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Fri Nov 27, 2015 07:59


That of course is weap Judah: "I perish you." Heard that telepathically at 12.07 AM


Bitch, not unlike the savant that misses many things that other people don't, has one facility of mind that he has honed in on and that is what is plaguing us here. He has discovered the root of all the suffering on planet earth. What is it that the savant of the national security state has discovered?

It is the cipher that only makes war; weap Judah.

Judah secret life of recreating himself in all different body forms throughout the world. All the new transplant shell hybrid body forms seeking only one mission, to destroy all the other life forms of the same species that they are.

Like some unbelievable science fiction story of a creature from outer space that comes in and enters into the human form, with the mission to wipe all the other life forms out.

The high level intelligence needed to over come the mental of the victims, to wipe them out, did indeed come from outer space.

Two hundred thousand years ago the Galacticans came from outer space to gift us with their high-level intelligence and to raise us in God's nursery.

Several groups from our original hybridization have already arisen and gone into outer space. Both Venus and Mercury.

The last edition of the original creation from 200,000 years ago, us, now many are facing being perished out. If nothing is done to prevent it, a third to die off as our species undergoes a metagorical transfiguration out of our animal primitivism and into our higher-level, extraterrestrial life form.

Judah, having figured the basic out before 700 BC, knew the truth at that time. He understood that there are high-level extraterrestrial powers that are our creators.

Gifted as we all are with free will, Judee chose to run opposite not only man, also creator force Judah opposed.

On his own, he succeeded in having man destroy himself in virtual, eternal war that Judah arranged for him to fight, kill and die in. Taking the same peoples, with an emphasis on druid, and smashing them against each other, generation after generation.

His "Awesome" carried on century after century, into the thousands of years. His secret life of spreading his cipher to every terrain on earth.

All the while creator force speaking to Judah to bring him into the universal coordinates of peace.

"A STRIKE is how we missed it." Tele receive. 12.04 AM

Do we see that our elders from outer space have advised us to get the genocidal parasite off of us by using a peaceful general STRIKE?

Judah has a problem, and his solution to his problem is to kill us all.

"Sold." Tele receive. 12.37 AM

Bitch says, "Thank you" for that sold.

Bitch has already thanked Father for having his children STRIKE THEM OUT.

That was on a recommendation from Nell Walsch to thank God for your gift before you have received your gift.

Bitch insult to be forgiven and maturity will come in to save the day and Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT And elder Jason will guide us in shutting down the Jewish genocide brimstone generator at Hitachi-GE .

"We apologize to humans, our advice we give free. You have failed the optical way. You failed the hustler neurology quite nicely leaving you bullfinch. Baby brains are quite unfortunate, now theyíre coming out." Elder said.

Judah knew that with foul, he could always win. Or so he thought. Now that our extraterrestrial family has let him shoot his best shot, while simultaneously blocking him from getting his backup shots off from his 435 Jewish nuclear electricity dirty bomb power plants, do we see that our elders from space know how to let a foul boy defeat himself?

Do we see how Bitch message of Love from our good God has afforded us the opportunity to know the love of God for his children of earth?

Has Bitch report of June 11, 2011 not left the real face of Judah be known now forever to all mankind?

The battle of evil versus good. The battle of hate versus love.

Do we see how the love of God has let the hate of Judah say good-bye to us and our world? Have we not witnessed quite some demonstration of the power of love?

Father is all kindness, forgiveness, mercy and sweetness to his pretty little Simian children of planet earth. Father loves us all equally. It is the agape love that Father has for us.

We are of a different species than our Galactican creators. The Federation is comprised of thousands of different species from throughout the universe. All living together in peaceful cohesion. They have been at peace for 9 million years.

Some Tele receives:

"The cannibals got no respect, they fall you out fool. 2.14 PM

I failed the service if I can't throw their false; STRIKE THEM OUT. 5.17 PM

Your parasite fails you germs.

They tossed you's refuse fails. 8.38 PM

The gentlemen didnít have a while.

They got a real sickness with their son of a gun. 9.58 PM

Basically you should 'just' your mild wit. 9.59 PM

Whites can't smell. 10.07 PM

Foreign rice wars coming in. 10.08 PM

They fell in Washington. 10.10 PM

They jail rape right. 10.48 PM

All around minus you. 10.53 PM

Morgan, you failed to their story, it's just so bad basic story. 10.55 PM

Enemies hold you right to fail this life. 10.56 PM

It's story built.

