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"Serve" Elder said that one word to Bitch at 1.16 AM To
Mon Nov 2, 2015 09:03


Elder said that one word to Bitch at 1.16 AM Today, "Serve," and Bitch immediately climbed out of bed to joyfully begin another day to serve the love of God.

God does not want his children in America, or anywhere, destroyed. Father has not left us. Father will not abandon us to die out in a nuclear waste war. Father is with us and will see us out of this eternal state of war that Judah has put planet earth into and Father will see us into peace.

God is good. He loves us all equally. He wants us to live. He gifted us with rights so that we would have the procedures to protect ourselves and one another.

"I fully died," Judee say.

For attacking us with thousands of nuclear blast weapons over many decades, is it not pretty clear that Judah is a dead fish with us forever more? Once understood to be absolutely true, what other conclusion could we come to?

That Judah never scored even once with thousands of nuclear blast shots; will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God, our savior, for sending the angels in to protect us from weap Judah thrust of genocide?

"O my god, they're battling offensive." 1.27 AM

As they have America embroiled in multiple wars and are starting new ones everyday, does that Tele receive not ring true?

All this war that Judah is buying. Is it not clear that once Labor takes the authority to issue our money away from them, they will no longer be cash ready buyers for any more of their eternal wars?

The greatest hope for peace and justice in our world, the American Bill of Rights, dashed on the shores of eternal sport war.

For thousands of years, Judah sporting their fellow human Beings out of their lives, liberty and property. Their cipher directed to always harming God's other children. Their fathers teaching them from the cradle to harm all of God's kids.

"It's our way, it's our right. It's natural to take your lives away," Judee say.

Thousands of years ago in the desert the Judah cipher was developed in the resource constrained environment. He became adept at dominating other men by deception and violence. Force and fraud. Judah became so good at scoring other men that he turned it into a sport.

A long multi generation process of invading and reproducing his cipher in every terrain. Living a secret life. Waiting only for the moment when he could rise up with invading armies brought in to slay his neighbor.

Carried this secret invader, parasite, predator strategy on for thousands of years. An ancient strategy of war, that Judah is still carrying on these days.

The host at this time for the parasite, America. The largest most powerful host he has ever taken hold of.

He also controls through his private authority to issue our money, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Germany, England, France, Brazil, Russia and all the other countries of our world.

The organizing principle of society. The authority to issue our money. With this private authority Judah has succeeded in turning planet earth into a totalitarian planet at war.

Using his terrorist tactics, his satchel charge, noose, the strapedo, he has used fear to hold the people of every land. Staging events, convincing the people that it is their neighbor that is doing violent things to them. When all the time, it is Judah, operating the deception levers from all the significant offices of state.

The entire information package that the people see and hear, cleverly crafted in subtle ways to condition the people to believe what they hear and see. Gentle soothing words to hold the people to going along with policies of state that allow Judah to war.

All the people of planet earth are all the same species. We are all one race wherever we live. All from the same creation, 200,000 years ago. Made to love one another and live in peace with one another.

"Let's STRIKE!" 2.04 AM

"We won with collies," Judee say.

As Judah has now gotten enough nuclear waste into our environment to die off the majority of the people living in America in the next six years, might he not have won? His scientists are telling him that he now has destroyed us.

"I can’t believe you're so foolish." 9.30 PM

That Tele receive expressing what is obvious. We are being perished, and paying for it. Sourcing the die of our nation and ourselves. Sourcing as many wars as Judah sports call for. How foolish is that?

Tele receives:

"You’re sweet Patrick.11.51 AM

They shot. 2.48 PM

We're being molested. 4.30 PM

Flame attacks. 5.12 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save yourselves.

An irrityranny. 5.25 PM

Bitch, you lost your facial. 6.55 PM

Moscow fierced us. 7.11 PM


Boomis failed, his income is in a goose egg." 7.15 PM

It's in the air. 7.16 PM

It's air rid.

You’re closing out yourself. 7.18 PM

Your blabbermouth showed their error is bad. 7.19 PM

The fist men sold you out. 7.52 PM

Roosevelt died corrupt. 8.39 PM

I can't believe you’re so foolish.

Professor, you failed to save your disciples. 10.34 PM

They're bad at punishing ya with prints.

