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“We Saved Your Life Forces, Obviously Jewry Is Out Now” Bit
Thu Sep 8, 2016 08:40

“We Saved Your Life Forces, Obviously Jewry Is Out Now”

Bitch heard that at 1.55 AM today. “We saved your life forces, obviously Jewry is out now.”

Thank You Father for sending your angels in to spare us from being destroyed by Judah with his well planned nuclear blast war extermination of us all.

The One whose loving hands saved us from extinction at the hands of nuclear war fighting weap Judah and his alliance partners, our good God almighty. Must Labor not end ignoring the caring, warning words of our precious sweet Father going on five years now to STOP THE WAR?

Year after year Washington Wall Street dragging us through sport war after sport war. Massively gunning us down in the streets.

The old world sport death squads roaming our land. Assisted by public pay rollers while we make their pay checks good.

“What happened here?”

A few lies from weap Judee and the mild man of the north stands down allowing himself and his family to be assaulted some more.

Is there any doubt whatsoever that the day that Labor demands to be the issuer of our money, that war will end in our world?

In the early 1330s an outbreak of deadly bubonic plague occurred in China. The bubonic plague mainly affects rodents, but fleas can transmit the disease to people. Once people are infected, they infect others very rapidly
After five years 25 million people were dead--one-third of Europe's people.

That plague that struck Europe that took 2 out of 3 of the inhabitants away. The men dressed in black that were seen outside of town with hand pumped spray cans spraying into the air.

Might we recognize them as our extraterrestrial family? All dressed in black “MARKING” the towns.

There were people at that time that did clearly identify the Jews as being the ones that were spreading the plague in Europe. Do we see why the men in black where outside of town with the spray cans?

Might we consider that our elders from outer space communicate using a Meta transiliatory way of speaking to us?

Might we not recognize the European plague now as Judee and his sport?

Deadly enough that at the time it wiped 2 out of 3 people out of Europe.

The pneumonic form of the plague didn’t need rats or fleas to spread – it was an airborne bacterium spread by the coughs of infected individuals.
Septicemic plague was a form of blood poisoning and had a mortality rate of one hundred percent.

With this type of plague, the individual suffered from high fever and purple blotches on the skin. Fortunately, this deadliest form was also the rarest.

The initial outbreak of the plague in fourteenth-century Europe was the most virulent. In fact, much of the populations of England and France were decimated.

In some parts of England the death toll was 50%. Some parts of France suffered an astounding loss of ninety percent of their populations.

Remember that the plague was spread by fleas that lived on rats. A vicious cycle kept the disease going. Infected fleas would bite a rat, and the rodent would become infected. Then other fleas biting the infected rat would become infected themselves.

Once the host rat died of the plague, any fleas living on it would find themselves homeless and would go in search of a new host. Unfortunately, this often took the form of a human. When the sick infected fleas bit the human in order to feed, the human would become infected.

So why didn’t the Europeans just keep plenty of cats around to kill the rats and thereby reduce the incidence of the plague? They had cats at the time.

They were originally brought to Europe by the Romans, who had discovered the felines in Egypt. Keeping pet cats as mousers had become popular in Europe by the time of the first plague.

To fully answer that question, you need to understand the belief system of medieval Europe. Based on historical accounts and medieval art, people during this period were prone to many superstitions.

The Catholic Church was the most powerful entity in Europe at the time, and the masses were consumed with the presence of evil and eradicating it in any form it might be believed to take.

Because of their secretive nature and their ability to survive extraordinary circumstances, the general population came to fear cats as consorts of Satan.

The innocent cats began to be killed by the thousands.

The cats ultimately got their revenge, of course. Since there were few felines left, the rat populations increased unchecked, and the plague grew even more widespread.

You’d think that the humans would make the connection by this point, but instead, they made things even worse.

They began to associate the plague’s new vigor with the cats and even with dogs. They believed that since both of these animals typically harbored fleas, they must be the cause of the plague.

Subsequently, cats were outlawed in many parts of Europe, and huge numbers of cats and dogs were killed. In fact, at one point in the middle ages, there were barely any cats left in England at all.

Even though cat ownership was illegal in some regions, a few people kept their felines.

Other people finally noticed that these cat owners often seemed to be immune to the plague.

