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Trillionaire Teaches “ThoughtWare” Tech to Technologist
Sun Feb 28, 2016 05:25 - Trillionaire Teaches “ThoughtWare” Tech to Technologists By Alex S. Gabor - - - Written Exclusively for the LinkedIn Finance Club - - - - @AlexXGabor - Alex Gabor - Founder Infinite Freedom Foundation - - - - Alex S. Gabor & Associates Investment Advisors Soap Lake, Washington - CONTACT INFORMATION Website - - Facebook - About Alex S. Gabor - - - -

There exists on this planet at this time a rapidly rising global technocracy.
It is senior to all governments currently operating on earth. See Apple v. FBI.
It is superior to all military industrial complexes. See “ThoughtWare + Gabor Acs” at Google Search. - - - Gabor S. Acs Causes Earthquake in Concrete Using ThoughtWare - - Alex S. Gabor - - - It’s strategy is one of simple communications technologies that is evolving humanities most intelligent human beings to catch up to the technology of ThoughtWare. Visualize the concept of moving numbers from one side of a ledger to the other. Now imagine moving money at the speed of your own thoughts.

Imagine thinking the thought “Where’s my Tesla?” and your Model X appears in your driveway from the parking garage down the street where it took two minutes to charge for a 400 mile trip. You grab your cup of coffee just made by your apple thoughtware “apped” automatic Espresso Machine with the Starbucks brand stamped on your cup and jump into your automated Tesla that takes you to a freeway where all gas and diesel powered engines have been permanently banned from operation.

As you sip your coffee your Uber Thoughtware Apped Messaging System kicks in and four of your friends need to be picked up, so you think the thought, “why not?” and the vehicle stops to pick each one up and you didn’t even lift a finger to push a button. That is the immediate future. Five years from now it will be common because of ThoughtWare. ThoughtWare is owned by it’s inventor Gabe Acs.

This is documented on Google+,, and other older websites floating through infinite cyberspace.
The technology is being developed for applications in the financial sector using Bitcoin and Tesla Motors initially and will be expanded, shared and disseminated for free using open sourcing to other technologists. Alex S. Gabor & Associates Investment Advisors has been exclusively retained by ThoughtWare Holdings to identify positive friendly takeover merger targets.

Run this scenario through your spreadsheets to get a real life example of the positive results obtainable from the applications of thoughtware technology. You see a digital currency, or commodity if you insist, called Bitcoin in your mind. Your computer screen flashes the news that the world’s richest man is borrowing Bitcoins and all forms of cryptocurrencies, and blockchain backed assets and converting them into shares of Tesla Motors. You think trillionaire? What’s that?

Unless you define it in your own mind, you do not grasp the enormity of such a person’s mind. As you begin to fully comprehend the meanings of money and what Pen Bancorp, currently the only financial organization on the planet licensed to use the technology of thoughtware, is doing with it, you only slightly begin to realize that this technology has to be the most powerful tech on the planet. You begin to read how Pen Bancorp is paying depositors off planet (not offshore, off planet) the highest possible rate of interest on earth for certain commodities in certain quantities.

You watch as Pen Bancorp, through its exclusive investment advisor, Alex S. Gabor and Associates, begins the process of buying Tesla Motors stock from the Bitcoins Borrowed from Bitcoin Miners and a pool of digital currencies in Cyberspace. Within 30 days of seeing the impact of Pen Bancorp on the Global Financial System, you see that affiliates begin making markets in borrowed currencies, plowing them into Bitcoin and converting all these digital assets into Tesla Motors Stock, discounted distressed bonds issued by VW, German Banks, and other global automakers.

As Pen Bancorp Pegs the Price of One Bitcoin to $600 the shares of Tesla rise at an exchange rate of 3 to 1. The market capitalization of BTC rises to $12 Billion. The market cap of Tesla Motors rises in Tandem because of the automated trading systems being adopted by thoughtware users. It soon reaches $36 Billion. Volkswagen files for bankruptcy as the European Union faces the Brexit and the German Banking Industry collapses from a rising Muslim covert invasion.

Pen Bancorp goes ahead to borrow every bitcoin it can, lending it to the Friendly Tesla Takeover Company to acquire a 33% Stake in $TSLA. Every competing Banker hates Bitcoin and wants to adopt blockchain technology and bankrupt it, outlaw it or make it go away, but it’s already too late.

Bitcoin is pegged at One (1) $BTC for every Three (3) Shares of $TSLA by Pen Bancorp. It’s approved traders agree as the U.S.D. falls against BTC but rises against all other major global currencies, as wave after wave of flight capital from China, Russia, Europe, Britain, Japan plows into Bitcoin seeking the safest, fastest and highest potential return for the near term foreseeable future.

