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"They Perished us through Fear of a Dog" That is a Tele rec
Sun Nov 29, 2015 08:12

"They Perished us through Fear of a Dog"

That is a Tele receive from 12.01 AM this day Sunday. "They perished us through fear of a dog."

Here's some Tele receives from yesterday and last night.

"I'm incredibly sorry. 12.07 PM

Completely failed to Judah shoot life.

A vicious state.

He's thrown the police state out fundamental.

The cat tossed you total.

Bye Bye, it's closed. 12.24 AM

Stalkin' out yourselves. 6.27 PM

Policy rights off. 8.53 PM

They fist us to leave, it's so fair. 10.23 PM

They war you guys officially. 10.24 PM

Patrick, help us out. 10.26 PM

Their theory, you subsidize your fears. 10.38 PM

Chemicals will leave you unfine. 10.39 PM

The circuit will help you.

I'm giving you everything; you failed your right receipt. 10.42 PM

Defiling your lives fantastic. 10.43 PM

Shout them out fearlessly. 10.45 PM


You're rifled absolute. 10.57 PM

An incredible guy that fights us putting away our health.

Their pencil merry overthrew us. 10.59 PM

They Vegas nice. 11.02 PM

Can't rationalize the administration of it, we're dying here.

We're their religious to take off murderous.

He'll fist until January, until you STRIKE THEM OUT, so settle back. 11.42 PM

From now until December 1st, the world will become increasingly dark. 11.45 PM

Shoot your artery true. 11.46 PM

It's not fair, STRIKE THEM OUT. 11.47 PM

You'll freeze right. 11.49 PM

Resources have all fell down wicked. 11.49 pm

Pulling them here is your right refuse. 11.51 PM

Kennel made us.

Lost you well walling.

They angled our fear. 11.52 PM

He ever put a gun to your head. 11.57 PM

They false rightfully here. 11.58 PM

If I have Sullivan I have an advisor.

They perished us through fear of a dog." 12.01 AM

Share. 12.36 AM

Their shove will be gone. 1.06 AM"
Here's some Judee say:

"I pulled you pooch way. I split you's. Our fascist all failed. We just foul you with cash. I died in Pittsburgh. Turkey will raise up incredible, his mother refused us."

Bitch never accepted their fist. Saw in it, the end of our world. Never knew exactly who it was until elders taught Bitch how to read their facial reverse speech.

Judah actually calls it his "weapole." Using his penis as a weapon to replicate himself so that he can carry on with his mission to extinct the human race.

Bitch learned a little more about his ancestor who was a Moroccan Jew smuggler. "Burke" had children with a French woman from Tonnere France.

From there they moved to Germany and then on to Ireland.

A UFO landed in Tonnerre France on September 4, 1953. When the landing site was examined it was found that the holes left by the tripod landing gear of the spacecraft had turned the earth in them into cement.

Might we think about that message from our elders from outer space?

Do we see how by using high-energy fields we can turn ordinary earth in to cement?

Elders space craft are powered by velocity power sources. Do we see from that example of the landed craft in Tonnerre, France in 1953 that it clued us so that we can make regular earth in to material hard as cement?

Can we only imagine how velocity technology can help us by providing us with strong, inexpensive materials for building our roads and buildings?

Can we only imagine the wondrous world of abundance that is ours once when we get this vicious old sport war machine out of here?

Just said "Good wishes" to elder Jason at 1.53 AM and Jason shared a message with us for today:

"You fail suspiciously numb."

Might our food and drink be so spiked with Judah chemistry that there is some suspicion that that is what could be making the difference in holding us in?

Food chemicaled to take our thinking off of its edge. A range of substances hidden right in the basic sources of our food supply.

Will it not be nice after the STRIKE when the brain damage is out of our food supply?

Do we see the range of ways that weap Judah wars us with cash? Do we see how cash advantages him in his war upon the children of God of planet earth?

Our elders from outer space are with us; they're here all the time. They have absolute knowledge about everything that is going on here on earth.

They understand Judah so well that they knew before 1840 that he would war the human species on the surface of planet earth out of existence with high technology.

Elders knew this two thousand years ago when they shared this information with us in the book of revelation of how Judah would finish off a third of the human race when he left us.

Elders accurately predicted technology and began doing computer simulations in 1840, and a carried them through until 1870.