It's sad to perish out this way. 10.49 PM

You died ballistic. 10.55 PM

You been locked.

Sherman phased us. 11.39 PM


Luxury still won. 12.35 AM

With Jew you’re supposed to be cautious fails

Miserable thieves play war ment.

They organize us racial. 12.42 AM

Patrick, they actually voided your mouses. 12.47 AM

Debacle in war. 12.48 AM

They racial hell. 1.04 AM

Country busted. 1.05 AM

Got it. 1.06 AM

Serve. 1.16 AM

Praise God. 1.27 AM

O my God, they’re battling offensive here. 1.29 AM"


Yes, they are battling offensive. Have we given any thought to how offensive they are battling with a weapon of mass destruction, Jewish electricity waste?

Judah, spending his 5 minutes of time in the universe searching for the best way to kill the most people possible. Our creators, the Galacticans, doing their part to keep their creation, us, in.

Our early risers from our genetic hybridization 200,000 years ago by the Galacticans, now living inside of Venus, Mercury and in the moons of Jupiter.

The gods of ancient Greece now understood to be our early risers who were helping us develop peaceably.

Venus, the first riser from our creation 200,000 years ago, became extraterrestrial 47,000 years ago. Mercury became extraterrestrial 10,000 years ago. They are us. Bitch has been graced to be in the presence of both Mercury and Venus. They look like us, only difference is more intense eyes. This is due to their enhanced neuron development. They have on average 6 to 7 times as many brain neurons as we do. Same sized head.

Living in an enriched world of peace stimulates brain neuron growth. Living in war shuts neuron growth down.

Bitch just said, "Good wishes" to elder Jason and his telepathic voice mailbox shared this message with us: "They're going to trip you's up fatal."

We're being perished here my friends. An apocalyptic death of America and ourselves. The abomination of desolation. Leaving a ruin to fatal us, even though Judah will be long gone from our world. Safely tucked into his mountain hotels.

God is good, Father loves us all. God has warned us thousands of times over several years to STOP THE WAR.

In the name of almighty God can someone please explain why American Labor blindly keeps funding molesting us? What might explain American Labor sourcing our own die off?

Do we not recall from our good book, the bible, that the meek are to inherit the earth?

"I pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

What might be the difference between being meek and being a chicken?

Might the meek be righteous where the chicken is merely chicken?

Will the meek not step in here and STOP THE WAR?

"Bitch, you lost your facial." 6.55 PM

Might the fact that we have been perished out of life form in a continuing nuclear waste war, have caused Bitch to lose his facial?

Might it be that Judee, running around with a bunch of images from decades ago and lies that he makes up on a daily basis, have fallen through now that the people have figured that we are actually losing our nation, our health, our lives, and our children's lives to Judah electricity waste war?

Might there be a maturity that has arisen to accept what elder said about Judee images of Bitch, "Minutiae?"

As the reality of just how massively we are dying out now, of how huge is the MEGA DEATH that Judah has scored on us here, have ended Judee's facial of Bitch? Might Judah face be so disgraced for atrocity and scoring multiple genocides, that now he has lost his facial on Bitch?

Has our good God, our Father not given us the tools to correct thinking? That is, Father says to, "forgive, have mercy." If we listen to Father then do we not see that all Judee has are some pictures and images of foolishness from decades ago that have no importance to the matter in any way here?

Will the people feel fear from looking at embarrassing pictures? Is that not what Judee uses to cause the people to not help themselves as Judee keeps washing us right on out of here?

"You did disgrace us," Judee say.

Revealing that Judah attacked us all out with a thousand nuclear missiles with thirty two hundred nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011, is that not enough to disgrace the guy that is the only one that still is authorized to issue our money for us?

200 million Americans dead from Jewish nuclear waste in only six years. A third of the human race dead at the same time. Our largest sea on earth, the Pacific Ocean dying from Jewish electricity waste, and shortly to be a totally dead sea.

Judah response to complaints about his nuclear waste artillery that is shooting us from Hitachi-GE? Would you believe they actually Passed a bill in the Japanese legislature giving ten years in jail to those who dare to talk too much about it?

Jewish electricity waste Pouring in every second of every day 24/7, with no end in sight.

