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News That People Need In Times of National Distress & Alerts
Sun Mar 20, 2016 18:01 - News That People Need In Times of National Distress & Alerts - Posted on the Message News Board - on March 20, 2016 - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - follow at - - WillPWilson - @alldaylive - Please visit - - - William Mount Why Flight 981 Was Blown Up Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155921; - Fight 981 Kills CIA Money Launderer - YouTube - - - - Dr William B. Mount - @DrWilliamBMount - - - William Mount The Cure For Demon Possession Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155920;title=APFN - THE CURE FOR DEMON POSSESSION - - William Mount - - -

willpwilson 908 (Dr.) Will P. Wilson Linked Key Reports Sun March 20, 2016. Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155917;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Will P. Wilson Linked Key Reports Sun March 20, 2016 - Pt 2 Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155915;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Will P. Wilson Linked Key Reports Sun March 20, 2016 - Pt 3 Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155916;title=APFN

William Mount The Cure For Osteroporsis Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155913;title=APFN -

willpwilson 908 Plasma Nuclear Decontamination of Water, Air, & Particulate. Fri Mar 18, 2016 -;article=155908;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 To Develop Plasma Water Nuclear Decontamination Technologies Fri Mar 18, 2016 -;article=155905;title=APFN

Plasma Water Filtration Technologies - -
= = = = = = - On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 3:08 PM, Will P. Wilson - willpwilson alldaylive mediacific - - February 08, 2016 From Will P. Wilson, I am also CC-ing this e-mail correspondence to close friends and well known colleagues who may also be interested in working with us on the proposal that I have put together below.

Can we as concerned community potentially try to plan to coordinate some project proposals thereof, that are in part are mentioned (Linked.) below and take some time to think about the media project that I describe (Below.) and communicate on putting a plan together of action on something based on this.

Because there does exist a need for someone like us with our extensive media backgrounds to readily be able to put a plan of this kind into implemented perspective.mainly because of who and what we are, have done, and can comprehend the need for us to thus be able to readily put something into a logical and implemented reality. We can use google docs for example to architect a preliminary plan and or plans.

I want to discuss with you about our putting together a fund raising concept that will readily promote our Northwest comic and music industry, provide a regular broadcast from the various locations to promote the clubs and entertainment bars, concerts, marches, thereof.

Pertaining to the many future events to happen in the future and to thus have us provide televised and broadcast exposure for the people in the Northwest music production industry and for also as well, the comedians, and comedy clubs, for example.

A broadcast plan that will also provide on-line archiving, and reveal to all participating and contributing parties who provide their talents and skills in these televised broadcasts to also be recipients of commissions for their fundraising contributions.

To provide a media based fund raising incentive percentage for these industry players, entertainers, being the key participating parties that then this provides them to be able to further succeed and prosper by their providing their talents in these future broadcast fund raising project to then be able to receive both promotional broadcast and as well as their percentage commissions based on the percentage incentives at the same time.

Thus promoting Northwest Music and Comic (Comedian.) industries while also providing them with incentives for combining there talents to promote the fund raising events that will be the components for the regularly broadcast charity and fund raising projects.

Media projects that then this media project undertaking will be able to also broadcast from the archiving of these televised programs to the many other linked Public and Community Access channel through out North America and the world. This broadcast infrastructure can also be considered for also applying to religious fund raising projects as well.

All televised and archived and streamed on-line fund raising TV programs also become immediately considered to be Federal Copyrighted media once they are broadcast on local Northwest Cable TV based on the 1984 FCC Cable ACT.

I have produced more then twenty five one hour televised programs for the Targeted Individual Community of Targeted Individuals ( - ) and this type of fund raising broadcast architecture can as well be used to raise money for legal defense for the victims of this mostly unknown and yet vastly ongoing Electronic Harassment Abuse and out right attack upon the American and world people, and this project can also be used to raise money for the Cannabis Industries and as well for the victims of non violent crimes, etc. -

Get back to me and it is good to see this vision and let's take some time to think about this project.
Sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson,