Word spread quickly, and more observations of this phenomenon were noticed. This resulted in research, crude as it was during the time.

Eventually, it was decided that the rats, not the cats, were responsible for spreading the plague.

Then, of course, everyone wanted to own a cat or two. And since cats are prolific breeders, it didn’t take long for the demand to be satisfied.

The laws which had been the cats’ death sentence were repealed. In many regions, a new law took its place – one that protected felines instead of banning them and almost causing their extinction in Europe.

Was it not highly likely that Judah at the time knew precisely the rat flea vector and put into the minds of the unaware people that cats were satanic and had the people killing the cats to increase the death toll in Europe from Judah made plague?

Might we note the Vatican’s roll in the European plague, putting the people to killing our natural defense from infected rats, cats?

Why did God not step in and prevent the mass death from plague at that time?

For those that knew of God and loved God, might they have been the third of the people that were spared?

The Jewish electricity nuclear waste plague that Judah has put on us. Estimates are that 95% of us are facing dying out of life form.

Judah reveals from reverse speech that he was in Asia by 400 AD. As a guy bent on genocide to other people, would he not have studied the plagues in Asia, known it was rats and then put rats on board ships to send in to Europe?

Wasn’t that cunning of Judah to get the Europeans to kill all the cats when the plague appeared?

Has Judah not had some incredible ability to convince us to act the exact opposite to what would help us?

Wars and pestilence. Continuous political assassinations. The way of Judah. Will we not thank our precious sweet Father for affording Judah the opportunity to give himself a wondrous send off into his destiny, to die out in tunnel death?

The majesty and glory of our wondrous good God. Will Labor not recognize that we have been gifted with the best gift ever, PEACE?

“I gave you the peace, must you fail?” Precious sweet Father asked us.

What about Mark Twain’s observation, “its not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for certain that just ain’t so?

In machine repair some call it “proving the signal.”

How do we prove the signal?

The theory of operation.

If we were to apply regular machine analysis to repair our political, social, legal and economic system, would we not first have to have the theory of operation?

If so, what theory of operation would we use to discover what is wrong here so that we can fix it?

Would we use Judah theory of his claim that he is doing all that he can to protect us from the naughty Muslims that purportedly blew up his old white elephant buildings in New York city and that’s why he had his 5% kickback corrupt legislature throw our precious Bill of Rights away with his so called Patriot act?

Do we recall the white elephant buildings were the ones that Lucky Larry Silverstein cashed in with a double indemnity policy worth billions of dollars?

If only our grand juries were to inform us that a Chicago Elevator Union had a team of specialists working in New York city on the world trade center months before it came down, might we not want to look into it a little bit more?

What grand juries? Our grand juries. The ones that Labor will fund the day after it takes the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah.

But didn’t LaSalle bank in Chicago have a fire that burned up all of the payroll records of the Chicago elevator guys that worked in the world trade center towers before they fell down? How will our grand juries get the pay roll records if they have been burned up?

Will Labor not help us with that?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, put our grand juries in and let them seek the information we need that will enlighten us on what sort of games Judah has been playing on us?

If only our ancient ancestors would all have prayed to Father when the plague struck. If they then had been listening to Father might they have kept the cats in to die the rats off?

These atomic waste plague spreading rats. Will Labor not help us to let them off right?

As you, me, our families, are being extirpated out of life form will Labor not help us to get them gone?

Will Labor not help protect all of us from the venge of Jew flea-bite-us?

Has Bitch report from Mercury not proven that Judah signal is false? Has Mars not shown that Judah’s theory is no good?

Here are a couple of recent nuclear missile attacks with the warheads captured in flight and burned off safely high in the sky by the angels that precious sweet Father sent in to save his children from the nuclear weap of Judah:

String of UFOs flying over Los Angeles 7-Sep-2016
VIDEO 1.17 AT:

Four-Minute Clip Shows Strange Flying Objects In The Sky Above Wycombe
VIDEO 2.14 AT:

With reduced need for propellant, close in missile shots from submarines can carry up to 30 multiple targeted one hundred kiloton nuclear warheads. Do we see then it only requires a couple of missiles to produce the fleet of burning great balls of fire seen over Los Angeles? Might we note, that Judah nuclear missile attack just happened yesterday, the 7th of September in Los Angeles?

