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"They Pushed you out off Field, you'll Undergo Invasion now"
Tue Nov 10, 2015 07:42

"They Pushed you out off Field, you'll Undergo Invasion now"

Heard that at 11.14 PM. Climbed out of bed and began today's Post.

For our entire lives have we not watched one nation after another invaded by Judee banker troops? Did we ever believe it would happen to America that we would face being invaded?

With all the free money Judah wants gratis from American Labor, Judah now has the ability to put us into occupation by foreign military troops.

Will we not pray that Labor will step in here with a general STRIKE until Judah has the authority to issue our money taken away from him by a committee of the whole made up from Labor?

"Get us over Bitch." Tele receive. 11.40 PM

Might we not say that to Labor, "Get us over Labor?"

We're being assaulted in several ways, each one of them leading to fatal us out. Now military occupation by foreign troops. Who would have ever in their life times considered that it would happen to Americans?

Are not yet perceiving how deadly is the authority to issue our money in weap Judah hands?

A nation of people with no rights at all. Sport war used to strip us of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No right to own property. All in the hands of those who issue our money.

Might we understand why Judah in reverse speech say, "taking from Americans is like taking candy from a baby?"

Judah has his 5th columnists spread throughout our nation. Ready to force in martial law. Heavy armored vehicles that department of homeland security has been giving to local communities. Now positioned for foreign troops to drive about.

All while our atmosphere is tumbling out. Are there any doubters that Americans are now set to die out in the hundreds of millions?

If only we would listen to our good God do we not see that we would have a loving chance?

"They poisoned my village, I want them off." God our Father in heaven said.

Are we all in agreement that Labor definitely has the power to get them off of us?

"Your lifers have been throwing you on the breeze side." Tele receive. 11.53 PM

Constant war 24/7 until Labor will act to stop it. Will Labor not act with the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"They've launched a confused fail here." Tele receive. 8.41 PM

"Love one another." Three simple words from Father to us. "Love one another." The command that Judah refused and is now gone from us.

His plan that he carried on generation after generation from thousands of years. To place himself inside of us to slay us all when he had the power to do it.

His secret life of hose weaping vicious minnows into our terrain to carry on his irritate.

Challeneged by the love of God for his children, has Judah not now gotten himself gone for good?

His thousands of years of hating us. Will Labor not help us to make hate disappear?

Judah is only 1% of our population, yet has nations fighting each other. Are we not yet sensing just how powerful is the intellectual tool, holding the authority for issuing abstract receipts of Labor?

Do we perceive that Judah long ago figured out that it is Labor that he must dominate, if he is going to have a free hand to run his tyrannies?

"We incite you hopeless, and now we must go," Judee say.

They had a Moscow deal that our elders from outer space pulled out. Elders pulled every shot off of us that they Launched from Russia at America.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sparing us from weap Judah extermination of us with his great balls of fire?

"I died, too cheap," Judee say.

99% of us have learned to easily accommodate each other. Only that stubborn 1%, weap Judah, that cannot do that.

His weakness, his inability to get along peaceably with others. Is it not curious he holds that out as one of his strengths?

Thousands of years of perfection falsing us. Has our good God almighty not let Judah upbraid himself well?

He played foul and so always won. Can we not appreciate how wondrous is our good God in that he let Judah have it his way?

Judah insolence in the face of love. Put himself out side of us, seeking only his next chance to harm us all.

God wants more children in his world. Judah wants less of us. Do we see that with his failure to recognize the power of love, he has put himself right on out of here?

Has there ever been a greater act of Hubris than to know that we do have a good God above and to oppose God and try to steal all of his children away from him?

"Breezed away." Tele receive. 12.40 AM

Has Judah not breezed himself away pretty good?

"Ethically they're criminals." God said of Judah.

"I budget you," Judee say.

Have we noted how he budgets us with unending sport war? Will Labor not step in here and budget us for peace?

Will Labor not do the will of God and take the authority to issue our money into your hands?

For those of us who have been skeptics, atheists who did not accept that there was a God above us, is it not a pleasant surprise to learn we do have a good God above us, and he saved us from weap Judah hate side?

The advanced technology of peace, Judah pushed away. His control of the state, by controlling the issue of money, has allowed him to keep out the technology that would set us ahead.

