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“The Politics of Lunatics” If only we will think deeply abo
Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:43

“The Politics of Lunatics”

If only we will think deeply about what we have left ourselves in for might we not act and STRIKE THEM OUT?

“I do vegetable rubs quite beautiful. I suckered you real personal,” Judee say.

“Nice boy is warning us.” Tele receive. 3.47 AM

Americans in the grip of those that created the Nazis in Germany, weap Judah.

The corporal that weap Judah hired to bring war upon the people in the 1930s. If only we will focus on the financials might we not get ourselves straitened out here?

Judah spent all of his time and our money to create a world full of his mighty great balls of fire. Are we understanding that the plan always was to use them on us?

For Americans he’s now planning a big jail. Much bigger than the millions he already holds in his tyranny state of America.

All Judah dreams to wipe us out. Smashed by the love of our good God above.

Judah’s dreams to fiend us out in a surprise nuclear attack washed out when Judah let fly with his thousand nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11th, 2011.

Every single missile pulled out of the sky in the boost phase at 80,000 feet up.

50 Martian UFOs took in 20 missiles each. The missiles now on display in a museum inside Mars.

Thank you Sir Casper for your vigilance and the diligence of your kind team in sparing us from nuclear blast immolation.

“My dream is ever finished,” Judee say.

Judah dream of killing us all with a 3 hour shoot. Do we see that now Judah dream is finished for good?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending his angels in to spare our lives?

“I would have given you anything.” Precious Father said. Now what do have other than the prospects of passing out of life form in the next few years?

“Its a war,” Judee say.

Are we not understanding that Judah blew up the world trade center in New York City on September 11th, 2001 using it as a pretext to force our beautiful nation into war?

Have the people not figured out that the pentagon attacked us internal that day in New York to allow them to make war on us internal?

If we comprehend what Judah does to those that he captures will we not act and close them out?

“We always pulverize a chicken,” Judee say.

Will Labor not take the tickets to eat away from Judah so that he can no longer push people out of the chow line? Must we not take his most valuable tool that he uses to convince us to not oppose his evil ways, the concession to issue our money, away from him?

The frail guy that is wiping us out wholesale right now, weap Judah. Will Labor not help us to let them off right?

“Ethically, they’re criminals. They have no defensible rights. They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off.” Our good God told us.

Now sealed into a mass die off by brimstone nuclear waste that Judah has been pouring in since 3/11, 2011. Over 5 years of a continuous stream of atom dirty bomb waste falling on our fields and poisoning our air and water.

Might we not have to give it to Judah for such a cunning way that his scientists have chosen to die us off in MEGA DEATH numbers?

Assaulted every moment of our now shortened lives by hot radioactive invisible particles.

The guy that reflects the most light, the guy that Judah hates the most. The guy he turned into his GI. The third of the human race that has sealed itself in to dying off. Right less people funding and shooting sport war for Judah. How smooth is that for Judah to get away with?

“Poppa’s philosophy is going to give us a wonderful day for all.”

A reverse speech from TV news. Will American Labor not bring Poppa’s philosophy in?

Judah, the guy that lives among us to sport us out of life. To harm us whenever he gets a chance to catch us right. Will Labor not let them off right?

America, the new land of the free where we are supposed to be able live and work together with whomever we please.

Judah hires his fist sport to break us all apart to separate us from our natural friends that also wish to live in peace and harmony.

The banker bombers, insurance hitters. Will Labor not get their sport off of us? Will Labor not close out their peasant worker insurance collections racket?

Do some recall Ralph Nader’s 1965 book that covered the dangerous Chevrolet Corvair, “Unsafe at Any Speed?”

With what Judah has done to our food supply might a book not be in order, “Unsafe at Any Eat?”

Might Judah aversion therapy that he uses on us be what is keeping Labor from challenging Judah’s right to issue our money?

That is have we not seen the dreadful things that have happened to people that have opposed his right to make sport war in our world?

Those that spoke up to inform us of the truth, John, Martin, Malcolm and Bobby and so many others. Might Judah gun be the aversion type therapy that is holding Labor from acting to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

If so will Labor not have faith in the love of our good God to get us to the safe harbor of peace and STRIKE THEM OUT?

“We’re dying you’s minus now,” Judee say.

Loss of our fields, our water, our air. Will Labor not let them off right?