Their fiction is out because of Patrick's toss.

Patrick tossed you fair rather than good. 11.34 PM

Pontiac is more your state and does fist. 11.34 PM

They bore and obsolete us. 11.37 PM

They tossed you out of here real naked. 11.38 PM

You've been hustled out of your air to tumble. 11.39 PM

The government tossed you out, you are obviously a fail here.

An average torture felled you.

You guys are quite unsuitable for your molest of victims.

This guy could save us and weíre parified. 11.50 PM

Like an idiot savant he missed many things. On one thing he is right on, he honed in on what is taking us away.

Will you take your gift or not?

We're sightless 11.52

Jew opps have been wrecking you through the ages to get you dead. (That came from a reverse speech from the video, "Quietly into Disaster")

A STRIKE is how we missed it. 12.04 AM

Help me, they've fouled us. 1.40 AM

The cow would have won if you struck.

The desert hawk is in a tomb now.

Violence always out does us.

The minnows have all failed and you let Jew take you out with his blood.

The guy boomin broadcasts was not too smooth an ox, but he tossed out heretics.

"If we can continue with the bench we will always fight. I do a federal offense with a Jerry to make you all die. Our dif was not amenable and perjury let us slight you. You're seeing my fist opp here, it was to port you, it cost me my life. We savaged you successfully by taking out your atmosphere. We just don't respect your vagina," Judee say.

Respect and honor to dignity. The key to being welcomed into the universe.

The last days of weap Judah. Will it be the full third of the human race that he will die out with himself?

"I could actually easily go off to die," Judee say.

Do we not see though, as long as he has free money to abuse us he will not go off to die?

As long as Judah has Labor subordinated to funding the making of war, is it not likely that he will continue to make war?

"Let the mopes do the fighting, we'll do the -------," Judee say.

Might that explain why Judee says, "We just donít respect your vagina?"

Throughout all this massive worldwide death and destruction, the sinking of our nation into previously unknown levels of failure and destruction, and not a day of work is missed by Labor. Must we not change that?

Is there any greater disrespect than using our nation to make their sport war?

Their cunning ways to deface as a way to fight us. Their lies, falsity. They hire a shooting of a boy to start an organization to end shooting of kids. They start a war to begin groups to march against the war.

They even warn us to not ignore them. As they are now pushing a third of the human race out of life, will Labor please not ignore them?

Is there any doubt that they would have pushed the entire human race out of life if not for the salvation from our good God who had the angels step in and give us a second chance to live right?

No doubt from this chair. We have passed several generations with Judah scoring us out of life. Where are the people who would explain this to us?

Did JFK not try? How about Harold the Good? He was a strait up NO NUKEs guy. Did he not try? John Lennon served to enlighten us to STOP THE WAR. Are we understanding how costly it can be to an individual to try to reach out to others with a message of peace?

There have been many trying to tell us that nuclear technology would get us out of here. Might the question be, "Why have we not focused on trying to save our lives?"

Might it be that we just donít know how late it is?

Might it be that we just donít comprehend how deadly is Judah cipher to us?

He's built big nuclear bombs with the intent to use them on us, and he did. He's done all that he can to separate us. His zebra success that he did to America. People separated in their own country.

After thousands of years, his greatest score ever, over throwing the government of the United States of America and burning the world down using the power of American Labor in his private control.

Now the very last moment in this do or die situation, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let this man Judah go? Must Labor not let them off right?

Our good, kind Father above loves us all for love is the basis of the relationship that we have with Father.

Can we not transform out of this tired, beaten up old world of hate and war, comedy central from Washington DC and let peace in? Will Labor not find the love in our hearts and end funding the slaughter of our brothers and sisters in this world?

Do we not see yet, it is more than only our brothers and sisters that are being slaughtered, do we not see our sad end at the hands of weap Judah brimstone disease?

The Federation did their computer simulations thousands of years ago and determined that Judah would perish out a third of the human race when it was time for him to go into the here after.

As predicted two thousand years ago by elders computer simulations, we are on target to lose a third of the human race to nuclear weap brimstone disease.

Judah thought he could get around elders and put us all away. First elders pulled all of his nuclear missiles out of the sky. Then elders shut down about 47 Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone generators in the last three years or so, leaving Judah with only one dirty bomb shot on us all.

