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"The Psychic's been telling us the Truth all long"
Sun Oct 25, 2015 09:24

"The Psychic's been telling us the Truth all long"

That is a Tele receive, "the psychic's been telling us the truth all along." Yes he has. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We have a good God above that loves us. That is the truth. He is our precious sweet Father that has sent the angels to save us from destruction in war that weap Judah is waging against, and has been waging against us for thousands of years.

The good book tells us that the meek shall inherit the earth. Judah took control of the earth and led it into eternal war.

What has our history been with Judah preying on us? The hundred years war. The 30 years war. The war of the roses. The war of 1812 . The civil war. First and second world war. Korea. Vietnam. An on and on and on.

For thousands of years the sand vibes only made war. Now they are being died off from our species. Truly high-level life forms do not fight or make war.

"I'll miss you. You’re free," Judee say.

Are the people not yet aware, Judah has lost the goy? The cattle, the cow that he feasts on. Do we see that our good God has let Judee let himself off?

"Take them out. Throw them away." Tele receives.

They have spent all their time on earth doing all that they possibly could to wipe us out in war. Judah knew quite well that we could not survive in an all out nuclear war, and so decided an all out nuclear war was to be done to us.

His hybrid transplant shells in Russia attacked us with nuclear missiles. Each and every missile pulled out of the sky by our elders from outer space.

Judah had his hybrid transplant shell people from China attack us off the coast of California with a multiple targeted reentry vehicle nuclear missile that was shown on TV news broadcasts. That missile was also pulled out by our elders from outer space.

Then he had his English shell hybrid transplants and his royal collaborators attack us from off the East coast of America with 32 nuclear missiles from two submarines with 960 nuclear warheads.

Each and every shot was burst off high in the night sky of June 11, 2014. Exactly three years after he hurled the mass of his heavy metal at us in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011.

They're done with us. Is there any body that thinks other wise?

Judah has been gaming against our extraterrestrial elders for thousands of years. Might some people find that hard to believe? It is true.

Judah set his sights, as a mission in life, to seek out the risers in our world, infiltrate and take them over and then crash them.

"You failed Reich'n'." Tele receive.

Do we see how the "alliance," that is Judah with the Kaiser, took over the United States of America and put the fourth Reich in?

"They're tree bad." Tele receive. 2.34 PM

"I'm fooling you off of your oxygen fair," Judee say.

Is their dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE not pretty much in our face?

"It's so sad, these guys are scoring us, stupid to doubt it." Tele receive. 4.56 AM

Are we not aware of the truth of that Tele receive, "They’re scoring us?

"The dog I'm using to fierce ya's, my invasion ever did produce jailer states," Judee say.

"Thank you Mr. Sullivan for dogging them out." Tele receive.

Is there not some agreement that weap Judah is a dead fish now?

If we can all agree that his attempts to genocide us in whole with nuclear blast weaponry have cost him his place with us, what will it take for us to close him out right now?

Have we not identified that his holding the ownership of the authority to issue our money in his private hands is what has allowed him to build the nuclear weapons with which he attacked us with?

Judah's ability to silence all opposition to his terrorist activities. Do we not read that comes about by his being able to issue unlimited free money against our Labor product?

"We just couldn't boom contact force," Judee say.

The comic book "Superman" came out of Cleveland in the 1930s. Might we grasp some of the significance of Father's words when he said, " I died them truthful?"

Do we see that Mercury informed Judah in the 1930s that in the end times they would keep "supermen" in to help get Judah out?

Bitch recently read a Judah reverse speech that mentioned "Bitch" in a video from over twenty years ago. Bitch only learned of his role in more recent times. Is it not something to think about, Judah knew about Bitch long before Bitch knew about Bitch?

Do we see how our good God and Father reveals his truth to everyone, even Judah, who offended Father with his refusal to give to God what is God's?

Always able to getup and over on most all the humans Judah ran into. Do we not see the one social tool that has allowed them to get over on all other human Beings is war?

"They ranched us." Tele receive.

Are we viewing how Judah moved in and took over the new world colony of America using his tried and tested process of infiltrate and set up his tyranny mechanism?

His innerspring 5th columnists, his transplant shells that he puts in charge of all communities of man.

