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"They're Dying Us Off" Tele receive. 3.05 AM For those of u
Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:30

"They're Dying Us Off" Tele receive. 3.05 AM

For those of us that have spent the forty minutes to seriously think through what we are facing here, is there any doubt that Judah is dying us off?

No doubt whatsoever from Judee. In reverse speech he tells us everyday that he is dying us off for free.

This Tele receive came after posting early at Simple site:

"A rude pitch." 3.30 PM

Will go through this post and see what looks rude and pull it all out. Thank you for reading it and sharing your thoughts.

Judah has been keeping a burning fissioning pile of nuclear waste going now for over 5 years. One million people in Europe that died off prematurely due to being poisoned after Chernobyl, the nuclear reactor that burned for only 11 days.

"The Jew plex, you won't believe some of the power that they have over Druid here."

That non-Judah reverse speech giving an opinion on how powerful is the complex of mind that is holding Druid frozen at this critical moment in our time.

Bitch found one more partial reverse speech from Judah implying no attempt to save ourselves is because the woman is holding the man from acting. The pictures and stories that Judah uses is affecting the woman more than the man causing the halt in bringing on the Strike.

Judah played the pooch and diaper so well that he thinks it is the woman that is holding the man from taking action to let Judah off of here.

"Druid is not realistic so I took your whole state out," Judee say.

Are we aware that Judah makes up stories to put in the press to fool the people?

Here is a forward speech statement from a high non American government official

"I am the minister of information and when we want to convey some information we pretend it was a letter to the editor that we respond to."

While that was from another country, are we understanding that Judah operates governments in the same manner in all lands?

Are we understanding that many stories we read in the news are planted by Judah? Maggie the worlds oldest dog that died at 30. The guy who raped his dog because it ate his iguana.

Are we understanding that those are fabricated stories sold as truth? Are we not figuring that Judah has pulled all the stops out in his efforts to keep control of the concession to issue our money? Are we understanding that is so that he can die the largest number of us off with his Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste?

"The press is our chief ideological weapon." Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971) .

"Submissiveness." Tele receive.

Might Judah plex not have an especially strong grip on Europeans, having warred us ever since he arrived in force in Europe in the 6th century AD?

Having conned, gulled and shot us for so long, might that help explain why there have been no steps taken to help ourselves?

That only one dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant has the monster power in it to poison out a third of the water on earth while also taking out the fields of the North American continent, and the fact there are another 435 monster Jewish electricity dirty bombs in operation, is there not more than a hint that we were marked out for extinction with nuclear brimstone waste long ago?

"The white guys I chip in jail. I ever wasted you out. My theory was to racial everything," Judee say.

Have we not yet figured out whom Judah is most hostile to?

Are we seeing how Judah theory was to racial everything?

Bitch did hear from a guy who was chipped. Are we not aware that Judah is running torpedoes that are chipped and in his control?

Are we not seeing the self made monster that Judah chooses to be to the rest of the human race?

Tele receives:

"It's awfully failed, it's now completely done. 7.18 PM

We're together. 7.45 PM

You failed to save yourselves right. 7.58 PM

You've been jousted out. 11.37 PM

Submissive. 11.43 PM

They punish you all bad. 11.44 PM

Stupid failed to save your good sightful. 11.48 PM

Nice boy has failed to save us typhus.

My right stuff failed. 12.00 midnight

The hex step plexed us. 12.02 AM

The mental of Druid has been lost nice.

It's a bore racket. 12.07 AM

Teer away. 12.07 AM

You burn up yourselves. 12.12 AM

They're preparing us for wrench awesome. 12.17 AM

Plague of big corruption cycling. 1.12 AM

Merchantosis. 1.12 AM

Closing you with a new ruin wrench. 1.31 AM

The atmosphere is tossing them out. 1.32 AM

Jew had Jefferson to half momentum. 2.16 AM

The brave failed. 2.16 AM

Get them out of here now. 2.25 AM

They're dying us off. 3.05 AM

Jew is finished for spite here.

Minnow, you’re dying forces. 3.12 AM

You failed to save your substance. 3.20 AM

How stupid waste us." 7.18 AM
Father is all forgiving, all merciful.

