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UFO filmed over Air Force base in Cambridgeshire, UK Poste
Mon Nov 23, 2015 02:53

UFO filmed over Air Force base in Cambridgeshire, UK

Posted on November 23, 2015 by LUFOS in Europe, Latest posts, UFO videos // 0 Comments

These bright lights hovering in the sky above Air Force base in Cambridgeshire, UK. This happened earlier this month.

What do you think those lights are?

Bitch looked at the video and thinks those are nuclear warheads in a controlled burn off. Here's the video, see what you think they are?

Video (5.25)

The picture above of two great fireballs in the sky is from Vera Beach, Florida of a CE-5 event. That is where the viewers had been visiting with our extraterrestrial elders from space and agreed ahead of time to meet there.
Possible meteor captured flashing across night sky in Iowa
12 hours ago December 29, 2013 3:26PM
A GIANT 'ball of fire' which shot across the night sky in Iowa in the US Midwest has been captured in incredible security footage.
That is the great ball of fire that was burst off before reaching Chelyabinsk. Might we wonder who has such technical capability to approach from behind and shoot a rod right through the great ball of fire?
The flash of the exploding nuclear warhead of an air-to-air rocket is shown as a bright sun in the eastern sky at 7:30 a.m. July 19, 1957 at Indian Springs Air Force Base, some 30 miles away from the point of detonation. A Scorpion, sister ship of the launching aircraft, is in the foreground.
(National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office)
The picture to the right is of the fireball that exploded over Chelyabinsk, February 15, 2013.
To the farthest right is the fireball over Argentina 4-21-2013
Details at:

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