The technology of electricity and frequency control, pushed aside to let his vaccines come in. Elders have demonstrated healing us of a range of pathogens by merely laying on a metal bed for a few hours. Tuned frequencies shaking the bugs apart.

Has Judah not fouled himself off with his theory of genocide? From 700 BC he had the basic figured out.

With all of his years as teacher in our schools, is it not something he never informed us of the truth?

"Vote STRIKE." Tele receive. 12.52 AM

They've suckered us out. Is it not becoming pretty clear that's what they did?

Is it not fantastical how the universe let them take themselves out? Is it not wonderful that our good God loves us a lot?

Every time you cancel the strike they put more of our resources in. We are perishing huge, have no doubt about it my friends.

Germany was always their biggest target. Judah colludes with the criminal elements of all societies he moves in on against.

With the private authority to issue our money, war he puts in as the way he invests.

His weap technology finally reached the level that he was able, if not interfered with, to kill the mass of the human race with only four hours of shooting.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks that our good God sent the angels in? Will we not now listen to our savior and help ourselves?

"By January you'll all be prisoners with short lives." Tele receive. 1.05 AM

That Tele receive sounded as if it was from elders from the sky.

Is there not some way that Labor will recognize the deadliness of war and stop it? Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and company?

"You're involved in sin. Your lives won’t be spared. We came to warn you." Our elders from outer space said.

"Authorize yourselves." Tele receive. 1.10 AM

"ORGANIZE." Tele receive. 1.12 AM

Will history note, the most foolish people to ever exist, were those that funded Judee fist?

Some estimates of the number of Germans that were put to genocide after the war, by the forces of Eisenhower, Churchill and Stalin, may have been 11 million or more.

Might Americans not try to imagine what they've got in store for us this time?

"You've been raped here." Tele receive. 1.19 AM

Loss of fields by radiation contamination. Our atmosphere poisoned to kill us in the hundreds of millions.

Might that Tele receive not tell it right, "You've been raped here?"

"We tossed you out with a jail force," Judee say.

Waging war against us internal and external. The biggest target of his war? Is it not clear it is Americans?

"Pull them out." 11.21 PM

"The white guy will now recede." 7.12 PM

"Full boom is out." 7.21 PM

Sitting off of the west coast casually launching a multiple targeted warhead reentry vehicle at us.

Elders from outer space burn it ever so slowly to give us a good look at weap Judah.

If only we will know of the love of God for his kids, will we not act to save ourselves here?

It is a sweet tender love that Father has for us. Father wishes for us to survive and come on up and join our elders in peace in outer space world.

Judah is not going with us, he has been refused for his continuous genocide of us.

Might we note that Judah blocking of free energy for us, and making us use coal and oil to power our industries has made it look as if we are in a resource base struggle with one another?

Someday we will buy a circuit board for $79 at the local hardware store. Plug in our heaters and let them run for 24/7 until the heaters wear out. And not one penny for coal or oil. Do we not see one of the good things that Judah has denied us with his war?

Nathan Stubblefield had lights and motors running as early as the 1890s. His home was toasty warm when they found him in his bed, dead at 68 of starvation in 1928. A free energy device was heating his home.

No theory of operation of exactly where the free energy was coming from, but intuitively he was able to bring it in.

Bitch recalls reading about these free energy devices 58 years ago as a kid. Just couldn't believe that such a good thing could be kept out of our world for so long.

Might we not remember with kindness and love, the late Dr Eugene Mallove who put us strait on it? "We're only a few months away from unlimited free heat and electrical energy." Dr Mallove told us in the spring of 2004, shortly before he was stolen away.

Are the people of Labor not aware that still remains the same these days? Is there not some awareness that we are only a few months away from unlimited free heat and electrical energy?

Using the force of American Labor power, Judah financial has now pushed us into only a couple of months away from being prisoners to foreign armies and living short lives. Will Labor not help us here?

Do most of us not have two arms, two legs, two ears, a heart and a head? If so, will we not let our ears hear the love of God for his children and give our hearts, heads and hands for peace to Father?

"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Will Labor not honor the infant of Prague and give him our hands for peace? Will Labor not accept the blessing of our good God on us his kids? Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and give us the blessings of peace?