Our family from the land of good people, Judah reveals in reverse speech that he has created more innerspring shell 5th columnists there than any other community.

Might that help explain how he has gotten such a high score in the neighborhood? Using his shells that blend right into the terrain and remain unnoticed?

"We're nuts," Judee say.

Do we recall how Judah has been so able to terrorize white fish?

"The Mormon took care of my white problems."

Do we perceive his creation of his shells in all communities of humans on earth?

All his thousands of years of reproducing himself, with one ultimate goal; to kill all of the rest of us.

"I don’t believe it, it's too fantastic." Is that what some doubting Thomas's may say?

What's not too believe? The guy caught us and finished us off using his own game plan.

While he was blocked from finishing us off complete with his nuclear blast, he has gotten us partial with his back up shot, nuclear waste.

He has been blocked out on a complete wipe out with nuclear waste by the Federation.

The most Judah will be able to wipe out as he dies off, is a third of the human race that is alive now.

His nuclear waste, if allowed to run wild, is it not clear only one Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shot has the potential to kill everyone on the surface of planet earth?

Certainly it does. It may take a few decades, but once nuclear waste is pouring in, it is only a matter of time until those who breathe it in are sickened.

Our good God had mercy on us. He spared us from Judah blast shot. God almighty has warned us for four years now to STOP THE WAR. Must we not hear our Lord?

"Move em out." 4.18 PM

Do we perceive how our elders have used the religious route to inculcate us with the higher-level social patterns to guide us into the right path of peace?

The killing behavior that was prohibited to us 3500 years ago, "Thou shalt not kill."

With the creation of nuclear weapons do we not see now why Creator bade us to do no harm to one another?

Do we see where Judah's intransigence to the rule of God has led him to go?

"They’ve demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God almighty said.

God creator gave us free will when we were gifted with our high-level potentials found in the 223 genetics our creators gave us.

The 223 high level intelligence gene package is the same one that our direct elders possess.

The understanding is that the 223-gene package makes up 70% of the 100 trillion Beings that are in the Galactic Federation of light.

The 223 gene group are the group that first created the Galactic Federation of light 9 million years ago. Our kind Elders brain neuron count is on average eighteen times larger than ours.

They have larger heads to accommodate their enlarged brain size. Elders are a fifteen million year species. We are a twelve million year species in our hominid form. We have had our high level 223 potentials for 200,000 years. We are the last of our creation to rise from the surface of planet earth. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, all our early risers.

We're in God's nursery. We're not even the new kids on the block in outer space yet, and Judah is doing all that he can to finish us out before we get a chance to go into our golden days.

Our Father is all goodness. Kindness. There is no harsh in Father's world to any of his children. Father wishes to gift us. Will we not take the gift of peace that Father has given to us?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

If we went to visit our friends and while staying with them, found a leaky roof, leaky pipes, a furnace, porch and electrical that needed repairs, might our visit not be most enjoyable if while there, we fix them all up before our visit ends?

Then when our visit ends and we leave our friends, is it not nice to think that we know they’re set and good to go for whatever the weather should send? Is that not the sort of visit that might leave us most content? Where we had a chance to gift our friends?

If it was our own children that we visited, would it not be wonderful to gift them? Are we not developing a sense of how much our Father in heaven wants to keep gifting us if only we will help ourselves?

"I would have given you anything." Father said.

Will Labor not give Father peace his long-suffering children on earth?

Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Father is perfect labor and he wants to help us. Will we not let the love of God help us? In our perishing moments will we not turn to the love of God to save us from weap Judah brimstone waste disease?

Do we see from reading our bibles that Judah knew two thousands years ago that when he put himself out he would take no more than a third of the human race out with himself?

Now that the angels have shut down about 47 Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots, do we see that Judah has been blocked in his last genocide weap to being limited to no more than a third of the human race he will take, as was revealed to him in the bible two thousand years ago?

Isaiah 9:14 So the Lord will cut off from Israel both head and tail, both palm branch and reed in a single day.

When that was written a couple of thousand years ago, our precious sweet Father was about 200 years of age. Father is now in the last 6 years of his life.

"Try to perceive me, I love you." Precious Father said.

Are we sensing the true love that our Father has for us? Are we sensing how Father wants to keep gifting us if only we will accept our gifts that he has given to us?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Of all things that we might possess, is there any thing better than the peace?

