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"Pat, You Failed Saving Us, We're Running Out of Time." Tha
Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:02

"Pat, You Failed Saving Us, We're Running Out of Time."

That is a Tele receive from 3.10 AM. "Pat, you failed saving us, we're running out of time."

Might we consider that the only one that can save us is Father? And might we add that Labor could try to save us if it accepted the challenge to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Father can save us by having his angels beam us in to the safety of the undergrounds. Might that not happen if there needs to be a rapture to remove His righteous from the surface of planet earth?

Labor could save us by acting to STOP THE WAR. Do we see that by ending funding war it would give us a chance to have our elders from space come in and help us to shut the Jewish electricity dirty bomb down at Hitachi-GE?

Is it not something to consider that all the war in our world can be traced back to Judah being clever enough to take the organizing principle of society out of democratic control and put it into his private hands in 1913?

Tele receives:

"You failed to hear sound principles, it's now finished. 5.12 PM

Good. 5.16 PM

Their con befriended you lousy.

A big devolution coming on up. 5.40 PM

Error disadvantage.

He berates them.

A contract competes us.

Drew penalty. 8.23 PM

Their crazy force is out.

Make the pura go.

That they assault us, Pat is sorry.

They just punish you missile. 1.17 AM

Jerry is failing us huge. 1.19 AM

Since your rights are out your mission is ceased.

They bored you electricity big. 1.21 AM

Revolt against Houston serial raping. 1.22 AM

They want to have their own light, they 38 us basically. 1.25 AM

Your century, you about failed it through mush.

You lose to them through stupid monetary policies. 1.28 AM

They cannibate us. 1.37 AM

They've thrown our future almost away from us.

Our whole country is poisoned, lets organize.

Seriously savaged you all.

You left yourselves wide open to being destroyed.

The cat just fell.

Mercy dumped.

You've been savaged by fear ballistic rightly.

Help me piston.

Fair died.

Enforcing us out lethal puracy fantastic.

We're going mental de-rubes.

They hold you out of contact fisty hard.

Punishing voids you.

Conspiracy has thrown you rightly.

Fantastically you've thrown yourselves unified.

Cat out privileged you.

They died this field entirely.

Contact wonderful invase them.

They play us aggravatious.

Reduced us American sewerage.

A big oppressive.

Died your digest.

You lost rightfuls.

For quest they've thrown your fields.

They arrest a jay walker for a shoot.

Boston out officially.

Degraded for theory with mercy out.

A fish hike sad.

The most incredible published field in history coming out zooed.

Reich you all to despirit.

All they do is kill people. 12.03 AM

You're closing up your psyche arrangement here.

Assault you out offensive kidney.

Air sin theorize us.

Put error away slightly. 12.13 AM

It's a doomed future. 12.14 AM

A letter bomb will hold you.

They have multiple post centers to late tumors. 12.16 AM

It's a rout great.

It's clear contact will clear their sad sack. 12.21

You're a bleed.

America dies sadly dorsal. 12.24 AM

Your purchases died here.

Toss them out, angel interfered for us.

Udder falsing.

They're tumoring us in here.

They occupy to die. 12.49 AM

Air degraded to sport us.

They hold us furniture. 1.17 AM

Shot head in.

They're coring you viciously.

You guys fail bad, ORGANIZE.

STRIKE THEM OUT, save your family without shoot.

Spoofing you all the time.

Some force is coming in but no wide bee force. 1.52 AM

Too avoid this dis-opper STRIKE THEM OUT!

Wreckage holds you packages.

They like to give you sights to do you well.

Patrick course us true free.

Diesel deny us a fertile field.

Kidney stole your livelihood.

Nuclear analysis is now closing your rich and useful.

Judas has failed for ages.

He's keeping you frozen to shoot you badly.

Tyranny failed. 1.58 AM

Failed the old psyche ward. 2.00 AM

Progressives will meet tuna fish.

They're closing you racially bizarre.

Youíre dying off yourselves fantastic. 2.01 AM

The mouse and minnow will grand jury tyranny.

Enormous they task GIs.

Arise and manage your life.

Organize a real state.


Animal psychement be dead now.

Jew is costing you's contact.

Internal revenue fights your way ahead. 2.08 AM

They're weaping us huge. 2.13 AM

Bitch has published what they've done, hideous life form.

Throw them out quickly and get some body nice in there.

You failed to save yourself; your whole life form has been busted by dangerous fiends masterly.

You lost your livelihoods to Jew deal.

Marine force they sold you for muscle days; muscle you thief.

