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"Tyranny Set You Racial" That is a Tele receive from 3.27 A
Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:34

"Tyranny Set You Racial"

That is a Tele receive from 3.27 AM. "Tyranny set you racial."

A polarized nation due to Judah terrorism. Working in the background, Judah doing all that he can to terrorize us. Giving us an incorrect picture of who each of us really are.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to put confidence in mortals. Psalm 118:8

By putting confidence in Judah, who sold us his war machine, do we see where it led us?

An all out surprise attack in the middle of the night with nuclear missiles. An attempt to kill us all in a few hours of well prepared shooting.

Our good God spared us from immolation that night of June 11, 2011. Again on June 11, 2014, our good God spared us immolation when Judah had his British submarines unload 32 missiles with 960 one hundred kiloton warheads on us.

Is it surely not better to take refuge in God than mortals?

Tele receives:

"You're nuts. 5.12 PM

Hike the police watch.

You failed, get a peace. 7.16 PM

We've virtually been destroyed.

America, you had your zoo in power. 8.13 PM

He's all the way an old man. 8.17 AM

It's thawed with him. 8.20 AM

Tear down that fun face. 9.28 AM

Geneva is here; don't push your lives out. 1.14 AM

We fell pura sight. 2.06 AM

To bones we're going here. 2.07 AM

Perceive you have manged your fields. 2.57 AM

Build some right forces.

Bilge molest forces. 3.05 AM

You lost your wages to predators views. 3.13 AM

It's sealed, the economy is going to force you out of here. 3.17 AM

You helped us. 3.40 AM

Stupid." 3.47 AM

"We open perished you," Judee say.

Once the vicious is off, might our minds be afforded the opportunity to begin a new phase of life, clear from the violence of weap Judah? Might we not clear all of his violence that has so set this nation apart?

Are we seeing that it is violence that has set us back so far? Must Labor not stop funding it?

Are we seeing how God our good Father has afforded Judah the opportunity to get his hostile, racial sport us self out of our world?

Judah, with his burning desire to kill us all, was it not sweet how he walked right into a trap he set for himself? Built up his nuclear force using false to sell it and then he pulled the trigger and pushed the button on us in the middle of the night. How sweet is that that he was able to get his violent tricky self out of here using a trap that he set for us?

Judah built nuclear bombs to use on us, and when he went for his big surprise missile shot in the middle of the night, Father's angels pulled every single missile off of us. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sparing us from Judah extermination?

Did we happen to notice news media mention of some of the gifts that Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau gave to President Obama? They included Canadian made dog boots, called Muttluks, for family pets Bo and Sunny.

Trudea says Canada's friendship with the U.S. has been matched by much "hard work" that has allowed the two countries to "do great things" together.

Trudea says he and Obama share a goal of a clean growth economy that provides jobs and opportunities to all citizens.

The news report goes on to mention that "Trudeau is promoting new announcements about methane emissions."

And, Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is also cracking jokes about which country has the "best beer and who's better at hockey."

Here's some recent Judee reverse speech:

"We just fix you fabulous with weapons and put in Germany's rules. We have symbolism pull you off with locks right. I'm a charade you right that cost you. We always set you the Ausch way. I'm a maximum corrupt on my weap side. I just punish you beer because I'm a fox force.

I bourse in my philosophy. Your horse metal fell to my rush. Jew always dies ment. I do wintertime for Elizabeth falsing. I handle you from the inside of London. I just want an elephant nation to shear," Judee say.

Will labor not help us get Judah Germany rules out and bring in the rules of the United States of America again?

Might we see Judah fracking for gas and oil as a way to cover up his poisoning of our underground water supplies?

Might Judee not be thrilled at the earthquakes he can produce by fracking to?

Is there not some sense of the environmental crimes he is perpetrating against us with his Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste war?

He missed us with his blast force due only to the love of God for us Labor, will you not help us to end his nuclear brimstone waste force?

"We just mischief for a foul day. Patrick told the cattle on us so I canít sneak. I just foul you and Pat found me with my usual brutaling. Our relationship is done because I shot the whole system. I'm indict wits to wash you off. With blood beer I can hold you to wash.

I wash your union for all days. I just take a 5 to fold you. My mercy inside is dead that's why I course you. If youíre looking for a foul payday Iíll bourse you. Hanford holds my truth," Judee say.

