Our Family From Outer Space is Here To Help Us Might we con
Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:41

Our Family From Outer Space is Here To Help Us

Might we consider that is the basic, our family from outer space is here to help us?

Might we wonder what a fantastical fraud Judah has put on us that he has been able to hold us in for so much war?

Do we not yet perceive that Judah high Jerusalem fell for their lack of caution?

Their attacking us with their great balls of fire to exterminate us. Is this one most significant fact not yet understood by Labor?

The Chinese intercontinental ballistic missile submarine that attacked us with a ballistic missile from 30 miles off of the coast of California. Shown on network TV in 2010.






The Russian military expert who informed us that it was a ballistic missile that we were looking at.

While it was a Chinese submarine, are we understanding that weap Judah controls China as he does all other nation states on planet earth?

Hybrid transplant shells of Judah. His Replicons that he has seeded into all terrains of planet earth, using them to put nations into war against one another.

Might we understand that it was Judah that launched that nuclear missile on to us from 30 miles off of the California coast in 2010?

In so close, only 30 miles from our shores might that missile warhead have had 30 one hundred kiloton warheads packed in to take out the largest 30 cities in America?

Each warhead with 7 times the explosive force of Hiroshima. 30 of them exploded over our largest cities all in one afternoon.

1 New York City, New York. Over 8 million people.

2 Los Angeles, California. Nearly 4 million people.

3 Chicago, Illinois. Nearly 3 million people.

4 Houston, Texas. Over 2 million people.

5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One and half million people.

6 Phoenix, Arizona. One and half million poeple.

7 San Antonio, Texas. About one and a half million people.

8 San Diego, California. Over a million people.

9 Dallas, Texas. Over a million people.

10 San Jose, California. About a million people.

11 Austin, Texas. Just under a million people.

12 Jacksonville, Florida. 800,000 + people.

13 San Francisco, California. 800,000 + people.

14 Indianapolis, Indiana. 800,000 + people

15 Columbus, Ohio. 800,000 + people.

16 Forth Worth, Texas. 800,000 + people.

17 Charlotte, North Carolina. 800,000 + people.

18 Detroit, Michigan. 600,000 + people.

19 El Paso, Texas. 600,000 + people.

20 Seattle, Washington. 600,000 + people.

21 Denver, Colorado. 600,000 + people.

22 Washington, DC. 600,000 + people.

23 Memphis, Tennessee. 600,000 + people.

24 Boston, Massachusetts. 600,000 + people.

25 Nashville, Tennessee. 600,000 + people.

26 Baltimore, Maryland. 600,000 + people.

27 Oklahoma City, 600,000 + people.

28 Portland, Oregon. 600,000 + people.

29 Las Vegas, Nevada. 600,000 + people.

30 Louisville, Kentucky. 600,000 + people.

Is it imaginable that those 30 cities could have each been hit with the blast affects of 7 Hiroshima bombs from only one multiple independently targeted nuclear tipped missile fired from weap Judah Chinese submarine 30 miles off of the California coast?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks that our good God stepped in and had his angels pull that nuclear missile out of the sky in 2010?

The following year, 2011, Judah attacked us with a thousand nuclear missiles with a total of 3,200 nuclear warheads.

Then in 2014 Judah had two British submarines attack us with 32 missiles and 960 one hundred kiloton nuclear warheads.

Will Labor not awake and help us now in our darkest hour of need? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Has our good God not saved us from being destroyed in Judah nuclear blast war? Yes Father has saved us.

If we understand this will we not try to save ourselves from dying out in Judah brimstone nuclear waste war?

Our family from outer space loves us. That is the relationship that we have with them. They have stepped in here to let Judah vent his hate and have kept us in while Judah tried to wipe us all out of here with his modern nuclear blast technology.

Judah is trying to tumble us with his war disease. Can we not get some help from Labor to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah for his numerous attempts to exterminate us?




VIDEO 1.00.30 AT

Our family from the Cosmos. They Love us and have come here to help us. Can we not get some help from American Labor to STOP THE WAR?

The last hold out from the love of God, weap Judah. "Theyíre no friends of mine." God our Father said of weap Judah.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, and inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

Judah, having provided himself with a worldwide underground shelter system to sit out our extermination, now has over 17 million of his crowd hiding in them.

