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Anyone, Then, Who Knows the Right thing to do and Fails to d
Fri Apr 1, 2016 10:24

Anyone, Then, Who Knows the Right thing to do and Fails to do it, commits sin. James 4:17

The STRIKE. When will Labor give us the STRIKE?

When will Labor RISE UP and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

The authority to issue our money. The concession to issue our money. Do we not see the absolute necessity to have it out of the hands of weap Judah and into the safe hands of Labor?

"A Looney tune of violence." Tele receive. 10.08 AM

Everyday a bombing, a bridge collapse, a plane full of passengers crash, a train or boat incident with loss of life. A mass murder some where on our planet. Will American Labor not end paying for this Looney tune of violence from weap Judah?

Tele receives:

"Daddy, the Jew wasted us.

Deathlacious. 1.17 AM

They fatal in fist. 1.18 AM

ORGANIZE yourselves.

ORGANIZE your state.

Gerry's sad. 1.20 AM

It's failed wicked. 1.22 AM

All failed life, democracy to go in. 1.30 AM

False you out with warrants crazy. 1.37 AM

ORGANIZE yourselves, ORGANIZE your right deeds. 1.38 AM

You falsed out yourselves, eventually you die off. 1.44 AM

Swept you financhulous state. 1.47 AM

A death threat jails. 1.54 AM

A people with a great foul journey. 1.56 AM

Sports remain able cash. 1.57 AM

Error bleeds. 2.22 AM

ORGANIZE sightful. 2.35 AM

Your jealous leave. 2.36 AM

The Bitch they charge false. 2.39 AM

Your grand jury missed bad. 3.22 AM

It's finished. 3.48 AM

They've set us to die." 4.08 AM

Blocking our free energy and in its place installing the deadliest, dirtiest technology to ever appear in history. The technology of nuclear genocide.

Might the mass of our population be largely unaware of the truth of existence? The truth of existence? Is it not that we were made to love one another? Sure it is.

A false world put in. A world of nation fighting nation. Man slaying man. The false world of weap Judah.

Judah, the focused guy of our species identifying the key element of human society. The "Organizing Principle of Society," the concession to issue our money.

Who is it that has the authority to clear a check?

A ticket, a piece of paper, an abstract receipt of Labor. Money. Bourse. A check. Variations of all the same thing

The surplus value of Labor. Who is it that can issue free money against that surplus value?

Might we not consider that money is a creation of law?

The "Marker," the "ticket," the piece of paper we call "money." The abstract receipt of Labor. The value exchange mechanism device.

Recorded by the bank and stored. The bank the decider of which receipts activate the exchange recording mechanisms, and which don’t.

The bank the decider of who it wants to issue receipts of Labor to. Might we consider that the bank is the warehouse of money?

Not the storehouse of the real value of money, for the real value of money is found in the products and services of Labor. Are we seeing the bank is the storehouse of the receipts of the exchange values produced by Labor?

While the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg may still be without an answer, might we not have a clear answer to the question, which came first, Labor or money?

Does Labor not precede money? Sure it does, it is the way that capital is created. Are we seeing that Labor is the mechanism that makes abstract receipts of Labor, money, valuable?

"Government is the bank." Tele receive. 4.41 AM

There are several definitions of "bank."

The slope that adjoins a river. To turn or tilt a boat or plane.

A piled up heap of snow or other material. To bank a fire.

An establishment where money is kept to be made available for transactions. A storage place. A Blood bank etc.

The etymological roots of 'bank' are from Old French banque, from the old Italian 'banca,' bench, money changers table. Old high German 'banc,' bench.

Might we make the connection with law as the 'bench' is the term of where a judge sits?

The word 'bank' is also used to describe an orderly arrangement of things, such as a 'bank' of elevators, a 'bank' of transformers.

The phrase "to bank on." Defined as "to place trust in, confidence in. To believe in, count on, depend on, rely on, reckon on, trust."

The bank that has the private concession to issue our money, after repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles, to accomplish their historical mission to exterminate the children of God on planet earth, is there any thing about those who hold the concession to issue our money in their private hands that would inspire any trust in them ever again?

Should we be relying on weap Judah to do right for us with the authority to issue our money in his private hands?

Might it be a belief issue that we are facing here? That is, might there be a belief that the issue of money is too complex for the ordinary person to handle so we must leave it in the hands of the experts?