If 60 one hundred kiloton warheads were burst over Los Angeles, might we try to imagine what would LA, would look like now?

Each warhead with about 7 times the blast, heat and radiation of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

7 Hiroshima bombs in each warhead times 30 warheads times 2 missiles fired equals?

Is that not 420 Hiroshima blast effects on Los Angeles from only 2 missiles with multiple warheads?

Will the people of America not say prayers of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having his angels spare us once again from Judah attempts to get us HUGE with his nuclear blast?

Did Father not have his angels share with us what we need to know to survive the many wars that Judah is waging on us? Yes Father did that for us.

“We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!” The angel said.

Judah died off two thirds of the Druid people with his plague on us in the middle ages. Convinced the people that cats consorted with Satan. The only defense at that time against plague, the cats that reduced the flea carrying rats. The people fooled into destroying their only protection from plague.

The last plague of Judah, his Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste disease. Aiming to take 95% of us out.

Might the words that Judah puts on Bitch, “embezzler, lecher, thug,” be about as false as the words that he put on the cats in the middle ages, “consorts of Satan?”

Will Labor not do as our elders suggest, “get smart,” and let them off right?

Tele receives:

“They’re exterminating us, they’re wiping us out. 5.03 PM

He stuffed cannibal. 6.08 PM

Super cage parasite. 6.54 PM

Challenge these lunatics for some air or just die.

The reason for your demise is famous cash. 1.13 AM

Germany is a historical wages stopper. 1.14 AM

Gaining control of the paper will end the shoot. 1.15 AM

Its now failed because the dog is talking. 1.18 AM

Your last payment to the palace is sick. 1.21 AM

The whole issue on earth, who issues the money and Labor has failed. 1.22 AM

Present oil deadly has set you like a tee. 1.27 AM

You failed them. 1.29 AM

You just die fish. 1.32 AM

You just die out.

Lost you to a parasite grudge. 1.49 AM

Get them out of torsion. 1.50 AM

We saved your life forces, obviously Jewry is out now. 1.55 AM


He wiped us HUGELY. 2.02 AM

George fist you. 2.03 AM

Horse sighted kills great. 2.05 AM

Making you eternal.



That last Tele receive sounded as if it came through “B”. Will Labor not listen to the words of our Father and end Judah fooling us with his eternal war using our pocket book and sons to wage it?

How many recall the 1968 smash number one pop song “Judy in Disguise?” Here’s a few lyrics from it:

“A chimney sweep sparrow with guys. You’re Judy in disguise, with glasses.

Judy in disguise, well what you’re aiming for. A circus of horrors, yeah yeah, well that’s what you are. You make me a life of ashes. I guess I’ll just take your glasses.”

John Fred who wrote that song was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For those who have read about the Kennedy assassination have we noted that Baton Rouge was a major player in the workings of the assassination of the president?

John Fred died in 2005 at 63 years of age with kidney failure.

“You make me a life of ashes.”

Might John Fred have figured out what the nuclear war fighting plan of Judah was as a young man?

And all these years Later, its still a great song.

“Its already defeated. 6.55 AM

Judee swamp the habitat. 7.00 AM

That’s a sight bird.” 7.02 AM

Thank you for that description of Bitch, “a sight bird.”

Might we note John Fred’s plan for dealing with Judee in disguise was, “I guess I’ll just take your glasses?”

If only Judee had had his glasses taken away from him. Might his heart sight not have improved?

With his small poor sight, if only he had had heart, might he not of made it into the universe?

Though did he not make himself master of planet earth and all that dwell here? Yes he did.

Do we remember that Judah began the final take over of America and the world once he took our purse into his private control? Did he not give us one hell of a hearse ride using our dollar to do it?

And its still not over yet. Will Labor not let the false man go?

The thing that would have saved many of our ancestors when Judah brought his deathly plague in, the cat. Judah fooled our ancestors at the most critical time and got them to kill most of the cats in Europe.

Continues at:

If only they would have spotted Judah false and not listened to Judee tales of the embezzler cat, the lecher cat, the thug cat and the cat that consorted with Satan himself. If only our predecessors would have rejected Judah false, might they not have been able t

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    • “We Saved Your Life Forces, Obviously Jewry Is Out Now” Bit — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Sep 8 08:40
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