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From the Monsters You Failed to Save Yourselves, the Lunatic
Wed Sep 30, 2015 07:28

From the Monsters You Failed to Save Yourselves, the Lunatics have Destroyed You out of here. 2.44 AM

That was from an overnight Tele receive. 2.44 AM

"From the monsters you have failed to save yourselves, the lunatics have destroyed you out of here."

Most pollution we can wear a mask, cover our faces and survive it. Are we aware that nuclear chemical waste is more deadly than any other sort of waste contaminant that there is?

"We're dying you dangerous here, syndicate," Judee say.

Never in history until the birth of the modern scientific age was it possible to kill most everyone on the surface of our planet. In the 20th century nuclear technology showed up with its possibilities and potentialities for brimstone waste disease.

The possibilities to kill every one now was possible.

With the awesome power to issue our money in only the hands of weap Judah, there was and still is no counter balance of humane nature that can protect us from being destroyed by nuclear technology.

Our good God who loves us all, stepped in to save us from weap Judah technology of perfected genocide.

The technology that allows him to merely run his Trojan horse dirty bomb power plants, and we will sicken and die off from merely breathing the air and drinking the contaminated waters.

The star of wormwood of the good book, now the wood of the ground for the worms goes uneaten. Nuclear waste having destroyed even the little worms of our earth.

How is a human being to survive such an assault as this upon our fragile bodies?

"I perished you," Judee say.

Is there not coming in an acknowledgement that Judah has perished us with his awesome?

"Our idiot falsed you fantastic," Judee say.

"You failed to save yourselves, you’re total failures." Tele receive. 3.52 AM

Our fields being poisoned out. Our air contaminated so that with every breath we take, pleurisy to take us away. Our water supplies contaminated with nuclear waste. Can we only wonder how long it will take for the cow to get over the mutilation of us all?

"Judee stopped you lethally, wonderfully." Elder Jason's telepathic voice mail said.

Decade after decade the American worker has been losing ground in real wages and in the percent of wealth that the workers create. Now more productive than ever, and enjoying a lesser share of what the workers produce.

The Average American Worker Earns Less Today Than 40 Years Ago

It's not just unemployment that matters. Many full-time workers take home less money, after inflation, than in decades.;article=155149;

With robots coming in, are we not seeing now the large scale dropping of Labors rolls as simple Labor will be only little needed as our technologies continue to advance?

Are we seeing why Father wants Labor to be the issuer of our money? Are we seeing that those who produce this vast wealth that we enjoy, should have a say in how it is distributed?

By having the private authority to issue our money in his hands do we see how Judah has been able to shoot war, keep the world in turmoil and reduce wages all at the same time?

Will Labor not end merchant rights power in this land of the free? Will Labor not try to save yourselves from the destruction of nuclear war that the merchants rights power crowd has forced onto us here?

Is it not clear the Federation has afforded Judah the opportunity to clear his cipher out of our species?

Do we see how the Federation has afforded the ordinary people of planet earth to come in and take over the reigns of power and act for all of God's kids on earth?

God our Father has intervened to spare us from being lost. Father loves us all. It is the agape love that Father has for us. Father wants us to live. Father has given us a second chance at life. A chance to live a right life. A chance to live with our great God in peace.

A chance to live in a world at peace. A chance to live with all of God's kids on earth together in peace and harmony.

Only one member of our species does not want to live in peace. The errant life form weap Judah. Now sealing us out of life form permanently.

Do we see that prayer is a telepathic communication with our elders?

Elders have the technology to read our minds. When we direct our thinking to our good God, advanced telepathic computers hear our prayers and God hears our pleas.

Will the world not pray for peace? Will the world not pray that American Labor will hear the pleas of the children of God to STOP THE WAR?

As the Angels that God almighty sent in to spare us from Judah nuclear blast genocide of us have succeeded in letting Judah let himself off right, is there not some way to convince Labor that it should do its part to let Judah off right to prevent him from poisoning our environment any more than he has already with his German industrial chemicals?

"We died for Jeremy grub. It's so nice to have you die off for my fistol," Judee say.

Ghost out and then spend the rest of his life in the background wasting us out with his technology of nuclear. Do we perceive that the very thought of us dying off for Judee makes him delighted?