The simulations were of what would happen in the 20th century, when they knew Judah would complete his rise and finally succeed in taking over the entire planet earth and destroying everyone using nuclear weaponry.

By Judah taking the authority to issue our money away from us, he conquered Americans. Once with the authority to issue all the free money he wanted in his private hands, he was able to hire all the false and fist to put us into war. He also was able under cover of war, to hire all the firepower he needed to get us done.

Is it not a curiosity that the army assault forces on land are called the infantry? Is there anything much more infantile than hitting some body when there is no need to do such a thing?

Judah tells us in reverse speech that he "holds us so that he can insult us."

People around the world sleeping on the streets in poverty because one errant cipher group has taken over the authority to issue our money worldwide.

Do we not see yet, the pyramid is finally done? Is it not clear to all who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to think that the purity force is finished and the moment that American Labor acts and STRIKES THEM OUT it will be proved to all?

Must we not end the spirit paralyze that has frozen us in to this destruction of resources that we are paying for?

Started to eat an orange yesterday and elder said one word: "Cancer."

Are we figuring out yet just how serious is the nuclear waste poisoning of our food resources?

Looked at the butternut squash in the store yesterday and they all looked as if something was wrong with them. Didnít buy any this time. Can we imagine how this is going to affect workers income when their products are so contaminated nobody will buy them?

We're going out in the largest die that Judah has ever scored on man. Will Labor not help us? Must American Labor not end funding Judah sport? Will Labor not let the errant life form off right, with a grand jury to say good-bye?

A universe filled with peace. Species of all varieties intersecting with each other, living in peaceful cohesion with one another for millions of years.

Planet earth has war all around us. The prime target of war, the American people. Does it not seem odd that the prime target of Judah war is the very same people who are paying for most all of the war in our world?

Does it not seem very odd that we are paying for the bullets that they are scoring us out with? The invisible bullets coming from his nuclear waste artillery.

"Patrick has hopefully put hostile away." Tele receive. 3.08 AM

Might we not consider that now that they and their goose are seen, that hostile is out forever now?

"Pat, you raided our fortress, we're fresh off the field. You are nauseous," Judee say.

Our extraterrestrial relatives from outer space have used dogs to communicate messages to us many times. Here is a sighting from October of 1953:

Darlington Ohio: In a farm area a family observed a round ball of fire hovering over a field where a boy and a dog had been seen running. The boy was then heard screaming for help, and then the father armed with a shotgun ran over to him firing several shots. He then saw several small humanoids carrying the boy into the huge fiery hovering object. The dog was found at the site with its head crushed and the boy was never seen again.

What might the message from our elders from space be there? The dog was found at the site with his head crushed?

As Judah is winning with a dog's head, the crushed dog's head, might that be a message of some sort that our elders put in for us to find in these modern days? Might our elders' computer simulations have deduced in the era of 1840-1870 when they did the computer simulations of our transition out of war and into peace, have figured the dog's head was going to hold the people in?

What is the message" Might it be that Judah actions are so bad that they themselves will crush the dog's head? Does Labor not see how finished out of our world is Judah yet? Judah attacked us all out with nuclear blast and is now attacking us all out with nuclear waste. Will Labor not organize and finish them out of here?

Bitch wrote the other day about how Disney is hiring lower wage Labor to displace higher paid American Labor. Bitch is not suggesting that any Labor should be held out of earning their living. The suggestion is that Judah is making war to displace Labor and lower everybody's Labor rate.

That Judah is playing a game against everyone and Labor is the prime mechanism with which he playing his war game on all of us.

The very fact that such a story made it to the news channels, might we not consider that it is a Judah staged event?

The intent was to bring Labor to see that this war is the problem and that allowing Judah to issue our money is the root of it all.

Bitch loves everyone. There is no playing the immigrant game here. We are all children of the same good God.

Bitch just detected at 3.54 AM some people reading the post mentioning Disney lawsuit post and mistaking Bitch intent here.

There are no deportations in God's world. We are to care for everyone. Will Labor not the STOP THE WAR?

Do we recall it was Judah using the courts that made up the fiction that one need be a citizen to enjoy the Bill of Rights?

Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and end the forced migrations that are being perped against our family in this world?

Will American Labor not end funding Judah sport war and give peace a chance?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God our Father asked.

