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"I Bailed You Out but You Sold Me out" Heard that at 1.48 A
Mon Jan 18, 2016 09:51

"I Bailed You Out but You Sold Me out"

Heard that at 1.48 AM

"I bailed you out but you sold me out."

Judah let loose with his thousands of nuclear warheads on us in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011. Did our good God not bail us out?

How has it then been that Labor sold our good God out?

They pushed the button and you've done nothing.

"They're givin' us hell." Tele receive. 3.25 AM

Will Labor not end the sell out of God and STOP THE WAR?

"The white man I sold our rotten way, that's how I screwed out the West; you bomb just beautiful. I fail you with the Middle East right. I turned all America into offender. I core you with sex because that's my stupid way. If you are wholesome like Bitch we put you away. I'm a jag with a set rule, now you know my truth. I believe my life is done," Judee say.

The corporal show is about to begin. February Judah tells us in reverse speech. Judah, the only one that has the total purchasing power of American Labor in his hands.

With the strength of the American Labor dollar in the private domain of weap Judah, might we not expect some real shooting to begin here in February? Might Morgan not guarantee it?

"Jew castle way cancel you out with war," Judee say.

"It's easy to smite fish when everybody's Luciferous."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

That came from Jason's telepathic voice mailbox.

Tele receives:

"They're predators that have betrayed us. 3.36 AM

Without your rights youre fallish for sin. 4.47 PM

It's over slay. 5.01 PM

He told us. 7.25 PM

You suffer the fakish. 7.34 PM

Jew make a tumorous siege. 7.38 PM

They forced you out of your right deal; they forced you out of your rights. 12.55 AM

Your desolation, you could get this off of you.

In April your failure will be done.

You avoid a nice house for punishment. 1.10 AM

A fatal deal. 1.16 AM

They're advising you all through storage. 1.20 AM

Casinos are their real joy. 1.21 AM

You're closing up, you're sanctified helpless. 1.28 AM


Crooked to waste. 1.34 AM

They just fold you operationally. 1.36 AM

My son, they make you obsolete. 1.38 AM

Total source of income set to be crushed. 1.43 AM

Pat, you failed your psychement on abuse.

I urge you to get rid of the sin, put in life forces. 1.45 AM

I bailed you out but you sold me out. 1.48 AM

Your righteous halts your envious. 1.51 AM

Morgan guarantee perp officials. 1.52 AM

STRIKE criminals. 1.53 AM

Wonderful life forces are coming in today. 1.54 AM

You've been fouled pup easy. 1.55 AM

English fell HUGE to cannibal. 1.56 AM

They're bursting us bad with their million-dollar sale even though it's ended. 1.58 AM

Offender made a fortune hostiling you's with horsies. 1.59 AM

You hurt your fount. 2.03 AM

Crook will total sin. 2.07 AM

Chocolate set us. 2.10 AM

Pantry died. 2.11 AM

Nato failed your cipher. 2.12 AM

Jason gone, you're out with Bush's.

A STRIKE could still save us. 2.15 AM

Get out of bruise time. 2.18 AM

Stupid fell wise guys. 2.19 AM

Lethal. 2.25 AM

Air rich you waste. 2.27 AM

Cannon balls failed you out elastic. 2.29 AM

They're storking us. 2.30 AM

You forced out yourself. 2.33 AM

Stupid Bitch has failed your life forces. 2.34 AM

You sucker out yourself blightly. 2.36 AM

Ivory state of brute. 2.37 AM


He died you sunny ways. 2.38 AM

Failed, your mother dumped you bad. 2.42 AM

Turn him right out. 2.52 AM

Finish this abuse." 3.09 AM

That last Tele receive, "Finish this abuse." Sounded as if it was from elder.

"Finish this abuse."

God our Father said, "I bailed you out but you sold me out."

Did Father not spare you, me and most everyone else from being exterminated in a surprise nuclear attack? Of course he did. Is there anyone who is not aware of that single most critically important fact yet? Did Father not bail us out from Judah nuclear blast genocide?

This is the thanks that we give to Father for bailing us out from being perished in the middle of the night, we sell Father out? We leave his children to continue to be put to genocide in a myriad of different ways by weap Judah?

As we are Father's children, are we not aware that we ourselves are being put to a genocide that is taking us out HUGE?

"They've abolished us, thrown your whole life away." Tele receive. 4.45 AM

Is there any informed person who does not know the truth of what has been done to us here? How about what is being done to us here?

