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Two Live Missiles Found On Airliner Headed To Portland
Sun Mar 13, 2016 15:02

Absolutely Unbelievable - 2 US Hellfire Missiles with Warheads and Detonators installed in the missiles were found on a Commercial Airliner headed towards Portland.

So - why the heck do they search your groin at the Airport?????

Two - not one - but two armed missiles ... hidden in the cargo hole....

North Korea would have been blamed - Nuclear War........

1 of 1 uploaded - YouTube

Last night we did a story about US Cities Vanishing??????

The White House Leaders are Insane!!!!!

Serbia: Portland-bound combat missiles found on plane

Thermobaric weapon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba - WSJ

US Hellfire Missile Orders, FY 2011-2016

AGM-114 Hellfire Missile | Variants, AGM-114R, Budget/Costs, Specs

How do you hide this on a Commercial Airliner??????????

They hid two of these ...................................


We said US Cities may begin to Vanish - but these had US stamped on them.

So - what US Military base is missing now 3 Hellfire Missiles????????

Two for the airliner.., one to Cuba????????

US Army Logistic Officer - who is missing these US Made and Owned weapons?????

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