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Nov. 1, 2015 "You've Been Thrown Commercially"
Sun Nov 1, 2015 08:10

Nov. 1, 2015
"You've Been Thrown Commercially"

"You've Been Thrown Commercially"

That is a Tele receive, 2.09 AM. "You've been thrown commercially."

"You’re dying out yourselves. 2.10 AM

You're essentially out.

You're available moisture.

You've destroyed yourself complete for all time. 2.11 AM

You've failed your life forces one hundred percent.

Tears tear me up to see you die. 1.58 AM"


Elder from outer space just said at 2.20 AM, "With these juridical acts you resign us."

That must be due to how Bitch phrased things in yesterdays post.

Our elders are not the police from outer space. They are not prosecuting a case against Judah. They are not pressing forward a grand jury world.

They are our family that love us and are trying to help us save ourselves.

Please forgive me if I state things incorrectly. Please don’t resign; we need your love and help more than ever now. We love you and don’t want you to cry tears watching us all die ourselves off in war.

Will Labor not try to help us here? Will Labor not make a try to STOP THE WAR?

Elders world has no force in it whatsoever. To just do things in a total peaceful way is how our next level of existence can be if we only will STOP THE WAR. Please forgive if I wrote incorrectly how our elders are helping us here. They are not going to present a prisoner to a grand jury, nothing of the sort.

Bitch does consider that it was elders who spared the lady her life at the Lane Bryant, Tinley Park massacre so that she would be able to help us understand what types of things are being done to us here and how Judah plays his tricks on us.

Elders spared air force pilot Mitchell his life and allowed him to live so that he can explain to us what is going on in the military fist world of Judah. There is no force aspect of our elders helping us here. Just a chance to let the ordinary people see how totally we are being fooled by Judah and his opps.

With elders world, there are no competing parties once we understand how our higher level thinking operates. We all serve each other. We serve our good God by serving each other. To love one another is how we were created by our good God.

Do we see it is Judah that has put the separation in between all the peoples of planet earth?

Judah spends his time tricking the peoples into opposition to one another. Do we not see we are all one people that were made to love one another?

We were made to care for one another. Do we see how when Judah has the issue of our money in his hands he puts much of the nation into poverty as his plan?

"We shut you off through poverty," Judee say.

Do we see how war routes income to those who will do harmful things to the children of God? Do we see that it is using the mechanisms of violence of war that is keeping 80% of our world in poverty? Do we not see it is violence that is blocking us from bringing in the clean, sustainable technologies of abundance for everyone?

Mass migrations of millions of people in several countries who have been driven out of their homes by American Labor funded sport war. Will American Labor not become dutiful and responsible for the dire circumstances that our world is in today?

Do we see that only if each and every one of us will take responsibility for how we are being perished is there any chance to survive this genocide that we have been put in?

Judah has libeled Bitch with an unending, apparently believable to some people, utter bunch of falsities. Are we not aware that Judah man is a professional liar? His specialty is forgery. Makes up a bunch of false paper work and tells people it is true. Has Judah not learned how to perfect the smear?

The only time Judah tells the truth is when he can use the truth to false.

Our good God is with us all of the time. Beautiful precious sweet Father will not leave his beautiful little Simian children of earth to the mercies of Judah's dreams. Father is with us as we walk ourselves in to the perfect trap of Judah brimstone waste disease. Father wants us to save ourselves.

Our elders, the Galacticans, have been at peace for 9 million years. The original 223 high-level Beings, the first Galacticans, have passed out of existence. They genetically engineered the next group of Beings who took their place several million years after the Federation was created.

The second group of Galacticans, who were genetically engineered themselves, have now stepped aside for the third group of Galacticans that now are fulfilling the mission of the Federation.

For those of us that survive the genocide that Judah is waging against us, our descendants will be the forth group of Galacticans since the creation of the Galactic Federation of Light 9 million years ago.

The Federation has 1300 nurseries, not unlike planet earth. Half of the Beings being nurtured and raised are 223 Beings. The other half is a variety of other life forms that exist in peaceful cohesion with the rest of the members of the Federation.

If Bitch is reading this right from elders, the moon has as many Beings living inside of it as the number of extraterrestrial Beings that live inside of planet earth; 3 billion.

