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"Do You Want To Play Algebra Or Go Into The Universe?"
Mon Nov 23, 2015 08:45

"Do You Want To Play Algebra Or Go Into The Universe?"

Just heard that at 12.46 AM. "Do you want to play algebra or go into the universe?"

Have we not already discovered what Judee's answer to that question is? Did Judee not reject the universe thousands of years ago and instead just want to play tricks on us?

For that matter was Judee not already set on his course of mischief before algebra was invented?

"We're air sieged." Tele receive. 12.55 AM

To leave us with our atmosphere lethally poisoned. Every breath we take to cause tumors. Judah made the environment a soldier shooting us every moment of our shortened lives.

"He challenged us by pushing the button." Tele receive. 1.01 AM

"You're almost past," Judee say.

From his attacking us with nuclear missiles to his attacking us with nuclear particles. Does it not seem odd that we have not tried even once to help ourselves?

Will we not pray to our good God above to lead us out of this world of eternal sport war?


"If it wasn't for Bitch I could give you all my shark verse. I just bust you with my free apps here," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Your enemy has folded you with peace to bring war back.

Irish stupid won. 6. 13PM

The oxygen of this state forced you out of here. 7.21 PM

Professor, voice this to your munchers, you're going disgracive, setting yourself out quite exhausted. 8.43 PM.


Brutal cage. 9.54 PM

This miracle off of us.

You're closing yourself up with failures. 12.32 AM

A child's sin against man.

Pat, your sale saves us.

They're taking us off with the use of energy. 12.40 AM

Thank you much. 1.18 AM

They're wowing."

"You're real insect guys we chef dead," Judee say.

In the final stages of the end times, the apocalypse, and Judah still holding his hands on the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money.

"Superman is still helping me." Tele receive. 1.26 AM

The perfected die of the human race, engineered by Judah scientists. The potential, the possibility, to kill us all using nuclear technology, understood by 1920.

The only cipher group with the authority to issue our money, tricked us into the first and second world wars. Under cover of war and with unlimited free money, they built the atomic bomb. Their plan, is it not clearly seen, to wipe us out?

Their diaper, the pooch, their war on our heads with images that they succeed so well with.

"You lost your life." Tele receive. 1.33 AM

Stolen away with little particles. Who would ever guess that something so small that cannot be seen, could steal away our big healthy lives from us?

Does that Judah not know his poisons?

"Tear them off of us." Tele receive. 1.36 AM

"Inhospitable." 1.37 AM

Unwilling to stop spending our money to make war.

As the love of our good God is available to all Father's children, Judah over a time span of thousands of years, chose not to embrace it.

If Judah chose not to love God or us from thousands of years ago, is there much chance of a love appeal to Judah to STOP THE WAR succeeding? Seems pretty unlikely doesn't it?

"Stuper cleared their false." Tele receive. 1.41 AM

Our elders from outer space, do we perceive the many ways in which they have kept us in?

How about the ways they have chosen to inform us with?

The ghost CTA El train that went through 5 safety shut downs with no driver on board. Gently crashed into a stopped EL train at the station with no serious injuries. Did some of us guess there was a Judah package onboard that EL? Are we aware that each safety shut down requires two hands to simultaneously reset it?

Along with attacking us with long-range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles, Judah also attacked us with nuclear bombs planted in our cities. He also has atomic bombs he drives around in tanker trucks to park and shoot off on us. Trains roll them right into our towns and cities.

Will we not say a prayer to our good God above for sending the angels in to spare us from nuclear war?

The top scientists of planet earth Judah hired and paid the best wages to design and build the implements to destroy us with.

Do we the people not as of yet have some idea of how they betrayed us all?

Our fairy godmother with her magic wand. Are we not now recognizing our Galactican elders who have come to help us up?

The hurricane Judah that blew in and threw us out. Still throwing us out with his louse. Poisoning our air, fields and water.

The end times, the apocalypse, still marching on us.

We have been gifted by God in so many ways. Can we not count just a few of them?

God has given us the intelligence to figure things out. Our high intelligence. Do we perceive that is a gift to us from the Galacticans?

The Galacticans Genetically engineered us 200,000 years ago, gifting us with their high level thinking potentials.

