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"I Am Giving You Everything, You Have Failed Your Right Rece
Mon Nov 30, 2015 07:00

"I Am Giving You Everything, You Have Failed Your Right Receipt"

That is from yesterdays post. That was received in the night during the sleep hours. Does it not sound as if it is from Father?

"I am giving you everything, you have failed your right receipt."

The only cipher authorized to issue our receipts of Labor, weap Judah. "You have failed your right receipt."

Labor leader William Sylvis clued us into having Labor as part of the process to issue our right receipt, our abstract receipts of Labor before he passed at 41 years of age in 1869.

146 years since William left us and we still do not have the authority to issue our right receipts of Labor.

"I've completely established a right fire," Judee say.

"He's an honorable boy." Tele receive. 3.51 PM

Judee lies about the Bitch to hold the people in to be shot out. Bitch thanks that Tele sender for telling the truth about Bitch.

"Dude, they're falsing you out real well." Tele receive. 9.35 AM

That may be from a friend living several states away. She knows I'm a nice boy and she must have heard the false stories that Judee has made up to try and hold Labor so that he can finish poisoning the minnow.

Father said to Bitch a couple of years ago, "Come see me baby."

As American Labor is still funding world war for the sport of Judah, obviously nothing is going to go forward until we close the war out.

If only Labor will hear the love of precious sweet Father for his children do we have any chance to survive this nuclear war that we are in.

Do we see that then we can pray to Father asking to have our elders help us to survive the genocide waste storm that is capable of taking out a third of the human race on the surface of our planet?

Do we recall that the Judah cipher is professional falsers who talked us into buying them the great balls of fire which they attacked us with? Might we consider that they know how to sell lies well?

"Dude, they're falsing you out real well."

Will Labor think of how serious is the false that is holding Labor to being burned out permanent with this particle weap of Judah?

"This is a sly force coming out."

Has Judah force not been sly enough to hold the American people in to pay for burning out our fields and air?

Has Judah not completely established a right fire?

"Wake me when they've struck." God our Father said to Bitch.

Our fields all poisoned out with nuclear chemical waste. Our air poisoned out with lethal nuclear chemical waste.

As our Father did not say "Wake me if they've stuck," Father said "Wake me when they've struck," will God's will not be done on earth as it is in heaven?

Can we only imagine the thrills, the excitement of locking the doors and lighting the Iroquois theater on fire in 1903 for Judee thrill kill cult? 603 people burned up that afternoon.

How about the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. The workers had prevailed with a successful strike against Judah masters. Only to be locked in, and lit on fire.

The fire escape, collapsed when they went to use it to escape the flames of the fire. Falling 5 stories to their deaths. Might the bolts holding the fire escape to the building have been sawed through 90% just waiting for the load to be applied to it?

Another chance to bourse municipals to not report it to the people? Can we only wonder how many official bourse checks were handed out for the Iroquois theatre fire?

How about the official bourse checks for the Our Lady of Angels school fire that took away over a hundred, children and teachers?

The grand jury that was to look into it, staffed by insurance company employees. One Labor union representative who resigned from the grand jury after hearing testimony.

He was replaced with another 'safe' grand juror by the insurance companies.

Now that cash has been used to build nuclear missiles, and hire the people to shoot them at us, will Labor not come in to this and take the authority to issue our receipts of Labor away from them?

They have bribed themselves into the position to take over a concession in our nation. The concession to issue our abstract receipts of Labor.

As the mouse and minnow are being perished in MEGA DEATH numbers, will Labor not wake itself to learn the facts of what we are dealing with here?

Does Labor realize that Contact with the extraterrestrial civilization that crafted us into high level Beings has been refused by Labor?

Labor continues to source the die of our beautiful nation, and with it our people. Must we not help ourselves here?

A totally corrupted society. Not an honest official to be found in the land, from sea to shining sea. Coast to coast corruption, making war for eternity until we are exhausted and perished out ourselves.

Judah, having left us, still has the authority to issue our money. With this critical authority and his cable line from inside his mountain hotel shelters, he finishes us out.

Tele receives:

"Fist dies you guys all off. 6.40 PM

Hold you in a box. 9.33 PM

Bitch tried to save us. 10.35 PM

They set you into false bad use.

Temps die everybody out.

Ever right they sport.

