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"Get Your Fist Bad Tucked Away" Thank you Sir Jason for tha
Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:17

"Get Your Fist Bad Tucked Away"

Thank you Sir Jason for that message today.

"Get your fist bad tucked away."

Are we all on the same page, that is are we aware that the only group that can get our fist bad tucked away is American Labor?

The appeal is to you in God's name American Labor to STOP THE WAR.

Weap Judah and his natural ways. He could have stayed by himself and no one may have cared except for his one fatal flaw, he would not end his genocide of the other kids in the nursery of God.

How many can we only wonder have glimpsed the true majesty and glory of our good God in heaven above?

Have God's angels not demonstrated supernatural powers in their sparing us from the rod of Judah?

"I'm just going to take a pass with BM and core you. My arrangement force is continental stash."

Those reverse speech were found late yesterday in high level state Judah speakers.

Might the "BM" indicate "Ballistic missile?"

Might Judah have a stash of hidden nuclear missiles that he is now going to use to attack America with?

Will we not pray that God's angels do not falter as Judah again attacks us with his stash of nuclear missiles?

Might the horror of all out nuclear war be so terrible that we just have put the thought of it ever happening out of our minds?

Now that Judah made his move to give nuclear blast genocide to us, will we not act and let them go? Has our good God not let Judah show us his hand?

By putting us into eternal war might Judah have thought he could kill God's love for us? Our good God is all merciful and forgiving. Will we not turn to him in our hour of perishing and ask for help?

Will Labor not let Judah go into the past now? Will Labor not let them off right?

The life jacket for that blustery day when the rolling waves let the wind sweep a spirit off the deck and into the cold icy waters.

The American Bill of Rights. Will it be a real life jacket that we can count on to save us from the cold icy waters or be lost and missing and let us drown? Will Labor not put our rights in again?

"You win," Judee say.

Will Labor not put our rights in again? Have we not heard the phrase, "The life you save may be your own?"

"I judged," Judee say.

Mathew 7:1 Judge not lest you should be judged

7:3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brothers eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own?

Philippians 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

Philippians 3:2 Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh

Look out for those who mutilate the flesh.

Beware of the mutilators.

Beware of those who mutilate the flesh.

Beware of the bad workmen, the self mutilators.

"The mutilation of the flesh."

Are we making some connection with the "MARKING" that our elders from outer space have done by the cattle mutilations over many decades?

Are we not aware that the nuclear waste that Judah is poisoning God's village with is intended to mutilate us at the genetic level?

Are we understanding that Jewish nuclear power plants are merely one aspect of Judah sporting us genocide?

Watch out for those dogs.

Beware of dogs.

Psalm 22:20 Deliver me from the sword, my precious life from the power of the dogs.

"I used a weapon of sight to core you out dead. I scored you ocula," Judee say.

To give us some understanding of bible verse, might we not consider Psalm 22:20 was given to us by our high level family, the Galacticans, to help us when it was time for Judah to go away from us?

The Galacticans had several million years of making war and when they discovered the Prenasour civilization they found their way to peace 9 million years ago using verse that had been gifted to them from the lost civilization of the Periadon Beings.

The Periadon Beings having departed existence after 78 million years of living in peace.

Mathew 24:35 "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.

Are we seeing that the ancient lineage of peace we have precedes the Galactican civilization by the 78 million years of the Prenasour civilization?

The Prenasour civilization passed out of existence 12 million years before the Galacticans discovered it.

At some time in the distant future, might the Galactican civilization cease its existence as did the Prenasour civilization did after 78 million years of peace?

Are we hearing the "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away," coming to us from the distant past of a civilization that lived in perfect peace?

The Galacticans studied the records of the Prenasour civilization for 700 years and selected a new strategy based upon what they learned.

They selected peace. It is now 9 million years that the Galacticans have lived in peace.

Our Galactican family that live in heaven, Galactica, 38 light years from planet earth. The Galacticans have a 60 year primary schooling. Then they choose what service they would like to do with their lives in the Federation.

Only 2 in a thousand are in their Labor force. Their machinery is so advanced they have only a small requirement for Labor.

They have robots that repair other robots.

Their technology is 30,000 years ahead of ours. They do not need an opening to go inside a planet. They beam themselves right into it.