The biggest die that Judah has ever scored in all of his days of plaguing us.

Was two thousand years of the Bible preparing us for these last days not enough?

We are in the end times. Are there any who doubt it? Might it not help us to consider the saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall?" Will American Labor not get into this and help break our fall?

Must Labor not listen to the good advice of our elders from outer space that God sent in to help us survive this war of genocide and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Elders advised us year ago.

Judah is blocked by our elders from shooting all of his nuclear waste artillery off, as he planned to do to die us with waste as he leaves us.

Might we consider that part of this transition is that the ordinary people must show enough response to a threat to survive to make into the higher-level life form existence?

Our good God said, "I died him truthful."

As our good God is dying Judah off, for what reason could American Labor have for holding Judah in yet?

Might the ostrich, mouse and minnow all be going out together as part of the mutilated cow package this time?

Is it not clear, that all of us that breathe air will be touched by this brimstone weap of Judah?

"We encourage you to lose them." Elder from outer space just said to Bitch at 3.55 AM

"We encourage you to lose them."

Please, Labor, help us to survive, you won’t let us just die because there is too much lethargy to want to act, will you?

"You won," Judee say.

Do we not know this to be true? Sure, it’s a fact of life. But do we not see that with the authority to issue our money still in international Judah hands, war blazes our world further apart? The authority to issue our money. Will Labor not do the will of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT to take the authority to issue our money into your own hands?

Will Labor not respond to this critical moment in the end times as we are being massively perished out of existence and help us to survive this nuclear war that Judah is waging against us?

"For the whole cannibal life, torture is our deal," Judee say.

"By screwing our rights, Jew is holding us." Tele receive. 3.30 AM

Might we not appreciate just how important our rights are that our good God designated which rights we are to have and gifted them to us?

With our rights well established and adhered to, do we see that we will be well positioned and situated to become full extraterrestrial life forms ourselves?

Our technology is already extraterrestrial. Do we see that Judah has been refused accessing the universe? Is it not something to think about, that if not held back by Judah fist, our edition of the human race on earth may have been in outer space literally thousands of years ago?

Judah, setting the oaf to fight, continually finding a new sparring partner for him to fight with. All the while secretly working behind the scenes to give the oaf one fatal last round.

Are we not as of yet perceiving that the fatal last round is now?

"They're going to trip you's up fatal."

A warning from our elder Jason of what is coming at us. Will Labor not help us and prevent this fatal tripping us up?

"You've parceled the misfits." Tele receive. 3.52 AM

Will we not thank our good God almighty for sending our elders in from outer space to spare us from being destroyed in a Judah four-hour nuclear blast war?

From the time of about three and half thousand years when God gave Judah the Ten Commandments until now, we have had three Gods.

Judah was unable to accommodate Father Baldec when our good Father Baldec sent Judah the rules carved into stone in about 1500 BC.

Again, Judah failed to accommodate Father Christopher when he sent Jesus to show us the way to love and peace among all of the children of God.

Now our beautiful precious sweet Father H-----, the third Father of our house in these many thousands of years, and what does Judah do? He attacks us in the middle of the night with thousands of nuclear bombs to explode over our heads.

Out of respect and honor to the dignity of Father, Bitch does not spell his name complete. "Lord I am not worthy to come under thy roof, say but the word and my soul shall be healed."

Is it not somewhat curious, the number three is associated with the house of Judah?

At the conclusion of the American revolutionary war, George Washington paid a secret agent for assisting in the revolution. He paid the secret agent exactly $333.33 for helping to win.

Might we only guess who George Washington's secret agent was?

Is it not somewhat interesting that it is now three Gods that have been at the top of our 223 house, from when Judah was first given the rules of the road?

When we think of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Three in one. Might we only wonder about the religious significance of the number three? It was three Gods that were with the human race before Judah was finally let go.

Judah is done here Labor, and Bitch is aching. We are dying out in such large numbers and Bitch has not been able to counter Judah hold. Bitch has so many stupid mistakes. He usually doesn't even see them for some time afterwards.

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Here is a reverse speech from a non-Judah speaker that may help explain why there have been so many stupid mistakes:

"The gentleman's cipher was just thrown too much right."

Might this gentleman's ciphe

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