The potential thinking ability to enable us to enter the universe and travel the stars. Gifted to us by our elders from space.

Inside of our planet are 3 billion Beings living peace. They have been here forever. They're all living in peaceful cohesion with one another. Do we see that Judah is the only one shooting war?

Our moon, the home world to the Mergetroid Beings. Parked their home world in orbit around earth thousands of years ago.

All the life forms both here on earth and in the universe to, able to easily accommodate each other, all except for one, weap Judah.

Judah plan to destroy our entire world, still going full steam ahead, even after he lost his nuclear missiles when he attacked us with them.

Still shooting our world out with a great dog. With his God given gift of free will, Judah chose to do us wrong.

"Ethically, they're criminals." God our Father said. "They have no defensible rights."

For attempting to push us out of life form with nuclear blast, do we not see that Judah has no defensible rights anymore?

Clearly identified as having committed the gravest criminal act upon the children of God on planet earth, surprise genocide with his nuclear blast force, now Judah has no defensible rights at all.

If this is understood, then how is it that we still are allowing Judah to be the only cipher that have the authority to issue our money?

An unending blast of war financed by American Labor and we do nothing, as we now seal out our own life forms. Is there not a prayer that a miracle will come in in the form of a STRIKE and save us?

"I think ahead," Judee say.

Judah has a company in Vienna Virginia that thinks ahead about our shopping habits. They use computers to simulate our actions.

Using our visa credit, debit card information, they track our purchases. They know exactly what our tastes are in food and drink. Personal goods purchases. All from reading our credit, debit card purchases.

They know our shopping patterns. Where and when we shop and what we buy. Might their specialists know our behavior patterns better than we know them ourselves?

Do we see how they can so accurately have their wrench waiting for us on the shelves when we arrive?

But how can they do this with out a lot of people knowing about it?

Might it not be that a lot of people do know about it?

Long time employees of the stores, would some of them not get some clues as to what is going on with food contamination on our shelves?

Sure they do. Not only do many of them know about it, they know who is doing it to.

So why donít we hear about it then?

Might it not be that if they spoke up, they then would lose their own paycheck?

Many would like to tell us, but they would lose their income source if they did. Do we see how powerful is the authority to issue our money in the guys hands who is doing all the food contamination?

Are we seeing that if we ever want to live a moral life, never harming another, we must get the authority to issue our money out of Judah hands and into the safe hands of Labor?

As Judah is now poisoning our food at the root level, growing in the fields, is there not some way to convince Labor to get them out of our food supply?

God almighty has interceded in our behalf, is there not some way to bring Labor to help the children of God survive this nuclear war that is being waged against us here?

That is a picture of a butternut squash that Bitch baked for lunch.

Instead a smooth texture as normally they are, this one was sort of grainy. After eating some of it, it left a little bit of a bitter taste in my mouth?

The seeds, I bake them and chew on them for days afterwards. Always the seeds are white. This time they were all brown?

That is the seeds before going into the oven

All these pictures next are after they were cooked
They need enlargement, yet if it can be seen, the seeds are cracked open?

Bitch did not over cook them, it was only about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. In fact it was less time than the last batch I baked.

While looking at the cooked seeds and getting ready to try some, elder said to me firmly: "Fall this seed, full weep is it."

About two and half hours after eating some of the squash, I had a burst headache? That is a head ache that came on immediately and lasted for about two or three minutes then passed?

Along with producing roast kidney disease, nuclear particles also bombard our upper story. They shoot us in the brain.

"I'm boomin' my sport out to give you epaheimers," Judee say

Is there not yet some understanding of just how terribly we are being shot out of here now?

The squash came from the heartland, Missouri. Might we just be seeing the tip of the ice berg here?

"Our strategy is blowing the atmosphere, the nice guy sees our deed. Pat, we wished you fully dead because you're useful. I cite you false, that's the way I am, I'm a Jew. We're giving you all vasectomies. I'm just shooting sport here. We'll have you rice mulched in a week," Judee say.

The vast war migrations. Funded by American Labor. The Russian cruise missile success story. Claiming 600 dead in only one cruise missile attack. Are we not reading more Jewish industry?

Will American Labor not authorize itself and pull these war crimes out? Is war not the greatest crime of them all?