They assault lethal to grieve man.

Rolled you lifeless fisty here.

He held your rising to wash you dead. 2.20 AM

Quickly, they're firing you huge.

Lecher sad lets communists win.

A complete communist state shot and poisoned you's.

Electric dies you permanent fast. 2.24 AM

They're busy cycling their invest.

Get him out of here for he lied.

They're now turning us on air sad. 2.28 AM

They've died us. 3.00 AM

Jail has failed you parasite. 3.04 PM

Pat, you failed saving us, we're running out of time. 3.10 AM

Sold. 3.24 AM

Pushco. 3.29 AM

O Patrick you failed your state. 4.08 AM

Lets organize. 4.24 AM


Lets start it." 5.28 AM

"You have a limited range, operate within it." Elder said to Bitch. "Your technical is beyond what you are aware of."

Bitch is the library guy. The guy that looks up things to give to the front desk person. Regrettably, Judah stole away the front desk person.

When we want to question why there are millions of Americans sleeping on the streets, Judah begins to speak about the budget deficit.

The fiend has left us Labor. Will you not in the name of our good God above energize yourselves, get into this and shut this genocide tyranny down?

If only we designed a system that employed 100% of our available Labor rather and the current Jewish economic model that only employs about 60% of our Labor, might there not be enough wealth produced to cover the deficit?

Bringing our 40% of Labor in that is looking to join the workforce, might enough wealth not be created to easily house the millions of homeless that Judah has sported out onto our streets? Certainly.

Are we understanding that God did not step in and prevent Judah from exterminating us because of any good things we have done, rather it was the mercy of our good God that spared us from Judah nuclear blast genocide?

Judah, in his selection of strategy, chose war instead of peace. Bad instead of good. Wrong instead of right. Rigid instead of flexible.

"They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm." God almighty said. "They have no defensible rights."

Judah plays foul and has succeeded for thousands of years using a foul strategy. He claims his foul is how he got past us.

Judah claims that he can mental everyone so he will always stay ahead. Yet his true intelligence tells him that it is only a matter of time before he is found out.

Understanding this, his response, rather than select a new strategy, one to accommodate others, he chose to destroy us.

Fully aware of our good God above, Judah chose to offend Father in his eternal quest to destroy the children of God with war.

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God almighty said.

Will Labor not do the will of God and take the organizing principle of our society in to your hands?

We have the exact same high level thinking genetics as our kind, loving creators, the Galacticans. We have the full 223 psychiatric package.

9 million years ago these same 223 high level thinking genetics discovered a past civilization that had been in peace for 78 million years.

They studied the Prenasour civilization and in 700 years chose a strategy of peace instead of war. They chose to follow in the footsteps of the past civilization of the Periadon Beings, and make peace in our galaxy.

There now are over 3,000 species that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. All living in peaceful cohesion with one another.

As we migrate into outer space, Bitch would love to be the guy in the library doing the research for the front desk boys and girls that will introduce themselves to our new found friends, the other kids on the block in the universe.

About 3,200 species all living in peaceful cohesion with one another. 100 trillion Beings, living in joyous peace, harmony and love with one another in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Bitchie has been a pacifist before he every studied pacifism. Judee makes him out to be a mean, vicious godfather. Are we not aware that Judee lies?

Judee staged another opp today. An off duty Chicago cop shot a guy who hit him with a bat. Do we understand that Judee staged that to smear Bitch as if he is a bat boy?

Did some reverse from the video reports about the shooting of the fellow who was shot by an off duty cop for hitting him with a bat. Here they are:

"It's on terrorist to get him out for getting me out of my weaping. I use my goose pipe to fool, we always die you in the harshest way, that's why we're shooting particles. My congressman sack you right. Some insure want to weap you. Answer rough house Jew doughism sight. It's a helpless attitude, sport. We always bash your nice name with sin. We mentaled you's bad," Judee say.

Judee handed one guy a bat and sent him to go and hit the plain clothes off duty cop with it. Do we see how easy it is to do an opp when there is unlimited free funding to do it?

Former Bitch employers still want to collect on the insurance polices they have got on me. Will Labor not put our rights in again? Do we not read Judah mentaling here?
With only 20% of our galaxy explored, does it not seem exciting and thrilling that we are welcome to join with our elders in outer space to go on space missions to explore and find what is out there in our universe?

Does that not sound like more fun, more thrilling, more exciting than catching fish to cage and punish in a lock up?