You are reduced now abusive, scored thiefs'. 10.42 PM

Walls can have you.

Flood this area out with their fist.

H----- analysis is true, you’re refused for deadly. 10.45 PM

Storming our fields.

Closing us down filthy idiots. 10.46 PM

We're closing ourselves and contact has already shared we're reduced.

They tossed us obviously; they're falsing us obviously.

Push them away. 10.48 PM

Fabulous dead martial victims. 10.49 PM

You almost won a Jewish die forever. 10.51 PM

Homeless frepped us. 10.55 PM

You hang yourself. 10.57 PM

Molested out of contact. 10.58 PM

Homeless mentalists challenged you rightly, with cuff. 10.59 PM

Now lethal, you're tumbling ill.

No vision established and you’re rat died. 11.01 PM

A ray fault is raping this field.

Gerry molest problem strike this field. 11.05 PM

You're vulnerable feed. 11.06 PM

Your failure to organize was incredible. 11.07 PM

Jilted racket voids graceless.

Rise you up fatal, it hurts to see you lose to piracy. 11.12 PM

The minnow is acid dead in a ditch. 11.13 PM

Abducted a beautiful state, abducted happy for absent.

The mouse wouldn’t let us save your house, now you’re chemicaled to die. 11.15 PM

They core raided us and we didn’t do nothing. 11.16 PM

You’re almost killed perishly.

God almighty failed to save us all.

Dumb cash. 11.18 PM

A criminal safed us for a fall. 11.19 PM

Pretty incredible they’re striking off this field.

They make us stewish then fertilize. 11.20 PM

Death wish now failed.

They make our fortune inferious. 11.22 PM

You failed to save yourselves, you died permanently, completely. 11.23 PM

You lost your lives to an infamous terror.

Your oyster be vicious brained.

He warred you out of your life story. 11.25 PM

Camel's sweat heals.

These particles will fully die you. 11.26 PM

Our official life is taking us out of this place dumb. 11.28 PM

Veg holding his pleasure. 11.29 PM

A complete defeat, the die of America. 11.31 PM

They wanted you to die this field and you did.

They're recycling corrupt. 11.33 PM

Snails die for available diction on rumors. 11.37 PM

You’re almost sealed in for a desperate destroy, you’re virtually done for this time. 11.35 PM

RISE yourselves and close this out.

Idiots partipate' you.

Challenge evil viceroy sin. 11.36 PM

They're fired out of missile.

A durable saved us. 11.39 PM

A genuine tight fish corrupted us.

Tumble establish fisted. 11.40 PM

You sold me out of this field real dumb. 11.44 PM

Your original deal has now been self pushed crooked. 11.45 PM

A HUGE caper.

We obviously failed; we're leaving the hard way.

West Germany tough shoved you all. 11.48 PM

They force you out seriously tight fisted. 11.49 PM

With free cash, they continue mousing. 11.51 PM"

With all of their weaps, armored cars and hired hands to pull the triggers, they cannot stand a STRIKE.

Once they lose the concession to issue our money, do we see that we will be free then? Do we not see that we will have a chance to live?

Just said, "Good wishes" to Sir Jason and his telepathic voice mailbox shared this message with us for today:

"All punish is on breeze street to fall you dead BIG."

"Thank you Sir Jason" for that message to us.

"You've failed to save your bourse ladle." Tele receive. 2.10 AM

"H----d tried to save us buy evidently we’ve got no future." 2.11 AM

Elder from space just said to Bitch:

"We encourage you to fold treasury."

Does Labor not hear we're being pounded out of life? We’re being put to death and extraterrestrials are doing all they can to try and convince us to save ourselves.

Is there not a hope that Labor will close them out right?

Do we not see that it is Treasury as how they get such a high score on us? Are we seeing that through Treasury is where the receipts of our Labor are issued from?

The Prominent Kurdish lawyer who was shot in the head and killed. Are we not understanding this is all weap Judah in every land? If we understand this, will American Labor not end funding it?

When we hear of a shot to the head do we not think of sniper? Will Labor not help us clear the Judah boursed snipers from our streets here in America?

The burning up of Argentina's finance records. For those who have looked at Bitch page UFO prevent nuclear shots, is it not noted that Argentina has been attacked with nuclear missiles as we have been?

