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"He Remained True To Me" The Federation has rules. Instead
Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:15

"He Remained True To Me"

The Federation has rules. Instead of statute law they have, "Most favored suggestions."

Genocide is illegal in the Federation.

Are we not yet aware that Judah claims a right to do genocide?

Are we not aware that as a people we fell to Judah genocide not once or even twice, but three times now?

Who would ever imagine we would remain sitting ducks and fund the third and final genocide attempt by Judah, this time with waste from his Jewish electricity plants?

Did the Federation not give Judah the truth 3,500 years, "thou shalt not kill?"

Are we recognizing that to travel into the universe we must have the ability to accommodate others?

Might we consider that Judah chose not to develop the ability to accommodate others and instead developed the ability to terrorize others as his way of establishing his position in society?

Do we see where his selective strategy of non-accommodation has led us? Are we understanding Judah never wanted us to go into the universe?

Judah could have had himself positioned real well if he would have followed the suggestions of our higher level family.

With his free will Judah chose a life of crime. He breeds his children to carry on in crime. He breeds himself up in every terrain so that he will have allies to carry on his crimes. His international worldwide rainbow coalition.

America now sealed into war unto the death of America and the majority of us who live here. Our fields despoiled by long-lived radioactive waste. Our oceans poisoned for millennia. Our air set now to become too toxic to breathe. Hundreds of millions of us to die off in only the next few years. A foreign Judah directed blitz now scheduled to hit us.

Bitch, a true heart, though his thinking affected by the long term suffering of violence and brutality in Judah tyranny, unable to get any help from Labor to bring Judah to his just end.

A visit by a head of state and his gift of dog booties. Is this the sort of stuff that will hold Americans into their death date in a nuclear waste war?

"We palace rape great," Judee say.

After lofting nuclear missiles at their subjects, the majesties, are they not now done? Will their subjects be as loyal and as true once they figure it out?

Their policies of miniaturizing us. Their Parliaments that false and make war. Their kidnappers and gunmen roaming the world.

The nice boy with the true heart, though suffered a fault. Too much of Judah and his ilk affected his thoughts. An accidental insult and now Labor so cruel and unforgiving, pushes America out of existence.

Judah still has $600,000 on Bitch's head. And people just want to eat right. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money and get all the free money off all of our heads?

American Labor sold out Bitch. Sold out God almighty to, even after Father made our bail. Sold out itself as it still funding all of the war in world, including the nuclear waste that is putting us and our kids in. All for the sport of Judah.

Has there ever been a more thoughtless die?

A totally corrupted and criminalized enterprise coast to coast and around the world.

In his thousands of years of his secret life, is it not truly amazing that on his own Judah succeeded in destroying us all?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God almighty for sparing us all from Judah blast?

Might there truly be an ontological difference between us?

Judee claims it was the margarine that done it.

Judee and his mind degrading experiences. "Diminish what they are so that you can take what they have." An admonition Judee gives to all of his kids.

Tele receives:

"He has some uncanny abilities. 2.01 PM

You abolished yourself. 2.07 PM

Paracide. 2.27 PM

Pull them off. 6.44 PM

Jealous failed for roots. 6.54 PM

I have some news for you, her majesty failed you; I'm a German who failed you Jewish. You're the man I actually opp aired. 7.16 PM

Very thoughtless this place folds. 7.22 PM

Force was all-stupid. 7.23 PM

They are lovers of death. 7.28 PM

You's failed just force in. 7.31 PM

You kept corruption in. 7.32 PM

Useless annoying late guys; youíre a fail to us. 8.00 PM

We're perished. 8.04 PM

Sangursky. 8.11 PM

Everybody's dead. 8.13 PM

Falls end. 8.14 PM

Jew savage power is significant.

They fall for offending well. 11.03 PM

They pulled our cipher with scrimmage. 11.16 PM

Forever they're out. 11.17 PM

They punish the cow with death. 11.48 PM

Judah emphasize rice stupid. 11.51 PM

Close them up. 12.24 AM

They slum us. 12.26 AM

They fell you out with an abvious. 12.36 AM

Breezed dead.

Totally pursued. 12.37 AM

We have obviously failed to parasite.

You have fallen out here rightly.