"They're druid, I can’t advise your numbness," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Germans made us suffer so they got to go. 7.03 PM

Get some spirit. 7.21 PM

Exhausting yourselves. 7.33 AM

Un-learn procedure. Un-learn proceedjous. 7.35 PM

Jewish exhaust you nice so you stay weapical. 7.36 AM

You lost your lives to Judas menace. 12.46 AM

You failed, you sourced your own die. 12.55 AM

O my god, is this what we've done here? 12.59 AM

Their delightful deal has folded us up maybe. 2.04 AM

His mom has failed. 2.09 AM

They torture you endlessly. 2.17 AM

They're totally failed. 2.20 AM

They make us glorious sewerage. 2.22 AM

You failed to save yourselves, you perished. 2.25 AM

You died yourselves delightfully. 2.27 AM

You verified you’re monsters to be perished. 2.28 AM

By forcing out yourselves diesel will bring in lethally and now force molested. 2.29 AM

You failed your spirited rising, your nice age. 2.30 AM

You're closing yourselves up Jewishly.

No defense of the family, more insures. 2.35 AM

They rape fist for joy. 2.39 AM

Tossed you lethally here. 2.41 AM

From the monsters you failed to save yourselves, the lunatics have destroyed you out of here. 2.44 AM.

Conspiracy tossed your vitals, tossed you's virally. 2.45 AM.

Toss them out for errorage. 2.48 AM

They're totally dead here for genocitis.

They charge you digitally. 2.49 AM

Judee stopped you lethally, wonderfully. 2.50 AM

Gashole has lethally failed. 2.52 AM

The war, desperation, poverty. 2.54 AM

Suitable refused. 3.25 AM

He's fiblished. 3.37 AM

He's an incredible read. 4.58 AM

The power levels of a UFO this guy figures out? This guy is serious? 5.15 AM

We'll be perished brutal. 6.06 AM

Tight falsed you out. 8.34 AM"

That last Tele receive, "We'll be perished brutal." Is it not clear, to perish us brutal has always been the plan that Judah has had for the druid man?

The most glorious and magnificent of our elders, God almighty himself of heaven and earth, has stepped in and here and given us a chance to save ourselves. Can we not get some takers here?

Warned now by God thousands of times for several years to STOP THE WAR. The psychological power of Judah to hold the druid to slaying his brothers remains unchanged. Sport war waged everyday throughout the world funded by American Labor. Can the children of God not get some help here?

"My children need help." God almighty says to us.

More free bourse for guns and cages and killing sport, but where's the money for God's kids? Where's the R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the love of God?

A third of the children of God on the surface of planet earth now facing dying off in a full-blown nuclear waste war that weap Judah is waging against us. Must American Labor not end funding it all? How did it ever go so wrong?

Who would have ever imagined the power of Labor receipts in the wrong hands?

Do we not yet perceive that the power of our Labor receipts in the private hands of weap Judah has allowed him to assemble his forces for attacking us all out with his nuclear missiles?

"It's always my interest rate how I assemble," Judee say.

Do we see that Judah understands that to capture a nation he must capture the Labor force output?

Do we see how by having the authority to issue our money in his hands he has the organizing principle itself that he can then assemble just his group to wage sport war on the rest of God's kids?

Is the out put of Labor not directed by whoever has the authority to issue money? Of course it is. Will Labor not take the organizing Principle of our society out of the private hands of weap Judah and make it into a publicly held operation? Will Labor not direct its output to peace and not war?

Will Labor not do the will of our good God and be the issuer of our money?

"Our pussy button fell," Judee say.

Are we perceiving how Judah uses sex to war us with? His bathroom opticals of us. His intimate war to embarrass us so that we slink away from challenging his sport killing of us. Must Labor not mature and act for human survival here?

"I can’t believe with our capitalization we’ve almost killed the saucers."

With unlimited free money Judah has used every tool possible to keep Labor from acting to STOP THE WAR. The final destruction of America in the second nuclear war of weap Judah against us. Sourced by ourselves.

How is it that even our elders, in their wondrous flying saucers, have not been able to bring Labor to help us yet because Judah is so effective at holding the mass of the Labor force from acting to STOP THE WAR?

"Were jolly viscous. We set you up to war then butt you tyranny," Judee say.

