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Bio Ethics Chairman Amy Guttman Perjures Herself
Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:30,160_.jpg - Do you know that Amy Gutman perjured herself as chairman of the presidents bioethics commission - TI=HT Targeted-Individual is Human-Trafficking - - Amy Guttman Assures The American Public, That If They Are Part Of A Medical Experiment... - - James Lico — - - Published on Jan 30, 2016 - Amy Guttman Assures The American Public, If They Are Part Of A Medical Experiment They Will Be Treated With Respect And Fairly. Human Trafficking, Human Experimentation, Genocide and Eugenics on American Citizens is happening right now and targeted individuals need help. Private contractors have us under second by second surveillance. We are being used as human experiment lab rats in essence. We tell senators and congressmen and they cant get rid of us fast enough. They deny knowing anything about the experimentation. Also i just want to emphasize that the private contractors are sociopaths who enjoy hurting and playing with people as if they are idisposable characters in a video game. Please help us. We need a congressional investigation. Please see my website for more information - This is your country too and this wont change until non targeted people get as mad as those targeted. Please call Senator Ron Wyden or your senator today. thank you - Amy Guttman Bio Ethics Chairman - - - - - - look at my website after reading the page on moreal science. Shouldnt we be able to sue them in a court with the following evidence. - Moral Science: Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research - - - The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues issued its report concerning federally-sponsored research involving human volunteers, concluding that current rules and regulations provide adequate safeguards to mitigate risk. In its report, Moral Science: Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research, the Commission also recommended 14 changes to current practices to better protect research subjects, and called on the federal government to improve its tracking of research programs supported with taxpayer dollars. - Amy Guttman Assures The American Public, That If They Are Part Of A Medical Experiment... - - James F. Lico - - James Lico - - - amy guttman no more human guinea pigs - - - - - - - Targeted Individual, I Love, I Hate - - - Vulcan Wolverine - - - - - - Robert Duncan - - Robert Duncan psychotronics - - - - - - - - GUEST BOOK & FORUM-DISCUSS Fund legal action - - - - - Steven DiBasio - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Namaste - - - - - Myron May was the FSU Shooter and self admitted and declared Targeted Individual. From this point forward you have now been briefed that when someone declares themselves to be a Targeted Individual (TI), You should think of them as a CORPORATE SLAVE and that they are actively under Corporate control by their Corporate Handlers. In other words, they are not in control of their own minds. They are under an extreme form of remote Trauma Based Mind Control. These shootings can and will happen over and over again unless you, a non targeted citizen ask your lawmaker to stop this crime against humanity now. (ReneePittmannBooks, Encourages You To Download The ebook About Myron De Shawn May, free of charge, Immediately) Myron May Last Words 2/3 goodbye's - “If the public is used in a medical or scientific experiment, they (the public) can be assured, they will be TREATED WITH RESPECT AND FAIRLY” (Amy Gutmann). That is a definitive statement. However there is a big problem with the accuracy of that statement. I am part of a Medical Experiment and I can assure you that I am NOT treated with Respect or FAIRLY. At first it might look like negligence or incompetence of the Bioethics Commission may be the problem, but wait because there is something sinister and evil about a commission appointed by the president for the people, which deliberately and methodically ignores each and every one of hundreds of people including experts who gave testimony before the commission in multiple meetings of the Commission. I didn’t give testimony because I was in the early stages of subjugation by this evil targeting program but I am caught up with the rest now. Just look at my Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Burn pictures below and you can see that there is a problem which needs to be investigated. All we are asking for is an investigation, so why not have an investigation? There is something wrong when conclusions by the commission do not address the problems and ignore public testimony and observable facts . What else is a Bioethics commission for but to allay justifiable fears that Human Experimentation is happening again and it isn’t just one person but thousands of people with identical symptoms and complaints, saying the same thing. In fact the president asked for assurances that the problems (human experimentation) would not happen again for when he created the commission. He didn’t ask you to gloss over the problem with letters of false assurance. My body is being burned by something and what I am saying makes sense because it coincides with thousands of other TI’s. The President asked for a variety of experts to testify whether it (human experimentation) could happen again. There were testimonies stating that not only could it happen again, but it is happening again and it is in fact happening NOW! My name is James F Lico, I am 64 years old and I live with my fiancée at 94263 First Street in Gold Beach Oregon. We are both Targeted Individuals, electronically harassed by Mercenaries who follow us around like bounty hunters. Before going further, I want to say that I have an Associate Degree in Biology, an Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelors in Computer Science, which gives me the background necessary to talk about and describe what is happening to me and other Targeted Individuals in a professional manner so that Experts can understand what I am talking about and then respond with appropriate questions and comments.