They have left us. Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end failing us? Judah keeps shooting us using a cable line and all of the free American Labor Money they want. Must Labor not stop funding Judah war sport?

Warned thousands of times over many years now by God our Father to STOP THE WAR. Must American Labor not end funding the last extermination package of weap Judah, the mass destruction of the land of America?

Children to be born sick from a poisoned environment, Judah tells us in reverse speech that we're "soupy to do nothing about it."

Much of our food and beverages contaminated with "dull" at the manufacturer level.

"Why Johnny canít read?" Dyslexia? Might it be in the food that Judah has contaminated on us?

Can we not get Labor to help us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I just want you to fall to my chemicals right," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Stupid right hold you.

The idiots pushed it from the Whitehouse. 5.07 PM

It's totally vegetable.

They shot our heads. 11.07 PM.

Jew died all sensibly dead. 12.07 AM

Toss them out. 12.46 AM

A ticket dies.

Freedom waits for us with contact.

If you lose you will die sin Judee. 12.51 AM

Judee punishing you. 12.53 AM

Ever with false they fail. 12.54 AM

Cops are on the joy stool, they errored us. 12.57 AM

Patrick, get loses out. 12.58 AM

Prejudiced snipers mousing. 12.59 AM

Substantially marked here.

Officials failed life forces.

You can't see tomorrow takes us. 2.00 AM

Get us out of hell war. 2.27 AM

He's got one huge spread to bruise. 3.04 AM

We have to give the assassinators a ditch or they will tumble us with disease.

Their high Jerusalem fell for their lack of caution.

They've been saving us all my life. 3.50 AM

O my God. 4.46 AM

Puzzle-crat, you psyche weird. 6.50 AM

Total tribal warfare. 7.07 AM

Full fold plex. 7.45 AM

Rackage. 8.16 AM

"Bribes let me put in all of my war on the states, I close you in a week," Judee say.

The destruction of the Unites States of America, no interruption as Judah goes right on a head with it.

Will Labor not listen to Father and give us a chance to survive this all out nuclear war that Judah is waging on us?

Do we notice from the reverse speech above that Judah claims in one week he will have us closed here?

"Its total vegetable."

Heard that about 30 minutes after posting last night. Thank you for reading it and sending feedback. "Terrible," elder rated yesterdays post.

Was it the attempt to make an analogy with cutting the horns of a bull to make him easier to handle with Judah cutting our brains out?

Might it have been better to make an analogy of castrating a bull to make him more docile with Judah using his parasite trance of fooling us so that we do not contest his actions with us?

"With my diminutive I bust you real nice. We take you with our mental ways fast. We attach your mental so you be insects and don't give us any problems here," Judee say.

Read an article posted on Fox news site yesterday and it was about a mother whose daughter was murdered by an immigrant.

Watched a video interview, read the mothers facial reverse speech and discovered it was all false. The intent of the false story of her daughter being murdered by an immigrant was to use the made up story to get legislation passed in congress. Make it easier to violate our rights.

Might we not consider how deeply Judah has affected the thinking of Americans with his unrelenting false on our minds?

Absolutely made up false stories put on as news for us to think about.

"Jew get inside you to perish, Bitch reveal throw us out. I find you, suffer off your mental and cast you off great. If you're a minnow I catch you with spinach. You're all fertilized, damned with locks. My management forced off all of you," Judee say

"Damned with locks." Will Labor not put our rights in so that we can get the damn of Judah locks off of all of us?

Are we not yet perceiving the truth that Judah management forced off all of us?

"I put an insult age on you stupid and insured you. Congress powered us right in. My suicide purse shot illustrious to rape you bad. Our cold nature just shot you's, now the bourse is stopping," Judee say

Will Labor not act right now and stop the bourse to Judah today?

Will Labor not get hold of the bourse and straiten congress out for us all? Will Labor not see that Congress serves our interests in peace instead of Judah interests in war?

Much chance Congress will be selling us any more nuclear missile deals? Seems unlikely doesn't it, after buying thousands of missiles so that Judah could attack us with them?

Poor kids kidnapping and assaulting out our useful kids. They donít like it themselves but it is the only way that Judah will let them eat. Will Labor not end Judah tight fist economics in our land?

