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"I urge you to cancel lethal."
Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:37

"I urge you to cancel lethal."

"Is it Incredible, they molest you and you Die Thrill States?"

That is a Tele receive from 1.02 AM Tuesday, the 24th of November.

Is it Bitch errors of speech that have caused this catastrophic failure? Must we die like this, funding war in all our world? A right less people in the land of our birth. Must we die out as mere tools for Judah sport?

"Bitch failed a rightful advice to the guys." A non Judah speaker said.

"Totally I closed you," Judee say.

Our fields poisoned permanently, our air poisoned and unfit to breathe One third of the water on our planet poisoned with brimstone waste.

The six years of tears coming in upon us. Is there not a prayer that Labor will step in and STOP THE WAR?

Judah claims that he "mentals" the druid to fight for him. And Judah also tells us that the druid is a "mild" man.

Does the druid not yet see that he has been steered by Judah right on out of life form?

"Druid has ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful," Judee say.

Two out of three druids wiped away in Judah plagues of earlier ages. With his nuclear brimstone waste, druid now facing going out in the range of 95% of us.

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Toyed with us, played with us. Turned us into warriors. Soldiers. Uniforms of all varieties to serve Judah sport.

Is it a false consciousness that has gripped? Did this all come about merely by Judah being the only ones that have the authority to issue our money?

The organizing principle of society; the authority to issue our money. Has our beautiful nation been destroyed merely by leaving Judah be the only one that has that authority?

"From war you failed to save yourself." Tele receive. 1.23 AM

"War;" do we not understand it is merely a sport of Judah?

For thousands of years they refined their abilities to take control of other peoples and put them into a pattern of destruction.

America, Judah's biggest score ever. Now washing out a third of the human race on the surface of our planet with brimstone waste.

"Patrick, you made us homeless proving we are related," Judee say.

Did Patrick's report of Judah attacking us all out with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011 not let Judah make himself homeless in America?

The fact of his long well laid trap to fist us all right on out of life in a four-hour nuclear blast shoot, has that not forever finished Judah with us?

"They're boring us out." Tele receive. 1.30 AM

Our resources poisoned out permanently. The legacy of Judah in our world, everyone ill with pleurisy from breathing our air. He's already finished. Will Labor not help us?

Background radiation throughout America now is hundreds of times higher than normal. Like a series of X-rays that are not felt, and yet they can cause cancer.

Will we only awake to how sly Judah is long after it is too late to do anything about it? Was that not sly putting his nuclear artillery in disguised as Jewish nuclear electricity power plants?

He is now shooting us 24/7 with the deadliest toxins ever created in our universe, nuclear waste, and putting a die in of unimaginable proportions.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God our beautiful precious sweet Father said.

In the thousands of years since God gave to Moses the rules, "Thou shalt not kill," Judah has disobeyed them. In all that time God or his angels have never laid a hostile hand upon Judah. Elders use no untoward physical force on anyone.

Judah, his free will gift to do as he pleased, never interfered with by our good God above.

Judah, on his own volition, of his own free will, chose to destroy the mass of the human race. The group Judah wanted to destroy most, the druid peoples.

He put the druid peoples into eternal warfare ever since he was able to capture us long ago.

Always putting his rights in to kill the people. He understood of course that his rights conflicted with the rights that God gave to all of his children on earth.

God gave us the right to life. Do we see now that with his long well laid trap and building of thousands of nuclear bombs, Judah planned to violate the right to life that God gave to his children?

With his thousands of years of eternal, virtual war, has Judah not violated the rights that God gave to man for thousands of years?

Do we see that Judah attempt to violate the right of God to love his children, has let Judah throw himself right on out of here?

Is there not some way that Americans will dis-attach Judah signal from our minds now?

Do we see that with being the only authority allowed to issue our money, he has been able to hire for free the beasts to emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually assault us throughout time?

As he is leaving us and going away to be died off by God in tunnel death, his last opp on us, to leave us with our DNA decomposing us.

Unable to birth healthy children any longer. The precious gift God has given, the ability to reproduce ourselves, taken away from us by Judah sport rules.

Has there ever existed a more cruel and heartless plot than poisoning our species at the genetic level?

