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"Because Your Rights are Out Your Mission has Ceased" That
Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:57

"Because Your Rights are Out Your Mission has Ceased"

That is a Tele receive from yesterday. "Because your rights are out your mission has ceased."

The thing that made the United States of America different than other countries in our world, the guarantee of civil rights for every body, built right in to the cornerstone of the United States of America from the very beginning.

A Bill of Rights so good, that it ended master's kidnappers rights and freed Labor less than 7 decades after the Bill of Rights was made the law of the land in 1791.

The old master force hired the courts to decide that the Bill of Rights didnít apply for those who were not citizens.

The original constitution made citizenship a requirement for certain political rights. To hold certain offices it was a requirement to be a citizen.

Civil rights, a subject of American law was guaranteed civil rights. Our Declaration of independence claimed the protection of civil rights for "inhabitants." But the corporate courts in 1858 denied the Bill of Rights unless a person was a citizen.

Denying a worker his or her rights based upon how he or she was brought into the Labor force. Denying a child of God civil rights based upon ones status in the field of Labor.

Now a century and a half later, no civil rights for anyone in the United States of America.

The courts protecting every war that Judah pushed America into. After attacking us with nuclear blast weapons, do we see now Judah himself has no defensible rights?

With the authority to issue our money out of the hands of democratic control, have we noticed Judah private corporations and their wilding on the streets of America now?

All Labor now unfree. All Labor forced to pay an income tax to Judah to fund his eternal wars against the children of God on earth.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

Tele receives:

Welcome back.

It's fail. 4.19 PM

A child injures you right.

The stork is out. 7.04 PM

Fabulous, you almost finished disease off.

They singed your budget. 8.10 PM

The Lord is with you. 8.28 PM

Cyanide. 8.30 PM

Because of long-term fail, cite you as abortion. 2.37 AM

Permanently realize that you are tossing out yourselves. 2.33 AM

The Italian Swiss colonies. 3.13 AM

Turkey's found us fizzled. 3.15 AM

Incorrigible seized us, he waste us totally here. 3.22 AM

With Alzheimer's they canned us. 3.28 AM

An elephant bounced you awfully. 3.30 AM


Patrick got them out officially." 4.20 AM

Is that last Tele receive not the truth? Did Patrick not get them out officially? After sharing the Mercury report that they attacked us with thousands of nuclear bombs in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, did Patrick not get them out officially?

Certainly, any thinking person believe weap Judah will ever maintain official status in America or any other nation of the world, once they lose the private authority to issue our money?

Yet while Patrick got them out officially by making his report from Mercury, he has not gotten the democratic forces of Labor to step in and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah.

Judee diaper opp and his continuing to hire people to get hit with a bat and his optical control with pooch, and he is still burning America out with the private authority to issue our money.

"We're confident we can fight you all hound. If it wasn't for video I wouldn't have my fist," Judee say.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and break their war confidence off? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and prevent video from keeping their fist in here?

His "Force," he calls it. He is the only one that can issue all the free money he wants drawn on the abstract receipts of Labor made good by American working people.

God almighty of heaven and earth wills that Labor, a committee of the whole from Labor, be the issuer of our money.

"I'm a minnow sport who pen you right. I get my mouse free for my roll. I shoot British to get them to tumble the right way. In thirty days I'm going to die you fish fist. You always die someone napping. Patrick's opposing us. His mother said we're no good for bombing and forcing you in to poverty," Judee say.

"He remained true to me." God our Father said of Bitch.

After sleeping between nuclear warheads for the better part of three years 8 months and twenty two days, young Patrick was certain of the need for us to make peace somehow.

What was the truth? Why was America in war all of the time?

Six months in Vietnam in 1966 bombing the countryside.

Seeing firsthand the wrongfulness of America in Judah hands. Though not knowing at the time it was all Judah's plan.

The bombing of North Vietnam from American aircraft carriers 20 miles out to sea. The night sky lit up just the same as lightening flashes.

"Make a truce full speed." Elder just said at 4.48 AM

Bitch still clinging to the hope that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and stop funding the war and peace will begin.

Just said "Good wishes" to Sir Jason, our elder brother from the Federation. Jason will help us shut down the genocide from Judah Jewish electricity waste as soon as Labor finishes shutting them down with a general STRIKE!

"They smart you out." Jason shared with us to day.

Ain't that the truth?