"I have a racial that died for sporting you out, I pretend to be a Euro-friend, I just dispatch you out. We use a beggarous tude to roll you right. I went into the mountains so I could give you my best bourse rate. You're Han rate so I perped you with my big bomb," Judee say

The Han dynasty lasted about 400 years, from 200 B...il 200 AD. A Monarchy that came in on a spear and went out on a spear with 4 centuries in between.

Might we note the difference between America of today and the ancient Han dynasty that came in on a spear, America came in peacefully on a provisional contingent acceptance contact agreement deal?

While it is true that the spear was used to eject the old Monarch from here, the actual agreement for our government, do we not recognize that it was put together and made in peace? Certainly it was.

"He stumbled them out," Tele receive. 8.34 AM

Bitch gave the report of what they have done to us here. Will Labor not let them off right? Did Judah not stumble themselves right after the message from Mercury to Bitch was relayed to the people?

Thousands of years of fairy tales gone with just one post using a 9 year old $20 dollar computer to do it. This computer now is 14 years old, still running good

Our most useful in any field, Judah hunts them out and puts them in.

"You're Han rate so I perped you with my big bomb,"

Do we see how taking our American Bill of rights out Judah was able to turn us from free Americans into an ancient and right less rate?

The ordinary people have never held the true power in society. The Organizing Principle of Society itself, the concession to issue the money we use. Must Labor not take the concession to issue our money into the hands of Labor and change our world from eternal war into peace?

"To get you to heel, I always put you into warfare," Judee say.

Has our good God not let Judah and his collaborators toss themselves out right? Certainly Father has.

The management of our economy, an angel said, "its basic." Will Labor not believe that and act on it with a STRIKE?

Will Labor not get the fist out of this land of the free and put our Bill of Rights in again?

The dangerous ones. Will Labor not let them off right?

"Mortgage bail was my favorite right," Judee say.

Lock some people up after foreclosing on their houses and tossing them. Hire a bondsman to get them out of the lock up.

Then they are moused out and it is a double deal. Insurance collection to the mortgage holder who foreclosed on the house and another insurance collection to the bail bondsmen too. How's that for a double deal steal?

They claim that they have a right to murder us. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our bourse away from them and put it into the safe hands of Labor and end their theory here?

Please understand Labor, the strike is not about a few more dollars more an hour, do we understand we're talking about taking the government of the United States of America away from weap Judah and putting it in to the safe hands of the people of American Labor?

From CLG news, Fitzpatrick nuclear plant has gone into an emergency shut down. A loss of power caused the plant to lose its cooling water.
Temperatures in the spent fuel storage were rising because the system was down, but cooling was restored by Friday evening.

Simultaneously oil leaked from the turbine room of the stricken nuclear plant into lake Ontario.

As this emergency nuclear shut down happened last Friday, might we have not heard about it if not for the oil slick seen on the surface of Lake Ontario?

Is it not something, the potential for such a major catastrophe, and nothing has been on the mainstream news about it?

Thank you CLG News for informing us about it.

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Shut Down Suddenly Friday

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having our elders from outer space safely trip that Jewish electricity dirty bomb off line and preventing a major melt down and poisoning of us?

Might we not say a prayer of thanks to elders for making sure there was a nice oil slick so that it showed on the surface of lake Ontario revealing to the world that something terrible had happened in Fitzpatrick nuclear plant?

The plant did not report the oil leak at Fitzpatrick nuclear reactor. It was a third party that saw the oil slick and called the coast guard to report it.

If it was a nuclear leak, might we note it would not have been visible at all?

We just had Indian Point nuclear reactor 25 miles north of New York City needing to be put into shut down the other day.

Are we not understanding that Judah plan is to shoot his Jewish electricity dirty bombs off on us before he goes away forevermore? Will Labor not get our purse away from Judah and end all of his attempts to shoot us anymore?

Have you read the tragic story of the lady who shot her two daughters to death and then was shot dead by a police officer at her home?

Bitch just did a reverse speech of a video of the event, here is some of it:

"Police will fault you with a weapon then perpetize you in a false state.

We're logically jumping happiness at sin.

This was a bad shot we pushed with weep-o's.

Completely sold from within.

I die septis.

Tumors were chosen because they persist to paralyze."
Continues at:


The one reverse speech, " I die septis" was from the y

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