The adoration of our good God. Definition of Adore; loving admiration.

That Father loved us so much that he sent his angels in to spare us from being exterminated before we knew the truth about life. Before we knew the truth of who we really are.

Judah teaches us from childhood that there is such a thing as a "warrior" for society.

Of all Judah false, might that not rate as is his most preposterous false of them all? Are we not aware we are the children God made in God's image to love one another?

Judah secret life of using his extension to breed in his weap cipher to all terrains and then use them to put the mass of the ordinary people into fighting each other.

Are we seeing the real genius of Judah of making war?

"We mouse from the head."

With his eternal mousing operations in all societies that he has infested, do we see from that reverse speech statement that he mouse's our heads out first?

Might we think of Martin, John, Robert and Malcolm who were stolen away before they could deliver us to live in peace?

Bitch didn’t really begin to get a good look at the life form of Judah until he was in his sixties. Though he recalls in college there were a few that were tuned in already on the big war game that was being played against us.

A couple of university professors told us the truth. They were not given tenure and were no longer teaching truth at college. Only safe approved professors were given tenure. Without our truthful allowed to teach in our colleges, might that explain why we are in such a menacing situation today?

Are we not recognizing it is the concession to issue money in Judah hands that has so screwed our world up?

The fact that such a powerful nation as America continues to send armed forces to ravage country after country, should that not tell us the authorities are lying to us? Shouldn't it?

Because Judah has rainbow hybrids that he created over time and installed into all terrains, has it not been difficult to see that it was Judah that was causing the problems in our world?

They live for centuries in their secret society, taking over the reigns of government, awaiting the moment when they can destroy their neighbor complete.

"They bribe us off our right side. Judas gave us a good price here. I abduct you to put fear in."

Are we understanding that our grand juries will give us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when our republic is in once again?

To allow some one to put fear into our society by abducting us under color of law, with no legal recourse to remedy the wrong. Are we seeing that with our rights in fear of abduction will be ended?

"Because Bitch shot me right I got bit for my murders," Judee say.

Our top elders, the Galacticans, primary education is until 60 years of age. That is the time they spend on their primary education.

For us, might an ordinary college education not be completed in our early twenties? Usually.

A masters and a doctorate. Usually in our late twenties or early thirties? Sure, would that not usually be the ordinary time frame?

Our elders society is one in which "everyone is afforded the opportunity to enjoy the life of the mind."

According to ask com 10.9 percent of people in the United States have graduate degrees. Those are post graduate degrees, masters or doctorates.

Our average life span is 75 years of age. Might we consider that the Galacticans live in the range of 1800 to 2200 years of age?

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, who are us, live with life extension technology 800 to 1200 years of age.

As we mature in to a full, peaceful extraterrestrial race ourselves, do we see that we also will have access to life extension technology as our elders have? Sure.

Judah could have had life extension technology centuries ago if he would have let us join with our elders from outer space when they invited him in to join them.

Rather than extend even his own life, do we see Judah preferred taking our lives away from us?

Are we understanding that when our environment is poisoned, it will poison us too?

Must we be blinded by tears before we will see the love of God and STOP THE WAR?

Must we not stop Judah from warring us and our family off of the surface of the earth?

So the misfit dumped us with fear of abduction. Will we not act and let them off right?

Khrushchev, do we recognize him now as one of Judee hybrid transplant shells made in Russia?

"Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.

The press is our chief ideological weapon.

Support by United States rulers is sort of like the support that the rope gives to a hanged man.

The more bombers, the less room for doves peace.

When you are skinning your customers you should leave some skin on to heal, so that you can skin them again.

We say the name of God but that is only habit.

I want to talk to these people because they stay in power and you change all the time.

What the scientists have in their brief cases is terrifying. " Nikita Khrushchev.

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and his scientists to prevent their brief case terror from striking us any more?

"It is my age old quest to make you die right. I truly bored you with prison, it is clear. You remained passive while my uniforms made action. I died the minnow cheap," Judee say.

