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willpwilson 908
Keshe Free Energy To Be Brought Worldwide This Week
Sun Oct 25, 2015 06:02

Keshe Free Energy To Be Brought Worldwide This Week - Keshe Free Energy To Be Brought To the Entire World This Week. And, the Knowledge to Immediately Rid This Planet of the Oil - Nuclear Crime Syndicate's Planetary Quest to Destroy All of Humanity Upon This Planet. - - -

GEET Energy Technologies - - - - - Paul Pantone GEET International - - Paul Pantone GEET International on AllDayLive with Mathew Gordon & Host Will P. Wilson, - - - -

apfn Browns Gas - - = - - - - As mentioned on their Georgia Guide Stones that they are going to mass murder and the mass harvest of this earth's planetary wide living human and animal souls thereof of more then two thirds of this entire planet's living beings that is now underway with their planned Fukushima planetary wide mass nuclear contamination and their refusing to admit that Dr. Yull Brown's Hydroxy Gas Technologies and including the Paul Pantone Plasma Technologies that included their having jailed and then tortured Paul Pantone for more then four years for his simply being an inventor of this amazing Pantone Technologies that could have immediately put a halt to the mass contamination of the entire Pacific Ocean whereas there now more then three hundred extinct species now and there is soon to be most of the life on this entire planet that is soon to be extinct. .

Expect the Elitist Pig Scum to try to do some last minute screw the world's peoples over with all kinds of false flags and HAARP Types of planetary and bio warfare incidents after this is released. Rothschild Jesuit Vatican Parasites Your Days in this Galaxy are getting short Pig Scum Galactic Soul Harvesting Parasites and your day for judgement is now Nye Rothschilds. Regardless of what you plan and do to all of us.

As Paul Pantone has also brought Forth the Remedy to Destroy All of Their Nuclear and Oil Contamination as so had Dr. Yull Brown and his discovery and patented architecture of his free plasma energy technologies that also have been found will also transmute the elements and also grow gold and silver crystals by the pounds per week and who then the Rockefellers and their Scum had murdered with their having contaminated Dr. Brown's apartment in Ontario California in 1993 when Dr. Yull Brown had refused to cease his research at the orders of the Rockefeller thug scum zbigniew brzezinski - - -,_william_b/Fox_Art/John_F._Kennedy_on_the_conspiracy.jpg So when are these scum going to be finally arrested for the charges of capital punishment and their never ceasing and on going Neuro Economic Psychotronic Pro Mega Corp - Tableau Cloud Computing research and development corp and other cloud computing data base biometric & their vast array of Psychotronic Warfare Research that include another array of other cloud computing data base Giants - in the areas of Bio Metric Warfare Research and Development thereof. Cloud Computing Biometric Crimes Against Humanity - - - apfn neuro economic crimes - - - -
Bio Metric - massive cloud computing crimes against all of humanity to be further to be brought to justice by the world's courts? - cloud computing biometric neuro economic crimes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Human Experimentation on the Web & Neuro-Economics Warfare. -;article=154785;title=APFN - - -

Isn't in now time to have this scum arrested for the murder of Dr. Yull Brown? zbigniew brzezinski - Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy - -

Isn't now time to have this scum named John McCain - - arrested for the murder of 167 sailers on the Forrestall in 1967 - and for the arming of his ISIS Rothschild paid for Islamic mass murder Jihad whores?

And, why have not the Bush Crime Family been arrested for their implementing the 911 mass murder in New York that Marvin Bush had to murder his children's own baby sitter in order to keep her quiet while chimpanzee IQ brother was serving as the fake president Marvin was in charge of all security and the implanting of all explosives that took down the entire Twin Tower Complex including four buildings that had never been hit by any aircraft?

Why hasn't Larry Silverstein been arrested for the mass murder of now more then one hundred deaths due to the contamination of the New York Vacinity and Silverstien - Let alone the mass murder of the NYPD Fire Department and more the three thousand victims that are known and who knows how many more victims that their fake media and fake intelligence ops didn't report. And, then mass crime operative and mass murderer named Larry Silverstein receives payoff for 911 mass murder - - -

And, Rumsfeld mentioned on nationwide TV that the comptroller of the Pentagon Dov Zackheim just misplaced more the three trillion dollars the day before 911 (To pay for the Rothschild orchestrated 911- Dov Zakheim three trillion missing - Dov Zakheim three trillion missing - - Why hasn't these Scum Been Arrested for massive Theft, Murder, and Conspiracy to Destroy the Entire Planet and for the murder of many hundreds of millions of people?

Until these scum are to be properly arrested for there massive crimes against all of humanity that includes all of the Rothschild Rockefeller Satanist Parasitic Pig Scum families? - - -

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror - - -

Posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on October 25, 2015 on the Message News Board - in response to Dr. William B. Mount -

William Mount - Are HAARP Arrays Really All Around Us Controlling Us? Sun Oct 25, 2015 -;article=155256;title=APFN

William Mount Hurrican Patricia A Message To Mexico? Fri Oct 23, 2015 -;article=155250;title=APFN - -

Dr. George Freibott - - - Dr. George Freibott - - - October 24, 2015 To Dr. George Freibott from Dr. Will P. Wilson,do you remember me? George you can in contact with me here: (206) 383 - 4817 - - http://www, - - and google search willpwilson - - alldaylive - - apfn Browns Gas - I need your assistance to get what these people are also doing - keshe free energy - - I have patents that I co authored that verify that Browns Gas, Hydroxy Water Technology and as well as Paul Pantone's GEET Plasma Energy Technologies also can provide free energy, from solely and only water sources that then not only provides free energy but it will also neutralize all nuclear contamination in the water sources and that this technology will also provide the means for literally growing gold and silver crystals by the pounds per month using a simple anode technology and I need your help on this and I also need to see how things are going for you. Please get back to me George, Dr. Will P. Wilson.
- - - - -
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