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willpwilson 908
FEMA is funding all of the North American County Jails
Sat Sep 3, 2016 05:04

FEMA is funding all of the North American County Jails - Revelations & ISAIAH - The Two Thousand Year Old News Report About Right Now. - As of 2013 , there were 3,007 counties, 64 parishes, 19 organized boroughs, 11 census areas, 41 independent cities, and the District of Columbia for a total of 3,143 counties and county-equivalents in the United States. - htts:// - FEMA builds county jails - - Case # - 16-1-00009-1 Jefferson County Superior Court (And, District Court.) (P.O. Box 1220) 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368 - (360) 385 - 9135 -

They are filling up all of the North American County Jails with men who are being turned in by women on over drive. A women can have any man now turned into the County Sheriffs Deputy and even if the man calls 911, the County Sheriffs are now ordered to only take the report from a women. Check out this insane Jefferson County Washington State Case - The State of Washington vs. Andrew Morrill. On February 30th of this year of 2016, Andrew Morrill was living on a property in Port Hadlock Washington with his live in girl friend named Maggie - On that fateful day of February 29th 2016 Andrew Morrill was sitting at his log cabin home that is located on the property of a Skip Mustin that of being formal Barclay Fleer Mustin and heir to a candy company fortune who had let Andrew Morrill rent a log cabin on the property of Mr. Mustin. Skip Mustin - 408 Center Road, Chimicum, Washington 98325 - An alleged multi millionaire who lures people into renting his cabin so that he can alledyl set them up for being used as informant set ups allegedly. Why is a millionaire heir who openly uses meth on his property with multiple stop ins all day long bringing and selling meth on Mr. Mustin's property allegedly. Thereof, on this not so cognitive or thereof, not sane of all not sane of all not sane cognitive days thereof. Is this our country now? revelations split between men and women - -
Thus, on that day back in February of 2016, Andrew Morrill, was minding his own business and helping his girl friend named Maggie taking care of two boys who Andrew had no involvement with other then to make sure that while his girl friend Maggie was under assignment of her client and who was also her friend named Sabrina Wilson.

So when Andrew Morrill had found out that the two boys had been ordered by court order to have them returned back to their lawful father who resides in Tennessee that he unknowing informed the two boys that they were to be returned back to their father in Tennessee.

Andrew Morrill - Case no. Jefferson County Superior Court - case n0. 16-1-00009-1 Prosecutor named St. Marie who needs to be invested and indicted on allowing for Sabrina Wilson to testify at the July 2016 Trial of Andrew Morrill without arresting Sabrina Wilons for having kidnapped the two boys from their father in Tennessee shorty before the wrongful arrest of Andrew Morrill. Sabrina Wilson should have been arrested at the trial of Andrew Morrill immediately for having kidnapped the two boys acrosss state lines and for attempted murder of Andreww Morrill for his having simply informed the two boys that they were to be immediately returned to their lawful father inn Tennessee and for Sabrina Wilson's attempted murder of Andrew Morrill on that day. On that day when Andrew Morrill had simply called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office 911 Emergency Phone line to report that a Sabrina Wilson was attempting to kill him in his own home and that he was calling to report his need for immediate help to keep this Sabrina Wilson, ( Who still lives also at the Skip Mustin property at this very time in Port Hadlock Washingotn.) thereof.

When the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department Officer showed up at the property after Andrew Morrill had called them after this Sabrina Wilson had broke all of his ribs, dislocated his right shoulder blade, causing permanent damage to his left shoulder, and Andrew is Concert Pianist. Thereof, Sabrina Wilson has also dislocated Andrew's right retina due to her hitting him in the head as well with steel baseball bat. She then went on to break all of the window so his vehicle and further, break some of his teeth out. Now, take note. Sabrina Wilson is almost six feet tall and weighs more then two hundred and fifty pounds.

So, when the Jefferson County Sheriffs officer showed on the Skip Mustin property due to Andrew Morrill having called the 911 number for immediate help.

The Jefferson County Sheriffs officer immediately arrested Andrew Morrill, thus placing him under immediate arrest and shoving him into the Jefferson County Jail without ever receiving any form of medical treatment whatsoever, and Andrew is still being denied emergency medical treatment for his having called 911 for help and of which the Jefferson County prosecutor named St. Marie, has still not been investigated for having allowed for a Sabrina Wilson to be able to stand as witness against Andrew Morrill without being arrested for interstate kidnapping and attempted murder of Andrew Morrill

Check out my case where I just spent ten weeks in the Jefferson County Jail in Hadlock Washington for my merely trying to protect myself from being attacked by a drunk and drugged Jeannie Williamson who had punched me in the head while I was trying to keep her from being further intoxicated and I end up in the Jefferson County Jail for ten weeks and take on the Jefferson County Deputy Prosecutor named Amanda Wilson, thereof, and took them on as Pro Se. Check my Docket. I have a $1.8 million dollar case now filed against them on their own docket. We have turn this around America right now.

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    • FEMA is funding all of the North American County Jails — willpwilson 908, Sat Sep 3 05:04
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