The number of children born in the last few years with downs syndrome, and a number of other genetic defects, has increased significantly in the pacific states area that have received the most radiation from the disaster-catastrophe opp at Hitachi-GE.

It has been known since 1920 that radiation produces abnormalities at the genetic level. If this was known from that long ago, are we beginning to think that by putting all this radiation into our environment, there may have been a plan to harm us with radiation from long ago?

As we are breathing more and more hot radioactive particles in every day, and the amount that is being poured into our environment from the burning dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE is increasing, with no human technology to shut it down, might we not consider that this nuclear brimstone waste has been the plan all along?

Our air and fields now contaminated with radioactive waste. Our air becoming more lethal each day. Our water on planet earth poisoned by brimstone waste.

The good book, the bible, gifted us with revelation of the last days. With the surface of our planet being so effectively and thoroughly poisoned, is it not clear that we have arrived in the last days?

Judah is shooting his nuclear brimstone waste artillery on us 24/7 and has been for nearly five years now.

Looking right at us, he uses our purse to shoot anyone who disagrees with his plan for us.

Waging wars and creating refugees throughout the world, with a focus on disrupting everyone. Making it look to all appearances, that it is druid that is destroying our world.

American Labor, quietly funding it all. Must we not do better my friends?

Our large populations, that provide the Labor to produce the abundance we have, now being whittled down into one third of what we are now.

A vast die off of our nation. Revealed to us two thousand years ago in the bible. Do we see now how accurate were the computer simulations of the Galactic Federation of light of what would be upon us in the end times?

Do we see how accurately they predicted Judah fisting all of us out?

Does the druid not yet see that he is the third of the human race on the surface of our planet that is facing dying out now?

Do Americans not yet see that we are the 200 million that provide the armies to Judah to make war?

Have we not been properly informed by our bibles that the wages of sin are death?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won’t be spared." Have our elders from outer space not properly and timely well informed us?

Perishing ourselves, loss of life form coming in.

Before we were crafted with our 223 high-level intelligence genetics 200,000 years ago by our Galactican gifters, we had already spent 12 million years as hominids on earth.

If not genetically enhanced with the 223 psychiatric package, we may have reached our current level of thinking ability given two more millions of years of life on planet earth.

Judah, from the days of his covenant with God, was stimulated in his neuron development by our already neuron enhanced elders reproducing with some of the Judah.

With his enhanced thinking, Judah then welched out on the deal with God.

God wanted his enhanced thinkers to share with all of the other children of planet earth the good news that God loves us all equally.

God carved the rules of the road into stone and gave them to Moses to pass on to Judah, "Thou shalt not kill."

The best deal ever, to be close to our good God, and Judah threw it away.

"He went the wrong way and got good at it," As one budget Judee said.

"Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves, "Another budget Judee said.

"Magnify their imperfections." Is how elder from space described the extraterrestrial sphere of influence.

Mighty Judah have committed a, "mortal error."

Those are the exact two words of an extraterrestrial spoken to a human that was put into the extraterrestrial literature. Explaining the crash at Roswell as due to, "Mortal error."

Curiously enough, it is also the name of a book about the Kennedy assassination. "Mortal Error."

In the book a forensic weapons specialist reveals that the gun that mortally wounded the president was fired by a secret service agent from the car right behind the president's limousine.

The day he was assassinated, JFK had given John Connolly the text of a speech he was going to make announcing to the people that there are extraterrestrials in our world.

If such a thing were announced from the high office of president, can we only wonder how that revelation might have affected things in our world?

Instead of millions of people dying in the Judah sport wars in South East Asia, might we have had an era of tranquility and peace?

Can we only speculate, as JFK was stolen away from us?

The fact that a good God does love us, will we not listen to Father and save ourselves?

Could it be that the reality of our good God is so fantastic that many of us cannot believe it?

That the entire structure of our society has failed to alert us to the mortal error that Judah has perpetrated against us, what might that tell us?

By the absence of protection as we are being forced out of life for the second time with nuclear technology, first with blast and now with waste, what might that tell us about our vigilance and or lack of it?

Bitch owes his life to Father, for Bitch protest against war brought Judah to pitch Bitch into the grave numerous times.