3 billion extraterrestrials living inside of planet earth right near to us. 25 miles in from the surface of planet earth.

Our precious sweet Father would have been about 200 years of age at the time of Jesus, when Father Christopher sent Jesus to give us the good news that God loves us. Jesus also brought us the message to love one another.

As we pass by some of the millions of our homeless brothers and sisters in America might we think of another message in the bible sent to us from God's love from above?

Philippians 2:4 Everyone should look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

Are we not hearing that the love of God for his children on earth includes a right for us all to have an existence stipend? Will Labor not make the love of God for his children on earth come true? Will you not end funding the war?

"I made your bail and you sold me out." God our Father said.

Do we see how kind precious sweet Father is still making our bail as Judah hurls his great balls of fire at us? Will Labor not end the sell of out of God?

"We just sport you best," Judee say.

Here is a link to a post at APFN with a series of pictures that shows the ballistic motion of the nuclear warhead that is in a controlled burn off high in the sky;article=155903;

Here's a link to the video at You Tube to see the warhead in motion.
It's a 51 minute video, showing over a few minutes the controlled burn off of a warhead.
Watch the video and notice the trajectory of the warhead and see if you agree that it reveals that it is a ballistic device. It is in the beginning of the video. Thank you.

There are nearly a thousand comments posted at You Tube about the warhead that is in a controlled burn off by Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor and good friend.

Spent the time and read every single one of the comments last night. Only one, of the nearly thousand comments knew the truth of what was in the sky.

Here's the one:

Are we understanding where that nuclear war head came from?

"The whites, I just have to put you off the streets. Whenever we got the Druid down Judah always say fist. I always throw you right. I chased you. I suckered them right. Shame on us, I like you free. It's hard to miss us. We cored you vicious so we lose. I'm really nuts. I'm dead cause I'm sightless. My sport still accomplished ya's," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"We need some Martians for a truce. 7.28 AM

Organize, they're truly offing us. 12.40 PM

Circle. 1.10 PM

You're welcome.

He intellig us. 2.45 PM

Slim over head. 3.00 PM

They embezzled us out of our lives. 3.07 PM

Get them right out of here. 3.46 PM

Judah crushed meals.

Irra-falls. 6.33 PM

Jew is coming off of this state for his space.

The guy's talking to angels. 8.17 PM

They're out for mousing. 8.18 PM

Evict them. 8.21 PM

Punchy. 8.22 PM

It's all right; it's all thrown.

We failed this guy

Stupid rifles. 12.58 AM

Make this end. 12.59 AM

ORGANIZE your safe.

God almighty, they're dangerous. 1.03 AM

You die beautifully. 1.04 AM

The son of a bitches burned us out casually.

History raped our sight. 1.07 AM

Your last chance you're cycling. 1.08 AM

They bashed your right theory.

In days sealed your lives in. 1.13 AM

You died here sacrally. 1.14 AM

You died for sport guys.

ORGANIZE, youíre fielded out officialous.

Your real life force is dying soon. 1.16 AM

Monster prevailed against us.

Sold you out. 1.19 AM

Dirty locks. 1.21 AM

Life's mysteries have helped us.

You rightfully out yourself, your right sight. 1.23 AM

Falling yourself out, youíre sacrificed. 1.24 AM

It's a complete die here.

You ignored your rightful thoughts.

Help refused. 1.28 AM

Immaturity faked us. 1.29 AM

Died sport.

Start rising. 1.29 AM

Racial you shot yourselves. 1.34 AM

You constantly out yourselves. 1.35 AM

Scientist terribled ya. 1.36 AM

Youíre sqooshing out your psyche, pushing out your sight roasted. 1.37 AM

Pat, he braved it but died. 1.37 AM

Racist is passed. 1.39 AM

Psychic failed us here. 1.44 AM

Don't you want it? 1.46 AM

They're organizing a shooting here.

They organized a Sanga-bourse.

America's life yielded missiles.

They established a me down gallows here.

Perceived. 2.33 AM

You're so conscious, he chased us. 2.46 AM

STRIKE them and force them out.

You've exhausted out yourselves. 2.48 AM

Just a tragic wreckage. 2.52 AM

It's failed. 2.56 AM

Hostile savaged us. 2.57 AM

ORGANIZE, Bitch will lead us. 3.18 AM

Finish them from the land. 3.48 AM

Get them off.

