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Lyle Courtsel Author of the book "Violent Politics"
Tue Nov 10, 2015 04:20

Lyle Courtsel Author of Violent Politics - - - - Violent Politics, Empowering Liberation: US Drug Wars in Cultural Perspective

Violent Politics, Empowering Liberation: US Drug Wars in Cultural Perspective is an historical and social psychological study of the War on Drugs and its roots in the Republican Reaganomic political agenda of the 1980s. The War on Drugs was the centerpiece of the Bush-Reagan right-wing revolution that devastated tens of millions of lives, virtually nullified the Constitution and Bill of Rights as effective legal protections, and set this country's progress back decades. The horrible beauty of the 1980's is that the worst part of this country's political economy strutted their stuff proudly for everyone to see and really look at closely. This book examines the Reagan era closely from an authentic and responsible Christian perspective and asks the question: "Why is it that the war on drugs fails so miserably at achieving its stated goals?"

The author, believing that responsible, constitutionally-compatible solutions to the interrelated problems of poverty, killer drug abuses, and street crime can only be crafted after a disciplined examination of the nature of the problem, has written a work that sheds light on the high-level machinations behind the scenes that guaranteed seeming failure of the programs undertaken. The book then moves from an elucidation of the many interrelated problems involved in America's drug problem to lay a foundation for embarking on long-term solutions that would really work for the Americas, their peoples, and others around the world. Hopefully, it is a book that concerned people, students, and professionals will find useful in moving toward developing solutions to the problem of drug abuse that would really work.

Violent Politics, Empowering Liberation: US Drug Wars in Cultural Perspective -

willpwilson 908 Violent politics, empowering liberation : U.S. drug wars. Fri Nov 15, 2013 -;article=147901 - -

keep it on the lowdown; feds will work through county gov'ts and we all know how much the city gov't has their head completely up their dumb miseducated fascist asses on this ONE. What needs to happen is a medical cannabis association that has national education capabilities; hey, I know, how about NORML? Right. How they documented medical/psychological uses was by using real-world case studies of pain management and other therapeutic uses.

And also you need to remember that one of our best bar none physicians, Lester Grinspoon MD dedicated his life to documenting the beneficial psychological impacts of using cannabis; it is a really good way to both get in touch with your soul, and to start learning about the cacophony of conflicted feelings that can erupt in a combat exposed soldier like yourself (stuff catalyzes a self-therapeutic process that works for most people, worked for Sergeant Northcutt-see article Sergeant Northcutt's Post-Iraq Nightmare-was archived on, Sir Will.

That's why it is so important to mirror his website at with the A-Z medical index on it. CANNABIS; BETTER THAN A $600 PILL FOR MOST PEOPLE; USE WITH RESTRAINT; WATCH THE CHOCOLATE ADDICTION GALS!!!

Both medically useful and psychoactive strains are what's needed. I videotaped these guys with AIDS at the hempfest one year, and what they said was that they liked the primo bud, not the marinol (left them feeling too dopey-also remember too much CBD and not enough THC and you get a royal set of the 'noids, just like Maureen Dowd.

Remember though, she rode it out for like 8 hours and didn't go to the hospital, did she? What, she didn't die? GREAT).

Medical pot must be good pot, no bugs or mold or other fungi because it will make them sick. The primo overcomes wasting syndrome and gives them an appetite, overcoming the wasting syndrome and prolongint their lives. Yeah, just like that. Lyle Courtsal,,,,

Thats how trump got his "start" too; tripling rents on slum properties, then going to the bank, overvaluing the asset so he could borrow even more money, then declaring bankruptcy (what chapter?) when the house of cards falls apart.

