we see that he just does not follow the rules required for higher-level life forms to go on our journey with us into outer space?

Judah is frozen. He will not be able to destroy all human life on the surface of planet earth as he had tried to do with blast, and now with waste.

His stuxnet controller that he has secretly installed in many Jewish nuclear power plants, may not be allowed to trigger another melt down.

Our elders from space keep a close eye on the sport of weap Judah and have we noted, elders from outer space have shut down about 47 of Judee's nuclear power plants in the last 30 months or so?

Once Jewish nuclear electricity plants are in shut down, the operators can load a new clean operating program into the system, cleaning out he stuxnet controller and preventing Judah from taking remote control of the reactor and melting it like they did at Hitachi-GE at Fukushima. Might we note they put that Jewish dirty bomb into melt down over 4 years ago? A couple of thousands of radioactive equivalents of Hiroshima being poured into our environment everyday still going on 24/7. Will Labor not let them off right?

Radioactive waste showing up in the drinking water of our family in Tokyo. Is there not some way that Labor will come into this, take the authority to issue our money into your hands and hire us some experts to help us here?

Gravy checks, debentures and fifty-dollar bills plus a regular cut of 5% kickback to insure the entire structure

  • WE ARE WHO WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!Richard Sheridan, Mon Sep 28 23:00
    A very wise Hopi Indian said this. The Christ consciousness, the God presence is in each one of us. DONT WAIT ONE MORE MOMENT. LET GOD OUT. RADIATE YOUR GOD PRESENCE. GOD ISNT OUT THERE...GOD IS IN... more
    • "Bitch Throw us out for our disservice response to our Breed — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Sep 29 10:19
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