To Start a Non Profit and Research and Educational Media Project Foundation
Letter and Proposal to ______________________ a citizen and resident of ________ County ____________ State, concerning this instated and described proposal that will considered a donation to begin this project that will as well be also considered to be taxable credit to the estate of ______________________________________. This taxable credit that is also considered to be a proposed funding in order to help to get this research foundation underway. I William P. Wilson, provide this proposal as the means to thus provide this taxable credit to ________________________________ to begin a foundation (Start-up.) thereof, that this donation of funds will be provided by ___________________________ to help me, (Dr.) William P. Wilson to be able to begin the means for the creation of this research foundation that will then enable this project to be started and to continue to be able to seek further financing and funding in order to get this project going and into being considered as then being considered to be a legitimate, dynamic, and benevolent scientific research program. It is the intent of this project to create a board of directors that will also provide ________________________ the opportunity to also be able to sit and to serve on this board of directors and to thus to also then be able to monitor and to work with the Foundation to provide a complete accounting of all monies that will be provided by this tax credit donation and from other legitimate funding and grant sources. Thereof, in order to then begin this project to then be able to operate it as then being a proper, ethical, research project that will then be responsibly managed as it thus then will be serving as a non-profit business structure and entity. To then have this project to be a foundation that will then be upholding and fully abiding to all legal and ethical State, County, and Federal Legal parameters in order to support this project’s proper means of management protocols of operations thereof, to thus become a project that will be run under all proper management guidelines there-of. Abiding to all County, State, and Federal Laws and Tax Guidelines. The amount that is being sought to get this project underway is two thousand dollars due to the need to have all necessary means to properly financially cover the primary and necessary costs that are essential for the enabling of this means for this project to be legitimately started and to be filed and to be properly registered with the state of _________________________ Department of Revenue, with the County of __________ Department of Revenue and to have all Taxable Revenues managed under all proper and lawful terms, and under all residing Federal Tax Laws. This document serves as a proposal to ___________________________________ in order to seek the means for finding necessary funding needed in order to properly pay for this Not For Profit Research and Educational Media Foundation to be started and to be managed correctly, ethically, and lawfully.
(Dr.) Will P. Wilson resides at 14100 Linden Avenue N. Seattle, Washington 98133 - Apartment # 669 - e-mail - - phone - (206) 383 – 4817 Party of Consideration for Funding the necessary founding costs to start the Non Profit and Research and Educational Media Project Foundation - PLASMA WATER NUCLEAR DECONTAMINATION FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY that is a Technology that will be found to reverse human aging and to rebuild our damaged DNA and more - ________________________________ Address & Phone: ____________________________________________________
Sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson – Signed ______________________________________________ Date__________________________ - I have been producing the AllDayLive TV programs for the past fifteen years thereof, TV Production of 2,000 one hour documentaries. Primary program is the AllDayLive weekly TV programs on Seattle Community now going on twenty years of just this broadcast infrastructure and I have never been paid and or financed to do these many televised and now archived and as well as now also being Federal Copyrighted Media. Employed by myself in North Seattle. living on a Vietnam Veterans Pension and I am a one hundred percent disabled American Veteran. North Seattle Community College Media Department
= = = = = =
the Message News Board - to be further sent to several hundred worldwide media desks. - - Will P. Wilson the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs and other televised media from - and other linked and posted televised media and related and linked news reports that are in part are Linked by (Dr.) Wilson on March 20, 2016 - - - - - - - -
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From Seattle:

Also Linked at - Message News Board:
Sincerely, Will P. Wilson - - and worldwide media and broadcasting networks.
 = = = = = = = =
March 16, 2016 News Reports About Targeted Individuals (T - I) by Unwarranted Psychotronic Warfare Experimentation and Directed Energy Weapons being used on Peoples Worldwide.;article=155897;title=APFN;;;;

willpwilson 908 Will P. Wilson Linked Key Reports Sun March 20, 2016 - Pt 3 Sun Mar 20, 2016 -;article=155916;title=APFN -

Will P. Wilson Linked Key Reports Sun March 20, 2016 - Pt 3 - Key Issues Concerning Alternative Energy Technologies that Encompass the Work of Dr. Yull Brown, Browns Gas, the Inventor Paul Pantone GEET International - Dr. Keshe, the Keshe Free Energy Foundation and other great Pioneering Scientists and Inventors like George Wiseman - - - - - - - Reference To - - - - - - - - - - - - Posted on the Message News Board - on Sunday March 20, 2016 - By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - - @alldaylive - alldaylive mediacific willpwilson - - - - - PowerPedia:George Wiseman George Wiseman is a prolific, successful and effective alternative energy pioneer. - - George Wiseman discusses Brown's Gas technology Industry leader describes his work in this fascinating field, spanning a quarter of a century. Discusses a myriad of applications including acetylene torch replacement, thick steel cutting, hydrogen boosting for fuel economy improvement, dissimilar metal welding, transmutation of elements, nuclear remediation, and refinement of ore. - -

  • Why Flight 981 Was Blown UpWilliam Mount, Sun Mar 20 15:14
    We now know why Flight 981 was blown up!!! Fight 981 Kills CIA Money Launderer - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount ================================================================ Top CIA ... more
    • News That People Need In Times of National Distress & Alerts — willpwilson 908, Sun Mar 20 18:01
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