Hanford, the first plutonium production reactor. Located in Hanford, Washington. It produced the plutonium used in the atomic bombing attack on Nagasaki in 1945.

"Hanford holds my truth," Judee say.

Is there not some sense yet that the Jewish dirty bomb that is poisoning our air, fields and water is destroying our future?

Is there not some way that the victims of nuclear genocide will awake, see Judees truth and end funding our own demise?

"O my God, we've been rescued." Tele receive. 8.12 AM

Elder described Bitch as "deeply imperfect," yet with that, Father described Bitch as a "nice boy."

If Bitch would have known that God was real when he was young, might he not be less deeply imperfect? Sure.

Bitch was not able to see the higher-level intelligences of our universe then.

"He remained true to me." Father said.

Even though Bitch did not believe there was a God above until Father spoke to him some years ago, he still was certain that killing people was no good.

Might that be why Father said, "He remained true to me?"

Have we not read that the rules from above that were passed to us about 3,500 years ago, the main one was, "thou shalt not kill?"

For those who have examined the facts, is it not certain that God our Father is the sovereign of the nursery on planet earth?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God our Father said.

Is it not seen that we have been rescued?

Have our rescuers not informed us that because we have done nothing to let Judah off right, Judah is still taking us out of life form with nuclear waste? Has the bible not warned us for nearly two thousand years of the end days when fire, smoke and Brimstone would sweep a third of us us away?

The fear of loss of income. Is that not a top rated fear for sure? After having been kidnapped off the streets and losing access to my honestly earned income, it has been an extreme situation to try and recover from that criminal assault.

We have no rights so do we see that clerk employees of the state can commit major crimes against us with impunity?

Citizens, inhabitants, it makes no difference at all; we have no rights in a Judah tyranny at all. Do we not understand Judah policy is to assault us to death?

Is it not clear that in a tyranny there is no remedy except to over throw it? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put their guns and cages out?

Will Labor not free the children of God on planet earth?

Judah has gone in to be died off now. He has left his shells to poison out our nation to kill us all. Tunnel vision for Judee, tunnel death.

While nuclear waste is some thing recent that Bitch sees as a tool to genocide us, nuclear blast was on this mind for over fifty years now as the way Judah was going to get us out.

If we see things from a universal perspective and know that the universe in our sector of the galaxy is in peace and has been in peace for 9 million years, are we understanding that with the high level genetics that we possess, the same intelligence genetics of our creators themselves, that a violent life form is of no use?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God our Father said.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

"We challenge you to save yourselves." Elder from outer space said.

"That was our function, to die you," Judee say.

"I pulled their function off." God almighty said at 2.33 AM yesterday.

Are we recognizing when we come to an awareness of the truth of God that we may be approaching the level to understand all things?

Will Labor not join with the love of our good God and finish pulling Judah function off all of the way?

The angels that our good God sent in did the heavy lifting and pulled all of Judah blast sin.

Will Labor not try to give us a hand to help finish this right?

"When they're shooting at you youíre supposed to help us." A Tele sender said.

"They own a right to issue our money." Another Tele sender said.

Will Labor not take their ownership right to issue our money away from them to save your own lives?

Will Labor not end their concession to be the sole issuer of our money?

"They have no defensible rights." God almighty of heaven and earth informed his children living in his village on earth.

"I want them off." God said. "They've poisoned my village."

Need we be the third of the human race to be made dead in the last days of Judah with us?

"The mental boys chewed the vessel off."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Sir Jason is our technical representative from the Galactic Federation of Light. When Labor helps us to close the war out, then Jason can come in and help us close the nuclear war machinery out. Jason will help us end the nuclear waste genocide that Judah is waging against us.

Do we see that if we keep our union together we will be much better positioned to clean up all the nuclear waste material that has been put into our environment?

"You're phased to die. Get screwy." Tele receive. 9.41 AM

Went to watch the international news on cable at 6 AM, and it was not on the air today. So both German news and Asian news is now blocked out on the cable that I have here.

Is everyone aware that the big Muslim war in America is about to begin in a couple of weeks?

"We always end with a war siege," Judee say.

Will we not keep in mind, it is not real Muslim war, it is all Judee in disguise?

