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To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies
Fri Mar 18, 2016 14:30

To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies - March 18, 2016 To those respected people who receive this e-mail correspondence from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, and to let you know to please let me know about your important and respected concerns about what I am presenting to you here as that you have had some time to think about what I am proposing here, - I need immediate assistance, support, networks, seriously concerned people in the areas of funding support, technological, architecture, management, marketing, guidance and applications associations and as well as very concerned people's time to help to make this critical project an important and continuously expanding undertaking and very real reality as soon as possible. . -

Due to the currently occurring worldwide Fukushima Nuclear Contamination and the now more then fifteen thousand other Nuclear Contamination Events Now Occurring on our planet and as well here in the United States that I (Dr.) Will P. Wilson am urgently Trying to a Start Plasma Water Filtration Technology Research and Educational Media Program - So please get back to me if you are interested in participating with me in helping to get this very serious undertaking underway - Sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - willpwilson 908 EXPERIMENTAL METHODS FOR ALTERING & DESTROYING RADIOACTIVITY - Fri Feb 12, 2016 -;article=155743;title=APFN - willpwilson 908 - To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies - Mon Mar 7, 2016 -;article=155844;title=APFN;pagemark=20 - fukushima extinction event - - - - - -

Whereas that at this time our entire planet is now in suicidal death spiral and worldwide extinction event and my having worked with many of the world's leading scientists that I can, and that I will follow through with this project providing that I can find concerned people who can help me to get this project underway. I cannot do anything without an aware and responsible people and community who can see what this project means to our communities and for their own future generational destinies. Sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, (206) 383 - 4817 - And, Please at least acknowledge to me that you have received this e-mail correspondence.

massive pacific ocean die off -

March 16, 2016 News Reports About Targeted Individuals (T - I) by Unwarranted Psychotronic Warfare Experimentation and Directed Energy Weapons being used on Peoples Worldwide.;article=155897;title=APFN;

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 3:05 AM, Will P. Wilson wrote:
From Will P. Wilson. To those who have been helping me financially to be able to survive as that I have been surviving on a one thousand dollar a month Vietnam Veterans Pension since 2003, and to those people, truly thank you for helping me to be able to financially survive and to help me to be able to pay my rent. You have helped me to literally save my life. Thank you. - - - - -

In consideration of my own career background and resume and the level of my contributing qualifications that endorse and compliment this project with the highest referenced, respected, recognition.

And, regarding future contributing parties to this project who have highly regarded career qualifications, and ranking career expertise and management experience.

In my perspective and standpoint, as to why I have to have even more clarification, and supportive inclination from and by our community, referencing the needs of good people like ourselves, who can continue to keep on track and to then also continue to stay focused on such projects as this Plasma Water Research and Development Non Profit Managed Program.

That this Plasma Water Filtration Technological Research and Development Project will as well, play a key part in the now expanding Seed to Sale Agricultural Banking Sectors and that will also be involving future Federal and State Legislative Precedence and that will be as well also be supported with Federally Copyrighted Educational Media also.

Referenced Informational News Reports & Links - apfn Cannabis Media -
willpwilson 908 Cannabis & Hemp Legislative Educational Research Media & TV. Wed Jul 22, 2015 -;article=154794 - - -

Projects that are in fact very important and need our further attention and all of our as well, limitless implementable efforts to make these projects move and advance into becoming a much better and dynamically based reality, that will be fully supported with limitless success, and unavoidable and yet, very over due prosperity for all of us.

And, as well, if these project(s) once they are begun, and once the necessary instruments like the implementation of project 501 (3) (C) Not For Profit and Foundation Infrastructures in order to properly and lawfully to try and to set this program up for it to be proper and fully legal.

Thereof, and that this will then help to start to find proper and necessary funding for this urgently needed research and educational media supported project infrastructure. -

Departmental project goals and initiatives that will be built into this project that will thus provide supporting educational media as well. Educational Federally Copyrighted Media that will be participating in the media documentation directly pertaining to all project goals in the areas of Plasma Energy Research and Energy Technology Research and Development.

Thus this project will also be involving all affiliated Agricultural, Plasma Water Filtration Energy and Water Irrigation Technology, involving Seed to Sale Banking, Databasing and Plant Genetics Research, and much more.

My AllDayLive TV program, now going 14th yearly broadcast season and my having contributed and participated with Paticia Shupe and Don Grahn in the weekly Call4Investigation TV show that is now going on it's fifteenth year.

And, in full recognition of my having been an un paid, un financed, and un aware stay out of trouble community member for more then fifteen years. And, as my having been and served as a public service and not ever having been paid to do the service that I and that we do for our community.

I do hope that this Plasma Water Nuclear De-Contamination Filtration Technology Project can be funded and that I find participating and contributing parties for this to get underway as soon as possible.

This project is now appearing to be gaining viability and respectability, and consumer notability as well.

That this project will thus also begin to find necessary and proper assistance and that I and the participating project supporting staff will be working with reputable and effective management systems, respected expertise at the highest executive management level in everything from Data Base Administrative and Management Architecture and Systems Operations.

For example putting together an advanced technological standards process, etc, that will as well be involving newly emerging sectors of agricultural in the areas of Seed to Sale Banking, Inventory, and so forth.