The “Committee of the Whole.” Has Labor selected the 160 people that you wish to issue our money?

The foreigner tourists that have issued American Labor money for the last 103 years now. Hundreds of millions dead in their errant sport wars and counting. Will Labor not let them off right and put a Labor Committee of the Whole in to issue our money?

Bitch has been praying that his inefficiencies don’t let a mass die off happen. Praying to Father that Labor will hear the truth of the love of God for all of his kids and try to save us from dying off now in the end times.

Are we perceiving that it is the end of our nursery days here in God’s village and we are becoming full extraterrestrial Beings ourselves?

As the universe in our area is in peace and has been in peace for 9 million years, might we understand that if living in a war torn world that we are funding and fighting is not corrected, that we will pass out of life form and not go up into the universe?

Tele receives and non Judah reverse speech:

“Patrick threw off the Roy.

You won, you leave Judee a vegetable.

They’re falsing your life with irratet.

Because of their fight your opp’s big now.

Poppa’s philosophy is going to give us a wonderful day for all.

Vegetables all die victims great.

The nice Bitch got the summons off true.

The dungeons they’ve been working pushed out bush.

You’re excused. 6.16 PM

You opped a police man. 7.42

The race force is off. 8.28 PM

Failed erection. 9.46 PM

Jewpedoes have ravaged Druid. 12.47 AM

Bitch is harmless, he listened to Jew who put you in with their favorite gypsum. 12.48 AM.

Scored. 12.50 AM

Genitals now won’t help us. 12.52 AM

Its a complete decline of rules. 12.54 AM

Jew hates you, that’s why they screwage. 12.56 AM

Pepsogen’s a free toss. 1.00 AM

They murder us right.

They scored you ultimate hopeless. 1.04 AM

Their spirit tossed you all. 1.05 AM

Grease paint cost you hatcherous. 1.09 AM

You lost it right. 1.10 AM

You’re toasted dull because of imaging. 1.10 AM

Host this spirit to dust. 1.12 AM

Patrick has died criminal force enormous. 1.14 AM

You’re advertised brutal. 1.15

You’re closing up yourselves completely right. 1.20 AM

ORGANIZE and your fears will leave you. 1.21 AM

Patrick was policed all through his mission to toss vicious. 1.23 AM

You’re wiping yourself right out of sphere. 1.24 AM

Why won’t you help your Drupel people?

Your sites been died well. 1.25 AM

Your growing forces are finished. 1.26 AM

You’re closed wonderfully. 1.33 AM

We’re about rolled, STRIKE THEM OUT? 1.35 AM

GI refused. 1.37 AM

Close your war to set yourself right. 2.26 AM

You failed to them. 2.28 AM

Atomites burned you all. 2.29 AM

Judah does not serve us, tell him to get out. 2.31 AM

Chump us dangerously. 2.43 AM

Stupid fisted and is done.

One third of his lies die. 2.48 AM

A HUGE jail he’s planning. 3.08 AM

The Politics of lunatics.

Nice boy warning us. 3.47 AM

Toast with sympathy. 3.58 AM

They finished us. 5.00 AM

They’re dying us out. 5.12 AM

You’re boursing out yourselves. 5.26 AM

Because of war its over.

Treacherous. 7.25 AM

Entirely died.

You made your pestery.” 8.11 AM

Did Bitch not indeed make our pestery right? That is did Mercury report not let them put themselves out of here for ever nice?

“You’re advertised brutal. 1.15 AM You opped a police man.” 7.42

Bitch did not opp a police man. That’s false.

Bitch did talk a bit crazy and that’s about it. Are we understanding it is Judah with his lying all the time telling such false tales about Bitch?

“You’re advertised brutal.” 1.15 AM

Do we see how Judah has falsely advertised Bitch? Will Labor not wake to the truth and STRIKE THEM OUT and end their war on the children of planet earth?

The only opp on the cops that Bitch did was to file a civil action in federal court to bring the facts to a jury to let them hear what is going on out here on the streets.

Federal Judge Holderman would not let the case go to a jury. Claimed that the CPD and Maxwell are all sweet people.

Not that Bitch has any truk with former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, but might we note, Federal Judge Holdermann was the judge that issued an arrest warrant that caused the twice popularly elected governor of Illinois to be arrested under cover of darkness in his home?

