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Democrats Pay For Anti Trump Rioting Nation Wide
Fri Mar 11, 2016 15:13

It appears that the Progressive Party -(NAZIs) - is up to the same old tricks they have used now for 100 years

1) Pay for riots

2) Pay for the Press to trash their opponents

3) Create Marshal Riots through Murder and Mayhem

4) Put in office their Prime Candidate like Cruz or Hillary

History repeats itself::

a) We saw this in 1770s leading to the American Revolution 1776-1783

b) 40 Yrs Later We saw this in 1810 leading to a war with England 1812-1814

c) 40 Yrs Later We saw this in the 1850s leading to the Civil War 1861-1865

d) 40 Yrs Later We saw his in the 1890s leading to a World War with Spain 1898

e) 40 Yrs Later in the 1930s leading to WW2 1941-1945

f) 40 Yrs Later in the late 60s and mid 70s leading to the elimination of Nixon as Pres 1974 which literally destabilized the word for about 8 years

g) 40 years later the NAZIs arise again and we see the same thing, which is supposed to lead to WW3

Same stuff, different decade

This nation has been played like a fiddle out of Rome by Loozifer since tHE began

Pray the Evil stops immediately.

Video::Dems Pay For Anti Trump Riots Nationwide - YouTube

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