"Bitch's brief informant has pitched my crazy true. We offered you with Grumman tech to take out your state. Casper made us go away well. The desert made us lethal," Judee say.

If not for God bailing us out is it not perfectly clear that we would have been lost to life the night Judah attacked us with his thousands of great balls of fire?

"Sue marshals," Tele receive. 4.49 AM

Transporting Americans?

Do we recognize that using the platform of the United States of America, Judah brought in the century of planetary war?

When Judah was able to privatize the organizing principle of society in America, the authority to issue our money, do we see how he was then able to control the resources of the wealthiest enterprise to ever appear in history, and use it to make war until the human race expired?

Are we recognizing that the most valuable resource of them all is the people of a nation? Have we not seen an unending number of our most useful stolen away from us?

"Electricity fall you out typhus. 911 is refused." Tele receives. 3.58 PM

At this late date in time, Judah still has the organizing principle of American society in his private hands. What is he doing with it?

What has he done with in the last century other than exterminate as many human beings as he could?

As he is getting ready to turn his corporal loose in America, after having spent decades building up an internal war machine to turn loose on us, fully equipped arms dumps and his sleeper cells, well financed and ready to shoot us up.

"You hurt your fount. 2.03 AM"

Bitch has made stupid mistakes in trying to accomplish the goal that is Father's will, that his children live in peace. Might we think of a computer that has been dropped and bounced a few times, and it doesn't do as well as it ought to even though it tries?

Bitch has tried to bring Labor to help us STOP THE WAR. But he hurt his fount. Yet will Labor not look further and accept that Labor has sold out Father after Father came in and bailed us out from Judah attempted nuclear blast genocide on us?

God bailed us out from the first nuclear attempt to wipe us out. God wills that Labor issue our money and put an existence stipend in with something in if for everyone to end the genocide of Americans who are living on the street.

And what has Labor done to say thanks for sparing us from being exterminated? Sold God out.

Now as the second nuclear extermination is coming in on us the people of America, having sold God out, to whom will we turn to spare us from this nuclear waste genocide that Judah is doing to us?

"I'm past now because Bitch threw me out. Bitch ruin has thrown my cast. Super found my tuna fish and took my table right away. Patrick not stupid about Jew opps. I'm holding you with a mutt for my last weapy," Judee say

"Pat, you do rate." Tele receive. 5.14 AM

"They abolished you before they died." Tele receive. 5.15 AM

"Sucker," Judee say.

Judah was planning on going to Russia after leaving America in tatters, but from reading reverse speech, it appears that Judah has fled Russia.

Judah attacked us with intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia; Casper pulled them all and made a spiraling light show out of one of them.

"Shrimpas has shown how inferious is our street. Jews just take title to win. We enjoy any form of graft. We just want to challenge you and put you in a grave," Judee say.

Elders shared with Bitch that once the question of whether or not planet earth is in motion is presented, it is a 300-year time frame to answer it.

Our Greek family asked that question in 500 BC. "Is earth in motion?" If un molested, might they not have figured it out by about 200 BC? Seems that way.

Not until 1543 do we have the first mathematical proof that planet earth is in motion. Might we conjecture that it was the grand jury process that Poland introduced in 1430 that preceded the golden age of Poland, that allowed the freedom for Copernicus to puzzle out mathematically that planet earth is indeed in motion?

Less than 400 years later, in the late 1890s and early 1900s, we have earth based universal motion powered free energy devices making their appearance.

Dr. Moray who demonstrated his 65 pound, table top, transistorized solid state radiant energy device in 1928.

Capable of producing 50 thousand watts of free cold electricity energy. At that early time Dr. Moray had already figured out how to double the output of his table top radiant energy device to 100 thousand watts of free energy. At 10 cents a Kw, would that not be $10 dollars an hour worth of electricity, or $240 dollars a day?

Lester Hendershot who in the early 1930s demonstrated a free energy motor. It never stopped running. Lester believed that the energy that was showing up in his machine was coming from earth rotation.

The only other researcher than Lester that Bitch has been able to find that suggested earth motion as where the free energy is coming from, was Michael Faraday.

Michael did an experiment in 1832 running 400 feet of copper and iron wire, and put them into a pond hoping to tap in to the 18.5 mile per second rotation of earth around our sun.

Lester thought the free energy he developed in his motor was coming from the rotation of earth on its axis, which is 1040 miles per hour.