While Judee likes to get fish in the lock up so that he can chemical them, hypnotize them and put a chip in their heads so that he can use them as human robots for sport, does it not sound like much more fun to build robots to do our chores and create great wealth for us all?

Are we making some guesses about how our elders from outer space view the different cipher brands on earth? Can we not appreciate why our good God let Judah throw his cipher out?

Are we understanding that God almighty gave us the peace? If this is understood, they've pushed the button and youíve done nothing, will Labor not let Judah off right?

A couple of years after cold fusion was announced to the world in 1989, a patent was issued to researchers in weather modification, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, known as HAARP.

The HAARP patent in 1991 noted that when two electromagnetic beams intersected, there was an creation of over unity energy. Excess energy was coming from somewhere. Bitch was just searching to see if he could find the exact patent that he read some years ago. There are a large number of patents to go through to find the notation. It may take some time to rediscover it. So that from memory.

Cold fusion over unity experiments were announced to the world in 1989, two years before the HAARP over unity patent.

Dr. Mallove in his 1991 book "Fire From Ice," reported on the cold fusion experiments of Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann. Their methods showed up to 100 times output energy over input energy.

Pons and Fleischmann ran one cold fusion device over unity for several months, continuously.

Pons and Fleischmann in 1989 theorized it was cold fusion where the free energy was coming from.

In 2003, the Russian academy of sciences report of the Moldavian cavitation heater pump, which was proven positively to be operating at 4 times over input energy, the free energy in the heater pump was proven to not be a cold fusion reaction.

No helium was found in the water that was used in the Moldavian cavitation pump heater test and so cold fusion was ruled out as the free energy source.

Dr. Lev Saporksy suggested that possibly there was some mechanism that was extracting the free energy from the zero point fields.

We understand now that zero point fields is where the free energy is coming from. The "standing waves," is what Tesla called them when he discovered 3 of them in his Colorado laboratory in 1911.

At the greatest cost to him, Dr. Mallove announced to the world that free energy was only a few months away in 2004.

With unlimited clean free energy in our toolbox do we see how we will be able to bring 100% of our available Labor force into creation of wealth?

The great wealth to be produced by free energy will create such abundant wealth; do we see that there will be all sorts of new spending for most everything?

As our fields are being poisoned out, might we connect the dots to help us understand why Judah blocked the free energy research of Dr. Mallove and many others?

That is are we seeing that if Dr. Mallove's research had produced economically viable clean energy sources, there would be no Jewish electricity plants poisoning our air, fields and water these days? The genetic harm to the children yet to be born. Do we see that Judah would have had no way to assault our babies with out his flesh mutilating Jewish electricity nuclear waste generators?

Instead of hiring Labor to produce the abundance to supply the demand from new income sources from velocity power sources, do we see that the exact opposite is happening with Jewish electricity waste? Do we not see our economy going down due to eternal war and nuclear waste poisoning?

The cows that concentrate radioactive waste in their milk. How many people in the dairy industry may be facing being put out of work if their products become too radioactive to safely ingest?

Roast kidney disease anyone? As Bitch clears more long head hairs off of his keyboard.

Could it be the high background radiation?

Does Labor think this nuclear waste war is false? Nothing to be concerned about? It will all blow away?

Is there not some sense that we and our families are being put to death in a mass genocide using nuclear waste?

"It's war," Judee say.

Are we seeing that if we drink and eat radioactive contaminated products that in a few years it may affect our lives if not sooner?

Are we getting some ideas of how the majority of us wonít be around in 6 years if we donít save ourselves?

Might we consider why it was critical for Judah to remove Dr. Mallove from the field?

Do we see that if Dr. Mallove had brought a successful free energy product to market, it would have put Judah's nuclear artillery, his Trojan horse dirty bomb power plant shots out of business and with it, cut off Judah ability to exterminate us with nuclear waste?

"They're keeping us failed." Tele receive. 7.18 AM

Are we understanding that we are in a full blown nuclear war with weap Judah attacking us 24/7 until eternity if we do nothing to stop this war?

Are we understanding the dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE is in an uncontrolled nuclear reaction that is producing more waste everyday?

Have we not figured out yet, Judah doesnít want the out of control nuclear reaction stopped because it will end their ability to poison out our environment?

"They're forcing us to die here." Tele receive. 7.57 AM

God our Father wants us to join with Him Labor. Our great Father in the sky wants us to come on up and join the rest of our family in peace. To journey through the universe together in peace.

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Father wills that we care for one another. God almighty commands us to, "love one another."

And what has Judah bankru

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