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May We Now Visualize Our Country's Communities Being Safe
Thu Dec 31, 2015 06:18

December 30, 2015 - From (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, to the Wilson Family, ( ( I hope that that we can all think about our family's and our country's best interests for this next year.

Truly have a great year and may the best of all things happen for our family this year. Including our forgiving one another for what Michael S. Kunath and the Rinne Family who financed the Microsoft Corporation and who their henchmen who had pulled off the destruction of our family and our country in order to destroy my life and our family's and our country's best interests.

We can produce an educational media infrastructure that can market the Winestyr products and services and even new wine products that can also include educational media on the future of for example of Cannabis and Hemp extract wines and beers, and also possibly on the future of Plasma Water Filtration technologies involving wine and beer making, agricultural irrigation and food processing, and the looking at the future plasma water extraction technologies of the of the wine and beer industries, etc.

This is all possible and can be done on the budgeting that I have already used to produce several thousand one hour documentaries now archived on line already and viewed by several million viewers. .

Sincerely Will, uncle and brother, (Bill) Wilson
= = = = =
December 30, 2015 To Laura O'Hara ( from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson from Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly TV program AllDayLive and other weekly televised, broadcast, archived, and streamed on-line Federally Copyright published jurisdictional and admissible media on - - - - - - - etc.

Thank you for getting back to me Laura, I have a enough content on-line right now of my written and compiled news reports from just this past twelve months to probably put together several book titles at this time and yet, I am do not have any way to pay for this.

If you have any ideas, please get back to me at (Dr. ) Will P. Wilson, - (206) 383 - 4817 and have a good year coming up.

Thank you and sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson
= = = = =
December 24, 2015 To NHWA ( from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, - http://www.WillPWilson.Com - http://www.MediaCific net - - -

Can I reschedule for an appointment to try to reset my Credit Score and to possibly help me to be able to possibly re establish my credit in order that I may also be able to also save my research files that are about to be lost in my storage boxes?

I had worked with (Many.) several of the worlds leading scientists once upon a time that that had ncluded Dr. Richard Benson who was the lead scientist of all scientific research for the JPL (The Jet Propulsion Lab) and NASA National Aero Space Administration.

if I loose these research files it will mean that the many years of research that I had conducted with these scientists on such areas of scientific understanding involving for example my extensive research on the universal mathematical relationships of the ancient Alpha Aramaic language,

I have to consider the reality and the importance and the value and the loss of all records and research files regarding my having worked with one of the world's most epic scientific research communities in history.

Thereof, my working with these scientists in the researching of the world's most ancient understanding of universal mathematical relationships pertaining to one of the world's most ancient languages that was based on the ancient Alpha Aramaic historical language, or thereof, what is mostly not known still about this language.

Dr. Richard Benson was at that time before his tragic passing in 1991, was probably the world's foremost research authority on this ancient language harmonic and mathematical physics and I had worked with Dr. Richard Benson helping to re define, re interpret, and to make this highly and thus mostly non understandable language to be more capable of being more easily understood by the educational and the scientific research community.

It is amazing that we are a peopled planet that knows so very little about who we really are.

And, in consideration of the meaning of this universal amazing harmonic physics, and the alpha aramaic numeric scientific realms that have historically played a very key part in the shaping of our worldwide community's current systems of languages, communications, and records archiving.

This research that is about to be lost pertains the mathematical and the harmonic relationships to the mathematics Sympathetic Vibratory Harmonic realms of human Communications, mathematical thinking based on universal synchronistic and physical standards and physical relationships, weights, measurements, distances, proportions, etc. and much more.

Please get back to me Will P. Wilson, - (206) 383 - 4817 - Thank you sincerely.
Edison De Impala - - 206-356-7395 -
Neighborhood House Financial Empowerment Center - -

to: Will P Wilson - Subject:Financial Empowerment Appointment Confirmation mailed-by: - signed-by: - -

December 24, 2015 To Respected Parties, and to Christopher Rudy ( from Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly TV program AllDayLive and other weekly televised, broadcast, archived, and streamed on-line media on - - - - - - - etc.

