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"I Wanted to Settle the Argument and I had the Paper to Make
Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:14

"I Wanted to Settle the Argument and I had the Paper to Make War"

That of course, weap Judee. "I wanted to settle the argument and I had the paper to make war."

While Judee may have us looking sideways at every person of Middle Eastern origin, do we not see that it is only Judee in disguise that is doing the shooting out here?

Now that he has tipped his hand by attacking us with his great balls of fire, any doubt that it is only a matter of time before the paper gets taken out of his hands?

Do we see that when Judah loses the paper he also loses the ability to make war any longer?

"My Fraulein weapin force has closed my case," Judee say.

"We have got to go to peace, Judas failed."

As unbelievable as it could be, that was a reverse speech of a politician. Now if only we had many politicians who would feel that we have got to go to peace, might we not get something done?

Is it not clear that Judas failed?

Between his attempt to close us out with his great balls of fire attack in the middle of the night to his Jewish electricity waste that is now threatening to take us out in the hundreds of millions right here in America, is there not some sense yet that Judah has failed?

Tele receives:

"He's into space rule. 5.31 PM

Taught a memory. 5.33 PM

Dealer shells. 5.39 PM

You're being failed abusive rifles. 7.39 PM

Generals are forcing you out of here. 11.59 PM

H-----'s state has been received by some, you've been deceived. 12.01 AM

Cannibals be so Jewish they roll you with locks here. 12.03 AM

They purpose your life for your fail electricity.

A useless fraud they believe will hold you up. 12.10 AM

STRIKE London. 12.12 AM

Wonderful thrills coming in. 12.16 AM

Freedom halts your ricive. 12.17 AM

Freedom calls subliminal. 12.20 AM

Extinguish the plot to war. 12.23 AM

Insanity marshals. 12.24 AM

You're eating junk. 12.29 AM

Big cannibal assault is already over here. 12.30 AM

They tie you up with weapamite and make you die. 12.33 AM

You're purely furnacin'. 12.34 AM

I urge you to avoid permanent ruin. 12.37 AM

Death lost. 12.41 AM

They're stranding you. 12.42 AM

Contact is your coach.

A false deal will really scramble us. 12.44 AM

Current fist you HUGE. 12.47 AM

Their sphere shoots Russian. 12.49 AM

Tumor will seal you off. 12.50 AM

Sinners correct thee. 12.52 AM

They're coring your field sevid. 12.56 AM

They died you for sport. 12.58 AM

It's fair away. 1.00 AM

Security lost this house, this whole ship. 1.04 AM

Genus failed through launch. 1.04 AM

Closing up yourselves selfish. 1.05 AM

You be customers for ghostment. 1.06 AM

Failed strategy. 1.16 AM

Lose your life forms here.

They're all zeros. 1.17 AM

Mere idols. 1.19 AM

Sweet Pettudees. 1.20 AM

Get a pouch here.1.21 AM

You botched sale. 1.24 AM

Your mother is too embarrassing. 1.26 AM

Free them right old prisoner. 1.28 AM

Jew laboratory will scalp you. 1.30 AM

They're refused. 1.32 AM

Resist it. 1.38

Patrick's getting all fistic off, he wonít let war come back in.

America has been closed up, a fortune fist made ya." 2.15 AM

Just while writing this, something caught Bitch eye in the Tele receives concerning the hair that has been falling out of my head and on to my keyboard.

"Jew laboratory will scalp you. 1.30 AM. You're eating junk. 12.29 AM"

Could it be something from their laboratory that is in something Bitch is eating?

It just dawned, in the last few months have been baking some cakes? Hadn't made any in years.

Instead of elevated background radiation from the air, might it be something from Judah laboratory in the cakes?

That is the last cake this chair will bake until after Labor STRIKES THEM OUT and clears our shelves of their laboratory fist.

"I skated. We miniaturized your guarantee," Judee say.

"Get a pouch here."

Once we begin building velocity, is it not for sure that we will have a pouch to carry the receipts to the bank every day? For sure sure.

"You botched sale, your mother is too embarrassing."

As to the botch, did Father not explain it well enough to satisfy the most critical reviewer?

As to embarrassing, the only real embarrassment in Bitch life was running the machinery on the other side of the world that let Judee shoot his guns on our family in Vietnam. Thatís the only real embarrassment in Bitch life.

Bitch intends to pay his share of reparations to our family in Vietnam for his part in operation "rolling thunder."

That was the name of the bombing operation that Judah did to our family there.

When we weren't bombing South Vietnam with the 5 inch guns of the fore and aft of the ship, we were with an aircraft carrier bombing north Vietnam.

How embarrassing is that?

