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Might The Rapture Be Near? The sense from this chair is tha
Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:37

Might The Rapture Be Near?

The sense from this chair is that it is real near. No longer months, or even weeks. Maybe days.

The attack against America is moving ahead with no resistance whatsoever from those who are about to be viciously attacked with high tech weaponry. Are we aware the attack is aimed at us?

"Full sport," is the term one of the planners used.

If American Labor funds the Judah war on the world to expand internally against us, the righteous will be brought to safety by Father's angels.

Housing is awaiting billions of God's righteous children only 25 miles away, underground.

It is now 4.34 PM, this post was already prepared and posted earlier. Picked up a couple of telepathic comments when it was on simple site. Pulled one sentence out that was incorrect.

Did some food shopping and pulled several Tele receives.

Because of a few of them, will go through this post and pull everything that might irritate that Bitch can figure out. Here they are:

"Your riot irks me. 12.20 PM

You failed us stupid. 1.42 PM

Youíre poisoning yourself

Youíre closing lifeless.

The error hold. 1.44 PM"

Hope it is understood that stupid is not intentional. Might this reverse speech of Judah help to explain stupid?

"To keep you dolts I ever have a rifle," Judee say.

There were a couple more shopping Tele receives that would also like to share now:

"I'm behind you. 12.33 PM

Stay with me." 1.38 PM

As our kind precious sweet Father has stayed with us through all, I love you and Bitch will stay with you to. Thank you.

Here's the rest of today's post.

"We're now approaching where Papa's throwing the white for bad opping with us," Judee say.

Might we not read that Judee reverse speech sentence with a different slant? That is, rather than Papa throwing the white out, might we be approaching where Papa will have to let the white throw themselves out?

Will Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor, "why didnít you try it" Father asked?

Elder told Bitch years ago that in a transition of a planet out of war and into to peace, there is an "occasional failure."

Even though God is perfect, do we not see that there are "occasional failures" in some of his villages?

One of our extraterrestrial ladies who was on the desk one day told Bitch that of the 6 transitions she has served the Federation in, this is the first one that the life forms involved failed to stop the war before it reached taking them out.

Is there not an understanding that Judah has succeeded wildly and there is a MEGA DEATH die already sealed in?

The mass of the Druid peoples may be sealed out of life in days.

"Your Venus has ceased now," Judee say.

Might that indicate that Judah scientists have reported that they have enough waste in to sterilize us?

It will take years for a nuclear waste die to fully carry us away. Not as quick as Judah wanted with his nuclear blast weapons, but might it not be almost as deadly?

The understanding is that Judah scientists have reported that 95% of the white people will die off due to nuclear waste attrition.

If God's Rapture is enabled the righteous among us will be delivered to the safety of the undergrounds as the surface of earth is turned into a burned out planet.

Father and all of our elders from the Federation, never take life. Father will never harm us. As Bitch is picking more head hairs off of my keyboard, is it not fair to ask, how have we ever let Judah do this to us?

Did anyone think we could bypass being perished in the last days by ignoring the thousands of warnings from God almighty to STOP THE WAR?

Though might we not have to credit Judah with successfully pulling just about every single bright guy out of here?

With full paper control of ground forces in America, has he not opped all of those who would have explained to us what is going on out of here?

Our first, second, third, forth, fifth string have all been put in. A sixth stringer, kept in only by the love of God for his kids.

Is Labor developing an understanding of the magnitude, the extent of capital crimes that have been perpetrated on us by clerks that have been trained on Jew paper?

We're about ready to be hit with an attack by Russian, French and German forces, with the aid of Syrian and Pakistani troops right here in America. Ottawa showing them the back door in.

Do we not see it is the source of bourse that is at work here for our harm? Do we not see it is American Labor that is the source that is allowing Judah to silently ravage us this way?

Are we not seeing that it is American Labor that is funding it all?

If one day soon we awake to a nation on fire, as Judah has got set for us now, and the righteous are all gone, who will there be to turn to then?

Any chance corruption will be of any use then?

Is there not a glimpse or a hint of just how completely this nation is set to be destroyed?

Does the druid have some sense that we have some problems within our own community of love?

Are we understanding why our elders suggest that we need to be resighted?

Only days now, the massive perishing is to begin.

The Jews that are going to carry the internal war out, in reverse speech talk as if they are sure it is going to be a cakewalk to pulverize Americans now.

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Germany will attack with missiles from the air, and Russian bombers will assist while the Russian troops will do the big head banging on the ground and get the American men out of the way.