"I replaced you," Judee said.

"Pure wickum." Tele receive. 1.59 AM

Might we not consider the shear genius of Judah in how he operates his Labor?

Consider these geniuses: He uses Labor dollars to fund his war machine that creates millions of refugees. Drives them out of their lands and into other lands having them become a new lower wage labor force for him.

The very Labor that he used the wealth of to make war and create his refugee lower cost labor force, now facing lower cost Labor to take their own wages down. Is that not one of the real geniuses of Judah?

As genius as that is, was his best genius not his convincing us to buy him tens of thousands of thermonuclear bombs?

Will Labor not step in here and take the organizing principle, the authority to issue our money, away from weap Judah?

"Until the Bitch closes me right I'm going to do opp," Judee say.

"Organize yourselves, they've cycled." Tele receive. 2.12 AM

They've cycled and are taking their last big swing at us. Will we not do something to try and protect ourselves from the war and disease they are pouring in on us?

Two kinds of vaccines available. One is kosher for Judee kids, other is autism they have for us.

"When you hear what we've done to your babies you'll think us insane," Judee say.

"We've been particled." Tele receive. 4.26 PM

"We just make people sport. I groove on torture. I don’t want you to think of New Hampshire because you'll get on my track. It's the end of our relationship, I'm frozen, my package is out," Judee say.

"They're out of here. It's over." Tele receive. 2.21 AM.

"Liberation." Tele receive. 2.24 AM

Thousands of years of sporting the human race with jails, torture and war. Cautioned by God to obey the law. Judah threw caution to the winds and sought the death by immolation of all of the children of God.

If only Labor will hear the love of God is it not certain Labor will stop funding the mass die of us all?

While Judah had the basics of who our elders are, the specific details elders did not share with Judah.

Might we consider that in 1977 when Saturday night live began the "cone head" skits, may have been the approximate time that Judah learned of our creators the Galacticans?

Or might it be that Judah knew of them much earlier, might it have been merely that the Saturday night live writers learned of the Galacticans about that time?

To provide for their large brains, our elders have lovely enlarged heads.

In three million years, those of us who survive this series of regular and nuclear wars, our descendants will themselves have enlarged heads to provide the space for their brains that will grow over millions of years.

"Big rush." Tele receive. 3.10 AM

God's command was to put love in his village. Ever defiant Judah refused and put hate into our world as the normative thought process for us.

Fooling us with nonsense that there is such a thing as a warrior. Is it not clear that there is no such thing as a warrior in our modern world?

Bitch just said, "Good wishes" to elder Jason and his telepathic voice mailbox shared this message with us:

"You line is shortly going to out you."

We are perishing here Labor. Is it not clear that eternal war with weap particle disease is all that Judah has for us all?

It is only a short time from when foreign troops will move in and take over here. Do we recall the millions that died when Judah took over the Ukraine and put in his famine disease?

Judah tells us that the druid has ever failed to save himself.

Might that be because the truth is, there is no white power at all, druid is one of the meek?

If druid people lived in peace for thirty thousand years, would that not indicate that we are not a war making people?

Will Labor not let the truth arise, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Bitch sand vibe is reading our extinction Labor. We have failed God's solution. Do we recall that God gave us the peace? If so, do we also recall that God asked us, "Must you fail?"

Is there an awareness that it is a total loss of life form that radiation waste disease is bringing in? Do we understand that there will be only sickened offspring that we will be able to produce in a high nuclear waste radiation background?

Fire, smoke and brimstone plus the star of wormwood.

Two thousand years of informing us of what we would see in the last days.

His free wars, free cages. Free fists we fund for him. Is it not certain that Labor can take over and operate the management of this society?

Dr Mallove left us in 2004 with the wonderful news that free energy could be here in only a few months.

That is true. Bitchie thinking we can make build them yourselves kits available as the first way to get them into the peoples hands.

Might that not also be a good way to find the people who would like to come in and help us build them in the factory then?

It may take a few years or more to figure out how to configure them to all of our machinery.

Basic things like heaters though, should be crafted real quickly.

Continues at:

More complex frequency controlled devices may take some time to puzzle through. Though then again, we know that Judah has them in his underground shelters, so maybe we can get inf

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