The understanding is that the moon is the home world of the Mergetroid Beings. They are an ancient space faring race of Beings who are members of the galactic Federation of Light.

The moon was put into orbit around our planet sometime in the ancient days.

In 1970 the Vasin-Shcherbakov Theory was put forward by two members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Their theory claims that the moon is an alien spacecraft.

From Wiki:

The hypothesis was put forth by two members of the then Soviet Academy of Sciences, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, in a July 1970 article entitled "Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?"

Vasin and Shcherbakov's thesis was that the Moon is a hollowed-out planetoid created by unknown beings with technology far superior to any on Earth.

Huge machines would have been used to melt rock and form large cavities within the Moon, with the resulting molten lava spewing out onto the Moon's surface.

The Moon would therefore consist of a hull-like inner shell and an outer shell made from metallic rocky slag. For reasons unknown, the "Spaceship Moon" was then placed into orbit around the Earth.

One of our elders that was on the 'desk' several years ago was "Randal." The kind Being Randal is a Mergetroid. He is in the one thousand year range of his life.

Randal sent Bitch some pictures of where he lived. Bitch presumed at the time that it was in the Valley of the Dolls. The Valley of the Dolls is located 4 light hours from planet earth in the direction of the North Star.

Juliet was also living in the same building that Randal is living in, so Bitch is wondering if it may have been inside of the moon?

Juliet assisted Maxmilian since 1937, with the Proper Behavior committee's "Project Earth."

Project Earth was put into operation in 1906 by the Federation to prevent the total wipe out of planet earth in the series of coming wars that Judah had planned to use to extinct the mass of the human race living on the surface of planet earth.

Maxmilian was directing Project Earth and he was in earth zone since 1910. The Federation has a spaceship on the far side of the moon that has been docked there for the last thousand years.

As to the specifics, Judah may have had limited knowledge until more recent times about our extraterrestrial family.

Is it not a curiosity to say the least, that even with knowledge of the many high level extraterrestrial civilizations in our world, that Judah knew all live in peaceful cohesion together, that Judah strategy selected brute for the family of man living on the surface of planet earth?

Has it not yet broken through to the ordinary person just how deadly is Judah cipher?

Sir Randal, our Mergetroid friend, Bitch learned from reading some Judah reverse speech, was the one that helped him escape what Judah had planned to do to him at 12th and State street in Chicago.

Thank you Sir Randal. I Love you.

The living accommodations that Randal and Juliet were at when they sent me pictures appeared as what we might find in an upscale country club hotel living environment.

Rich embossed material for the furniture. Long stylish drapes on the big windows in the restaurant club area. A dance floor. Doors leading out to a veranda that overlooked a lake. Marble Columns in the halls.

The strength of elders materials needs no marble columns. Yet as we are, might we not appreciate that elders like the stylish things that remind them of the earlier housing that they built for themselves? No need for marble columns, but because they look so good, they build them in. Is that not like how we might put wooden ceiling beams in just for attractive looks?

The moon is a little over 1,000 miles wide. One figure is 1,079 miles radius. So if we take about 5 miles for protective cover, and our inside diameter of where we will live is 1,069 miles wide, what sort of living spaces might we find inside of the moon?

Taking pi, 3.18 times the radius of 1,069 miles wide, would that not be about for each floor inside the moon 3,400 square miles?

If so, can we estimate how many floors we might need to accommodate 3 billion Beings?

If we take an average American city we might find about 2,500 people living in every square mile. How many people then would we have in one floor inside the moon?

3,400 square miles times 2,500 people equals? It looks like eight and half million people. 8,500,000.

So if we have 3 billion Beings living inside the moon, how many floors might we need inside the moon to accommodate them at that average number?

If Bitch calculations are right, about 353 floors.

If each floor has a 60-foot separation what is the distance inside from top floor to bottom floor? 60 feet high times 353 floors, calculator says: "21,180 feet."

Divide that by 5,280 feet per mile, how many miles is that?

Looks like just a little over 4 miles miles, doesn't it?

If we take the population density of Tokyo, with 6,810 people per square mile living there, how many floors might we need inside the moon to house 3 billion people?