Their laughter and mirth while they sport war. Judah parents teach their children how to fool us. Hundreds of millions dead at the hand of weap Judah using American dollars to get his sport done.

And it is still going on each and every day. Every bomb and shot paid for by American Labor. In the name of some form of life sanity will Labor not cut the funding for these errant life forms that only make war? Must Labor not end sourcing our extinction?

"We managed to get basalt through him right. Whosoever sees me right fatals me," Judee say.

Elders from space did a surgery of Bitch and pulled the pancreatic cancer out so that there's be someone here to share with everyone the truth. Will Labor not be certain that our good God loves us all? Father does love us Labor and he wants us to survive.

Did Bitch not see Judah right? Sure he did. Is that not why Judah is fataled now?

"Bitchie rolled me on my sore spot," Judee say.

Judah, trying to get around our elders from outer space has been looking how to get his nuclear bombs and missiles onto our heads even before he invented and built his first atomic bombs.

The dreams that Judah has. The dreams of killing all of the druids. Might that not be his favorite dream?

The fact that Judah made his best attempt to burn America completely to the ground in four hours of shooting at us in the middle of the night.

Might the fact of Bitchie revealing the events of June 11th, 2011 not be a real sore spot for Judah?

"I was famous, I die. I punish you receipt," Judee say.

Does Labor see that by allowing Judah to have free receipts of Labor to do with whatever he wants, all he wants is more death and destruction?

"I savage people with receipts. I paralyze for free," Judee say.

Will Labor not step in here and take the authority to issue the receipts of Labor away from weap Judah? Will you not try to save yourselves?

"Thank you." Tele receive. 6.39 AM Bitch says, "You’re welcome."

The wonder, glory, magnificence of our precious sweet Father. God almighty has stepped in here to give his Simian children of planet earth a chance to right themselves. A second chance to see if we can get it right this time.

Will we not have faith in our good God above to see us to peace? Must Labor not try to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Must Labor not try to get the organizing principle of society out of the hands of weap Judah into the safe hands of a committee of the whole of Labor?

Do we understand that the Federation has left Judah off right?

That is, do we not understand clearly that Judah will never again do any more of his sport opps on our money, as soon as American Labor takes our money away from him and his sport players?

Are the people not yet aware of what vast quantities of nuclear chemical waste in our atmosphere and on our fields portends for our future?

"The majority won’t be around." Is how elders from outer space put it.

God almighty will keep his cherubs safe as we enter the 6 years of tears. The majority of Americans now are facing passing out of life form due to nuclear waste poisoning.

Are we getting some ideas of how it is that the people of the planet that is being transitioned out of war and into peace must themselves make some movement if they wish to enter into a higher-level life form?

Are we understanding that we must be able to work together to accomplish the basic goal of living in peace if we are to go forward from here?

Can we appreciate that we must have the understanding of how war is being perpetrated and be able to act at the root fundamental level to pull the authority to issue our money away from those that are making war?

"H----- finds that our nest egg and nepotism and fire won’t work in his world. Municipals can’t hold the Martian," Judee say.

Judee nest egg, nepotism, and fire are not of our Father's house. Will Labor not help us to shut the nuclear fire down?

"Judee stopped you lethally." Elder Jason said.

Are we not seeing that his war is used to scare us so that he can score us out good?

We're going no further here Labor unless we have a chance to survive this nuclear artillery that Judah is unloading onto us. Will Labor not help us?

"Our centrifugal route failed but I'm still going to bruise them," Judee say.

Their centrifuges that Judah used for separating and refining uranium to make atomic bombs. Do we see how Judah's centrifugal route failed him? While it is good that their centrifugal route failed them, do we not see that they are still going to bruise us?

"We're excited, tyranny has finished you," Judee say.

Will Labor not help us and end all of the bruise of God's kids? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into your hands? Will Labor not shut tyranny down?

Will we not pray for peace?

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, September 30 — Psalm 113
Ezekiel 3–4:5; Hebrews 10:5–18

You, O Lord, are our father; our Redeemer from of old is your name. Isaiah 63:16

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3

Alpha and Omega, you are everything that has been, is, and will be. We are humbly blessed to be given the promise of eternal hope through the sacrifice and redemption of your Son. Thank you! Amen.

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