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Gang Stalking Exposed – Table Of Contents
Mon Nov 23, 2015 06:21

Gang Stalking Exposed – Table Of Contents - - - Gang Stalking Exposed – Table Of Contents - - If you’ve enjoyed my series titled “Interview With A Gangstalker” please be sure to share it with friends and family. I’ve compiled all four articles of my into this table of contents for ease of access and reference. Spreading the word about this crime against innocent Americans is the only way we will see the PERPS held accountable for their actions.
Gang Stalking Featured ImageGang Stalking Exposed – Part 1
“Flash mobs. Community-based harassment groups. Perps. The culprits of gang stalking go by many different names but they all have one singular goal: To make the life of the targeted individual or “TI” a living hell.
All manner of nefarious tactics are used to intimidate, control, and ultimately ruin the black-listed victim. Microwave hearing, public theater, voice to skull, vehicular harassment and synthetic telepathy are just a few methods implemented by these sadistic groups.
I have been following the phenomenon known as gang stalking since first hearing about it in early 2005. Initially I was skeptical after reviewing several gang stalking victim’s testimonials. I had them pegged as bored, mentally unstable people, overcome with the triviality of their existence. Fabricating these unbelievable tales in a desperate attempts to feel “special”. It all just seemed too far-fetched to believe.”

Gang Stalking Exposed – Part 2
“PERP: There are as many different motivations as there are groups implementing electronic weapons. For me and the organization I work for, gang stalking stems from a desire to bring order to the world’s chaotic state. I’m an idealist. Common laws are not infallible and sometimes punishment goes un-served. We provide a public service which ensures these failures of justice are rectified.
JA: But these are innocent people you’re torturing… How are you able to justify such a thing? How do you determine they are criminals?”
PERP: Well, Jane, that’s a very common misconception about what we do… So I am glad you asked. The organization I work for–specifically–are not out to harm any law-abiding citizens. Our only aim is to neutralize potential threats such as criminals who have escaped prosecution. Drug dealers, sex offenders, nasty folks who our flawed judicial system has been unable to convict. – See more at:
gang-stalker-shadow-hatGang Stalking Exposed – Part 3
JA: What are some of the methods and technologies your particular group uses to “Neutralize targets” as you say?
Perp: Targets fall under 4 different categories, descending in order of threat.
Level 4 targets are people we feel are not an immediate threat to themselves or others. We consider these TIs low priority. Typically we will ride around their home several times throughout the day. Follow them when they run mundane errands. We pursue them just enough to let them know something is happening, but not enough to let on what is truly going on.
Level 3 targets are a bit more involved. We might bug their home to collect information which we can use against them later. Conduct intricate street theater episodes to make the person unsure about their reality. Typically a good show of street theater is enough to induce agoraphobia.

Gang Stalking Exposed – Part 4
JA: Many targets ask the question “what do the perps want from me?” Can you tell us more about what the final aim of gang stalking is?
PERP: To nullify threats against American society through methods such as gas lighting, electronic harassment and inducing synthetic mental illness. We attempt to either drive the target insane or push them to commit acts that will allow us to legitimately arrest and prosecute them in an American court of law. We want to get these individuals off the streets and into the penal system where they belong.
JA: There are lots of speculations regarding how one becomes a gang stalker. What did you do initially to enter into this line of work?
Perp: Again, that largely depends on who you work for. We make a concerted effort to find individuals we feel have the correct “personality type” for the job. There are various avenues through which we find our employees. The military, police, certain religious sects, web forums. It takes all kinds, as they say, and our line of work is both demanding and all encompassing.

- See more at:
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willpwilson 908 To The Bio-Ethics Commission Study of Bio-Ethical Issues. Tue Aug 11, 2015;article=154925

To The Presidential Commission For The Study of Bio-Ethical Issues and the Revealing of Global Human Rights Violations Involving a Worldwide Neural Economic and Banking Cloud Computing and Data Base Network, Falling Under he Reference of Psychotronic and Military, Surveillance, Intelligence, Experimental Research and Development, and that has been Targeting Millions of People throughout the entire Planet.

August 11, 2015 To Amy Gutmann, Ph.D, Commission Chair, The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bio-Ethical Issues, - - - to Hillary Viers and to other recipients - e-mail address - - -

From (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs - - - - News Reports Compiled Edited and Posted today on-line concerning:

Neuro Economic Banking and the Continued Human Rights Violations of this Worldwide Banking and Military Corporate Contracting Industry that is hidden Under the Guise of being and developing a worldwide Neural Economic Cloud Computing Network.

A Worldwide Neuro Economic Banking and Cloud Computing Data Base Network Involving These Corporate Banking and Research Groups as in part, reference to the Pro Mega Corporate Cloud Computing Group and other Data Base and Research groups.

Thereof, that these news reports are merely published in order to bring more attention to what is now being fully revealed Concerning These Corporate Neuro Economic Banking Consortiums and their Exhibited Criminal Intent and with Reckless Disregard to millions of people.

The term Targeted Individuals serves as being considered to be the Psychotronically Targeted Individuals who are the Experimentally Targeted Victims to this Neuro Economics Research involving a Worldwide Economic Based Mind Control Agenda to Build and to Create an endless array of Highly Advanced Weaponized and Psychotronic Invasive Technologies.

While acting as Research and Development Contracting and in part while also falling under Military and Corporate Contracting that wholly encompasses this Unwarranted and Illegal Psychotronic Human Mind Control Experimentation and Surveillance.

Thereof, while these International Neuro Banking and Economic Consortiums and Their worldwide Cloud Computing Infrastructures h

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      Gang Stalking Exposed – Table Of Contents - - - Gang Stalking Exposed – Table Of Contents - - If you’ve... more
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