"Because you bruised the head out you've lost with your atom. You perpetrated, an amateur has pushed you off and away; you used muscle to fire." Non Judah speakers at international conference speaking across the table to international weap Judah.

Are we understanding that for attempting to exterminate us with an all out nuclear attack, weap Judah has lost with his atom?

For the love of God will Labor not help the nice boy amateur and close them out right?

"We establish war lunatics to frep the guys right. My white wash is my best option to put in fear. For my fool days I'm wiped out. With Russia I pushed you off so I'm heading out to Canada. I always play sport with you herotics. Our fascist Jew criminal always foul you great. The terrorist Jew just wants to suffer you right," Judee say.

The abusive that Judah does, will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end the abuse? Will Labor not put our Republic in once again?

Do we recall reading of the American Republic with our cherished American Bill of Rights? If so will we not put our safe Republic in once again?

"Oh Pat, chase them." Tele receive. 8.07 AM

Might that Tele sender be aware of just how seriously we are dying out of life form here? Might this next Tele receive make clear what we are facing?

"The fish die in care of womb." Tele receive. 8.05 AM

New Mother poisoned by breathing our air, passing it on to baby who has not even made it into the world. Is there not some sense of the malevolence and loss of life form that we are facing from weap Judah?

"It's an error to hate." Tele receive. 8.31 AM

Do we see how accurate that Tele sender is? That is do we see that with his thousands of years of hating his fellow man, in all terrains, that it has caused Judah to lose his place in our world?

"We just switch you from Jefferson to Moscow to make you go," Judee say.

Does Labor not see how important rights are?

Will Labor not give us our Jefferson and let Judah off with his Moscow shells?

Our Father has millions of years of love to share with us. Do we not see that Father will help us at any stage if only we will seek the love of God and help ourselves?

Once we are seriously contaminated with radioactive waste, do we not see that we will have to suffer for our failure to over come our not acting here to STOP THE WAR?

Just had some mashed potatoes. Name brand reds. Peeled and boiled them. Mashed them up and added margarine.

Some strange off flavor was found in them. Had noted something odd about them when I made French fries with them the other day.

GM, genetically modified potatoes? Or could it be nuclear waste was on the leaves and it put a less than wholesome taste in?

Ate only three of them and it made me dizzy?

Previously had to give up my butter cup squash because of off flavors in it? The seeds changed color. The texture of the squash was even different.

The strawberries with the odd formations?

Are we not aware yet that our food supply is being seriously contaminated with radioactive waste?

A third of our water on the surface of planet earth almost totally poisoned. The largest ocean dying vast quantities of life off.

"We weren't civilized." Tele receive. 8.39 AM

Are we understanding with Judah only making war, we never have had a chance to live in a real civilization?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and give us the chance to live in a real civilization, a land that is living in civil peace?

"Jew is beautiful with a luxury. We ever rice you a racial victim. Bourse die most righteous. I just play sports and buy you," Judee say

Will we not pray that Labor will come into this and put the power of the sovereign, the authority to issue our money, into the hands of a Labor committee of the whole?

"Wake me when they've struck." God our Father said.


Will Labor not try to STOP THE WAR and save us from certain brimstone waste death?


As we wander in the darkness of eternal sport war, will we not try to bring ourselves into the right way of peace?

Listen to me, my people, and give heed to me, my nation; for a teaching will go out from me, and my justice for a light to the peoples. Isaiah 51:4

Will Labor not listen to the word of God that made us and invite the light of God's justice in for all of his children on earth? Will Labor not heed the word of our good God and try to save us? Will Labor not end funding Jewish sport tyranny and instead bring a civilization in that cares for all of the children of God?

If so then will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God Bless you, God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Thursday, April 21 — Psalm 52
Leviticus 15:1–24; Mark 5:21–43

Listen to me, my people, and give heed to me, my nation; for a teaching will go out from me, and my justice for a light to the peoples. Isaiah 51:4

God our Savior desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:3–4

Jesus, let the knowledge of your love and sacrifice burn so brightly within us that all who meet us today will know that we are yours. Let the light of justice shine in our lives as we work for peace. Amen.

Continues at:
"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Johann Bach (1685-1750)

Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, commits sin. James 4:17


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