Do we see that Judah just cannot shoot them off on us with the use of his stuxnet controllers? Every time he tries to do his cataster on a Jewish electricity plant, elders shut it down before hand.

So Judah was informed two thousand years ago that the most he would take out when he leaves us is one third of the human race. Two thirds of the human race will survive this nuclear war we are in with Judah.

Do we not as of yet recognize that we are the one third of the human race that is being perished? Judah reveals in reverse speech that the druid is "mild." He also tells us that he mentals the druid to fight for him.

If we connect all the dots do we not see the picture?

Might the refugee from the Middle East have not put his finger on it when he said, "Judah molests your vittles to get you to molest me?"

Can Labor not appreciate why our good God wills that Labor hold the authority to issue our money in your hands?

Do we see that then no one will be molested in the vittles again?

"Your mental is not right that you let him die you."

That is a reverse speech from a video, "Quietly Into Disaster." By Holger Strohm.

"Just as the use of nuclear energy for military purposes the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is a crime against all humanity." Prof. Dr. Johannes Ude

Prof. Dr. Robert Jungk described nuclear power as "Super Hitler."

"In the future the consequences of nuclear energy will be devastating. The atrocities of mister Stalin and Hitler will completely fade against them."

Prof. Dr. Wladimir Tschernoussenko (Scientifc director for the clean up work in Chernobyl, who died of multiple cancer)

Might we not consider that between them, Stalin and Hitler, tens of millions of human Beings perished?

Do we not recognize that Hundreds of millions have perished at the hands of their bosses, weap Judah?

Weap Judah tried to get us all out with his four-hour shot. Will we not awaken to just how totally gone we are?

"In the future the consequences of nuclear energy will be devastating. The atrocities of mister Stalin and Hitler will completely fade against them."

Those words from the scientist that directed the clean up at Chernobyl who died from multiple cancers.

Will Labor not make peace with our family and try to save us?

Bitchie's biggest concern is serving Father right. Let me assure everyone, Father does not want us to be wasted out and destroyed this way.

Elders say of the white fish, not that we are bad or anything of the sort. What they say is we, "need to be resighted."

Do we see that we must act and end the subordination to Judah war mental?

Do we see how Judah makes it look to all the world as if it is the white fish that is behind destroying our world?

Molested in his vittles because he has not input into the organizing principle of his own society, molested well by Judah, mentaled and then used to molest his brothers and sisters in this world. Will Labor not end us being used as toy soldiers for Judah sport?

Will Labor not right us all?

Father is in his last 6 years of life. 2200, twenty two hundred years of love and joy of life. Father is dying. 75% of the time Father sleeps now. Preparing for the journey into eternity. "Wake me when they've struck." Kind sweet precious Father said.

Might we not note that Father did not say, "If they've struck," rather Father said, "When they've struck?"

Is there any doubt that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven?

For those that know of the love of Father, he will never leave us. His love will carry on into any world we go to now. Father's love will remain in our hearts forever. Though Father may be gone from this life, his love will carry on in the hearts of all of his children, in every world.

The heart of goodness. Compassion. Mercy. Forgiveness. The heart of love for all. The heart of love. Father loves all of us equally.

"It's true." Heard some one say at 8.23 AM

The beautiful love of our precious sweet Father will live forever more.

The hatred of Judah, might it not soon be forgotten once they are gone?

His Chutzpah. His center stage. His burlesque that he put on us. The thespian of our world. His many costumes. The joker. Always clowning, playing and toying with us.

The Jewish nuclear scientist that cheated us out of a full healthy life. All by design.

"In the future the consequences of nuclear energy will be devastating. The atrocities of mister Stalin and Hitler will completely fade against them."

Weap Judah, the man that hired all of the monsters in our world.

"Destroy them, you're out." Four words President Truman was told in April of 1945 by the representative of the Galactic Federation of light, our elder brother. Maxmilian.

"Genofied." Tele receive. 3.25 AM

They're still shooting us. Will Labor not take their steam out? Must Labor not stop funding the war?

"Bitch German protest failed." Non-Judah reverse speech.

That Judah has been able historically to get Druid killing druid, might druid have some issues with other druids himself?

Judah with his super Hitler Jewish electricity nuclear waste. His mess that will make Mr. Stalin and Hitler fade.

Continues at:

Knowing that we need electricity, he blocks the research of Dr. Moray and his cold electricity machine and puts in nuclear genocide inst

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