As usual, after the heavy lifting is done, Judah will go in with his well trained oppers and wipe out the old men, women and children.

It is all set and paid for already Labor. Is it not clear, Labor paid for our going away present?

It could all be brought to an immediate halt today, if only Labor would STRIKE THEM OUT.

Is there some understanding that though Judah batters us, we are not to batter Judah? "Humanely institutionalize them," elders suggest.

Will Labor not help us get the insane management out and end the sporting in their zoo?

"You're involved in sin, your lives wonít be spared."

If we combine that with Judee's appraisal of the situation, "We're now approaching where Papa's throwing the white for bad opping with us," might we not pray for mercy for our sins of commission and omission?

Is it not clear that American Labor has failed us all? Will Labor not reconsider and help the children of God?

Was it the Judee pizza heimers? The margarine? Or was the mild man of the north, just too mild?

Was it Bitch irritate? Bitch annoy? Accidental insult? Sore eye? Failed ya stupid?

Was it Judah perfection and precision ability to use the optical to hold Labor in to let itself die? Or was it the Judee smear of Bitch as some sort of not nice guy? Did Judee tell some of the people that I'm some sort of godfather?

If I wonít believe what Judee said about you will you not reciprocate and not believe what Judee said about me? Are rumors about you not about as true as rumors about me?

The first through the fifth string are already dead Labor. God almighty had to go to his back benches for a sixth stringer to find some one who could stay alive long enough to get a message to you of Father's love for us all. Will labor not help us and to try and save us?

Do we see we donít have a number one because number one is dead already Labor?

All that is left is a sixth stringer that is picking hairs off his keyboard as we all are being perished out in a nuclear waste war.

The thoughtless die of America. Our God given rights, protected by the American Bill of Rights. The best hope for man. Thrown out in Judah tyranny.

So Judah told us we have no rights. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put our rights in again?

Our ancestors from over 8 centuries ago gave us trial by jury. Now no trial by jury demand allowed, instead we are sniped down on the street by Judah cash paper.

Millions waste away in Judee sport tyranny human molest prison houses. Will Labor not help us to close this tyranny up here? Are the hostages in prison not mostly ordinary working people? Sure they are.

We are creations of high level powers, will we not try to reach out and use our high level thinking powers to care for each other and to save ourselves here?

We have a world of peace with abundance for all if only we will STOP THE WAR. To live free and not be put into any molest cages of Judah.

Will Labor not put our rights in again?

Are we understanding why Germany, France, England, Russia, Ottawa, Syria and Pakistan wish to knock us out?

Might it be they want to knock us out because of our great package, our Bill of Rights?

The United States of America has the best Bill of Rights of any nation on earth. Its creation provided protection for all inhabitants, not merely subjects of American law.

There was no claim for a need to be a citizen to be protected from the king's unholy and unjust corrupt wrath. The Declaration of independence claimed protection for all inhabitants of this new land.

The constitutional deal was agreed to in 1789, only after it was rejected first for lacking a Bill of Rights. Once our rights were put in it, then the two year process unfolded to have it signed by all of the states.

As it is in writing and took over a year to ratify our constitution, do we see our sacred Bill of Rights is protected from any violations of fraud?

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

"I won, I tossed you's out," Judee say.

Might that indicate that Judah scientists are reporting that there is now enough nuclear waste in to die us all off?

Asian news was on again today at 5 AM. Here are some reverse speech from Asian weap Judee:

"My sperm always pops you dumb. I just get inside you and hike you. Jew shot your wits all true. H----- took my atom because I would not compromise," Judee say.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to beautiful precious sweet Father for taking Judee's atom from him?

"We just strike home runs to dead white people. Jew obviously never be truthful to druell. Jew clearly pushed all Druid out," Judee say.

A curious thing to see and hear is when what appears to be a white person speaks in reverse speech about how he or she is dedicated to getting the white man out.

While Judah always gets everyone out, the top of his list is get whitey.

"Patrick's room beat us; your rigorous truth has given a hard time to our mental, our goose is out of here. Courage burst out the Jews filthy," Judee say.

"Cataster searcher." Tele receive 5.42 AM

Will labor not help us and finish here?

For those who have been around for some time, do we recall how J. Edgar Hoover used tape recordings of Dr. King's bedroom life?

Now with Judee running around with Bitch video tapes, does it not smack of the same thing?

Instead of talking about and responding to the life and death social justice and war issues, have we noticed they just keep playing bedroom recordings?

"I fisted you with 5 year olds to take the West off," Judee say.