They've been killing us massively. 1.05 AM

You have lost your fields great. 1.44 AM

A bossious sight bossed you right in. 1.48 AM

You be sane rule here. 1.54 AM

Jeopardizing nuclear here. 1.56 AM

Right this field. 1.59 AM

A bright boy who's telling us what they're doing. 2.00 AM

A little shove and this country will be long gone blitz. 2.04 AM

Their aerial performance is taking you out. 2.14 AM

Their counsel won baking us easily. 2.17 AM

They score helpless you. 2.18 AM

Pat, youíre sourced. 2.19 AM

We're crushables by precious. 2.20 AM

Mort envious. 2.21 AM


Police are divisive. 2.25 AM

Patrick's accomplishment is worthy. 2.28 AM

Patrick's a nice friend.

You have a session right. 2.34 AM

It's finished. 2.58 AM

It's a bad theory." 3.11 AM

To harm another to satisfy ones urges, is that not a bad theory indeed? Is it not certain that Judah knew it was a bad theory? Sure he did. If Judah knew it was a bad theory then can we only wonder why did he keep it in so long?

He embraced wrong as his right. Of course do we recall, God gave us free will to go right or wrong, as our will directed us to?

We the possessors of the highest level genetics in our universe, special creation we are of God in the heavens.

Judah and his bullyboy thug. Might Judah have figured that it always worked in the past, why not in the future?

If we examine how one percent of the human race has been able to take over completely the entire planet earth and all the people on it, do we find anything other than ORGANIZATION?

Do we see why Judah focuses on getting hold of the concession that gives him the authority to issue our money? The organizing principle, do we see that is what Labor is missing here?

"Ethically theyíre criminals." God almighty said of Judah brand. "They're no friends of mine."

Will Labor not disavow the corruption and bribery of blood that has so impoverished the spirit of our land?

Went to watch the 6 AM news from Asia, cable gave this message:

"The video signal has been interrupted. There is an interruption in your signal. If this continues call mediacom 1-888-847-6228. Status code 225."

So no reverse facial speech from Asia early this day. Did take some Judee reverse speech from Washington on regular news.

"We're going to turn your place into Beirut. We blew the nursery from Ottawa. We set rules. With my babushka rules I suckered you fools rightly.

Grumman has not failed to pitch wars. I gave you big heimers in pizza. I'm getting close to ceasing my journey.

Your revolution failed to my missile from West Germany that's coming on. I'm going to see your wages falling with my ruin in here.

We'll all be finished in April so we're pushing out your bourgeoisie life. In April I'm going to leave fire to set you down.

I say we're going to take the majority of white men out, completely remove the white castle. We're now approaching where Papa's throwing the white for bad opping with us," Judee say.

The Tele sender from the other day asked why Bitch was always scrunging the Druid?

Are we not seeing that Judah tells us that the white is approaching where we are going to get thrown out for bad opping with Judah?

Are we perceiving that with an existence stipend in the ordinary person will be afforded the opportunity to not be lured into bad opping with Judah?

Elders have said that we need to be reisghted. The Druid is not the instigator of tyranny. Do we see white fish has no rights and so he seeks to eat and has let himself be captured to commit sin with Judah?

Have we not seen in our history how our predecessors put rights in as a response to Judah tyranny ways?

8 centuries ago in England the Magna Carta came alive with jury trial before one could lose his life, liberty or property. That our rights are gone now might we have failed in our vigilance?

Though might we not forgive ourselves for has Judah not always played foul?
Sixteen-year-old Andre Taylor was walking near his home at 100th and Indiana just before 8 p.m. when he was shot in the head and killed.
The victimís cousin, Sheila Clifton,
says Taylor had been harassed recently. He was an honor roll student at Percy Julian High School and on the swim team, she says. He had just visited Marquette University in October with his cousin.

Family, Friends Mourning 16-Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed;article=155885


Are we not aware this has been done to us forever, stealing our brightest kids away? Judah spots our bright ones in school and marks them out and gets them when theyíre still kids one way or the other.

Will Labor not help us so that no bright child, from any community of love, is ever stolen away? Will American Labor not end funding these shootings?

"They goaf us." Tele receive. 5.56 PM

"We're completely removing the white castle. We blew the nursery from Ottawa. We're going to take the majority of white men out. We're pushing out your bourgeoisie life. I'm going to see your wages falling."

Are we not seeing how Judah is setting our economy up for a big crash? Could Judee be right when he says that Papa is approaching where he may throw the white man out for bad opping with Judah?

Our world shot out while we ignore it all. Is there not some sense that we may be approaching a real bad fall?

"In April I'm going to leave fire to set you down."

Is it not yet seen the physical destruction of war is now coming stateside?