On his suffering side, Bitch shot himself. Some dement from living in a world bound in war since long before he was born.

Analyzing it he sees it is violence that is the root of the problem that besets our world.

The violence all coming from the government. The government being funded by Labor.

How to stop the government from committing violence against the children of God?

Might it not be to end funding it? As to war and violence, might it not be to just say NO? Or maybe even better to just say "YES" to peace and love?

"Pat, they seweraged man opptly." Tele receive. 4.49 AM

"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18

As the nation of the United States of America has been kept in constant war and dungeon building ever since Judah privatized the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, do we not yet see the harm this has done to us? If we see it, will we not do something about it?

Do we not see that with Judah's vision of only seeing a symbol, how that has led us to perish?

Does Labor not see the blindness of war?

In God's name will you not try to save yourselves? They're bringing Cossacks in now.

Must Labor not stop funding it?

They use their safety sobriety check roadblocks to catch us out on the ground. Does Labor not yet see what is falling in upon us here? Cossacks searching our cars at safety roadblock checks. How does that sound?

If you see this Labor will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Once Labor strikes them out, they lose their authority to issue our money, and with it their bribed into existence 5% corrupt sport war making government.

"They botched their windy sales, they're desperadoes. The son of a bitches are destroying us." Tele receive. 5.33 AM

"The etymological roots of Desperado comes from the words for "outlaw, hopeless. Scofflaw."

How about a few of the lyrics to the song "Desperado;"

"Desperado, why donít you come to your senses
You've been out riding fences for so long now
Oh youíre hard one, but I know you got your reasons
These things that are pleasing you will hurt you somehow.

Your prison is walking through this world all alone

Desperado, why donít you come to your senses, come down from you fences and open the gate?

You better let some body love you, Let somebody love you before it's too late.
They tried to get us with a four-hour shot. Do the words, "Hopeless, outlaw, scofflaw," not ring true when dealing with the cipher of Judah force? They are doing a genocide to us. Might it not be too late for them already? Sure it is, Must we not act and prevent it from being too late for us to?

Rather than saying they are doing a genocide to us, might it not be more correct to say, "We are allowing them to do a genocide to us?" Or how about, "We are sourcing a genocide against ourselves?"

The greatest commandment is from Mark 12:30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

The second is this; Mark 12:31 "Love your neighbor as yourself, there is no commandment greater than these."

Galatians 5:14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

Do we see that the scofflaw making sport war throughout our world against the simple children of God, has violated the most important law that God has given to us?

Mathew 5:21 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment.

"Youíre involved in sin, your lives wonít be spared." An angel said.

Are we not aware that by funding Judah sport war we are involved in sin by funding the making of war upon our brothers and sisters in this world?

Do we not sense the danger of the judgment?

Galatins 5:15 But if you bite and devour one another, take care that you are not consumed by one another.

James 2:15-16 Suppose a brother or a sister is without daily food and clothes And you say "Good bye and have a good day, stay warm and eat well," but then you donít give that person any food or clothing, what good does that do?

Do we not see the love of our precious sweet Father for his children on earth when Father wills that Labor take the authority to issue our money into the safe hands of labor?

Do we see then that Labor can put the existence stipend in to care for all of God's children on earth?

Do we not see that Judah is using our Labor dollars to bite and devour our brothers and sisters on this planet?

Does caution not alert us to the fact that if we donít take care, we may consume one another? Might we be in danger of the judgment? Will Labor not act with diligence, vigilance and caution and STOP THE WAR? Must we awake fully destroyed to understand just how badly weíve failed?

"Finish it!" Tele receive. 7.23 AM

Is there among Labor a feeling that our world is in a difficult situation?

Millions of refugees on the move and Judah funding new wars breaking out. Do we recognize that war is a sport of Weap Judah?

Do we recognize that we need help?

Will we not pray to our good God above for sparing us from Judah four-hour burn out of our world? Will we not pray that Labor will step in, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

As a note from yesterdays post, the understanding that this chair has is that the present Galactican home was built from material from a star ejection.

Continues at:

It wasnít previously a planet, it was when stars collided and melted down, like a hot rolling mill squirting a hot liquid metal out. It squirted out a 400 thousand mile long piece of rock that was discovered by the Galacticans in our galaxy over 7 million

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