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Reporting Alleged Drug, Prostitution, Ring Oak Harbor Wash
Sun Mar 13, 2016 20:05 - March 13, 2016 - - To the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( of the United States of America from Will P. Wilson, the producer of the AllDayLive TV programs ( now having produced more then two thousand one hour documentaries this past fifteen years and as well I am also a highly noted worldwide journalist, author and research scientist, and I have now been compelled to immediately report a person and or thereof, persons who are allegedly known to be involved with the endangerment of young children under the age of eighteen years of age, being that of under the age of thirteen and as well as eight years old.

I am writing this report due to witnesses who have informed me that this person, and thereof, these persons whose phone number is as I have also received their unwarranted text messages is (702) 666 - 7364 - thereof, that this women, who is the mother of two under age boys who resides in Oak Harbor Washington who apparently is and has been working as a prostitute, a drug dealer, a drug user.

Thus, to be further reported concerning another party who is known to be another (Operative.) being a person who has also been also operating as this women’s live in partner being a male who is apparently as well also being fully a complicit operative living with her who has been in Federal Detention for more then fifteen years.

Thus, who is as well also being observed being a party to this women’s alleged acts of also apparent prostitution of herself in the localities of the metropolitan business districts located in Western Washington and the Oak Harbor, Washington surrounding areas including metropolitan Seattle and other localities located in the Washington State regions and not limited to just the areas Oak Harbor, Washington.

As I am being informed, that this women’s youngest son has been being apparently as well being violated sexually by the male partner of this women.

Thus, well as I am being further informed that this matter also involves the possible circumstances that may reveal that this male party is also apparently also molesting the youngest son while also partaking in the illicit drug sales, and the distribution of illicit drugs and usage, and as well as the possible partaking in the prostitution of the youngest son.

I am compelled to now report this women and this male party due to what I am now being briefed by witnesses who are reporting to me that this is in truth not an allegation but an actual series of events that they, this women and her male complicit partner have been observed being these parties described here-in and personally involved operating with Malice and Criminal Intent.

My information can be found here and I appreciate that your offices respectfully and professionally respond to this report as soon as possible. Thank you and sincerely (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - (206) 383 - 4817 - - I want the Federal Bureau of Investigation and as well as all Federal Offices of Jurisdiction to be made known that a copy of this report will also be immediately reported and published on the Message News Board - and to be further sent to several hundred worldwide media desks. - - Will P. Wilson the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs and other televised media from - and other linked and posted televised media and related and linked news reports that are in part are Linked by (Dr.) Wilson on March 13, 2016 - - - - - - - -
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    • Reporting Alleged Drug, Prostitution, Ring Oak Harbor Wash — willpwilson 908, Sun Mar 13 20:05
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