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”I Gave You The Peace Must You Fail?” Our good God asked us
Sun Sep 4, 2016 10:42

”I Gave You The Peace Must You Fail?”

Our good God asked us several years ago. “I gave you the peace, must you fail?”

Judah, using our purse has put Americans in harms way on the borders with Russia. Heavily armed for the war he wants to finish out the United States of America with.

Judah in Moscow, holding the purse of our Russian family has the troops there ready for the big blaze.

“I gave you the peace, must you fail?”

“Don’t they hear me?” Father asked?

The train whistle is screaming, the red warning lights are flashing, the bells are ringing. Is there not some way that American Labor will hear and see the warning signs of the impending catastrophe that we are funding Judah to crash us with here?

“You’re involved with sin, your lives won’t be spared. We came to warn you.” The angels said.

“Too soupy.” Tele receive.

A boy that has a limited range and yet has Bitch not sounded the alarm that marks the beginning of our death knell if we ignore it? Bitch gave up soup years ago when he learned what Judah was doing to it.

Judah putting America into the first world war. Imprisoning those that refused his draft. The pro peace people Judah put away in his prison camps.

His second world war, small and limited opposition from Americans to Judah sport war. The Replicon attack at Pearl Harbor silenced most voices for peace.

Now his third world war. Americans facing being buried. Is there not some way to convince American Labor to stop funding this eternal Jewish sport war?

If our nation was a car and there was a wheel bearing that has been grinding for 5 years now. Should we not fix it before this coming road trip?

Every plea to Americans to STOP THE WAR and save yourselves, fallen on deaf ears. The mild guy set up by weap Judah and his Replicons, to die us out in MEGA death numbers beyond what he has ever died us before.

“Occasionally.” Elder said after Bitch asked if they ever fail to transition a group out of war and into peace.

Might we wonder who may remain alive after this blizzard of nuclear waste passes through our living space?

God almighty has spared us from the bess of weap Judah nuclear blast war. Will the people not say a prayer of thanks to our good God our Father for sparing us from the worst that Judah had been capable of?

Now Judah found out for his attempts to extinct our race. Saved only by the grace and love of our precious sweet Father who sent our elders from outer space in to spare us from a couple of terminal nuclear blast wars.

The extreme power of the American purse. Held in the private hands of international weap Judah. Used to crush millions of Americans, take our rights away and make us hungry, imprisoned and homeless. Our own money used to shoot us down on the street.

The savagery of the Washington-Wall Street perps. The dungeon war sport of the investor class. Do we not yet see the handwriting on the wall that is warning us of the deep loss that we are about to receive if we don’t STOP THE WAR?

2 out of 3 Americans set to die off over the next few years now. Funding the pounding, the assaulting of our family out everyday for the sport of Judah.

UFOs of great variety flying overhead trying to give us the message to try and save ourselves. Warning us of our impending doom.

Are there some that do not accept that weap Judah is destroying us?

Are there some who think it not true that Judah attacked us all out with his nuclear missiles tipped with his great balls of fire?

“He remained true to me.”

Bitch, never once accepting any war that Washington Wall street has put on since he saw one first hand in 1966.

A simple working boy looking for the truth. Wondering for decades how to STOP THE WAR.

Now about 2 weeks until the beginning of autumn. Judah scientists tell him he will have the death of America sealed in then.

Boy meets girl and they have a family. Soon no longer part of the American dream. Boy no longer able to donate enough of what is needed to make a mother of his love.

Vast sterility due to radioactive waste poisoning. Are some still confused about what Judah has been plotting and is doing here?

Those babies that are born, a percentage of them sick from being poisoned with radioactive waste while still in the womb.

Our atmosphere contaminated with the deadliest toxins ever to appear on earth. All created in Judah and his alliance partner’s laboratories. At this moment, nuclear bonfires roaring pouring massive amounts of radioactive waste into our environment.

The warnings to the people from the few voices that are still alive, ignored by the people as they are massively being perished out of life form.

The largest single die that Judah has ever accomplished, set now for the people of the United States of America. Might those who survive this brimstone waste war when reading of the history of our die, wonder how curious it was that we funded each and every nuclear nano particle that pushed us aside?

If only we had thought of how the canary in the coal mine died, might we have taken a different route?

Might we not have so easily accepted guys that only give us permanent sport war for our world?

Will the mild man of the north continue to be an easy ‘mark’ for the guys from the desert that have thousands of years experience in eating each other? If only we had seen their ‘pigeon drop’ routine, might we not have taken our purse away from them sooner?