Jews foolish bash. 3.49 AM

Truth. 5.07

They're ever shafting us. 5.40 AM

Foolish. 6.19 AM

Fist is ever dead. 6.55 AM

West Germany fell. 8.24 AM

Pretty soon you'll fail therapy. 9.00 AM

Perish." 9.40 AM

Virtually mad with their sin. First man they're putting in. Boomis insurance hasnít changed, they're still trying to throw us right. Will Labor not help us here?

The Tele sender who said, "When they're shooting at you you're supposed to help us." Will Labor not help us? Are they not shooting at you to?

"They own a concession to issue our money."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take their ownership of the concession to issue our money into your ownership?

Judah and his missile weapatory disease that he uses to put us on the run. Did the Martian not roll him away with grace and ease? Certainly. Thank you Sir Casper.

Iowa says, "Get the sociopath out of the neighborhood." Will Labor not help us to STOP THE WAR?

Shrimp is with us Labor and Judah is bringing in a big ricement. Will Labor not join with our elders from space THAT ARE TRYING TO SAVE US FROM LOSS OF LIFE FORM, and help us by acting to STOP THE WAR?

Judah and his virus in our phone lines and his West German city oppers. Will labor not end funding his kids' stunts against us?

Judah and his Boston hold with Minneapolis and his century of joy. Will Labor not help us to end his time with us?

Martian rolled him with grace Labor, do we see that what we need now is for Labor to get his hybrid shells out?

Has our good God not made our bail? Yes Father has made our bail.

As Father has made our bail will we, must we, not end funding the abusive?

We continue to fund him while he cracks Moslems and simultaneously keeps Germany hurling nuclear great balls of fire at us. Will Labor not come alive and give us a rise?

With residuals, does it not look as if Judee is un trainable for peace? Will Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and give us a chance to live in peace?

All he does is put in a tyranny, fights and bores us out. Brings in his friends to assault us. Will Labor not let them off right?

Is it not yet seen that his force is out to cumulative us? Is it not seen that he is set now to put perma locks on us as his going away present to us?

The cumulative effects of nuclear waste. Is there not an understanding that it is designed to wash us out at the genetic level?

With his weather war on us with HAARP. Will Labor not help us to end it before we all have submarine properties?

Will Labor not get Judah off of our dollar? Once American Labor gets Judah off our dollar do we see that the rest of the world will get Judah off of their bourse to?

Our good God has saved us Labor. Will Labor not end the sell out of our good God?

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

"STRIKE! STRIKE THEM OUT!" Tele receive. 10.59 AM

The peace train has arrived Labor. God sent the angels to bring it in. It's waiting at the station for us. We're welcome aboard for our journey into the universe of peace.

Will Labor not get on board of the peace train?

Will we not let Judah and his camel sport war train off of us here?

God is good Labor. Father wants us to be with him in peace. Will Labor not help us?

"I want to save your lives." God our Father said.

This chair was concerned that Judah might get past our elders if elders lost their power supply when they are pulling Judah missiles.

Elder said the last time they lost electrical power was "3 million years ago."

So while it seems highly unlikely that Judah will be able to sneak a nuclear tipped missile past Sir Casper, if it is a conventional warhead, might elders rules have to leave it pass?

Is Labor not aware that Judah in collaboration with his friends is setting us up for a great fall down?

The same day that Labor goes on a general strike are we not certain it is the same day that a committee of the whole from Labor will have the authority to issue our money in your hands? Certainly.

While Judah is being died off by our good Lord, it may take a long time for him to die out. Many decades. Do we not see that if we go on with Judah, funding his genocide, the majority of us wonít be around in about 5 years?

Westheimer's, the dog. Bitchie accidental impolite reference. The staged diaper opp. Is there not some sense of just how brutally and viciously, right less Americans are set to be pushed out of here now?

Though Judah is largely out of here already, with a cable line from inside their well prepared mountain hotel shelters and American Labors bourse in their hands, they have set the ship of state's rudder heading us full speed into an iceberg.

Are we aware that unfettered destruction is proof of ownership?

Continues at:

Are Americans figuring out yet that legally, politically, socially and economic

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