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By the ordinances of the Lord is your servant warned. Psalm
Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:59

By the ordinances of the Lord is your servant warned. Psalm 19:11

Today's post name is from the Moravian Daily Texts. "By the ordinances of the Lord is your servant warned."

Are we not aware that the ordinances of our Lord are to be found in the Ten Commandments?

Of all of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill" not at the top of the list of ordinances to not violate? Yes it is.

In the early days of the mild man of the north's law we learn of the statutes of MURDRUM. In its earliest version on the mainland of Europe, it covered both accidental loss and intentional taking of life.

A money payment to the family that lost a member. That is how loss of life was settled in the earliest of times for the mild man of the north.

It evolved in Judah England to imprisonment, fine or death carried out by the state.

As we now know that advanced civilizations do not imprison or abuse people, might we consider that in the early days of the mild man of the north, his law was quite mild and easy to obey? Sure.

When his law was taken by Judah, turned into revenge, vendetta, imprisonment, torture and death, might we see it as having gone retrograde? Might we say it was turned into revenge instead of justice?

If only we had kept to the mild man of the north's laws might we consider how to day we might deal with murder?

Instead of imprisoning some one, might it not be settled with cash payments?

What if the person responsible for the death of another had no money to pay, what then?

If the state wishes to give a life sentence or death, how much would those be?

Life in prison, we figure a generation, or 20 years. Does 20 years times $25,000 not = $500,000 dollars?

Plus the costs of prosecution might not we figure a couple of hundred thousand dollars more?

If the mild man of the north's law had carried in, might all the people that are being shot to death on our streets, the surviving families be gifted with the equivalent $ dollars that the state would spend to lock a man up?

Is there much doubt that the state itself is hiring most of the killings on our streets? If that is accepted as true, then might that not preclude the state from ever considering paying cash to the families of the deceased who have been shot on the streets?

Might we consider just how failed is Judah law over the early law of the mild man of the north?

"Settle it with bourse." Is what elders from outer space advise. How can we settle it though, when Labor, the party that makes the bourse valuable in the first place, has no say so in how it is disbursed?

The young talented singer stabbed in Japan recently. Awoke from a coma the other day.

The talented singer in America. Shot and killed after entertaining her fans.

The Voice star Christina Grimmie 'greeted killer with arms open for a hug' before being shot and killed after Orlando concert
Kevin James Loibl, 27, of St. Petersburg, Florida, according to Orlando police.
Kevin James Loibl DOB 03/10/1989

Bitch did some reverse speech from videos of several speakers concerning the death of Kristina.

The reverse speech will not be posted until Labor has finished the STRIKE.

The reverse speech concerning the death of Prince also, will not be posted until after the STRIKE.

Have we not seen enough Judah opps to spot them now? A talented singing star in Japan stabbed and a talented singing star in America shot. Another found in his elevator deceased.

Are we understanding the jealousy aspect that causes Judah to shoot or stab our best down?

But what about our right to life that our good God gifted us with?

What are our other rights needed for if we lose the most important right of them all, our right to life?

Might we considers that Judah has established America as full tyranny and as such there are no rights to life for anyone here?

Are we understanding that with the concession to disburse the prize, cash, in Judah hands, that we have no rights to claim for ourselves at all?

"We sold you out," Judee say.

"They're taking out your state here."

Thank you Sir Jason for that Telepathic message today.

Is Labor considering any of the consequences of Judah taking our state out and away from us?

Do the people not see the value of having the most important thing anyone can have, an established, guaranteed package of rights?

For working people, might we only count the ways that some of us have been violated by the Corporations, both state and private, in earning our income? Have some of us not seen many of our co workers moused out over the years?

Elder played a recording of the big boys in conference to Bitch last night.

They have plans to cage the most useful in our society. They know who we are, a computer will give the lists out and the foreign police and military will back up the locals in taking the useful Americans to concentration camps.

Are there some ordinary workers who feel they should ignore all the warnings that we have received from our extraterrestrial family about what is being done to us now?

If so, might the TV side be the death of us here?

"You’re superfluous to my rights, I have an ancient theory of animal rolls," Judee say.

Is Labor not seeing that without our rights in Judah and his ancient theory of rolls may carry the day?

Have we not been setup enough by Judah sport teams to not be aware that loss of liberty is only one step away from loss of life in a Judah cage?

Here's an article with a link to read the entire story about how a lawyer was setup using the local sports teams to do it.

Tampa Lawyers Under Fire in Plot to Set up Rival Attorney for DUI Bust

Here are some pictures and a link to see the video of a recent nuclear attack upon Henderson, Nevada.

Glowing UFOs over Nevada: Sat Jun 11, 2016 22:04;article=156243;

Glowing UFOs over Nevada Friday, June 3, 2016: Are These Mystery Crafts Belonging To Aliens?

Posted on June 11, 2016 by LUFOS in Aliens, Latest posts, UFO videos // 0 Comments

While people have argued the footage showing the glowing lights hovering over the place, alien believers insist that the footage likely shows aliens filmed in an area nearby the hotspot, Nellis Air Force Base. The Nellis Air Force Base is about eight miles outside Las Vegas.

These pictures were screen captured from a 16.41 run time video of the fireballs over Henderson, Nevada on June 3rd, 2016.

Might we note the first picture above shows no balls and then the second picture, directly above, shows one light appearing?
In the picture above do we note the extreme burning appearance of what appears to be two fireballs stuck together close? Notice the 3 other balls of light still somewhat far away in the distance?
Do we see the 2 burning balls nearby and the 2 white balls in the distance approaching to Henderson?

