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IAMUFREE youtube Presidential Election a Lie
Wed Mar 9, 2016 09:10

From: Bob Todd AKA "U" Contact:



Former journalist and Republican congressional candidate, Bob Todd, who received 10% of the vote in the open California primary in '98, is calling on militias to defend the United States Constitution. Todd says many government agencies, local and federal, are violating the intent of the Declaration of Independence and mandates of the US constitution. "The executive branch has overstepped its authority since 1933 issuing executive orders not permitted by the Constitution, but legalized by the courts. The courts have been interpreting the Constitution rather than applying the Constitution and interpreting each case, and Congress is now controlled by domestic and foreign corporations, not 'We the people', these violations of the Constitution now being self-evident, I say tell these employees, "You're fired", Todd Said.

Todd says his independent campaign is unofficial because he believes we do not have fair elections with the way the process is being ran today, with electronic voting and court appointments.

Todd is asking the public Write-In "U" for president on a piece of paper and make a media event out of it as a symbolic gesture demanding a return to paper ballots then begin running our own grass roots elections. "Let's see who the people would truly elect if they had a choice, making a nationwide demand, as citizen's, protected by God and our militias, just like God had me form in 1986, in Clatsop county Oregon, called Zion, the brotherhood of lions for the kingdom of God; governed by the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ." Todd said he sought to claim land on government property for a church, school , and cemetery, and an emergency shelter for the homeless, but met much opposition, resulting in what he says were blatant criminal acts and constitutional violations forcing him to run for political office as an act of self-defense. "I read the bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I found out there is a God and freedom comes from God and truth, not government; that means our courts have to be just, not excluding relevant evidence and testimony, treating everyone fairly, without favoritism. Today we have foreign enemies based in the Vatican and abroad who sent agents and priests to drug, rape, murder, and destroy our families; forcing a non-biblical Christianity in churches and all government institutions subverting our unbiased form of justice, termed equality. The subversion of our Country is evidenced by the open favoritism to anyone willing to support the subversion of our freedoms. I personally believe that God will not tolerate this, but we as a people must repent of what it is that we are doing wrong, starting with the legalization of organizations that are against the freedoms that allow us to do what is right. Such as, the church of Satan, legalizing homosexuality with consenting adults, abortion and the signing of international treaties against the Constitution. These groups that are allowed to operate have infiltrated the entire country and have grown to the point of committing criminal acts in public, while our government's main objective is to spend money, creating a false economy based on paper, not based on resources and labor, and continually passing laws to restrict, we the people, while helping foreigners. This is why Donald Trump is popular; he's just saying what nobody else will, because they're afraid or benefit from the subversion." Todd Said.

"I love the Muslim people, the Jewish people, the Catholic people and all people, but I have a contention with the leaders of all those people for not telling them the truth about God's 150 laws and Holy feast days, what Jesus said, which are recorded in the seven letters to the seven churches, warning them to not eat anything sacrificed to idols, like our holidays, the government allows paid time off for, but is against the law for them to establish a religion, which also is secret a ancient weapon to invoke God's jealously, removing His protection, so that our armies will fail in battle; this is how the subversion began in America, teaching that Christ did away with God's Laws and Holy Days, and is the reason why all the protestant churches today celebrate Christianized-pagan-Catholic traditions. Jesus said He didn't do away with God's Laws, that we shouldn't follow the traditions of men and the whole of the law was summed up, love God and your neighbor, treating others the way you would want to be treated, which our forefathers concluded meant that all men are created equal. I say there's one law in America today, we are all equal, and that is what love is. God bless His people and the militias, and keep them safe, in Jesus's name.

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