Father has had grandfather keeping Bitch in all of these years that Judah tried ruining me. Judah wanted to ruin me all because I refuse to quietly go along with his war sport in the nursery.

As mentioned before, it was not merely the defacing of us by using our money and resources for making war, Bitch thinking about acting to stop war was primarily from understanding that war in a nuclear world would lead inevitably to the destruction of this society we live in.

It was only in 1997 that Bitch came to the realization, the destruction of this society was precisely what was planned all along.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are, you'll be amazed." Is what "B" said to Bitch at the exact moment it broke through to him what the plan was all along.

It was not until many years later, after elders taught Bitch how to read Judah reverse facial speech that the innerspring, transplant shell hybrid 5th columnists came to light.

Judah and his hybrid shell transplant people. They are the people that are occupying most all the seats in high government places. The deciders of our world.

How to detect them? Just check out what they are doing in the societies they are in. Are they building nuclear weapons and war machines? If so, might that not be a big clue as to if they are or are not Judah transplant shell people?

They are expert at fooling the people. Their behavioral motivations are different than the lot of ordinary men.

They have put in a competitive model of existence.

The word compete, is defined as, "to fight, struggle."

Might we not be served better by a cooperator model of society? Especially with nuclear weapons? Seems that way doesn't it?

As we have been put to nuclear war twice as Judah's way to fight with us, and only survived so far because our good God loves us, should we not now try a cooperative model of existence for ourselves and not fight at all?

Judah though, he loves his sport. Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within. Have we not noticed how they smile in such fantastic ways?

Might we be dealing with a general unawareness of just how truly dangerous is the Judah cipher to us?

If only we understood that Judah cipher has had one prime mission for thousands of years, putting us in, might we understand then the real danger we are in?

To die off two hundred million of us in place, is that not quite an accomplishment for him? Do we not understand his intent and how dangerous it makes him to us? Will Labor not help us and close him out quick?

Do we recognize that with the level of technology that we are at that we are a done deal already? The death of two hundred million Americans in the next 6 years. Do we not yet perceive that it has been done to us already?

"Move them out; they're unworthy. 3.22 AM

They conquered." 3.24 AM

Thank you Father for caring for us so well. Forgive me for insulting your kids early on here and slowing everything down here. So sorry to dispirit everyone. Thank you for your kind understanding of why it was.

Please Father, we pray you inspire your children to try and save themselves.

Perishing HUGE, and not move one to do a thing to help ourselves. Still funding all of the Judah sport wars in our world.

Judah already in reverse speech claims that he has destroyed druid man. Never giving many druid minnows a fair way to eat and only using him to fight his sport wars. Judah is claiming in RS that he has indeed destroyed druid man with his nuclear waste sport.

Judah is also moving right ahead with his transports to take away the real useful, and then move in with the final kill of druid using Russian minnows and other foreign mercenaries.

"I'm getting my right from Moscow; Velasco."

That was a local municipal speaking in reverse speech.

Are we understanding that the economics are what govern our society? Do we see because we have not taken the authority to issue our money away from Judah he has shifted American bourse and is washing it with the Russian ruble?

Do we understand that American Labor bourse is now coming in to bribe American municipals from Moscow?

Are we not aware that Druid can change things in a day and save himself if only he will listen to the love of God and "let them off?"

Thousands of years of flaunting the love of God, who made them and all of us. The arrogance Judah has shown by going exactly opposite to the will of God and trying to destroy all of Gods kids.

Are we aware that the bulk of God's children on earth will survive this last nuclear war of weap Judah?

Two thirds are slated to survive. One third, to die off in disgrace it looks like. The disgrace of funding war.

"Get over." Tele receive. 6.28 PM

Will Labor not get us over to peace?

"Bourse is shaping us," Adolph Hitler said to his generals early on in his rise to power.

Are we understanding that the models we see and hear in our world in high offices are either Judah shells or hired fronts for who it is that has the private authority to issue our money?

"We scare people," Judee say.

Our beautiful God has never left us down even once. Father has never forgotten about us. Must we be such tragic failures here labor that we destroy our very own selves?

"LETS ROLL." Tele receive. 7.07 PM

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