Lester experimented with winding his coils in certain ways that he thought ran into earth fields. Without specific knowledge of the where and how his motor produced free energy, he was able to intuitively build more effective coils and with it more powerful motors merely by following his intuitive hunches.

Dr. Moray never mentioned earth motion as to where he theorized the free energy in his machine was coming from. He believed that it was radiant energy coming in from outer space as to where the free energy was coming from.

Once again, merely by intuitive methods he was able to continually improve the output of his free energy machine.

Gabriel Kron designed and built a power supply that burned out the circuitry in nuclear missiles by producing excess over unity free energy from somewhere?

Not until when he was retired did he begin to suspect where the free energy was coming from. Shortly before he passed he mentioned that he was looking in to a new area, the dimensional aspects of electricity.

As the background radiation is now hundreds of times what is was before the Jewish electricity power plant was shot at us on May 11, 2011, have any others noticed a loss of hair coming on? More tired than usual? Blood when you blow your nose?

Lester built a free energy circuit in a controlled setting of US Naval laboratory. It was duplicated later by an observer and did produce free energy, proving that Lester did wind coils that did produce free energy and that another builder, just using Lester's methods, could build a machine that produced free energy.

Lester's free energy machine may have been the first time a builder of a free energy device was able to teach some one else how to build one, even without having a good theory of operation to explain it.

Might we consider that Lester was correct about where the energy was coming from that showed up in his free energy motor, the 1040 miles per hour rotation of our earth on its axis?

And how about Michael Faraday searching for free energy from our 66,000 mile per hour rotation about our sun? He was correct also.

While we can only wonder, in his retirement, had Gabriel come across the 1920s theoretical work of Kaluza-Klein who theorized and made public in 1938 that free energy was coming from the plane of the dimension?

As we are being suffered out of life form based on a pretext of the need for nuclear as an electrical energy source, if we understand that free energy is and was known to be real, and how it as been blocked, what are we to make of the current nuclear waste die that we are in?

As American Labor is funding the aircraft and personnel that are bombing infrastructure in Iraq and waging war in 80 to 90 countries, is there not some sense that we need help here?

"My children need help." Our precious sweet Father said. Does Labor not have ears to hear? Eyes to see? Hearts to feel?

"I sold you rightfully desolate here," Judee say.

That we have failed to prevent any atrocities against our family in any country that Judah has used the American Labor dollar to offend in, do we see how the thinks that to leave our nation desolate is a rightful thing for him to do to us as he leaves us for good?

"Super has failed to save us." Tele receive. 1.42 PM

It is with a hope and prayer that Labor will understand that we are being perished in a big way and will act to STOP THE WAR.

Will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Will we not pray for peace to come to this troubled nation that is perishing in war?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT until you have the authority to issue our money out of weap Judah's hands and into the safe hands of Labor?

God bailed us out Labor. Will Labor not end the sell out of God's love for his children on earth?

Has it not been a great sport that Judah has had on the human race for thousands of years now? Is it not time to let the days of Judah sport go by and join up with our advanced elders from outer space and join them living in peace?

"Chicago, the rapture is a fair way to settle with you. Until I'm dead I'm movin to bust you Pat," Judee say.

STRIKE THEM OUT! They're divisive. Is there any doubt whatsoever that they will leave this beautiful nation ruined if they are allowed to continue to issue our money?

It's over here Labor. Is it understood the Judah man is done for attacking us genocide? They're fading us out here assaultively with nuclear waste.

"Im warring you out for a thrill then I'm finished. We failed the big war," Judee say.


God bless you. God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Monday, January 18 Psalm 12
Genesis 19:3020:18; Matthew 7:1323

The Lord makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters. Isaiah 43:16

Jesus said, Do not fear, only believe. Mark 5:36

Lead on, lead on, O glorious Lord. Lead us on the path of righteousness! Turn not back to see if we follow; we follow you! Amen.

Continues at:

"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Johann Bach (1685-1750)

"They tucked me completely in, Casper stupid my life. Out side I am, I did injure you truly. I am closing for my enemy ways, now I die and rest. It was all for pure entertainment I took you away so now I go. I believe handsome should just be tossed with police.

My Miami Jew life style has stolen my Porsche. I have a monstrous sight to doff you in but right now I can't make it. I hold you dangerous for Jew attack. Cause of our tyrannies I fail. We played Jew dumb with you.

With Cinnamon ways I told you the Russian would push you. Without the white male wed be out right now, we lost ou

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