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"The Shear Hopelessness of it" "Patrick's wreckage." Tele r
Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:51

"The Shear Hopelessness of it"

"Patrick's wreckage." Tele receive. 4.41 AM

Deep into the destruction of this beautiful nation, American Labor funds another day of worldwide death and destruction. Seemingly things are OK, as the store shelves are still full of good food.

The candidates for political office in America promising to send tens of thousands of Americas to the Middle East to fight, ISIL and ISIS.

If only American Labor would end funding ISIL and ISIS, might that not be a better way to STOP THE WAR?

"Patrick, why are you always scrunging Druid?" Tele receive. 6.32 PM

Bitch wasn't aware that he is always "scrunging Druid." Though might it be safe to say that he is deeply disappointed that Druid is the key component of the funding of the destruction of our world and himself here?

Judee fools Druid and teaches us that there is such a thing as a "warrior."

Is it not obvious that in our modern world there is no such thing as a "warrior?"

And yet, Judah hands it out as a job description for some.

As we are being physically perished, our air, fields and water poisoned. This even though we have been warned for over 4 years from the highest level of our extraterrestrial house, our kind Father, we do nothing as bankrupt Judah tells us we have no rights.

We, Labor, are paying all his comfortable salaries.

Is there not some way that we will choose to do something about it.


Though might we not note, Judah tells us that it is his margarine that has let him fool with us so?

Whenever Judah is found out and has to go, he always ends the relationship by destroying as much of the country that he preyed on as he can.

Are we seeing America is merely another stop on his tourist route?

Came in, did the right hits, bribed the right office holders, and took over the authority to issue our money.

A little over a century later he has foreign police and military kidnapping us and transporting us to foreign countries to be dealt with in his ways.

How could this happen with all of the police forces we have here?

Are we not understanding the power inherent in the ability to write checks for as large as he wants for free?

Senator Lindberg tried to help us, warn us, when Judah took over the authority to issue our money in 1913.

His pleas to us to help ourselves went unanswered then. His reward for trying to warn us? His little grandbaby son pulled out of his bed in the middle of the night and murdered.

The American business model that Judah has put in. Would it not be correct to describe it as an extortion, murder for hire racket that does genocide?

The lands of Europe that Judah claims in reverse speech that he has had the same job, political control of the people of Europe, since the 7th century.

A Vietnam shell Judee said in reverse speech they have been operating in Asia for 1600 years.

With their worldwide shell transplant people, do we see how when they find a nice plague somewhere, they can collect the pathogens and bring it into other lands?

The plagues of Europe that wiped out two thirds of the population. Are we figuring those were Judah plagues put on the Druid people?

His centuries of putting Druid to slay Druid. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God who has let Judah get himself out?

One of Judah big tricks is to write something that is almost all true. And slip in one item what he wants people to believe, that is not true.

Something that we are to take for granted as accepted fact, that is not true.

As Bitch cleans more long head hairs off of my keyboard, is there not some sense yet from Judah's most recent victims, us, that we are being exterminated yet?

Might it be the advantages that the Judah state has gifted us with, the economic privileges of earning high income, that has fooled us into letting him go on his merry war way?

How is it that an educated, well fed people, can ignore loss of their rights, do nothing as Judah poisons our environment, makes sport war on our dollar and allow ourselves to be perished so easily?

These are public pay rollers Labor. What could be holding us to allow them to remain out of reach for their intolerable acts?

Are we not understanding they are on the payroll that we make good with our Labor dollars?

William Sylvis died in 1869 trying to explain to ordinary workers that Labor needed to be sitting at the table where our money is issued from.

We are sealed into the biggest die off the human race has ever experienced in the recorded history of our species.

All our supposed leaders have failed us. Our highly educated have failed us. Our church and civic leaders have failed us.

Those we entrust with making sure things are OK, all failed us.

Are we not seeing that the only one that did not fail us is our kind sweet precious Father above?

Will Labor not help us to put this Wall Street war mess out of here?

Are we not accepting just how seriously Judah is disrespecting us by making war? Will labor not take our dollars away from them and end their disrespecting us?

Must Labor not act and put them out? Will Labor not let them off right?

Will Druid not let the false force of Judah go?

Tele receives:

"They're doing false arrests and murders. 7.08 PM

Have a nice rise. 1.11 AM

See a picture of Baltimore.