Instead of 8 and half million people for 3,400 square miles, does it not look as if the same space might house a little over twenty three million people in the same 3,400 square miles inside of the moon?

If the numbers are correct, is 2,500 not about 36% of 6,810?

If so then would we not need about 36% of the 353 floors to accommodate 3 billion Beings?

Might that be about 130 floors inside the moon to house 3 billion Beings?

The top floor to the bottom floor then would be about 7,800 feet. Is that not a little less than a mile and half from top floor to bottom floor to house 3 billion Beings inside of the moon?

Are we developing any sense of the magnitude of the deception that has been put upon us by our clever fellow earthlings? That is are we getting a sense of how easy it is to accomodate large numbers of Beings in a relatively small area inside of a planet in comparision to what we have on planet earth?

The big players know quite well that extraterrestrials exist and populate our earth and moon and most every other space throughout our solar system, including living inside of our earth. Our universe is full of life.

Judee response to it? He shoots missiles at our elders space craft and also their homes in the mountains.

Is it not sad that all we can get for our money is death and destruction?

With that quick look at the numbers of living inside of our moon needed to accommodate Beings in all the phases of their lives, do we see how when we live on the inside we have nearly unlimited capability to add square footage for as much living space as we want?

In the name of God almighty and all that is reasonable in the heavens and on earth will Labor not stop mindlessly funding destroying this earth?

Are we not understanding that by wiping out this surface terrain we will lose our bio-form living space?

"In four or five months Bitch is going to embarass me right," Judee say.

Our elders live inside of planets not on the surface. The surface is for the nursery group to grow up in.

Is there not some sense as to how vulnerable we are to extinction by only one big assault upon us on the surface of our planet? Are we not aware that our atmosphere is now being completely lethally poisoned out on us?

The Mergetroids that have their home world inside the moon. They have lived in peace with us for thousands of years. Might some of them have been the "wee people" we have heard so much about?

They arrive to sing and dance and celebrate life with us and then return to their homes inside of the moon.

There is an entire world of peace and love just outside of our door. Is there not some way that American Labor will take us there? Will Labor not open the door and let them in? The war Labor, to save your own life, is there not some way that you will strike to try and stop it?

Judah could give us the peace because he has the authority to issue our money and so he could buy it if he wants. He tells us though, "it's not part of my strategy."

His strategy does not call for that peace. War he has decided upon, to brute us forever more. Do we not perceive that all Judah has ever been dreamed of is abusing of God's kids? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for stepping in here and dying Judah off of us?

Will God have mercy on us for sourcing Judah war upon our world?

Will we not pray that the people of America will awaken to the love of God and try to STOP THE WAR before our nation and we are gone for ever?

The world of our good God has been in peace for 9 million years now. Only Judah is keeping his strategy for bruiting us with war in.

"Very offerous is grease."

That is a message from our elder Sir Jason. Sir Jason is a Galactican. When we decide to act and STOP THE WAR, Jason is our technical representative from the Federation who will help us shut the nuclear particle artillery down at Hitachi-GE.

We are dying huge. Let no one be mistaken we are dying out now in vast numbers.

Our nation, our world, is being destroyed. The pitiful part, is it not that we are the ones sourcing our own die?

Extraterrestrials of numerous types openly buzzing our skies now since the A-bomb went off. Will we not let our consciousness rise?

"RISE UP!" 12.15 PM

God is good, is it not clear that Father is the only reason we exist?

"Death fear," Judee say.

Might that be why Judee commits massacres in our midst? Are we understanding how his policy of brute is holding us in? He's known of Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury for thousands of years.

His strategy of brute he chose not to change. If he can scare us to give him it all, what incentive is there for Judah to change? What incentive is there for Judah to STOP THE WAR if war is the mechanism that he needs to have some more fun with us?

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

His history is to leave in ruin those that he is done with. Is it not clear that for his attacking us all out with nuclear blast weapons, Judah is done with us?

Continues at:

God and the angels above have been communicating with Americans for an extended period of time now. So far, to no avail. We are going down the pipe of genocide full steam head.

To have any chance now to save ourselves we need Labor to take the authority to i

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