If we examine what the experts have done, turned our planet into a hazard zone to destroy all of us one way or the other, either with nuclear blast genocide or nuclear waste genocide, might the ordinary people not have to reconsider as to whether or not the issue of money is too complex for the ordinary people to handle it?

Once the ordinary people have the concession to issue our money in their hands, might there no longer be a ban on peace?

The cipher that for thousands of years chose to offend his fellow man. Sought out humans with a preformed plan to exterminate humans, given as many generations as was needed.

If we consider 20 years as a generation, might Judah have needed about 11 generations to totally wipe out the United States of America, the best deal ever for man?

With his 436 Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots, and only 1 threatening to take away a third of the human race in the next 6 years, what might we deduce about having built so may dangerous Jewish electricity plants as he did?

Might there not be more than a suspicion that all along Judah has been planning to destroy us with his nuclear technology?

That he was caught attempting to wipe out the United States of America with 1,000 missiles with 3,200 nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might we not have the final straw that broke the camels back?

Must Labor not remove the failed bank of Judah as the holder of the trust and confidence of the people of America?

Judah just makes wisdom sportuous for ruin. Will Labor not help us to keep in the best deal ever for the children of God on earth, the United States of America with its guaranteed Bill of Rights? Our God given rights Labor. Must we not see and acknowledge what a sacred gift God has given to us?

Are we seeing Labor that the bank is the government?

Should we not have confidence in it? When Labor is issuing our money, will that not put confidence in to us all?

Elder gave Bitch a "Fail" for yesterdays post.

It was concerning posting some Judah reverse speech statements.

Elders are guiding us to a complete peaceful transition out of war and into peace.

Even though Bitch reports what Judah is saying, some things should not be reported as they could tend to send us in the wrong direction.

After a century of corruption and bribery, might we imagine how profoundly criminal is our system?

Will Labor not please come in here and take the concession to issue our money away from Judah so that we can put ourselves into a totally peaceful situation?

"Cannibal lost." Tele receive. 5.22 AM

Genocide has fell beautiful chimps. Tele receive. 6.31 AM

What Judee says about whitefish in reverse speech is always negative and abusive. Much of it Bitch doesn't put up what Judah says about white fish because it generates a negative.

Judee tells us that once he loses white fish he is done. Will white fish not let Judah go?

Are we feeling that once we let Judah and his eternal war against the children of God on earth go, our world can then have hope for better days?

Judah has big plans to completely wipe the United States of America out.

Once he loses the concession to issue our money, do we see that all of his war plans are done? Do we see that Labor will be able to hire the Labor to cement it in and shut the Jewish electricity dirty bomb down?

"It's genocide." Tele receive. 6.57 AM

Numerous extraterrestrial civilizations have sailed into earth zone in the last few years to welcome us into the universe.

"We came to warn you." Sir Morris our Qwill friend said.

"You’re involved in sin, your lives won't be spared." Elder from outer space said.

"Life has tossed you rightfully."

That was Sir Jason's telepathic voice mailbox message for today.

Are we not yet aware that we have been tossed genocide ways?

Are Americans not aware that we are sealed into a mass die off from only one Jewish nuclear dirty bomb shot?

435 more Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots are ready to poison us out.

"Jew shot your wits so he gets to die you."

Unable to defend ourselves in any way so far. Will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and bring the United States of America online once again?

Will our dollar not be strong when it is backed directly by a committee of the whole of Labor? Certainly it will be real strong backed directly by honest Labor.

"Indicative." Tele receive. 7.11 AM

Defined as the mood that represents the act or state as an objective fact.

Is our nuclear waste genocide not an objective fact? Is the fact that we have 436 Jewish electricity plants in operation not indicative of intent to harm us?

"Lethal perish us." Tele receive. 7.41 AM

"Our New Hampshirous score our face, now I'm through, yet my whole range is still scoring you," Judee say.

New Hampshire being the director of the June 11, 2011 all out nuclear attack upon America.

When Sir Casper pulled every single missile of the thousand that Judah hurled at us that night, did that not score Judah's New Hampshirous face right?

Must we not end his whole range scoring here with his Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot?

"Our genus got all our fiend off."

Are we seeing that it was their own fiend drive energy that caused them to trip themselves up here?

Do we see it was their own cipher that caused them to push themselves right on out of here for good?

That our good God let Judah throw themselves out, cut off their own head and tail in day, and have given them how it was going to happen nearly two thousand years ago in the bible, might we only imagine the wondrous glory and magnificence of God our Father?

