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Methane Nuclear Release Over LA From 1959 Nuclear Melt Down.
Sun Jan 10, 2016 14:24

Methane Nuclear Release Over LA From 1959 Nuclear Meltdown. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg - - Methane Nuclear Release Over LA From 1959 Nuclear Melt Down. -
January 10, 2016 Concerning the Nuclear Methane Leak in LA that is now about to very soon this event will be going to cause the mass evacuation of the entire Los Angeles area very soon. To John C. Andersen pertaining to Medical Cannabis Seed to Sale Bank Financing of prospective clients - ( from Will P. Wilson, John, if people have the necessary credit, and or they own and have control over their property and they want to talk with you about financing their potential Medical Cannabis and as well as Plasma Water Filtration projects they can contact you on this matter.

A matter pertaining to people finding out that they may be able to start their projects by their finding financing to be able to begin their own Medical Cannabis State Licensed, and Bank Financed Seed to Sale Growing operations.

Possible and foreseeable Growing Operations combined with water and plasma sourced energy and water filtration technologies that can and that will provide on site energy generation and water purification that then takes the property to a higher level of what is referenced as the meaning of true sustainability - apfn Browns Gas Hydroxy Gas Pantone GEET Energy Keshe Free Energy -
That these respected prospective Medical Grow and Plasma Energy Projects can also have built into these projects Plasma Water Technologies that can be the actual source of power also needed to run these operations and that this Plasma Technology can and will be used to also remove all nuclear contaminates by Water Plasma Filtering Technologies.

Water Plasma Filtration Technologies that can and that will Filter Out All Nuclear Contaminates and most if not all other forms of advanced bio nano and super toxic materials and substances, as well. This news report can and does pertain directly to people who want to and who now need to relocate from the Los Angeles area as soon as possible.

Posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on the Message News Board on January 10, 2016 with linked and referenced news reports and important informational sources people and critically respected investigative news reporting and support - -

And, we need to get this Plasma Water Filtration Technologies underway now. You might want to take note of this youtube information (Below.) as it is now looking like the entire city of Los Angeles is about to have to be evacuated.

Apparently they way back in 1959 covered up nuclear storage facility leak in 1959 that had a melt down that was never reported and that this nuclear material has now melted it's way into the oil deposits located underneath Los Angeles and that the methane leak is apparently occurring because of this leak and it is now boiling underground and dispersing nuclear contamination on over drive through out all of southern California. And, not just the Los Angeles area. That this nuclear melt down that has been occurring since 1959 and being un reported to the public is now literally boiling more then fifty miles of oil deposits located directly under LA. nuclear methane contaminating Los Angeles - - nuclear methane leak Los Angeles -

LA Methane gas blowout - - STATE of EMERGENCY in Los Angeles & PANDEMONIUM at METHANE GAS BLOWOUT.

Doctors: “Very unusual” infections being reported around massive gas blowout in LA… “If you’re able to leave do it now, I’m telling you it’s really critical” — Official: Toxic plume is spreading far away, it’s a national disaster — TV: “We’re a living science experiment” (VIDEO) -

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Big Pharma Shaking In Their Boots As 80% Of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescriptions Pills For Pot POSTED ON JANUARY 10, 2016 - - - Nuclear Free Medical Cannabis produced in part from water nuclear decontamination and filtration technologies that are based on Plasma Physics. - -
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Jarvis Cocker - ...s Are Still Running the World - - -
== = = = - - - - - Marijuana Money Market Madness - By Dr. Alex S. Gabor, Ph D - First Professor of Freenomics - Some other journalists are touting a huge cultural change when Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana. Yet medical marijuana has been around since the late 1990’s, and Washington State’s Underground Marijuana Industry has been around for more than 250 years through Native Tribes. Washington and Jefferson were both marijuana and hemp farmers. Two different plants that look the same.
It is a mostly illegal plant that is still so widely used around the world.
Prior to the legalization movement in America, where now more than half the states allow medical marijuana, including the state with the most money and most power in the world, New York City, considered by many as its own City State, there existed and still operates a vast network of underground brokers, dealers, money traders, and business people who operate their day jobs in the reported economy, and do massive amounts of business in the unreported underground economy.
Smoking the leaf, or using the cannabis oil came with stigma, and the possibility of arrest if you were caught.

Today, more than 500,000 people in America are financing the private prison industry and are being paid pennies for their slave labor because they either used, grew or distributed marijuana plants or its’ many derivatives which number into the thousands.
Wall Street has benefited from the publicly traded private prison industry in America - our modern day glorified version of Auschwitz.
While only about one thousand retail, processing and growing operations are being licensed by the State of Washington that number expected to double every 18 months. Call it Gabor’s Law of Freenomics.
Marijuana has always been a part of our national economy. It is only now that the lawmakers, lawyers, and ancillary vendors of the industry are being enlightened by the wonders of medical and recreational pot that comes from a plant that has previously been falsely labelled a madness of nature by ignorant passers on of dead people's ignorance and stupidity.
In the business world, the subject of freenomics as an aspect of the growing global pot economy has received no attention.
One starts with a seed. The seed grows into flowers. The flowers transform into thousands of seeds from every plant. There are estimated to be around 1 trillion pot plants growing on the planet. That doesn’t include hemp plants.
They put out a lot of oxygen and consume a lot of carbon dioxides - human pollution.
That’s free economics at work. Freenomics. I made it up.
People in Central Washington are very good at growing things. Throughout the region they grow world-famous fruits, wheat, vegetables, wine grapes and more.
The global market for wines has been saturated in case you have not recently visited the liquor shelves of Wal-Mart, Costco, Safeway or any number of other retail grocery chains in Washington. They are always fully stocked!
Wheat sales are on the decline due to the Gluten Free Movement. Restaurant stocks are crumbling because your can’t trust the food served at fast food stores any more.
Now comes the marijuana boom, set to become the largest export to Canada, Russia and China from America by the year 2020.
Huge pot farms are coming online wherever there is room to build a greenhouse or plant freely outdoors, with thousands more in the works.
Washington State is on a path to be a major supplier for the global black market for cannabis.
A $4 billion statewide industry that by 2025 will be generating a billion a year in taxes for the State.
Yet $40 billion a year from underground pot sales is still being laundered through the existing banking system on too many fronts for the Feds to put their arms around.
How do we know this? First you have to follow the money. For years front groups have been set up by growers to run their money through the banking system.
Now the bankers are working to take away the black market for pot in America by adopting blockchain technology and yanking paper money out of supply.
Along came a BitCoin.
Here is where the real reefer money madness lies. Penny stocks that have had anything to do with the marijuana movement have all crashed and burned, while BitCoin has skyrocketed.
That’s because most growers know that even though the Feds are not doing anything right now about all that money that was generated illegally under Federal Law, even though State Laws allow medical or recreational pot, the bottom line is growers do not trust the Federal Government.
Not with the billions that subsidize the growers of wheat and corn.
Why would they? They have been at war for more than 250 years with thousands of tribes of people who have been part of the global pot culture for longer than America has had a constitution.
Every 90 days a trillion more pot seeds explode from their pods around the planet and the Federal Government still thinks it can regulate the plant.
They are watching how well Colorado, Washington and now Alaska, Oregon and soon California manage and control the supply of billions of pot seeds that grow into trillions more seeds that spread across the country.
Slowly those who were asleep will be awakened and those who were sleeping will pass on due to age.

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    • Methane Nuclear Release Over LA From 1959 Nuclear Melt Down. — willpwilson 908, Sun Jan 10 14:24
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