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willpwilson 908
To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies
Mon Mar 7, 2016 07:59

Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs, and other locally broadcast and televised programs on Seattle cable channel 77/33, and streamed on-line, and archived as Federally Copyrighted Admissible Media Documentation, and other media programming at - - - - - - - - - - - Associate and Colleague - Dr. William Mount - - -

A more descriptive analysis of this project and how we can now begin to work together toward getting this project underway by setting up our communications platform to begin to map out this undertaking that is very critical to our being able to implement the Plasma Water Research Project(s) so take some time and click on the links and read what is a great deal of information and we will stay in correspondence from here in. (Dr.) Will P. Wilson.

Introductory Information that is sent out for reference to what I do -
I can work with your company to produce weekly one hour TV programs that can and that will provide a very highly viewed televised, streamed, and (Federally Copyrighted.) archived broadcast programming of your company's projects, auctions, sales, marketing, profiles, that is media that is considered to be educational TV but that also can serve as being a very high profile means of providing what can be a successfully broadcast on-line worldwide media to many millions of people. There are more then 3,700 North American Public Access Channels that can be readily networked and that can be viewed oversees on-line by more then forty million viewers. Reference this link - WillPWilson - Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV. - Wed Jul 22, 2015 -;article=154794;title=APFN -

To Begin to Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies as soon as possible - - - willpwilson 908 EXPERIMENTAL METHODS FOR ALTERING & DESTROYING RADIOACTIVITY Fri Feb 12, 2016 -;article=155743;title=APFN -

Plasma Water Filtration Technologies - - - - - - - - -

  • Prepare To Be ChippedWilliam Mount, Sun Mar 6 16:10
    Please pray that every evil plan of Lucifer falls flat on it's face. This one involves placing a chip in everyone around the world or you will not be able to buy food. Prepare To Be Chipped - YouTube ... more
    • To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies — willpwilson 908, Mon Mar 7 07:59
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