Here is a link to see the great ball of fire that was burst off by our elders from space preventing Argentina from having to endure a Jewish great ball of fire from burning them up:

Now that the Argentineans have learned that they too have been attacked with nuclear missiles from weap Judah, might they be looking to bring the grand juries in to look into their finance records?

Our elders from space keep all the records that we keep on earth in permanent files.

So though the Argentineans finance files have been burned up, elders can make them available to us from their files if they choose to.

Does Labor see that if only you will help us we can make the entire story of weap Judah publicly known in every country?

"We just frighten to melt. My right theory snuffed you out," Judee say.

Do we not see the whole game of Judah is in his ability to terrorize the population? If we look for the ability need we look any further than who it is that has the authority to issue our money? Do we see that terrorism is hired by Treasury?

Our best lawyers stolen away from us. Our peace activists at the top of the list for Judah to steal away.

Merely being handsome or beautiful, more than enough for jealous Judah to seek out and harm.

"Tyranny's won." Tele receive. 3.47 AM

If we look at it with a clear eye might we not conclude that tyranny has won? Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for sending our elders in to prevent Judah from burning us all up with his four-hour shot? Will we not listen to elders good advice and STRIKE THEM OUT to end this nuclear brimstone waste shot Judah is doing to us?

"My nest egg seared you," Judee say.

How is it that the American Labor force has stood down when they were told by Judah employees that we have no rights any longer because they say so?

How is it that we allow ourselves to be right less jailables with no recourse or remedy in law?

How is it that we have stood down as they first shot us with nuclear blast? Must we not come alive before they finish us out with nuclear waste?

"They're too horrible." Tele receive. 4.10 AM

That they are succeeding in poisoning out the North American continent with nuclear waste, is that not too horrible?

"Last war," Judee say.

Is American Labor realizing that we are now in the last war of weap Judah on earth?

After many thousands of years of making war, and now we are in the last war of his. Will Labor not shut it down right? Will Labor not close the war of Judah by taking our purse away from him and giving us a chance to live?

By trying to destroy the children of God on planet earth do we see that Judah has put his face not only against man but also against God almighty himself?

"Void them out." Tele receive. 6.13 AM

"I disgrace you with my fistal wit," Judee say.

"We need to toss them out." 7.12 AM

"A new relationship has been refused." 7.17 AM

They're out of here Labor. Do we not see that the only party holding the destruction of this beautiful nation in now is American Labor?

"They're criminals and you've lost your sight." Tele receive. 9.52 AM

We have been accelerated by the genetic engineering of our species that was gifted to us 200,000 years ago by the Galacticans.

"We have contact and you’re stumbling out yourself." Tele receive. 7.34 AM

Have our elder creators not been responsible for our welfare to the utmost? Has our good God not had our elders pull every single nuclear missile that Judah shot at us, off? Yes he has. Father has spared us from extinction in Judee zoo.

"You're a zero life with mini dog. Judee put his soul in infectious to hold you," Judee say.

"Close them Bitch." Tele receive. 10.30 AM

Father gave the rules to us thousands of years ago. Of his own free will, Judah decided not to follow them at all.

"With our shot on our bruise side we just hold you to bomb you with our force good. We're now out," Judee say.

"We've been failed. You failed your safe side." Tele receive. 9.56 AM

Now with his mission to genocide us, he has erased us. A slow die over the next 6 years of time. Only if the ordinary people will take it upon themselves to STOP THE WAR, is there any chance to survive this nuclear waste war that we are losing to weap Judah.

I'm taking your oxygen off with a nice force here that you can't see. We chemical, I'm foomous, the strike ends my failure. We Jewish people have been sourcing you onto death. We'll bullfinch oxygen before we leave," Judee say.


God Bless you. God Bless us all.


Love God

Have mercy
Monday, November 30 — Psalm 137
Hosea 10,11,12; Revelation 3:19–4:8

In overflowing wrath for a moment I hid my face from you, but with everlasting love I will have compassion on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer. Isaiah 54:8

By grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Holy One, thank you for your grace and love that we could never earn. May we find ways to love one another with the fullness of your embrace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Continues at:

"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Johann Bach (1685-1750)

"We chemical to duel you right. If you reside in fear, that's how we keep you dumb. I've ever kept you immature for my fun. I patented my real dies. By busting Bitch's face we’ve been able to burn you real well now.

Genocide is embarrassing my side. I roll you by play

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