Bitch excuse? He was 17 years old when he went into Judee sport military. Knew almost nothing about Judee sport ways.

Recalls talking with the lifers in the navy that came from the Southland. The first pair of new shoes they had was when they signed up in the navy at 17 years old.

Will Labor not end the selfish and put a socially just economic system in that will not keep the kids in such tight circumstances that they can be exploited to get a pair of new shoes and eat?

Has there ever existed a situation that there was a permanent botch? Does everybody not get second chance? Seems that way doesn't it?

Isnít Father giving us a second chance to survive a nuclear war?

Embarrassing? As we die off in the hundreds of millions with nuclear waste disease, funding wars in 80 or 90 nations, how embarrassing is that?

As the generals are getting ready to begin their opps in America, and Labor is funding it, how embarrassing is it that we have not done a thing to help ourselves?

"The generals are set to bang you with some foul sport, theyíre close to banging you."

That is a reverse speech from a news reporter speaking from Washington DC. Will Labor not get into this and end funding this foul sport of weap Judah?

"Taught a memory."

Unforgiving Judah. The memory of what was done to him so long ago. He wanted to settle the argument and had the paper to make war.

What argument?

"We just had a swat and had to make you. We're just Jew dogs that failed great. We bash you inside for a loss," Judee say.

Are we ready for their inside bash that is coming in next?

"Their problem is rooted in abuse." A non -Judah speaker said in reverse speech.

While that is as it may be, is there not some way to bring the mass of Labor in to bring an end to the continuing threat these errant life forms present to the human race?

"I urge you to avoid permanent ruin."

Might that have been our good God above that said that to Bitch at 12.37 AM? Does Labor not comprehend that we are close to a permanent ruin because we have not acted to STOP THE WAR?

"America has been closed up, a fortune fist made ya."

Will Labor not consider the wonderful advantages that America offered to everyone when we had our Bill of Rights in?

So they made a fortune fooling and fisting us. Now that they've been refused and are going no further with us, will Labor not help us to open up the good America for us again?

Do we remember hearing about the America that had life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as our advertised and guaranteed God given rights?

Check book blood. Will Labor not end the embarrassment of allowing our workers check book to be used for cannibal opps?

"I'm a fierce intimate. The end run hurt. We fool catastrophe to sport punishment. Patrick wasn't afraid so he put our mission in. Our communists sport, nice boy threw them away. George always shot the boys fatal. I just score you abuse but mercury held you in for free. Our failure put our mission with Russia out. I force you blood," Judee say.

Elders refer to Judah cannibal complex of mind as, "animal primitivism."

What are we to think of how our high level extraterrestrial creators sent Jesus in knowing that Judah would have the Romans crucify him?

Might Americans have become the new world Romans for Judah sport to do his crucifixions?

Is it not something to contemplate, the top ruler of Judea, Herod the great, knew before Jesus arrived that he was coming and sought him out as a baby to kill him?

Jesus brought in the elements for preparing us to live in high-level extraterrestrial civilizations.

Judah rejected the rules of the extraterrestrial road in 1500 BC, when Moses delivered the Ten Rules carved in stone.

Judah tells us in reverse speech that he is a "Sexual psychopath."

Might we note the widespread rape he commits against those that he puts into storage?

How is this for something to think about, that is, if Judah wouldn't have gone for the nuclear blast weapons option, might elders from outer space have never stepped in to stop him?

Forever he has been tying us to the stake and lighting us on fire and lynching us with our hands tied in front or back.

Does it not seem quizzical that our elders, with their absolute limitless powers, did not stop him in all these thousands of years of his errancy?

Though have we not read of many instances of those who loved God who were miraculously spared being savaged by Judah? Daniel in the lions den when the lion licked his hand instead of eating him.

Or the bible story of king Nebuchadnezzar throwing 3 men into the furnace and the king then seeing 4 men walking around, the forth looks like a son of the gods.

Might we read those stories now as how our extraterrestrial elders from outer space intervened to save the men God loved from dying in the fire pit?

Might we even consider that Judah, with his insight, would have read the extraterrestrial knowledge and technology?

Are we awakening to who it is that has saved us here? Are we connecting the dots to see that we are of the highest-level creations in our universe?

Are we not appreciating that we have the high intelligence potentials of our extraterrestrial creators that live in peace and travel beyond our galaxy?

Do we perceive that the relationship that we have with them is based in love? If we see this, do we not see that the relationship we have with one another on earth is also one of love?

If we perceive this, will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Real splendid operation.

We got Neroed. 4.45 AM

Sweep the war. 4.46 AM

Judas ever fading title, he's hurting us. 4.51 AM

Close your despot storage right up. 5.31 AM

It's a castle prison. 5.32 AM

Set them out, they set you out.