That's dumb stuff but it's your right to say it.

Jew folds with police. 2.30 AM

We fell to Europe's collegiate. 2.31 AM

You’re supposed to be dead. 2.32 AM

I pulled their function off. 2.33 AM

You’re right to say that. 2.37 AM

We were presented with great apps. 2.40 AM

Sorry you, sorry shot you all; Shot you well most times. 2.41 AM

They shot you overnight, it's spoofery dumb. 2.46 AM

They're still pursuing us. 2.47 AM

Patrick spied them in.

They GI GIant us. 2.53 AM

We failed from margarine right. 2.58 AM

A hearing aid cites you. 3.06 AM

My God, we're idiots. 3.10 AM

Idiot failed right scorch, fantastic, bumped you. 4.15 AM

Patrick's wreckage.

Good luck. 5.45 AM

Cheers. 5.48 AM

They're dying us ultimate fist. 5.58 AM

You don’t understand the air force." 7.13 AM

"We psyche them off on the para side. I've failed, passed you right; you'll send me away.

I'm a Jew Falcon force. With homicide we smoke them hostile. Unctuously I'm a para wit. I'm a wolf who hold you with my brambles. We smash minnows with a turkey boom. I couldn't score Bitch so he scratched on us.

I challenge you faultily to a casket. I just fear the white boys day so I dungeon them often," Judee say.

Are we seeing why Judah has to defeat the white boys all the time? That last reverse speech, do we see that he holds us in his dungeons because he fears the white guy?

Might we derive from that reverse speech the connection between fear and hate?

While he calls us "insects, vegetables, cabbages," do we see it is a white rise against Judah that he fears most of all?

Do we understand why Judah is always racing us?

A news report told of the white guy that shot his Asian neighbors to death. The news media points out, along with his picture, it was a white guy that shot them to death.

Milwaukee Man Accused of Fatally Shooting 3 Neighbors
His attorney, Christopher Hartley, requested a competency exam, which was granted. A court-ordered mental health examiner will determine if Popp understands the charges against him and is able to aid in his defense.

"I think that he is just entirely confused about everything, and I'm not sure he really even understands what's going on," Hartley said. "I think he has some significant mental health issues."

Read more:
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Before they went to the basement, the document states, Popp had asked where they were from, to which they replied "Puerto Rico." Popp, who is white, then said, "Oh, that's why you don't speak English," the complaint says.

Are we not aware of how Judah gets hold of people's minds and uses them to shoot other people all of the time?

Are we understanding why he puts white people into making war all the time? Do we see it is to degrade us best?

"We smash minnows with a turkey boom."

While searching the story of Dan Pop, found a video that had interviews with people who were at the St. Patrick's day parade in Chicago.
Here's a few reverse speech from the video:

"Bitch is throwing off our foolsy, getting rid of our pest. Whiffing rights is an awful nice field. We just assault them cordial. Crystal. I'm a fist foul, I mobile you dead. Cannibal is rudeiful. 8 months we'll be done. Patrick discover us immediately, that's why we use a child, so we can hike some fear. It's an Irishman we use to psyche you out so we stay clear," Judee say.

As with all terrains and communities of love, might we note that there are a certain number of Judah shells within the Irish community of love?

Now some news on the bright side of things.

The HHO researchers who bypassed the electrochemical phase and built a solid state HHO velocity engine device have one running on a big diesel truck.

It is getting high miles per gallon consistently. No water to worry about as with regular HHO, nothing to freeze up. It may take some time to see if it burns the engine up.

The valves are the first thing that burn up in an engine when 100% HHO is used.

The engine is running with 25% of its ordinary fuel usage.

To share some idea of the economics involved, might we think of a large bulldozer that burns 10 gallons of diesel per hour and runs for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week?

At a 100 gallons per work day, at today's low prices, about $2 dollars a gallon right now, about $200 dollars a day for diesel fuel.

Does that not give us a cost savings of $150 dollars per day, that is not spent on fuel if we have a solid state velocity power source HHO bottle replacement running?

Instead of $1,000 for a five day work week for fuel, now only $250 dollars giving us $750 to do with as we wish.

And how much of that $750 dollars will it cost for the device that will give us those types of energy savings?

A possible installed price with a two-year guarantee of performance, does $5,000 sound like a fair price?.