Oh yeah, JP Morgan chase guilty of colluding with Madoff. I am voting for either Bernie or Jill Stein; NO KILLARY. I hate corporate repugnicrats. Great picture of her drawing down on you at

Turns out Vincent Foster was murdered, then body transported to park out of normal federal jurisdiction. they do it. Cheney caught screwing the 2 year old to death in 1989 by secret service; relayed to Ted Gunderson; related to Arne at; a great man shouldering greater burdens; did nukes on the cheap: didnt even follow design specs. Greed kills. . . Lyle Courtsal.,
PS wamu overappraising their properties by 1/3rd, then go bust when you cant pay off huge debt load. Sayonara Suckahs!!
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October 15, 2015 To James at Seeds Here Now
and SC from Will P. Wilson the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV series and other broadcast media from - - I know that most people do not have the time to read all that I compile so in a short perspective I greatly appreciate our conversation this week and I will also call your offices or you can send me an e-mail for when you may want to meet to discuss as how I might be able to work with Seeds Here Now and how Seeds Here Now can work with Mathew Gordon and his Old Toby Strain.

Mathew Gordon has mentioned that he is working on a new CBB non THC Medical Cannabis that specifically treats memory and equal librium and does not have the paranoia effect. Below is another short report if you have the time to read it.

James and SC I realized that I had contacted the Seeds Here Now last month so forwarded this message from that original correspondence to you.

How do I enroll into your sales and marketing infrastructure and provide media supported educational and research oriented community and public access streamed and archived broadcasting that will serve to be a key means for providing a wide array of market support while at the same serve to build a large customer base for the Seeds Here Now company?

How do I help to provide my media support for the Seeds Here Now company that will provide archived and streamed expanding broadcast infrastructure encompassing the means for promoting the sales of the Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain seeds, clones and other products and services, after constructing an agreement with Mathew Gordon and myself to enable an effective working relationship with the Seed Here Now Company?

How do I help Mathew Gordon and the Seeds Here Now to be able to construct an effective working business relationship that will also serve to have the Seeds Here Now Company to be able to also market Mathew Gordon as an effective Public Relations formula that will also fall into encompassing future extensive educational media that will promote the Seeds Here Nows marketing, sales, and customer services of the Seeds Here Now Company?

I am very interested in working with your company and helping to create a media expose' that can and that will help me to be able to provide market results and as well to be able to more effectively work with your company to be able to help Seeds Here Now to be able to build a very powerful media indexing that can and that will provide extensive Seeds Here Now Media that become Federally Copyrighted.

That this media formula as provided for supporting all perspectives of the Seeds Here Now Company for not only providing extensive on line broadcast exposure that is comprised of being considered as educational and informative media yet, this media will become applicable to all broadcast standards to all Public Access guidelines and as well as also serve to be considered as being intellectual property to the Seeds Here Now company.

This is primarily an effective media perspective for developing a nationwide and as well as worldwide on-line streaming and archived media channel and expanding series content will also become a key means for the Seeds Here Now to be able to utilize this on line steaming and archived media infrastructure.

This pespective Streaming and Archived Media Infrastructure will serve the Seeds Here Now to be able to continue to be building this media infrastructure that then can begin to expand to all areas of media search engines for the effective marketing of all products.

This perspective of media expanding media infrastructure will wholly be able top apply to all supporting aspects of customer and sales interactive marketing support that will enhance marketing expansion to a nationwide and worldwide level without extensive costs and or burdens of carrying too many costly employees and management and advertising advisory companies.

This entire media project can be undertaken by a very small number of people who will know what they are doing and that this media format will help to create public record and search engine reference that will continue to also encompass new sales interests by effectively continuing an education media platform that will continue to build interest for the future potential customer base with media that is Federally Copyrighted for and by the Seeds Here Now Company.