"They're raping us rude. 3.17 AM

The son of a bitch's burned us up and you've done nothing about it." 3.31 AM

The sight of the innocent young virgin Joan of arc being burned alive in the town square centuries ago. May the sight of such a frightening display as that so terrorized the druid man that it affected his gumption to stand up to Judah?

"Chickens we pulverize," Judee say.

If only the teamsters that drove the cart had refused to deliver Joan to the fires, might Joan have not had a chance to live? Do we not see now as then it is Labor that is needed to carry their opps out? If only the executioner refused to light the fire? If only Labor would help us please?

"You disparage my shill that's trying to convince you to save yourselves." God almighty said.

Unwilling to let the past be gone, Judah relives it each day by assaulting others. The daily sacrifice. His slaughter of others. Must American Labor not stop funding it all?

The brave heart of Joan of arc who brought the Judah force of England to a halt in 1430. Now the nation of France mined with Jewish electricity brimstone generator plants. Can we only wonder, at what moment will Judah try to set them all off?

Is nuclear power not some deal to think about? That is, the supposed benefits, electricity too cheap to meter, that never appeared.

The side affects; when one goes into melt down, the people, their fields, water and air, poisoned from the super toxic waste. How did such a deal ever get sold in?

This Judah boy with his armored cars and trucks and guns that came to take away our sons, his pill boxes and his Maginot line. "We had fun with the white guy," Judee say.

The viciousness of the sunken chest, "We donít give you an erection, we only make war," Judee say.

Will Labor not try at least once to prevent our destruction at the hands of these errant forces?

Their disease of war that is now taking America away. America, the best chance for the children of God on earth to have Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Did we not hear long ago that America is the promised land with liberty and justice for all?

Does Labor not see that you can make the dream come true if only Labor will close these war makers out of here?

Our dream of Peace and Liberty for all. Their dream, a bomb in our subway. Will Labor not end funding their satchel dreams and start funding our new world of peace?

"Lets roll them." Tele receive. 3.30 PM

They exchanged the glory of God for the image of an ox eating grass. Will Labor not let them off right?

"You can' t keep a good man down."

Might Judah not know that to? Might the understanding of that explain why Judah kills most of us all before we get a chance to add our value here?

Bitch not a perfect boy, never claimed to be, but he is a nice boy for sure. Wishes to serve our good God above, the God that loves us so very much that he saved us from Judah nuclear blast shot in the dark.

Judah response to the useful, to leave us in two dimensions. Will Labor not pull the paper from this guy and bring in American process again?

Do we recall our original American process that gave us our God given rights as subjects of American law?

Are we all not citizens of God's universe? Judah and his bench made the claim that our God given rights are based upon being an American citizen.

'Citizen.' left undefined in the original American constitution. So might our founding fathers not have considered citizenship not a big thing at all?

Was the big thing then not to be able to say that we were no longer subjects of the king of England, instead we are now subjects of American law?

While some of this talk may appear to be in that area some call "esoteric intellectualism," that's usually a fraud, might we not consider it is the area that Judah has spent great time and money in?

And for what reason might Judah spend so much effort on such fine points of law, not noticeable except to those who really look into them, other than to false and redirect our higher level thinking?

"Patrick, the moment they pushed the button Jefferson launched them out of here." Tele receive.

For those who read the law, do we not read that as absolutely correct? Are we understanding that our good God gave us the facts when he told us that Judah has no defensible rights?

Do we not feel the grappling hook Judah has thrown in our heads? Pulling us down with the sights and the sounds of his pound. Doing all he can to hold us until weíre dead.

The psychosomatic wounds he puts in to sell his patent medicines. The unrelenting abuse he puts in to this world to satisfy his war head.

Rather than merely hiring one half of the working class to kill the other, was it not something that he was able to hire both working classes to kill everyone? Will Labor not end the blind and STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not look outside the blind to see the crumbling BEAUTIFUL nation that Judah is pushing in?

"We're transporting you in a casual way until we pull you off in a big way. As long as you have minimal rights we can pull you off in the right way. "

Continues at:

"I just disgrace you in war, that's my way, and then I go away."

Do we see how Judah is using his sly to pull our potentially real useful guys out in a causal way before they take us off in a big way? Do we not see t

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