I am writing to certain parties in order that I could be able to send the following e-mail that was sent from Christopher Rudy that concerns our having discussed taking the idea of working with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal programs ( in helping them to encompass and to implement a worldwide Visual Prayer Program on-line.

The Universe is only comprised of being only slowed down light and our bodies are only infrared lenses that then we as well also can re direct our human destinies upon this planet by the simple means of our using Conscious and Combined Visualization through Visualized Prayer.

thereof, that we then by our using combined simultaneous visual prayer wisely and consciously that we then can and will make a very key difference in the way that we as a community can Visually through Visualized Prayer make a difference in the re directing of our Planetary Matrix and our destinies upon our living earth.

What about our working on producing some TV and Radio programs on the subject of the Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal program working with us to produce these programs with members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal program?

And, as well, on these subjects - apfn browns gas pantone keshe - - apfn Visual Prayer - - willpwilson 908 Change The Light Matrix with Visual Prayer . We are Lenses. Wed Jun 3, 2015 -;article=154404; -

willpwilson 908 We Can All Now Play Key Part In Saving Our Planet Matrix Now Thu Jun 18, 2015 -;article=154581;

apfn browns gas -

To Chritopher Rudy, what is your perspective on this and can you get back to me Will P. Wilson, (206) 383 - 4817 - and to Jeanne Williamson her e-mail address is - jean williamson
On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 7:34 PM, Christopher Rudy wrote:

The REAL 'Star Wars' on Earth - Re: 'Prayer Warriors' and Cosmic LOVE

I'd rather emphasize the positive, so I'll begin by announcing my special guest with a timely message onCosmic LOVE tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm PT (8pm ET). If you are aware how the hosts of heaven are stepping through the veil to guide us into a global golden age, you'll appreciate this show:)

As for 'Prayer Warriors', this is a 'Prayer Alert' regarding the inordinate fear of domestic terror that is ramped-up by Western media to divert public attention from the Mideast crisis which is extremely unstable with intrigue and treachery far worse than is being reported in Western media. The same empire mindset that created endless war hell in the Mideast appears hell-bent on starting WWIII.

This is the REAL 'Star Wars' battle of light and dark forces playing out on the screen of life. May the force be with the Alliance for liberating 'US' - United Sovereigns of Earth.

If you believe in the power of prayer - that pure intention focuses attention with love's retention - then you are clearly on the path of ascension in the Alliance dimension where God-Love-Source rules the divine destiny of Earth.

Calling all lightbearers, lightworkers and LOVEmakers:

1- Your life is your prayer as a 'lightbearer' who blesses your food and relationships with gratitude and kindness as the holy spirit of love-in-action. These are the 'initiates' who initiate love in their body temple, their families and their loved ones near and far.

2- Your life's work as a 'lightworker' brings light to dark places for wholEness and healing in the world-at-large. These are the 'communicants' who communicate with coherent hearts and congruent minds to build loving community near and far.

3- Your soul purpose in life as a 'LOVEmaker' conceives and believes in 'Great LOVE' that has been achieved by Great Souls throughout the ages. These are the 'adepts' who are adept at raising the standard of Universal Love on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Of course, if you are adept at communicating in ways that initiate more Love in the world -- easier and faster -- your mastery of Love-in-action fulfills the Great Law, returning 'The Blessing' sooner or later in the larger scheme of soul evolution.

So for enlightened soul interest that optimizes freedom and brotherhood on Earth, read about 'Living a Soulful Life' and tune in to this Cosmic LOVE show to hear David C. Lewis tell the story about this truly inspired new book.

For a Soulful Life at the Heart of the Alliance,

Christopher L. Rudy - Host of Cosmic LOVE

Cosmic LOVE -

Capital Cities - Safe And Sound -

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Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life -

Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World -

Where The Hell is Bigandre 2015 -

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters -

Eat it Bush Crime Family and go find another planet to destroy especially after you pulled off 911 with the MOSSAD and stole 600 trillion from underneath the WTC that week.
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