Please get back to me Will P. Wilson at - (206) 383 - 4817

willpwilson 908 Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV. Wed Jul 22, 2015 -;article=154794;title=APFN

Pulse Channels Pulse willpwilson 908 Correspondence Sent to Veterans for Medical Marijuana, Tue May 19, 2015 -
apfn cannabis -

September 20, 2015 - To - - - From Wiil P. Wilson the producer of the AllDayLive Weekly TV Programs linked at concerning Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Televised Archived Federally Copyrighted Media
WillPWilson - Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV. - Wed Jul 22, 2015 -;article=154794;title=APFN
Anyone ever heard of Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain Creator - ?
About Setting Up a Distribution and Sales Contract With Your Company to Represent Mathew Gordon and The Old Toby Feminized Seed Strain. Please get back to me - Will P. Wilson, - (206) 383 - 4817 - - - OLD TOBY SEEDS FROM OLD TOBY STRAIN CREATOR MATHEW GORDON - $7 dollars per seed plus shipping costs and seed bulk purchase can be negotiated - Contact Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV series and other weekly media broadcast and you can quickly google search for Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain - - or search for AllDayLive Old Toby Strain Mathew Gordon - TV programs are linked from - - and - - Mathew Gordon will help to personally advise and work with you providing his personal expert support and Mathew Gordon can be retained for his personal professional Old Toby Medical Cannabis Strain Genetics Research, Findings, and Discovery.
Research and Discovery findings on and about CBD and CBG and the soon to be also CBB genetics cross genetics breeding, (Back Breeding.) and support. Mathew Gordon has been published in every leading Cannabis Hemp and Marijuana Publication in the industry of Cannabis and Hemp - Mathew Gordon -
Whidbey pot grower claims he's developed beneficial strain -
Cannacon Seattle 2015 - Cannabis Industry Interviewed -;article=154117;title=APFN
April 10, 2015 Cannacon 1, first hour of Cannacon in Seattle in February 2015 - - - Interviews with Mathew Gordon - - Mr. Nice Seed Company - - -
Cannacon Seattle 2015, Cannabis Industry Event, Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain Creator, AllDayLive, MediaCific, Will P. Wilson, WillPWilson, - -
Cannacon Seattle 2015, #2, Cannabis Industry Event, Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain Creator, AllDayLive, - - -
Michael Miller CEO, Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, #2, AllDayLive, Will P. Wilson, MediaCific, Interview with Michael Miller CEO, - - - -
willpwilson 908 Native American Tribes Convene on Cannabis Tribal Industries Wed Mar 11, 2015 -;article=153934;title=APFN
The Soon to be Gigantic Economic Cannabis & Hemp Concept. -;article=154393;title=APFN -
Soon All States Will Manage All Agriculture by Seed to Sale.;article=154351;title=APFN
Correspondence Sent to Veterans for Medical Marijuana,;article=154284;title=APFN;pagemark=40
Marijuana Curbed Intestinal Infections In Hunter-Gatherers. Wed Jun 3, 2015;article=154401;title=APFN
AdamTrombly Project Earth, Invited to Appear on AllDayLive. Fri May 29, 2015;article=154338;title=APFN;pagemark=40
National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Tue Apr 7, 2015;article=154105;title=APFN
Native American Tribes Convene on Cannabis Tribal Industries Wed Mar 11, 2015 -;article=153934;title=APFN
Cannacon Seattle 2015 - Cannabis Industry Interviewed - Fri Apr 10, 2015 -;article=154117;title=APFN
Plasma Physics, the Fifth Law of Physics, & Ignored by US,? Mon Jun 1, 2015;article=154372;title=APFN
willpwilson 908 Cannabis Removes Nuclear Contamination-Replaces Sea Food. Fri Jun 26, 2015 -;article=154644;title=APFN;pagemark=40
willpwilson 908 Cannabis Removes Nuclear Contamination-Replaces Sea Food. Sun Oct 20, 2013;article=147514;title=APFN
Will P. Wilson has produced more the 120 one hour documentaries on the emerging Cannabis and Hemp industries in North America over this past three years and more then three thousand one hour documentaries that have been broadcast on and that more then five hundred of these one hour documentaries are archived on-line - by google search: (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, at -
willpwilson -
alldaylive -
mediacific -
alldaylive cannabis -

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        To John C. Andersen, ( ) will be appearing this next week on the AllDayLive TV program discussing the future of Seed to Sale Agricultural Banking and How Seed to Sale Banking ... more
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