Continuing on, You talk about what the President wants and expects from you and also what you are required to do and yet you systematically ignore what is actually happening in front of your and the public’s eyes which refutes your “everything is OK Conclusions”. Amy Gutmann, The people are watching now and all of us want to make sure that important testimony about human experimentation is not mistakenly covered up with letters of assurance.
There were Expert Expert Professionals who gave expert witness testimony at the Commission in the public commentary session.
Dr. John hall, a physician and author from Texas, talked about problems with the common rule being violated by Human Experimentation with Electromagnetic Weapons testing. he said that there are thousands of people complaining to him and others about Identical Symptoms and Complaints which is indicative of and what Human Experimentation always looks like…
In addition, Gerald Schatz ret., professor of Ethics & Law at Michigan State University, said there is Law out there (the Nuremberg Code et. al.) but the Bioethics Community has been oblivious to it…
Also Author Alan Hornblum a medical ethics author, said non ethical human experimentation has been and is now going on due in large part to ignorance of medical professionals he has spoken with. You are talking about how President Obama wants experts supporting your commission. You should listen to the experts who testified at your commission because they did give testimony (I heard it), but they are not saying what you think they are saying. The testimony can be heard in the short video in this article and you should listen to it Amy because everyone else is.
So it is obvious to all that something is burning me over large areas of skin on my body. Amy Gutmann, I am asking you to do your job and talk to me and other Targeted Individuals about what is happening and about what they testified about. You arrogantly told us not to talk about what is happening to us without using the words of abuse and torture with electromagnetic weapons. How dare you tell the people who are being hurt with Military Grade Directed Energy Weapons how to or how not to give their testimony!
We are the people injured by military grade weaponry and you need to cater to us instead of ignoring us. The United States of America Government should come to our rescue and find out what is wrong and we should not be rebuffed by obfuscation from the very people who are supposed to help us. What you said about what you would not consider, tells me that you have not been listening to us on purpose because your conclusions are preordained to show nothing is wrong. Well there is a problem going on which looks like a medical ethics problem to me because it is of painful, In fact, People are being hurt, people are being injured and people are being killed by Non Consensual Human Experimentation with Radiation on human test subjects. After all the CIA has been CONVICTED of Human Experimentation with Radiation and Trauma Based Mind Control back in the 1970’s Frank Church, Senate Committee hearings and President Clinton apologized for it in the 1990’s. Now HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION is happening again and people call TI’s CRAZY because no one thinks the CIA would do Human Experimentation again!? The fact is that MKULTRA never stopped and continues to this day, Wouldn’t you expect help if you went to testify before the Presidents Bioethics Committee? There were hundreds of people all with identical symptoms and complaints. The Presidents charge to Amy Gutmann’s Bioethics Commission is
(1) Find out what happened with regard to Illegal human Experimentation
(2) Make sure it (Human experimentation) is not and cannot happen again with proper safeguards
(3) Get International buy in from other countries
So since Amy Gutmann won’t help TI’s with their problem and is not addressing the problem of TORTURE, then the only thing we can do is conclude that her committee is looking like it is covering for torture? In the Commission’s own Report concerning federally sponsored research involving human volunteers, it has been concluded that:
“current rules and regulations provide adequate safeguards to mitigate risk”. In its report to the President on the Commissions work and findings, [you can download the report here]-> PDF – – MORAL SCIENCE protecting Participants In Human Subjects Research, -
Americans count on our Government to do the right thing, but we are now under Totalitarian Style Surveillance and they didn’t stop there. They are implementing the NAZI agenda and so we are obliged to stop them. Targeted Individuals are in need of help with medical as well as psychological wounds. Our ancestors fought and died to keep us free and maintain our constitutional rights. We have a real constitutional crisis on our hands now. “OathBreakers” (people who took oaths of service but ignore them) need to read the constitution and disobey unconstitutional orders. To anyone reading this, we need your assistance, because as you will see, asking our Government for help with this is fruitless. In addition this is TERMINAL Experimentation because the only way out of it is death by Suicide, Heart Attack, Stroke or some other secondary affliction related to the abuse. This is your country too and this is corporate slavery and despotism which you must rebuke or it will continue. Tyranny by corporations does not automatically stop by itself. You need to smack psychopaths and sociopaths or they will keep taking and taking until its all gone.
So You can see for yourself that the Bioethics commission is Covering for President Obama on Torture. Please see the letter from the Bioethics commissio

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    • Bio Ethics Chairman Amy Guttman Perjures Herself — willpwilson 908, Wed Mar 16 12:30
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