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Looking Into The Future With Reverse Speech David John Oate
Thu Dec 31, 2015 06:12

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This amazing work ranges from Ontology to Politics

Looking Into The Future
With Reverse Speech

By David John Oates

There is category of reversals in Reverse Speech that seem to defy explanation, and these are future tense reversals. Future tense reversals will accurately predict events in a person’s, or even a Nation's, future.

A classic example of this is the reversal found on George Bush two weeks before America went into Iraq. It said “We will sit in Baghdad.” And indeed that’s exactly what happened. I made this announcement publicly BEFORE America went into Iraq. Also on the topic of Iraq, a reversal was found back in 1991 when Saddam Hussein held British hostages. They were interviewed on TV and I found a reversal on one of the hostages as she talked to her family in England that said “We will see you soon.” The hostages were released 2 weeks later.

Future Tense reversals can be seen across the board and the implications are fascinating. On a businessman who was talking about future expansion I found a reversal that said “Start off with it, it will be profit.” The businessman when ahead with his plans for expansion and made a significant amount of money. Another businessman when talking about his future had a reversal that said "There'll be an awful ...-up.” And there was indeed. Two weeks later he made a horrible mistake with a client’s order and almost lost his job.

I have been working with corporate clients for many years now and in that time the use of Reverse Speech has been absolutely marvelous. It will accurately predict the future of any business deal, as well as predict the future of staff performance. One client I work with recently saved himself 5 million dollars by following the advice of his reversals and not participating in a huge deal that the reversals said would be a disaster.

I was alerted to the power of future tense reversals when I was dating a woman in San Diego in the mid 90s. I was recording our conversations and found a reversal on her that said “I will shift the bedroom.” A week later she had rearranged her whole bedroom and within another week after that she had a new boyfriend and I was history. The reversal had proven itself to be true.

I have also used future tense reversals to predict future events in the media. I remember in 1999 when 2K was a huge concern, I found several future tense reversals on Y2K proponents that said there would be no trouble with the computers in the year 2000. I went public on my radio show in 1999 saying that Y2K would not be a problem and I was correct.

Two years later in mid 2001 I found two reversals on clients that made no sense at the time. They said “They’ll fuss with the USA” and “Soon plan evil on America.” The reversals were totally unrelated to the forward dialogue. Yet barely 3 months later, the twin towers in New York were attacked. Had I found that event in reverse three months prior to it happening? And what were the reversals doing on Australian citizens who had no contact with America. How did they know something was going to happen?

On equal importance was a reversal I found on Bill Clinton after he was re-elected in 1996. It said “The world will come and damn you.” I went public at the time predicting some disaster in the Clinton Presidency and two years later the Monica Lewinski scandal broke and Clinton was impeached. How did Bill Clinton know this? Why would this information appear on his reversals two years prior to the event happening?

On a similar nature, a reversal was found on Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, in a speech he gave after the first Bali bombing that killed Australian tourists. The reversal said “They will ... the tourists,” indicating future problems. Barely a year later there was another bombing in Bali that killed more tourists.

Other future tense reversals seem to defy explanation. For example a reversal was recently found on me when I was in London doing a radio interview. The interview was recorded and analyzed the next day by another Reverse Speech Analyst. She found a reversal on me, that was not related to the forward dialogue, that said, “On the highway, there's a chill here.” The reversal made no sense, yet a week later I was in America flying to see a friend. The flight could not land because of snow and returned to the destination airport. I subsequently hired a 4 wheel drive truck and drove there. Barely an hour down the road as I ascended into the mountains, the snow came and I was caught in a blizzard on the highway. Thus the reversal that was found on me a week earlier came true.

A reversal was found on John Lennon the morning of his assassination by Mark Chapman that said, “Mark, he will die in the cell.” The reversal uses the actual name of his killer, Mark, and predicts his future. Mark Chapman is still in jail for Lennon’s murder. How did this information appear on Lennon’s reversals?

There are several explanations for future tense reversals. The explanation I used to use was that it is an example of the incredible computing power of the unconscious mind which knows us and our circumstance very well. However this doesn’t explain future tense reversals such as Soon plan evil on America and On the highway, there's a chill here, let alone Lennon predicting the name and fate of his killer.

One must therefore consider the possibility that on the unconscious level there is no past and future. That the unconscious mind exists outside of time, and that all events past, present and future are happening simultaneously in the deep unconscious. This is why we can tap into the past and the future with Reverse Speech.

The implications of this knowledge is vast, and its applications immense.

It means that Reverse Speech can give us glimpses into the Infinite. At its deepest levels it can reveal a common Collective Unconscious that it connected to all things and knows all things. This is why reversals were found that predicted 911. This aspect of Reverse Speech can be used by anyone who wants information about the future of their relationships, decisions, and indeed their life overall.

In time, Reverse Speech will lead us to a greater understanding of our Unconscious selves, as it continues to tap into the amazing secrets of the unconscious mind.

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