That is did Judee not have a place set up where Bitch finds himself to be video taped with a 5 year old child that was held by DCFS and trained to set Bitch up to be filmed?

Is that not how Judee smart us out?

Does a child not injure you right?

Held us long since past our death filling our environment with lethal chemical waste, did Judah not smart us out for sure?

"Lost our bail." Tele receive. 5.00 AM

God almighty made our bail on the night of June 11, 2011, when Judah attacked us with thousands of nuclear warheads to destroy America in total and kill us all.

Again on June 11, 2014, his 960 nuclear warheads from 2 British submarines that Judah tried to destroy America with. Again God made our bail.

"I made your bail and you sold me out." God said.

Millions of homeless wandering the cold, hungry, lonely streets of America,hoping that their fellow Americans will rescue them from the nightmare of poverty and destitution. Must American Labor not end Judah economic control?

If only we the American people will break the economic control of Judah, will we not get ourselves to peace? Surely we will.

Judah alliance with the royal Germans who keep shooting nuclear missiles at us. If only we the people will join together, and cast fear aside, can we not take the purse away from Judah to end hiring the missiles being shot at us on a regular basis?

Homeless NH Man Dies In Police Custody After Suing Them Twice
Sun Mar 20, 2016 06:54
Jeffery Pendleton. Held in jail for 31 days because he walked through a park while homeless. Didn't have the $100 dollars for bail.;article=155912

Do Americans not have some appreciation why our good God let Judah let himself go?

Do the duped not have a responsibility to not be duped? Is there not some way that we will choose not to be fooled?

"The psychic saw my official misdeeds," Judee say.

Have others not also seen Judah official misdeeds?

Carry a harmless, homeless man off to a cage and there he is found dead. Will Labor not do better for us please?

"Father wants the minnow to have office."

That is a non-Judah reverse speech. Here is another non-Judah reverse speech from a nice woman in Africa:

"The Bedouins are nice people and Bitch shout them out."

My apologies to our Bedouin family for the reverse speech statement pulled from weap Judah the other day. Bitch loves you all.

We are all one family worldwide. Brothers and sisters in every land, made to love one another.

Thank you dear lady for waking Bitch up to such a dreadful mistake. My apologies again to our Bedouin brothers and sisters. God our precious sweet Father loves us all equally.

Will Labor not end the sport of Judah upon us all? Is it not certain that we donít need Judah weap genius at all?

"You remained life forms we never do fair. My mental has closed you deathly for sports. I honor you with my favorite lies. Our foul wit has almost tossed you all dead. From Memphis you die, I scored the white man," Judee say.

Just pulled a reverse speech concerning what is to happen this Thursday, the day that all the reverse speech indicates they will have us finished out with their nuclear waste in 6 years from now.

"Thursday I step your state off and leave you as orphans. We're rich for taking life, that's our basic principle."

The wondrous gifts of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right of all Americans to enjoy, the gift that our good God gave us all.

Are these gifts from God not worth acting with a STRIKE to preserve for us and our posterity?

"Science we use to sport you more complete," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"O my God the milk's poisoned. 3.40 PM

They're idiots. 3.44 PM

All brutal failed. 3.48 PM

Signal them out of here. 4.30 PM

Stupid fiend." 4.40 PM

Will Labor not let their genius off right?

"Lost our bail." Tele receive. 5.00 AM

Are we understanding Labor that we are special creations of our good God above? Are we recognizing that we have been gifted with the highest-level intelligence potentials of the galaxy and universe we live in?

"Because Your Rights are Out Your Mission has Ceased."

Do we see that if we reject our God given gift to be free, we just donít make it into the universe?

Our mission, do we see it began two hundred thousand years ago when we were implanted with the highest level potentials of our creators?

Are we seeing our mission is finding our way to peace and entering into the universe with our elders to live in joy, peace, harmony and love with them and one another?

"Good morning Mr. Hunt, your mission, should you choose to accept it"Ö., went the lines from the television series Mission Impossible. Aired first from 1966 until 1973.

As Americans, did our founding fathers not give us our mission, to establish justice, to create a more perfect union, to provide for the general welfare, to insure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity?

Will Labor not help us to live up to the dream, the promise of America?

Our founding fathers indicted the king in the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and 7 years later in 83' finished tossing him and his boots out of here. Will Americans not show the same fortitude, courage, the same strength of character of the first freedom loving Americans and put our God given Rights in and toss him and his boots out of here again?