"We have a contractor ever to deface the minnow. We boost you with merchant law, that's how I shot. I'm jealous so when we got a check I hurt you with my shack," Judee say.

Will Labor not end merchant law and put in American law once again?

"Jew's disabled for too much force on my mission," Judee say.

Is it not seen clearly that Jew is disabled for his nuclear attacks upon us?

While he is disabled, do we not see that as long as Labor lets him shoot for free he is going to go ahead with his big burn out of America?

"ORGANIZE. The officials went to the Ritz." Tele receive. 2.52 AM

They've abandoned us Labor. Will Labor not let them off right?

"We're taking you out so harsh it will take space men to mend you. Jew knows youíre going to hold me to die, so I got a zero contract to catastrophe you. I got a contract to bug out," Judee say.

Our space men family is helping us. Will Labor not help us before Judah takes our beautiful nation out?

"I'm weapin off the white man. We invest in Soviets to shove you in," Judee say.

The Jew who said that appeared to be white. Does the Druid not as of yet understand how seriously our life form is hazarded to be put out of here for good?

"I'm a virtual fail and coming out of here fierce. I'm a zipperdee that molest ya," Judee say.

Is Labor not seeing that Judah is dead, and yet he is taking us out of life form with his war using American Labor to fun him?

"I obviously fierce war. My happiness is seeing my parents rolled Uncle Sam stupid," Judee say.

Will Labor not help us at all?

"The fifty states war is over," Judee say.

Do we not see though Labor, because American Labor is still funding it, Judah is still taking us out?

"You'll roll me for Roach. Your respiratory will challenge you from here on out," Judee say.

Are we understanding the nuclear waste in our air is to lethal us out of here? Is there not some understanding that we are being put to death in an all out nuclear war?

Does Labor not see that we are in this together?

"We got the white guys country, raping them all dead big time. I'm going away registered Looney. I'm obviously ill. I'm gonna bore you with my friends to put you away right. I'm taking Druid and the United States out with a cinch. You lost your life force, you lost your life," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"They ghosted out of here. 4.20 PM

The waste is obvious. 4.50 PM

They goaf us. 5.56 PM

Britain preset ya's.

Our rights are over failed. 7.06 PM

It's dumb failed. 7.07 PM

The streets are really packed with wreckage. 7.10 PM

Frosty is peeping in our window.

No more of this prejudice pure. 7.13 PM

Refused the nation, sinking justly. 7.14 PM

Outfaced. 7.22 PM

Righteous failed us. 7.25 PM

Error in race thought. 7.27 PM

Righteous keeps talking endlessly. 7.28 PM

Tyranny won. 7.29 PM

Politics, impostor zoo. 8.22 PM

In days you will leave horrible torment here. 8.24 PM

He's dying you nuclei. 8.25 PM

Jupiter will adopt all the kids while juicy nation scalds ya's.

Mind your haslee. 10.31 PM

You failed your gen, you failed yourself.


Lets restore ourselves from failure. 12.35 AM

They burnish bad. 12.35 AM

Their lie forces staged us. 12.37 AM

Barbeque is federal. 12.41 AM


The police have been scorching us.

Your pulses are dead great. 1.51 AM

Hydra percept. 2.10 AM

Close them up. 2.20 AM

Foolish fear. 2.22 AM


The officials went to the Ritz.

Bitch is super failed. 5.40 AM

Catatser searcher. 6.48 AM

You found my torturers." 10.55 AM
We've been warned thousands of times by Father to STOP THE WAR. Have our elders from outer space not shared with us a fact, "youíre involved in sin, your lives won't be spared? Will Labor not take cognizance of that warning from outer space?

"We came to warn you." Our Qwill friend Sir Morris said.

Will Labor not hear the word of our good Lord and try to save us from being perished by weap Judah?

"They arrange rival with a civis force and then paste."

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

Is that not a nice brief description of what Judah has done here?

He uses his tyranny to pretend that he is protecting us from the bad guys, gets us pacified and then pastes us.

Are we not thanking our good God for letting Judah get himself gone on out of Father's village on earth?

Are we seeing how our good God has set us to have the meek step in here and inherit the earth?

"Suitable." Tele receive. 8.14 AM

Thank you for that finding.

Might we not say a prayer that Labor will step in here, STRIKE THEM OUT and remove the concession to issue America's money?

Continues at:

Must Labor not do it before we are fully sported with the missiles of Germany and the bombers of Russia?

"I made your bail and you sold me out." God our Father said.

Will Labor

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