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COALITIONS FOR CANNABIS CALL For Congressional Investigation
A Documentary Film Written, Directed and Produced by Alex S. Gabor® Co-Founder of the Infinite Freedom Foundations. Copyright © 2015 By Alex S. Gabor® Global Syndicate freely licensed to the Free and Clear Press Corps,, and one time electronic print rights to - - - Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are being barraged by an international email campaign to launch a Congressional Investigation into the National Medical Marijuana, Hemp and Recreational Pot Markets.

Industry lobbyists are urging Congress come up with and pass a Uniform Medical Marijuana Act, The New Industrial Hemp Act, and a National Recreational Cannabis Act.

Recently a federal judge in Spokane declined to dismiss marijuana charges against the Kettle Falls Five in a case that is creating international attention.

The decision by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas O. Rice cleared the way for a trial scheduled to begin Feb. 23 in Spokane, Washington. The prosecution dismissed its case against the eldest member making it now known as the Kettle Falls Four! The Elder has cancer. This is another example of selective prosecution used by the Roman Empire during the days of Great Caesar's Ghost.

Medical Marijuana Stocks so highly touted by penny stock promoters have recently been taking a beating not only due to failing fundamentals for profitability but the increasing supply of medical and recreational pot in North America.

Marijuana advocates across the nation have launched an email campaign to Congressional Leaders to have the case dismissed under new laws, and release more than a million prisoners of the drug wars.

The real policy coming from the White House and Congress remains unclear and has failed to stem the chaos from the failure of the War on Drugs launched by President Nixon in the early 70’s.

Federal authorities contend the five violated Washington’s medical marijuana laws when drug agents seized 75 marijuana plants, guns and business records from a rural property near the town of Kettle Falls in August 2012.

Congress recently passed a budget bill that included a provision banning federal funds from being used to prevent states from implementing their own laws on medical marijuana.

The SEC is facing charges of negligence in allowing more than 100 publicly traded companies to operate frauds upon the public in attempting to sell stock in companies engaged in breaking Federal Laws related to Marijuana.

The four still face drug charges that could send them to prison for 10 years or more.

That ruling means the trial of Larry Harvey and the four other defendants, now known as the Kettle Falls Four, will proceed as scheduled next Monday, but without the elder who is dying of cancer.

More than 40 Banks in Washington State are being charged with money laundering for illegal marijuana operations within the State for over a decade.

The FDIC has also been named as a Defendant in the case being filed by the Washington Bank Activities Reform Commission.

The State Department of Licensing is trying to shut down more than 120 Medcial Marijuana Pharmacies for not paying more than $120 million in taxes over the past ten years, ever since MMJ was legalised in Washington.

The State Department of Licensing and the State Department of Banking have also been named as defendants in the lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court which seeks to obtain an injunction against efforts by the Washington State Legislature to look the other way on the money laundering issues and cease and desist from changing existing medical marijuana laws, and a retroactive tax holiday on all medical marijuana growers, processors and retailers.

In court filings, the defendants contended their prosecution threatened the future of the medical marijuana system in Washington state.

Congress has failed to stop the drug war. It has failed to stop the growth of the illegal, legal, and underground marijuana industry.

“Prosecuting persons who may be operating in compliance with state medical marijuana laws prevents states from implementing their own laws,” defense attorney Robert Fischer wrote.

Fischer contended that state law is undermined by discouraging lawful patients from accessing medical marijuana because of the threat of federal prosecution.

“The Kettle Falls Five are simply heads on a pike, as in ancient Roman days”, says Will P. Wilson, a Seattle producer of thousands of Youtube and Public Access Channel Videos dubbed “All Day Live.”

In order to get a license to become a collective garden one must hire an attorney before beginning operations to ensure that one is not breaking the law.

There are more than five thousand collective gardens in Washington State and more than 750,000 people who use or have used Marijuana either medically or recreationally over the past twelve months.

The case is not tied to Washington’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana use, but marijuana advocates have said they are worried by the prosecution.

More than 100 Native American Tribes around the nation are having meetings on whether to proceed with developing medical, recreational and farming laws implemented on Sovereign Indian Lands across the nation after the Federal Government issued notices that tribal lands are now open to local jurisdiction.

President Barack Obama signed the so-called “Cromnibus” spending bill, which included a rider that prohibited Department of Justice funds from being spent to block implementation of state medical marijuana laws.

The evidence seems to be pretty weak, consisting mainly of the government's argument that Harvey and the others were growing too much marijuana for their own medical use. No government has no right to dictate how much air we breathe, how much water we can drink, how much food we should eat, or what kind of medicine we should use.

Defense attorneys say the amount was medically justified, citing the opinion of a physician with expertise in the therapeutic use of marijuana. More than 5,000 Doctors in Washington, Oregon, California and Montana have violated Federal Law by prescribing a Schedule I Narcotic. Should they lose their licenses because of it?

Legal blogs, twitter feeds, and industry wires are buzzing about how the Federal Government has allowed states to pass their own laws contrary to Federal Laws and with no end in sight to the confusions surrounding conflicting laws in each state, lawyers are racking up their billings for dumbfounded and stoned clients.

Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and Sam Farr (D-Calif.), have not had any obvious restraining effect on the Justice Department since their rider was enacted in December. In a speech at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco, Rohrabacher slammed the feds for continuing to target medical marijuana providers.

"If any of you is being attacked, that federal prosecutor is breaking the law," he said. "That breaks the letter and the spirit of the law that passed the House with great debate." During that debate, opponents and supporters of the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment agreed that it would stop the Justice Department from prosecuting people who grow or distribute marijuana for medical use in compliance with state law.

There are more than 13 million people west of the Mississippi that regularly use marijuana.

According to one Blogger, Rohrabacher, Farr, and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) issued a statement condemning U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag's continuing attempt to shut down and seize Oakland's Harborside Health Center, which they described as "a duly licensed dispensary of medical marijuana in accordance with state and local laws."

They said the Justice Department "has overstepped its bounds in the Harborside case" and "is not acting within the spirit or the letter of the law nor in the best interests of the people who depend on Harborside for reliable, safe medical marijuana."

The Founder of Harborside has moved to Washington State along with all his money that is deposited into Washington and California Banks which are regulated by the Feds.

Letting the Justice Department decide who is complying with state medical marijuana laws would empower it to interfere with implementation of those laws, something the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment explicitly forbids.

Hilary Bricken on February 19, 2015 who Posted in Federal law and policy, Medical Cannabis provided background research and furthered links embedded in this story.

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willpwilson 908 Violent politics, empowering liberation : U.S. drug wars. Fri Nov 15, 2013 -;article=147901 - -

keep it on the lowdown; feds will work through county gov'ts and we all know how much the city gov't has their head completely up their dumb miseducated fascist asses on this ONE. What needs to happen is a medical cannabis association that has national education capabilities; hey, I know, how about NORML? Right. How they documented medical/psychological uses was by using real-world case studies of pain management and other therapeutic uses.

And also you need to remember that one of our best bar none physicians, Lester Grinspoon MD dedicated his life to documenting the beneficial psychological impacts of using cannabis; it is a really good way to both get in touch with your soul, and to start learning about the cacophony of conflicted feelings that can erupt in a combat exposed soldier like yourself (stuff catalyzes a self-therapeutic process that works for most people, worked for Sergeant Northcutt-see article Sergeant Northcutt's Post-Iraq Nightmare-was archived on a

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