The 3 balls traveling together. Here's an enlargement of them:

Have we not seen these in other pictures where there are 2 balls traveling next to the prime light in the sky? Might they be warheads together, or could they be control balls holding the nuclear warhead in to burn it off?

Might we note how the balls of fire keep coming towards Henderson? Do we note that they are in a controlled burn off for a long part of their travel?
Might we note the bluish color of the one ball in the picture above? Have we not seen those in other controlled burn offs of nuclear warheads?

Here's a couple of pictures from a day time burn off of a nuclear warhead to compare with it:

As the burn off continues, do we note the approaching white orb in the background?
The upper right corner of this picture just above has a warhead coming in. Do we see in the next picture how it has just passed the clock in the upper right hand corner?
2 orbs now appear over Henderson. The next pictures show the time relationship of the balls of fire in the sky from the video and when they disappear and what they do as they burn out.


Are we seeing how the nuclear warhead ran out of fuel and just blinked out over 1 second of time from 6.54 of run time from the video until 6.55?

The next 3 pictures show a warhead burn out over a 5 second period of time. The white orb first goes in to a flurry, flashing red, as it extinguishes itself from running out of nuclear fuel.




Are we understanding that it is allowing ourselves to be bound by Judah merchant rights power that has allowed Judah to be attacking us with nuclear missiles, trying to exterminate us in the billions worldwide?

Will Labor not act in the name of our good God that gave us hearts to feel and minds to think and take away Judah right to attack us with nuclear missiles and bombs? Must Labor not end funding it?

"You're superfluous to my right."

Might we notice that 3 warheads arrives and in less than 9 seconds one has finished burning off leaving 2 warheads in burn off?
Then from 14.19 into the 16.42 video run time another warhead consumes its nuclear fuel and is gone by 14.31. Now leaving 1 warhead still burning in the sky over Henderson.
Do we note that 13 seconds after, at 14.44 we see the warhead in its full flush of red it undergoes a flurry as it reaches the peak of the end of its burn?
At 14.52 the warhead now has all of its nuclear fuel burned off by our elders from outer space.
Such an important video to see and help understand what we are dealing with. Are we getting some idea now of what we are seeing in our night skies?

Watch the VIDEO (16.41) AT

Might we not appreciate how our elders from outer space are letting us figure it out for ourselves?
Just turned on the TV at 9.20 AM to pick up some of the Sunday political speakers. Instead of political talk, it was the story about the 50 people killed in an Orlando nightclub.

Did some reverse speech on it and here it is:

"My science flossed Druid in. I'm insuring here for a sale. White house members risked a boom and my false is done. My casual sport is ruined some. Bitch took my management out because my arrangements were not quite suitable.

I'm falling you fist everyday now. With the election I die you Judas. Paris is not option-able, it died for war effort. When I see you I see sport. When I see sport I use you to wash you out.

They'll be some indict sport coming out of this that I can dunge. I'm casually a rapist. I false you out fully to fine you. This is part of our averous here. We ever advise sports to build jails.

I'm going to die my symbol for my weap day. Bitch pushed my nose off with saucers so there goes my bourse, my wicked day is out. They're going to find me with my British opps. Bitch corifies my mousing, he won't eat my cancer here. Roscoe is playing with us.

I'm doing Bergen race out. Annapolis is still sporting you bull flakes. I'm still throwing Jupus error to throw you off. I'm Jew ostomy. You'll enjoy this next month, we have some erection wit. We do have some problems with Ron -----.

We've got some badges to score some opps on the U.S. We have 4 Germans here everyday that sport gospel moose arena. This was fist on Jewish assembly, I just make you die.

Our rights with Westinghower are visible to Druid. The grand juries will close me right. I rice pedal. I'm Westingham sports. This is Jew rights to core you intellectual. Our offend gave us world powers. Judas is all vacancy, I'm leaving because our sports are out.

You're fish that we truly mentaled. We just have police surround you and crush you for a bush passion win and capture widow. I failed you with visual rights. I just weap force to crush you, all fifty.

The strike, I'm a busted fish. Bush's Judee push is now crushed. Indictments rewards roll beautiful. Sophomores passion got my down side in. I had some prepared shots with 5 grams on him.

Because of the professor I died for my defeat. We shot with the loop to bust you. Our gross environment wins in our tyranny, I've already won. My deeds corrupt.

I moused you bad in a way that's going to leave you suffering, because we end our sport here. We flew off everyday because our conscious is coming in. It's obvious our algefish wash is through now.

My chocolate is fierce. As love, my animal toss you. Without a strike my fifty deals are going to be rearranged so I shot you to show you I'm serious. Alston now has proved our true social offend. Though I had Paris here to make a fortune with the federal cages rules, beauty now coming down for ground action summary. Our summons error has shown our due.

We're awfully glad we weaped you and rolled you to death. Bitch has caught me and rolled my brutal out. Contact is threatening my Anglo sweep. My butter field dish pulled out. This was thrown with Rome.

Continues at:

We have some purple frames here to do right. This is part of our chisel sport; it's our wrench protest, our Baltimore rights are in. This was basic how to bench a Judas right and fight you whistles. We just want you t

  • Glowing UFOs over Nevada: Are These Mystery Crafts Belong To Aliens? Posted on June 11, 2016 by LUFOS in Aliens, Latest posts, UFO videos // 0 Comments nevada-ufo Alien theorists believe that... more
    • By the ordinances of the Lord is your servant warned. Psalm — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Jun 12 11:59
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