If we figure the solid state HHO device with a two year payoff, would that not be in the area of about $50 dollars a week?

So if we add the $50 to the $250 dollars for fuel, we have a fuel cost of $300 dollars a week. Our regular cost was $1,000, $700 dollars cost reduction, 70% reduction in fuel costs for a diesel engine equipped with a velocity power source on it for the first 2 years. After the velocity HHO device is paid off, then would that not be 75% cost reduction?

If we take as an average savings of $750 dollars a week in fuel costs savings, and multiply that by 104 weeks, 2 years, does that look like about $78,000 dollars in savings on fuel over a two-year span?

How about our farmers tractors and tillers? Are we seeing that our farmers may not be able to control what they sell their crops for, yet if they can reduce their costs they can do better in most any type of market?

Will Labor not step in here and save our fields?

For vehicles that already have an electric motor on board, do we see a velocity circuit will reduce the fuel costs to zero?

How might that affect a driver's costs? Hybrids that are getting 50 and 60 miles to the gallon with a gasoline engine and generator set driving an electric motor.

How about a hybrid cab that operates 10 hours a day that burns on average 15 gallons or more? At $2 dollars a gallon, is that not an extra $30 dollars into the cab driver's pockets each day?

Device install for a cab may be half the cost of a truck. Might we figure about $2500 dollars for a velocity circuit board installed?

Is that not pretty close to $25 dollars a week on a two-year basis for a circuit installed and guaranteed?

So cab driver no longer spends $300 dollars a week on fuel, only $25 for the circuit installed and guaranteed. Leaving $275 dollars cash in the cab driver's hands every week that ordinarily would be fuel costs. $14,300 dollars a year extra the cab driver will have to spend.

Are we getting some sense of just how cheerful velocity technology is?

While we heard the wise man from the Far East reveal that "the mouse will be king when he has "source" in his hands," might we probe a little bit deeper into "source" and where it originally comes from?

"Foolish to do nothing. Finish." Elders from outer space have said for years.

"Source," we find in the authority to issue our money. The tickets called money, abstract receipts of Labor, that give whoever has the tickets we call money, the ability to freely access the aggregate resource base.

The aggregate resource base that is comprised of natural resources plus Labor. Capital the tool that brings them together to create and make available the values we so enjoy.

Might we note that capital on its own creates nothing without Labor?

While capital has its rights that no one denies, might we note that it is capital that has been used to deny Labors rights so many times?

"Welcome." Tele receive. 8.11 AM

"Thank you Sir." Bitch said.

Have we noticed that no matter how abundant the resource base is, or how expert our LABOR, that who ever controls the issue of our bourse, can establish the condition of both Labor and our natural resources?

Our expert Labor, demonstrated by numerous researchers and inventors, showed to the world free energy machines over a century ago.

Have we not seen for over a century now the ability of capital to block our most expert Labor people?

The noted robber baron Jay Gould (1836-1892), who was reported to have said, "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."

Are we seeing that it is the ability to hire Labor that gives "source" its ability to do what it wants?

As it is "source" that is hiring all the war in our world, including the nuclear war that is poisoning our natural resources, are we getting some idea of just how powerful is "source" in our world?

Yet what is "source" exactly?

We call it capital. Yet is it not merely purchasing power? Might we not view it as a guarantee of exchange value?

At the deeper and more significant level, in regards to a nation state as ours, have our elders from outer space not clued us true, "source" is nothing less than "the organizing principle of society?"

All the talk about gold and silver, never revealing the trick of capital to keep the real truth secret, the plan from long ago and still today, do we not see the plan has always been to disguise and never reveal the "True value of Labor?"

Might we not consider that "source" is who ever it is that can direct Labor? Might we see "Source" as whom it is that has a right to take value created by Labor?

From the Mixt money court cases we learned in 1604 that the sovereign is the legal party that has the authority to issue the medium of exchange. The bourse, money, abstract receipts of Labor. The "source."

Might we consider that the king or Queen have the authority to issue the money? In a royal nation, certainly.

Yet what about in a democracy? Who is the sovereign here?

Continues at:

Is it not obvious, the sovereign is "We the People?" Was that not what the contingent acceptance agreement was when it was accepted only after a Bill of Rights was put in it in 1789?

When the king or queen is sovereign, might we not consider it is based on whom it is that was able to take and hold a territory?

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