The best deal the human race on earth has ever had, our God given Bill of Rights. Will Labor not put them back in again?

Is it not seen Labor, that without our Rights, our mission to live in peace and journey into the universe will have ceased?

Will Labor not give us the sight of our good God, to love one another, and let the sight of Judah, his wars, his guns and cages, his sport of the human race, go away for free?

This Thursday is their state-destroying day. Let it go beyond then, their scientists tell them that they will have two hundred million of us dead in less than 6 years.

If we fail again, an entirely different regime will begin. The full return of the king's law. Donít like it, get socked in the lock up; tough!

"We believe our fiend has fallen but youíre letting us push you out of life," Judee say.

If we understand that they set us up to be knocked over with their great atom, and then took the chance to get us all out in four hours of sneak attack shooting, and our good God made our bail instead, might we not consider that indeed, Judah fiend has fallen?

"I made your bail and you sold me out." Our good God almighty said.

Will Labor not at this last minute, before we lose the United States of America forever, step in here and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Must Labor not end letting Judah push us out of life?

Will Labor not put the final decisions to be made about each person's life, liberty and property into the hands of
Common Law juries rather than boursed clerks of the international corporations?

"This guy's told us." Tele receive. 5.45 AM

Are we seeing that was Bitch's mission, to tell everyone the truth of our world?

Instead of needing armed forces and rockets and bomber planes, do we see that all we needed to know is the truth, that we were made to love one another and live in peace?

"I take the Druid over easy, just screw. I always use you for disgraceful mischief. It's a joke. Jew refuse your settlement, white we conquer. I just leave the Druid with big foul wits," Judee say.

"Get the rice off." Tele receive. 6.10 AM

"We always had fabulous sports. We have some new police and chambers and some more door locks. We're getting close to putting the white cows in," Judee say.

That is an actual reverse speech from a high level Judah state official. These all are actual statements. Nothing false. This is their deadly thinking of what their plans are for us.

They have a new state that is to kick off this Thursday, if Labor fails to give us a STRIKE.

Once they lose the private authority to issue our money to a Labor committee of the whole, do we see it is the end of their terrorism on planet earth?

"I tossed you zippardee die. It's a joke," Judee say.

Their plan is to put all what they call, the "white cows," in. Both here in America and Europe.

Leaky old Trojan horse Jewish electricity plants in England blowing particles in to Scotland and giving them strokes.

How does one go about proving they gave the excess strokes? Are we getting some ideas of what a sinister plan it was when they brought their Jewish electricity in?

"Peter's hate is finished," Judee say.

Shortly after posting last night elder gave his read on yesterday's post." Fabulous, almost finished disease," he said.

Shortly after that, a human said, "The Lord is with you." 8.28 PM

Just heard a couple of more Tele receives concerning yesterdays post:

"Great. 8.33 AM

A1." 8.48 AM

Might those nice Tele receives be due to writing about how critical to Judah's mission to destroy us with nuclear waste is, to help explain why Judah needed to steal Dr. Mallove away from us?

Dr. Mallove writing about how over unity free energy has been absolutely positively proven in Pons and Fleischmann's research from 1989.

The fact that free energy has been proven for such a long time and yet, we face sick and mutated children because of Jewish electricity waste.

Poisoned fields, lethal air, a dead sea. Can we only wonder, what did Dr. Mallove know and when did he know it?

Dr. Mallove certainly knew about HHO. The water electricity technology that sometimes produced a lot of free energy, and sometimes it didn't? Sometimes the water in the HHO bottles freezes up and sometimes alternators burn out to. Do we see we need to be free to properly develop this life saving technology?

If the people develop an understanding that this free energy technology is absolutely real, might it make it easier to see how really deadly is the sparkler technology of weap Judah? Might the truth of free energy give the people a chance to see just how deadly weap Judah has wired us here?

Bitch researched ultra violet equipment for drying plastics.

Incidental to producing the ultra violet light used for the plastic drying process, it was discovered there was more heat coming out of the machine than energy into the solid-state high performance electronic ultra violet amplifier.

Continues at:

9 times over unity. If we think of that in terms of heating our homes, can we imagine running electric home heaters for one-ninth the cost?

The average electric heater u

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    • "Because Your Rights are Out Your Mission has Ceased" That — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Mar 21 11:57
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