Since the ThoughtWare Platform was adopted by Pen Bancorp $BTC has risen from $250 to over $400 within 60 days. $TSLA was rocked from $$250 to $141.00 within 30 days but has now risen above $200 in aftermarket trading.

Why? Think it through. What is ThoughtWare? Pairing Bitcoin and Tesla Motors is a financial instrument. It is a tool to create a better world through the destruction of old technology that doesn’t help mankind survive and replacing it with good technology that does. Thought Pairing in the thoughtware process results in fixed prices from fixed ideas. Some ideas need fixing while others are old fixed ideas that need to be erased from the collective consciousness of humanity.

Like Diesel Powered Cars that lie to their customers built by Volkswagen. Think the thought, “I’m shorting VW stock”. See what happens to it. Pen Bancorp has a business plan to build an intelligent city. It needs Tesla Talent to do it. That’s why it is implementing its plans on loaning the Tesla Takeover Holding Company enough money, borrowed from its Bitcoin Depositor Base at 12%, one per cent per month for shorter term depositors, to buy 33% of Tesla Motors ($TSLA), and through Tesla launch a hostile takeover of VW as it goes bankrupt from fraud suits filed by an army of class action lawyers in America. How many of the 750,000 Financial Executives in the world want to join the Board of Directors of Pen Bancorp as it continues to “Move Money at the Speed of Thought”?

How many finance club members want to cash in their pennies for ten dollars each as Pen Bancorp continues to make a market in the infiniteness of infinite abundance? All the room is at the top. All the windows are open. Smell the fresh pure oxygen as oil goes to $10.00 per barrel, and the price of gas at an American pump goes to $1.00 per gallon. There are seven Board positions opening up at Pen Bancorp as Gabe Acs delegates the responsibility for the management of $500 Trillion in Assets to be consolidated under the umbrella that shields the world from a collapsed global banking system. - Next on the list - merging Zillow and Loopnet, and LinkedIn with Twitter while Yahoo buys Youtube from Google using its cash from the sale of its stake in Alibaba to Microsoft. Visualize this: Zillow, Loopnet, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo, and LinkedIn all becoming subsidiaries of ThoughtWare Holdings to compete with Google and Microsoft in CyberSpace. Stay LinkedIn. g! - - - - - Alex S. Gabor is a freelance writer. Alex S. Gabor's writings, articles, op-ed pieces, photography and rants can be found at various web sites such as American Chronicle, California Chronicle, Seeking Alpha,, Blogger, Google +,, Yahoo Voices, Yahoo Associated Content, Oped News, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNBC, MarketWatch, Fox News, and thousands of other online news organizations web sites through the Alex S. Gabor Syndicate. - - - - Alex S. Gabor - - Alex S. Gabor is a writer living on the West Coast! He travels around hitch hiking and buying pennies from everyone he meets that has one to sell for a dollar each. Currently he is in Oregon heading to Seattle and parts north! - - - - - willpwilson 908 COALITIONS FOR CANNABIS CALL For Congressional Investigation Tue Nov 10, 2015;article=155337 Original Story Written and Published by Alex S. Gabor and re-compiled and re-posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on February 28, 2016 on to the Message News Board - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson and on some of other blog sites like - - - - - - - - ??? - - - alex's Store - THE COLLECTED WRITINGS, ESSAYS AND POETRY OF ALEX S. GABOR - By ALEX S. GABOR - eBook (PDF), 420 Pages This item has not been rated yet - THE COLLECTED WRITINGS, ESSAYS AND POETRY OF ALEX S. GABOR - Price: $10.00 - Download immediately. - - The Collected Writings, Essays and Poetry of Alex S. Gabor covers the political spectrum, highlights his recent life and provides an insight to the universe of one of the worlds most passionate writers.

Since 1991 Alex S. Gabor has been writing articles about politics, economics, stories about his travels and adventures, entertainment, and keen interest topics of his such as George Soros, the 71st richest man in the world, and of all things pennies.

Included in this work are 8 articles which were syndicated as a column titled "Soros and Me", the beginnings of a screenplay, and personal anecdotes, quotes, sayings, and for the first time in over 15 years, excerpts from his first published work which has since 1991 become a collectors item by rare book collectors.

The reader is warned this book is not for the faint of heart. It is raw, high power impact, emotionally charged and might leave the reader wondering who this author really is. Available in PDF Format - - - - Alex S. Gabor - Confessions of a Sex Crazed Money Man: Alternatives to Twelve-Step Groups, Poverty & the American WayJul 1992 - by Alex S. Gabor - - -,204,203,200_.jpg - - - - About Alex S. Gabor - - - Stories contributed by Alex S. Gabor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Cure For Cancer Update 5 Friday, March 20, 2015 21:58 - -

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    • Trillionaire Teaches “ThoughtWare” Tech to Technologist — willpwilson 908, Sun Feb 28 05:25
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