Is it not clear that Judah is done here? After his two nuclear blast genocide attempts on American citizens, subjects and inhabitants with nuclear missiles, plus his waste war on us, is it not clear he is not coming back in again?

The "cannibal complex, animal primitivism," his 4 speed problem. Are we not aware that his free will self selected therapy for his problem is to put us in?

"If youíre a genius I'm jealous," Judee say.

Are we seeing how Judah has stolen most all our brightest away?

"Save us." Tele receive. 6.32 PM

Bitch is doing what he can to save us but do we not see that it is ordinary Labor that has to save us if it is to happen here?

"Sparrows failed." 6.00 PM

Are we not seeing yet that Judah is doing all that he can to leave us all sewerage in this land?

With the private control of our money, do we not see he is taking our economy lower and lower?

While simultaneously he is funding all of the war in our world.

Are we recognizing the authority to issue our money is where all of his power comes from?

Does Labor not have some interest in saving everyone here?

Do we not see that we will have to live with whatever Labor does or does not do about it?

"They won optical." 6.18 PM

The war internal is to begin in weeks. Judah already has a vast prisoner transfer operation In America. Once he opens up with Germany's technology and Judee shell Muslim operatives, might we not take some real bad shocks here?

How unimaginable is it to consider losing a few hundred bridges in a day?

Do we see it is something that can be done easily with rocket technology?

"I'm weaping from Ottawa, it's my conspear, we're going to take them all out in a day," Judee say.

Just found that statement in facial reverse speech in the international news that was on at 4 PM today. It was from a high-ranking Asian Judah shell politician.

Is it not clear that Labor can STOP THE WAR in a day, keep our union together and put our Bill of Rights in?

Must we not act so that we donít have to sit through the next 6 years of eating and breathing nuclear waste in?

Is it not clear that we can act and go into the universe at peace, or not act, do nothing and die out in a nuclear waste war?

Are we seeing it all depends on what Labor does here?

Groundwater contaminated with radioactive waste.

The large number of diseases that are associated with radioactive waste. Die from so many things that never are shown directly that it was nuclear waste that caused the infection to run wild.

Might we have some clues about the route that the French troops will come in here now?

Are we not aware that Canada has been used as a route for assassins into America?

Do we recall that James Earl Ray, convicted in the assassination of Dr. King, told us the murder was directed by "Raoul," in Montreal Canada?
Raoul Wallenberg
Carl Allende
Morris Jessup
How about Carl Allende who shows up and invites Morris Jessup (1900-1959) to come see him. Shortly after Morris declines meeting with Carl Allende, Morris is found in a roadside rest area, reportedly having committed suicide by attaching a vacuum cleaner hose to his tail pipe and breathing it in?

A medium was called in and a sťance was held. The medium went into trance and before going in deeply, Morris Jessup contacted him and told him he was still alive.

Morris Jessup wrote several books about the extraterrestrial connection with our world. One he wrote in 1955 was "The Case for the UFO."

Bitch read "The Case for the UFO" and when he read it about the 17th time, "B" spoke to him.

Jessup had hypothesized in his book that there was an extraterrestrial computer that was operating in earth zone and had been operating here throughout our history.

Morris reported occurrences over many centuries of what he determined was a machine intelligence that was interacting with human Beings.

As Judah has known about our extraterrestrial family for thousands of years, and Morris had deduced that an extraterrestrial computer was here for thousands of years, might that fact if understood by the general public, not have blown Judah's cover?

"UFO's helped me physically understand God. Book review by Casey on Amazon November 6, 2011

Thank God for bringing this book to me. God could have chosen any number of ways to reach me, but he chose this book. It was just the start of my journey to know God's word.

But, the start is an important part. For someone who has no spiritual understanding, things that people would be able to see with their eyes, like UFO's and technology, are an important part of coming to learn the rest of the story."

Casey wrote that review after reading The Greatest Deception: The Bible UFO connection.

Bitch has not read it yet, was looking for Morris Jessup's Book "UFO's in the Bible" and discovered that useful review concerning UFO's in the bible.

Bitch did not believe there was a God. When God spoke to him one day, then he understood that God is real. Bitch then made the connection with the physical technology of UFO's, God and the bible. At that point a picture started coming together.

Continues at:

Now the curious messages in the bible that need study to try and understand, connecting what Jessup hypothesized, that a computer was speaking to us.

Understandings that

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