Hanging an alligator with his reproductive organs sticking out. Might we see that Judah makes up a big story just so he can show that picture to us?

The Meta gorical transfiguration of the people of planet earth that our creators are gifting us with. Do we perceive that we either transition into peaceful lifeforms or die out in war and go out of life form?

“We disowned you.” A Tele send from a Judah Replicon that saw Bitch.

“Disowned Bitch?”

Bitch only connection is from the Moroccan Jew who used his extension in France. That gave Bitch his sand vibe that told him how hazarded we are by the sick dangerous mind of weap Judah.

The shooting that Judah is hiring out on our streets. The people who sit in office and put such oppression in upon the rest of us. Will Labor not end funding it all?

We’re being forced out of life massively. Bitch trying to convey the message that Father loves us and wants us to live right. Judah still molesting us away in ways that we cannot detect until it is much too late. A shot to our DNA to get us out right.

God our Father will not lose his righteous. They will survive this last nuclear war that Judah has foisted upon us.

“I want to save you lives.” God our Father said.

All merciful and forgiving. The grace of Father wants us to come in and live in His peace.

Labor can get the war out any day it wants. If it fails then it must take its loss. “The majority won’t be around,” is how elder described what Judah has put in for us.

2 out of 3 Americans set now for going out of life form with the kids. Will we not pray that God will have mercy on us?

We have failed to end funding destroying God’s kids. Is it not clear there really is little more for us here?

Bitch failed God useful, still listening to hear what is coming up for us next.

The Jewish war with America against Russia could begin any day. What was the score of the game? Wasn't it a nice day to play ball and fish?

While one can be lackadaisical concerning cutting the grass, might it not be a fatal fail if it causes us to not protect our lives?

Tele receives:

“Failed to peace it right. 5.52 PM

Get over the defacing. 6.22 PM

Clintage. 6.31 PM

Rejoice, their jacket’s fell. 7.48 PM

Bitch failed us righteous. 8.05 PM

Patrick suffered to help us. 8.25 PM

Break your failish. 8.35 PM

Bitch, you lost your face for tike. 8.37 PM

Struggle. 8.41 PM

Know ledge. 8.44 PM

They rob you of your physical deal. 10.25 PM

Powerful swish. 12.47 AM

Caution is finally out.

Children failed us. 1.13 PM


They’ve falsed us out. 2.54 AM

Patrick died gold unfisted. 2.56 PM

Shut it. 3.34 AM

Take them out! 3.54 AM

America, almost refused. 5.53 AM

Too oafish. 5.58 AM

Paris raid us. 6.07 AM

Patrick, we’re about dyin, help to feed us.

O my God, they’re scoring us. 6.17 AM

Recognize that you are seriously burst away. 6.25 AM

I urge your life forces nuptial.” 7.08 AM

Does that last Tele receive, “I urge your life forces nuptial,” sound like this verse from the bible?

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply in number. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fishes in the sea, the birds in the sky and all the animals that scurry along the ground.” Genesis 1:28

Are we perceiving that Judah with his sport of killing human Beings and waging genocide goes exactly opposite to what God said for his plan?

Our good God has saved us here. Is Labor not appreciating the truth of it?

“Recognize that you are seriously burst away.” 6.25 AM

Blew our rights off with a few lies and a stack of cash handed out to all that voted in Congress and the court for it. Put us into eternal war with the rest of our family on earth. Set us now to war with Russia and doing all they can to get us into a fight in Asia.

Burning a nuclear bonfire at Hitachi-GE for over 5 years now to poison us out in the hundreds of millions in the next few years.

Advised by our elders from outer space how to help ourselves. Are we not praying that American Labor will end declining to help us as we go out of life form?

The “30 minute break through.” Can we not make 30 minutes where we get together, have a break through and decide to act to save ourselves?

“You’re not refusable.” Tele receive. 7.42 PM

How might we evaluate that statement?

From the words that have been gifted to Bitch, “Abstract receipts of Labor. Organizing Principle of society.” Refuse and refuse, not refusable. Might Labor not perceive that Bitch is merely Father’s shill here that is trying to convince you to save yourselves?

Father has a plan for all of his children to live together in peace and harmony forever. Judah tells us that he just came for some foul sex. Will Labor not let them off right?

Judah has been refused by the house of God for his inability to accommodate others. Are we seeing that we must be peaceable for interaction with other high level Beings?

Might Judah merely be a big fish in a little pond? Because he was refused, might that indicate that the big sea of the universe has no use for his batter?

If this is all known and understood, and Judah has left us and is in the safety of his underground shelters, then what is the problem?