"I died them truthful." God our Father said.

Are we getting some ideas of the strange love of Judah for us in comparison with the true love of Father for us?

"They're boring us." Tele receive. 7.48 AM

Are we understanding the truth of that? Are we understanding how seriously we are being bored out?

"My cable force is routing you big. Judah fall you out stupid with threats."

The continuing nuclear waste war that we are in with Judah. Are we figuring it is being directed from a cable line that runs into a mountain shelter where Judah now lives?

Are we figuring also that it is Judah violence that has so held our thinking back here?

Will Labor not overcome Judah threats and STRIKE THEM OUT to end their private concession to issue our money?

"Our average police molest was enormouse," Judee say.

Are we seeing they are stuck here with us also now? Left stranded on a burned out planet to die. Do we recall that line from the Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Khan?"

Are we understanding the love of God for us to STOP THE WAR and peacefully resight ourselves now?

That earlier Tele receive, "Government is the bank." Might we not reverse that and say that, "the bank is the government?"

Tele receives:

"Failed your destruction out. 8.10 AM

Purists are dying us." 8.25 AM

Are we seeing how without having the Organizing Principle of Society in democratic hands, the holders of the concession to issue our money were able to wipe out the United States of America, the original corporation that gave them the authority to issue our money in 1913?

"Jew is going to make you die. We're doing it all for free" Judee say.

Are we seeing the root of our destruction is that we are allowing Judah to do it all for free?

Are we seeing that totally bourse out may prevent our fatal by Judah?

Do we see we must take the concession to issue our money away from Judah to save our own lives?

Tele receive.

"We got the honeymoon payroll.

Benish. 1.32 AM

Foreign lash. 1.35 AM

Union done. 1.55 PM

Their balls decipher us. 2.00 PM

You died yourself off. 2.08 PM

It's liberation.

The British are home.

Throw them out, they're rascals." 2.29 PM

"I'll get Houston Met to foul you dead. I pit you's," Judee say.

"Crazy animal apped." Tele receive. 9.15 AM

Father is with us Labor. "I would have given you anything." God our precious sweet Father said.

Can we not give Father what Father wants for his Simian children on earth, peace?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

Gifted with free will by our makers, the Galacticans, we are able to choose whatever we want to do with our lives.

God commands us to, "Love one another." Though it is free will that we have to do as we please.

Judah, of his own volition, using the free will gift that God gave to us, chose to ignore God's command to "love one another" and instead chose to keep a memory in of us that allows him to do bad to others.

"We close you right because of our perfect memories of you," Judee say.

Are we understanding that Judah is going right ahead with our extinction?

About 40 Jewish electricity nuclear dirty bomb power plants have gone in to emergency or unscheduled shut downs in the last few years.

Are we understanding that our elders from outer space are keeping Judah from letting go with a large number of dirty bomb shots on us?

Intending to poison out the entire atmosphere of planet earth with hot radioactive nano particles. Burning a Jewish electricity dirty bomb 24/7 on to us. Will Labor not help us here?

"We just take over the state to fight with you," Judee say

Are we seeing the uselessness of Judah cipher? Will Labor not reclaim our government, by taking the authority to issue our money into the hands of Labor?

"We've been saved." Tele receive. 9.39 AM

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being my priest. Since you have forgotten the law of God, I also will forget your children.

As we are sealed in to perishing out in a well-planned nuclear waste war, will we not pray for forgiveness here for funding war?

Will we not pray for peace? Must we not act for peace and STRIKE THEM OUT?

God is good, Father loves us all. Is there not some way to bring Labor in to STOP THE WAR?

God Bless you, God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy.
Friday, April 1 — Psalm 43
Exodus 37; Matthew 27:32–44

I will exalt you, Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths. Psalm 30:1 (NIV)

For just as the sufferings of Christ are abundant for us, so also our consolation is abundant through Christ. 2 Corinthians 1:5

All-caring and merciful God, we are grateful that you do not ignore our suffering. We reach out to you from the depths of our troubles and give thanks that—through Christ—healing, salvation, and deliverance are ours. Amen.

Continues at:

Watched the international news an hour ago and found a couple of useful reverse speech statements. Here they are:

The first is from a high level Judah official:

"For interest rights, Germany's sewn up; they've thrown our rights."

The next reverse speech was from a spokesperson for European industrialists:


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