"I could give you peace time but its not part of my strategy." That of course weap Judee.

Are we perceiving, that peace time for all of his children, is the love of God?

The thought of living in a world of peace. "It kinda made me happiness." Heard a voice say.

To bring the peace of God in for his children God wills that Labor be the issuer of our money. Will Labor not do the will of God and get Judah off of our dollar?

Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

"We just ever brave you with false," Judee say.

Judah could give us the peace, but he won’t. Does Labor see what we need Labor for here? Do we see we need Labor to give us the peace because Judah won’t give us the peace?

Are we not recognizing that Labor is the ultimate arbiter between war and peace?

That is, do we see that if Labor will not support war, war cannot exist?

The big fish Judah in the little pond of earth. Now has sealed his fate to not be going into the universe. Will Labor not let them off right?

With his forced taking of Labor, the income tax, Judah captured America and the world. Warred us until he was able to set us for extinction. Beyond his blast extinction we now are into his waste attempt.

Will Labor not end funding it?

Father wants to gift us some more Labor. Will we not accept the gifts of God?

"I gave you the peace must you fail?"

We're being perished, we’re being forced extinct, we're in a genocide.

Is there any informed person who would disagree with that estimate of the situation?

We're being forced out of life form by loss of habitat. Poisoning of our environment. Do we not see that with the authority to issue our money in his exclusive hands Judah is buying the weaps to force us out of life?

"With my visual I’ll take your whole gen away. I brave you with sewer wits, that's my all time virtually," Judee say.

Are we seeing how cunning Judah is that he can use a visual to hold us to the point of losing our gen?

Will Labor not end funding Judah sewer wits that are harming us?

"We destroy thee with the income bust," Judee say.

Do we see how Judah has been using the authority to issue our money? Do we see that he uses it as an instrument to wage war against us?

Father has let Judah go on his way. He is going underground to live out his last days. "Tunnel death."

Two thousand years ago the Federation calculated up to one third of the human race poisoned out in the end times. One third of the water on planet earth to be poisoned out.

For those who have been looking at the mass die off our largest ocean on earth, the Pacific, are we making some connections with the messages and warnings sent to us in the bible concerning the last days and how a third of the human race is going to die off?

For those who are making war possible, American Labor, will we not STOP THE WAR and make an attempt to prevent our life forms from being washed out by Judah?

"You’re involved in sin. Your lives won’t be spared. We came to warn you." All words from our elders from space.

Will Labor not hear these timely words of warning and STRIKE THEM OUT to STOP THE WAR?

For his fist, Judah has been refused by the universe. We on the other hand, are welcome into the universe with our elders in peace.

"They've lost their site." Tele receive. 12.43 PM

Their "sight? Cite?"

They've lost us all Labor. Only thing they have left is Labor giving them all the free money they want. The still have the organizing principle of society in their exclusive, private hands.

The authority to issue our money in Judah hands is now funding the last die of Judah; nuclear brimstone waste disease.

America the beautiful is being destroyed.

"If you don’t get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed." Elder from space said.

"Freenancials." Tele receive. 12.53 PM

Might that not be what we have provided Judah with for over a century now?

They are the only ones who get to decide whose checks to clear. Should Labor not be part of the financial process of clearing checks?

Labor leader William Sylvis shared with us before he left in 1869 that we should be sitting at the table where the checks are being issued. William explained it is our Labor that makes the checks valuable.

Do we sense Labor that in Father's last years with us he would like to give us all that he can before he leaves us? Do we see that to bring in all of the gifts of love from Father we must close the war out of here?

Do we not see that true human nature is to cooperate with and accommodate others?

As we know our early risers are all living in peace. Do we not see that we could have always settled things peacefully?

"You lost your lives to Jewish felled." Elder Jason said.

Do we understand that Judah bringing nuclear weapons into our world was never to protect us, that they were built from the very beginning to wipe us all out in a big sucker punch?

Will Labor not toss the Ivy League charlatans out? Will Labor not take Wall street out of the business of genocide? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue our money away from them and help all of us?

"Got it." Tele receive. 8.58 AM

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If only Labor will join with the love of God and STOP THE WAR the magnificence and glory of

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