He's fully died. 5.57 AM

I want you to pull them out. 5.58 AM

It's a Martian fail. 6.43 AM

The Martian failed us. 6.44 AM

The white boy died missiles. 6.45 AM

Failed stewish. 6.47 AM

Patrick, you failed to rise them. 6.48 AM

The gold fish hiked them.

Wake up this field. 6.49 AM

Drews have failed to the industrious. 6.51 AM

A full waste is coming in on you. 6.52 AM

You were refused for serious fails. 6.57 AM

They're closing up your stables. 6.58 AM

Get them out. 7.08 AM

Make your theory, STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.09 AM

You're letting down a beautiful life for free terrified. 7.10 AM

Jewry will leave no gentle peace around. 7.12 AM

They're goon snipers.

You lost your place for selfish, you died dura-cell. 7.13 AM

Rolled by crazy pup.

Dallas task force forced you out. 7.14 AM

We're past war, STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.24 AM

Permanent debtor. 7.27 AM

Permanently we fell. 7.29 AM

Going from abusive to real abusive coming in." 7.43 AM

"I want you to pull them out."

Are we not hearing the words of God our Father? "I want you to pull them out."

"They falsed us real tight." Tele receive. 8.23 AM

The poisoning of our environment. Do we not see how that will leave us permanently harmed if we let them get away with it?

Investors in foreign countries directing armed clerks to seize people and property with no recourse to American courts. Is there not some sense that we need to put our rights in again?

Do we not see Judah terror of war is to rob us internal?

Wiping more hairs off of the keyboard. Just threw the last piece of cake away. Will Labor not help us here?

Do we not perceive that we have our good God beside us to guide us into ever lasting peace?

"Try to perceive me, I love you." Our good God said to us all.

The Tele receives claming the Martians failed us. How could that be? Didn't they pull each and every nuclear missile round off of us? Yes they did.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God our Father for sending our elders in from outer space to prevent us from being perished by weap Judah and his great balls of fire?

At 8.32 Bitch said, "Good wishes" to elder Jason and Jason's telepathic voice mailbox shared this message with us for today:

"Pollution opps your family abusively."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Do we not recognize intentional trespass as comprising the prime elements of a state of war?

That we have Lethal Jewish electricity waste trespassing on to public and private property, do we not see that we should have a remedy both at the state level and also at the private level? Certainly we should.

Might we wonder, if we should have a remedy to correct a continuing trespass, then why donít we?

Is it any more complex that the question of who it is that has the concession to issue the money for our state?

If the people who have the private concession to issue our money, are also the people that are behind putting the lethal Jewish waste onto our public and private property, much chance of them seeking a remedy for what is causing us to lose our lives, health and property values?

"Pull their heroin site off." Tele receive. 8.41 AM

Is there anyone who doubts that Judah are dead fish here now?

For attacking us all out with their blast weaponry, likely they will ever again rise in any nation? Seems pretty unlikely doesnít it?

If they are not going to rise again with their dirty bomb technology to kill us off in the billions, could there be any good reason for letting them finish shooting this last big shot off on us?

What big shot? Do we give much thought to the big shot at Hitachi-GE on the other side of our planet in Japan that is poisoning our air, water and fields?

"STROKE." Tele receive. 8.49 AM

Strokes and heart attacks are some of the effects of Jewish electricity waste. Over the longer term, pleurisy and a myriad of cancers. Alzheimer's and dementia also brought about by radioactive waste.

Believe it, this cat Judah is dead Labor. Bitch had another nightmare last night watching the river crest. That's two nights in a row now dreaming of a flood coming in on us.

Will Labor not help us get the menace guy off of us?

Once we get Judah gone, do we not see that we can go with Father and our elders from outer space?

Will Labor not help us to get some better viewing on TV than the Disney production they keep running again and again of a bunch of Brooklyn Jews with their faces covered marching around with Kalashnikov rifles pretending to be Muslims?

Judah said that when you see him clear, you'll laugh him out of here. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT so that we can laugh him out of here?

Must the meek not now do the will of God and inherit the earth?

"We got to STRIKE THEM!" Tele receive. 9.11 AM

"We fake you to fierce you out," Judee say.

Have we looked forward to have some idea of just how fierce is nuclear waste as a way to get us out of here?

A air supply that is permanently contaminated with lethal radioactive particles to breath 24/7. How is that for fierce to us?

"Pat will get Kaiser mental out. Thank you Patrick." Tele receives. 9.17 AM

When we rid ourselves of the nuclear menace genocide cipher, do we see this time they'll stay gone?

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