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To John C. Andersen -
Tue Nov 10, 2015 04:49

To John C. Andersen, ( will be appearing this next week on the AllDayLive TV program discussing the future of Seed to Sale Agricultural Banking and How Seed to Sale Banking will be soon financing Plasma Water Filtration Projects involving the removal of nuclear contaminates from all water sources. - from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV series archived and linked from here at ( - - - and other weekly TV programs that I am an associate producer of - Call4Investigation - All Ways Pursuing Truth - Truth vs. News that are produced by my colleagues Patricia Shupe and Don Grahn that stream on-line and are archived at - -

alldaylive cannabis -
High Times Cannabis Cup 2014, Seattle-Everett Washington,...
Episode:113 Length: 58 minutes -
Federal Lawyer & Kikialus Tribal Chief & Constitutional Law Expert Kurt Riggin on AllDayLive with Ron Gillman discussing Cannabis & the DOD produced by Will P. Wilson - - streamed on-line at - and archived on-line at -
Attachments area Preview YouTube video Cannacon Seattle 2015, Cannabis Industry Event, Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain Creator, AllDayLive,

Cannacon Seattle 2015, Cannabis Industry Event, Mathew Gordon Old Toby Strain Creator, AllDayLive,
Preview YouTube video Cannacon Seattle 2015, Cannabis Industry Event, #2, Mathew Gordon, AllDayLive, - Cannacon Seattle 2015, Cannabis Industry Event, #2, Mathew Gordon, AllDayLive, Preview YouTube video Michael Miller CEO, National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, AllDayLive, Will P. Wilson, MediaCific, - - -

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 1:25 PM, Dave B wrote: - phd means (1) piled higher and deeper, or - (2) post hole digger

Exactly which means that a doctor is merely taking care of the patient with some form of remedy and treatment or thereof creating a field of study and then maintaining the field with supporting research to keep the field of study alive. That a field of study and or research is supposedly a realm of thinking and learning that is supposed to serve in the benefit of the community. But that isn't true any more for example just take a look at all of the scientific and research areas that now have been taken over by the Elitist Mass Murdering Globalist Criminal Banking Cartels and then consider that of the realms of research that do not serve in the best interest of mankind or for the community and then think about how many Ph.ds are working for Monsanto or for the Rockefeller's or even the Bush Crime Family. Thats when Piled Highest and Really Deeper is apparently more insensibly and thus accurately the best reference that more likely then fits the meaning of nonsensical emblematic mis use of the meaning of Doctor, and or Ph.d, etc.
= = = = = - “Cures”: Medical Experts don't want to admit to," By William B. Mount Dr. Will P. Wilson -,204,203,200_.jpg - “Cures”: Medical Experts don't want to admit to By William B. Mount - - - “Cures”: Medical Experts don't want to admit to - -

List of Marijuana Stocks - Following is a list of marijuana stocks to watch & cannabis companies who have made our radar at Marijuana Stocks at one time or another. This is not a comprehensive list and should be used only as a starting point for your own research. The following are not paid listings and are not recommendations to buy or sell any Marijuana Stocks listed here.

Companies within the Cannabis Industry change direction and business models quickly. Some never develop beyond a plan or forward looking statements in a couple press releases. NOTE: Some marijuana companies shown in our delayed quotes may not be listed on this page.

no-diving Novice investors or those unfamiliar with Penny Stocks should read our welcome page. We suggest your first due diligence is to contact any company (and/or their Investor Relations) to determine their current direction and activities in the Marijuana Sector. Please understand; there will be companies who do nothing more in this industry than attach themselves to it when it’s hot — via press releases — just like many do with gas, gold, oil, mining, health, and any other sectors garnering media attention at the time. If you don’t understand why they do this, we encourage you to focus your efforts on learning before investing any money.

If your company is on this list and should be removed, please contact us. If you’re publicly traded cannabis company is not on the list and should be, contact us with details for consideration. -

Jurors Can't Know Pot Growers Are Patients Federal prosecutors are determined to hide the truth when they try the Kettle Falls Five. Jacob Sullum | February 2, 2015 - -

October 30, 2015 Alex, it was my having General Rev. Fortress Smith on my program who is also a Sioux Indian Chief who had mentioned on AllDayLive that the native tribes in Canada and in the United States have treaties that over ride Federal Law and Jurisdictions and the Snoqualmie Indian Chief's son has been watching AllDayLive since he was age eight heard General Fortress (I served with Gen. Fortress Smith in the Marine Corp. in Vietnam in the early 1970's.) say this on the air and this led to the forming of the North American Native American Marijuana Congress that is now established and has a tribal membership of around two hundred tribes.

The Chief of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe contact Canna Law and Hilerly Bricken and arranged for a national tribal Marijuana Congress to begin convening and John Dinorscio has established himself with this congress.

Posted on the Message News Board - and on some of my blog sites like - - - - - - - - ??? November 07, 2015
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= = = = = - - Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development - 1402 3rd Ave - Suite 901 - Seattle, Washington 98101 - US - Second Annual Clean Energy Revolution Come celebrate with us! Thanks to you, Northwest SEED continues to lead the clean energy revolution, creating communities powered by locally controlled clean energy. Eat, drink, and watch the sun set on the eve of the equinox as we celebrate the clean energy successes of 2015, and the journey ahead toward the new season. Casual attire. Tuesday, Sept. 22nd, 6:00 PM - - - - -
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Dr. George Freibott - - - October 24, 2015 - To Dr. George Freibott from Dr. Will P. Wilson,do you remember me? George you can in contact with me here: (206) 383 - 4817 - - http://www, - - and google search willpwilson - - alldaylive - - apfn Browns Gas - I need your assistance to get what these people are also doing - keshe free energy - - I have patents that I co authored that verify that Browns Gas, Hydroxy Water Technology and as well as Paul Pantone's GEET Plasma Energy Technologies also can provide free energy, from solely and only water sources that then not only provides free energy but it will also neutralize all nuclear contamination in the water sources and that this technology will also provide the means for literally growing gold and silver crystals by the pounds per month using a simple anode technology and I need your help on this and I also need to see how things are going for you. Please get back to me George, Dr. Will P. Wilson.
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Home > Mind Control Programs Exposed – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own - By Waking Times - - September 12, 2015 - - - Vic Bishop, Staff Writer - Waking Times - Research into the structure and function of the human brain continues to accelerate. Collaborations, such as the Human Brain Project - - in Europe and the BRAIN initiative  - - in the United States, are exploring making great advances in understanding the brain’s circuitry and computing principles. - The supposed goals of these research initiatives are to understand the cause of and to improve treatment of brain disorders, to create neuromatic and neurorobotic technologies that advance developments in Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers, and also to uncover the patterns of neural activity that produce human cognition, decision making and actions. In 2014, over $300 million in public and private funding - - was made in support of the US BRAIN initiative, and EUR 8.3 million was invested - - in the European Union’s Human Brain Project. - Simultaneously, technologies are being developed to create a new brain-computer interface, which will be able to manipulate the brain using “neural dust, - - ” light beamed from outside the skull, - - and by implanting memories by altering neuron DNA. - - - Intelligent neural dust embedded in the brain could be the ultimate brain-computer interface By Neurogadget - - July 18, 2013 - - - -

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