Are we seeing that because he has unlimited free cash from American workers he still has our world in war 24/7 forever?

This is Father’s village and Father wants them off. Does Labor not yet see that if we continue funding this war failure that we may be going out with the Jew?

The white fist that Judah claims he has had for so long that it is part of his biology. If we fail to end funding the white fist might the white fist be going out of life form with weap Judee?

Is it not seen that the Jews were a life form that has now died themselves nifty? Ignored creators rules from 3,500 years ago to not kill the children of God and then Judah lays a plan on to kill us all with nuclear weapons.

Is it not yet seen that all we have now if we keep funding Judah is to afford ourselves the opportunity to go out with them too?

Are we seeing here Labor that as our good God has afforded Judah the opportunity to throw himself out, simultaneously Father has afforded ‘us’ the opportunity to come in?

And who is ‘us’?

Are we seeing that Father has gifted his children with a society where the most important lever of them all, the concession to issue money, is no longer in the hands of the cunning ones, rather it is to be held in the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?

If it only was a question of who would live comfortably and who would not, might we just have to let it go at that?

Do we see though, the question is not merely about levels of wealth, it has to do with the snuffing out of a third of the human race in an unnecessary nuclear war?

Could there be anything hard about understanding that these cats just do not love thee?

Father let them catch themselves. Will Labor not get into this act?

One group of human Beings, hiding behind the walls of corporation corruption allowed to assault and batter other human beings with no remedy at law.

Judah now set to die us off in MEGA DEATH. Will Labor not help us here?

“I gave you the peace, must you fail?” God our Father asked.

Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death. Psalm 68:20 (NIV)
Will Labor not invite in the love of our Sovereign Lord and help us to escape the Jewish death planned for us long ago?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will see the light, STRIKE THEM OUT and close the door on war in our world?

Will Labor not step in and recover the best deal for anyone on planet earth, the American Bill of Rights?

Will Labor not keep in mind what Father said, “I want to save your lives?”

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let God our Father save our lives?

“The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself,” Judee say.

Will Druid not break Judah spell, be dutiful and not fail and STRIKE THEM OUT? Thank you.

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the Week— Choose life so that you and your descendants may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and holding fast to him. Deuteronomy 30:19,20
Sunday, September 4 — Deuteronomy 30:15–20; Psalm 1
Philemon 1–21; Luke 14:25–33
Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death. Psalm 68:20 (NIV)
That evening, at sunset, they brought to Jesus all who were sick or possessed with demons. Mark 1:32
Father, in our weakness, strengthen us. In our despair, comfort us. In our infirmity, heal us. Amen.
News reports today that the remains of Jacob Wetterling have been found in Minnesota. He was the 11 year old boy that was reported kidnapped at gun point in October of 1989.

His purported kidnapping led to the creation of the sex offender registry.

Bitch says, “purported kidnapping” because he did some reverse speech concerning the purported kidnapping and found these curious statements:

“We want to criminal you to un-constitute you.

The CIA we passed this for.

This is Benjamin how to deface you.

We chemical you right for a foreign punch.

This is for our series with gentlemen.

This way you don’t see our arrows.

We use it to just throw you away.

We zoom you out Pythagoras.

Our chipanees are our wonderful way.

I just set you for our ogreous sport.

My foreign nature brand is tyranny.

I want you brace fell.

I’m going to shoot you from the ocean white wale.

Your advantage I threw away. “

Jacob’s kidnapping now look to be a basic Judah opp to put in legislation to more easily rob and rape Americans?

Might we note the constant tool of Judah against us is in some form of sex opp deal? “Un-constitute us? Thank you.

Was out this afternoon and have some Tele receives from people passing by. Here they are:

“The peace way is useful. 1.35 PM

Their fetch failed. 1.45 PM

Close them out. 1.47 PM

You died their roll (role?). 2.05 PM

This kid see honorable. 2.08 PM

The rude got established for sale. 2.15 PM

Bonafide accusive. 2.18 PM

Tyranny shot you as usual. 2.36 PM

HUGE failure cute. 2.59 PM

They’re foulin us. 3.04 PM

These guys fold you cop ways. 3.10 PM

Divulge a STRIKE! 3.12 PM

Watch suitable. 3.13 PM

Cannibal treat us bad tyranny. 3.14 PM

Autographs of Jewish have failed.

Continues at:

Jew filthy luggage. 3.19 PM

Tesla won it. 3.29 PM

Judee sight (site) go.

Your child tossed you out. 3.45 PM

You lost

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