Technological standards and practices that will be including state of the art Security, Bar Code Agricultural Gene Mapping, Plant Strain and Seed Research, that involve this Plasma Water Irrigation technologies that will then be playing a key part in Genetic Selection Data Base indexing.

That this indexing factors will then compliment the future means of developing a very advanced agricultural and plasma technologies, with adequate and available grant and funding support, and more,

Thereof, that it might actually become a working plan that we put together and that we should also consider for interested participating land owners with acreage that is located here in the Northwest and throughout North America.

To explore and to work with future affiliated partners who will have land and research sites for the future applied Plasma Water Research and for the future Development of Seed to Sales Data Base Research Projects, involving advanced Data Based Security.

Thus also involving as well a growing number of other out of state and even out of country, contracted and licensed Hemp and Cannabis Farming and Processing and for all agriculture sectors.

And, any endless number of other beneficial and healing plants to considered for agriculture and scientific, research, and expanding business management and commerce, trade, shipping and processing infrastructures .

Thus if we were to contact and possibly contract with companies such as the Mr. Nice Seed Company that is as well is considered to be one of the largest Cannabis and Hemp Seed Companies in North America, and also the first pioneers to innovative systems architecture in the Medical and Commercial Cannabis industries, participating in the first actual 501 - 502 Cannabis and Hemp Commercial Grow Facilities in eastern Washington State.

That all of these perspectives may have prevailed and will further serve as the key and critical means and where-with-all for providing supportive remedy with endless and opportunistic catalytic and cooperative implementable possibilities that you may want to consider.

That we do now have s serious and inevitable mis-happed direction of our current destiny that needs to either thus have us as being the current worldwide community who in order for us to now to try to change this destiny that we have been on and to now our somehow now time being that we further still try as a people and as a community.

To try to re-stear the participating industries and supporting our current planetary course of future realms that may and or that may not be headed in the best direction at this time for serving in our best interests.

In consideration that we may be on the verge of international conflicts that may be leading to events building up to being what experts consider and that have been referring to as becoming World War 3 that is or that may very likely erupt at any time right now, etc. that these events will be further spreading nuclear contamination more so throughout our planetary environment and water ways.

To thus possibly go in another direction of change away from the course that we are currently on right now and begin to go in the right direction as soon as possible..

And thereof, in due course concerning all who are considered to be what many consider to be respected with our God's Given Integrity and as well as their being today's good people of the human race who at this current time may be on the verge of being now able to possibly recognize the reasons for be able to make ourselves able to now be able to survive the current global events.

Due to the ensuing global and now worldwide financial system now apparently being on the verge global financial collapse, that is now also involving earth geo physical changes, wars, bio warfare atmospheric chem-trail nano particulate that can also be neutralized with this Plasma Water Filtration Technology.

Thus that I and you, you name it, they who are the not good people of this planet are doing all that they can to try to put this whole planet out of commission and turn it into being the third asteroid belt around our sun.. .

Also, the Mr. Nice Seed Company is the North American partner to the Shantibaba and Howard Marks European consortium of companies based out of the Holland and Netherlands, areas of Europe, etc.,

Thanks again, - -

willpwilson 908 EXPERIMENTAL METHODS FOR ALTERING & DESTROYING RADIOACTIVITY Fri Feb 12, 2016 -;article=155743;title=APFN
= = = = = =
March 09, 2016 March 09, 2016 Regarding - willpwilson - To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies -;article=155844;title=APFN - involving serious and much more complex realms of what we are soon to begin to see.

I, or thereof, that this project needs to be funded and to be set up as a non profit research and educational media foundation and I am trying to do all that I can to get this underway. Against all odds and literally no one even indicating that they will help me to find proper funding. I cannot do this on nothing.

For example, in 1993, after having worked with world renown founder of one of the leading Russian Heavy Water Research Institutes, the noted Dr. Yull Brown and helping him to write his patents, and as well, having known and worked with many of the world's leading scientific community like that of the scientist named Stanley Meyer design -
and Paul Pantone - apfn Paul Pantone - - willpwilson 908 Paul Pantone Inventor of Plasma Technology Has Passed Away. -

Thereof - I was working with Michael Wells Mandeville, Burt Webb, (Founder of Cybercon computer networks.), and as well with the noted scientist Frank Stasny, the head of Boeing's highly secret UFO research division who participated with me in creation of the UFO Contact Center International, the UFOCCI, and as well as the National UFO Reporting Line that is now managed by Peter Davenport, of whom I had trained to run this program,

Thereof, that later we handed over our more then fifty thousand UFOCCI member subscriber-ship in order to create the MUFON program,in the early 1990s ( -

I had worked with these noted scientists to create a scientific protocol to begin to create research and development in the areas for growing elemental crystal recovery providing the means to harvest from simply gold ionic water factors large amounts of gold and as well as creating unknown materials in never before seen before realm of atomic and elemental composition and that involved new forms of scientific spectral mapping.

Frank Stasny was at the time one of the heads of the Boeing Flight System Quality Control, and Gary Hawkins, Dan Youra, Dr. Richard Allen Miller, ( also the mining engineer Jack Keller, and as well as with the Boeing Experimental Materials Division, etc, and other scientists, and that we were literal

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