What might we think about this reverse speech from Judah today on the news:

"Friday the Martian will be in touch real well?"

Might Judah be going to attack us with another nuclear missile try?

"The Irishman killed my gentle rape well," Judee say.

Father kept me in Labor to warn his children of the destruction we are facing. Warned thousands of times over many years to STOP THE WAR. Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Will American Labor STOP THE WAR, or must we die in the third nuclear war of weap Judah?

"The Marines die when you see what we fist," Judee say.

Are we understanding some of the true functions of war? That is, after being sent off to the Middle East to slay our family there, do we not see that once a boy is trained that way, how Judah uses some of them back home on our streets to do the same thing here?

"I siege your mental side to hold you for my fire side," Judee say.

Will labor not get smart and free us from Judah mental side so that we donít have to endure his fireside? Has the Irishman not shown Judah's rape mental well enough that we will not take the concession to issue our money away from him?

"Rome, Geneva, I'm going to war the white sup."

Are we not seeing that by poisoning our fields it is our supper he is making war on here?

"I've been sealed from Pittsburgh," Judee say.

"They've settled us as fools." Tele receive, 10.13 AM

Westinghouse in Pittsburgh handled the technical details allowing Judah to attack us all out in the middle of the night with a thousand nuclear missiles. Will Labor not help us to straiten it out?

The hair keeps falling out of my head as I wipe it from my keyboard and desk. Is it something I ate or is it the high radiation levels we breathe?

Background Radiation levels Hundreds of times higher than before Hitachi-GE. Judah induced Radiosis, might that be what it is?

"They've moused us bad." Tele receive. 6.44 AM

Will Labor not help to put American Labor rights in again?

"My nuclear just helped me roll my apple. It's too late, Jews are out for fierce," Judee say.

Will Labor not let them off right?

"I've got a big day from Maryland to show you my force," Judee say.

From reverse speech, have found that New Hampshire is also involved in the upcoming attack upon us from Russia, Germany. France, England, Syria and Pakistan to.

Might France have shot the 130 youngsters in Paris to death as way to terrorize the French people to not speak about what is going on now?

"A dog tale is discouraging you from having a way out of fear. I'm pretty sure I'm helpless," Judee say.

When Labor acts and STRIKES THEM OUT, will we not have a demonstration of just how helpless is Mr. Fist?

"We blew the nursery from Ottawa," Judee say.

Have they not always had foreign troops to sic on us when enough of us got wised up?

"We're going to turn your place into Beirut," Judee say.

"I made your bail and you sold me out." God our precious sweet Father said.

Might that explain why Judah feels that Papa may be approaching letting the white guy go, for "bad opping with Judah?"

Bitch never intentionally scrunges anyone, though he is real disappointed with the passive American Labor funding of all Jewish wars in our world.

How is it that American Labor should be the one that has funded so much wreckage in our world?

"Oxygen funeral die minnow cheaply for theory. The whole country is now coming out."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Sir Jason will help us shut the Jewish electricity atomic dirty bomb off right after Labor gives us some help.

We've been offered aid from the Federation to survive this last nuclear war of Judah on us. Will Labor not help us to take it?

Have our elders, our good God above, not made our bail to save us all from Judah bloodlust?

"Donít be cruel to a heart so true.
Baby if I made you mad
For something I might have said,
Please, lets forget the past
The future looks bright ahead
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true
I donít want no other love,
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.

Donít stop thinking of me,
Don't make me feel this way,
Come on over here and love me,
You know what I want to say.
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
Why should we be apart?
I really love you baby cross my heart."

Bitch has a heart that's true. You wonít be cruel to a simple working man will you Labor just because he made some flubs?

So the Whitehouse pups are wearing muttluks as a gift from Ottawa. Is that as big of a deal as the firestorm that is coming in here from Ottawa or just minutiae?

"We blew the nursery from Ottawa," Judee say.

We have all the tools available to easily accommodate everyone on planet earth with excess and abundance for all. If only Labor will give us the peace, do we not see that we can have it all?

Are we understanding that Judah offended Father when he pushed ahead with the nuclear extermination of God's children on earth?

Do we perceive that Judah did this in the face of Father's love for his beautiful little Simian children on earth?

"He's no friend of mine." God our Father said of Judah.

Will Labor not think it through clearly to see what it is doing wrong by continuing to allow Judah to issue our money?

Are we seeing that once American Labor takes Judah out of our structure, that it will be the beginning of all men being freed on earth?

Continues at:

Are we not aware that is what Father wants for hi

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