Do we recall that with out a grand jury, except for an emergency situation, there is no probable cause for an arrest in American law?

Is it not astounding that a twice popularly elected official could get taken out so easily by cunning unelected, though well boursed clerks?

That anyone should have their civil rights violated much less such a well positioned elected public official might there not be an issue that we should look at here?

Once Labor has the authority to issue our money will a grand jury not look in to that case for sure? Might we have some understanding of how deadly procedural violations of the law can be when committed by the state against an individual?

Bitchie don’t want to be railing here, but do we remember another former Illinois governor that wouldn't execute all of the innocent people that Judah put on death row was punished by convicting him of taking a free vacation at his buddies home in the islands? Do we recall that they held him in jail for many years for that?

While reminiscing, do we recall New York Judah arrested the sitting Illinois governor only a couple of days after he cut off taxpayers money to the bankers until they paid a group of factory workers their back pay from a plant they closed? Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and let Labor give us a good day everyday?

Bitch issue is war. Now that we have been repeatedly attacked with nuclear missiles might we consider that the only significant issue here concerns war and how to stop it?

Might we not consider that war is the only real issue there ever has been since Judah built nuclear weapons and brought them into our world to shoot us out with them?

“STRIKE FOR REAL SIGHT!” Tele receive. 9.07 AM

“My gorgeous life is threaten,” Judee say

Will Labor not reject the “threaten” model of society and afford us the opportunity to bring in the cooperator accommodator style of life? Will Labor not give us a real sight with peace?

Might we see how Judah lying about Bitch he sets peoples minds to war fell Bitch? Do we see the thing he needs to get us harmed is all the free money that he gets from Labor? Are we understanding he harms us for free because he is the only one that can issue our money?

Are we understanding that who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands is what is the key thing to think about and act upon if we wish to survive this nuclear war that Judah is waging against us?

That Judah merely makes us out of the chow line as a way to convince us. Might we consider that when velocity is producing excess amounts of wealth it will be difficult if not impossible to push anyone out of the chow line?

“We just make you out of the chow line, that’s how we convince.”

Are we seeing that Judah wins only when he can tight fist?

Will Labor not do God’s will and put the existence stipend with something in it for everyone? Will Labor not end Judah sport of homelessness and war?

Will Labor not take Judah Popeye spinach away from him?

While elders describe Judah’s cannibal complex behavior as “Animal primitivism,” might we not refer to it as “childishness?”

That Judah failed to use his higher level intelligence to accommodate our good God above.

That Judah arrogantly claimed his right in the face of God’s love to destroy the children of God. What are we to think of Judah with his chutzpah and hubris and his all out attack upon God’s kids in Judah’s zoo with his great balls of fire?

While Bitchie so excited about the possibilities of feeding, clothing and housing all of God’s children on earth easily using velocity power sources, it still has not happened yet.

Are we seeing that God in his majesty, wisdom and love has afforded us the opportunity to put ourselves in to a position that such miracle technologies can come in?

That is, are we understanding that by God having his angels let Judah shoot himself out of here, once Judah is closed out and permanently gone, and Labor is in, do we see that we will be bringing a raft of new technologies in that will speed us all into bountiful, healthful lives?

“Taking you out the Drewess is so accommodating to my right. I thump white people that’s why I thirst. Irish report we just foul rate you best sewerage. With fear I will fool you and keep giving you my pitch. I’m permanently out for my head that lives in a different state.

I’m completely through with my jail. Bitch has pointed out Oliver’s fail. I just insure you to fall minnows right. Bitch, you have a real affect, you fall shame us. I always give your rights a failed range and attack you right. I’m abolishing you with my pura aid brand right.

Our threat has been refused. We failed with our jail time. I got score rights, because of Bitch we’re out. My square is to repulse the man. I came, I was, I’m falling your gen now. Jewish, we weaped your business off. I’m past now for what Mount told you, I had a municipal transported. With my free inventory I set you in, I’m cleared.

I got a white customer for force so I app you good. We’re taking oxygen off all days to punish you. Our nuclear kid is entirely out. If you’re inter racial we die you true. I forced your head here as usual, because of my missile, now its over. I set your life out, I’m a set Julius. I’m all in college sprint.

The establishment has died now for officer corrupt. My courage here went with my mushroom war. With my bulls eye I fooled you completely fries. We got some pork chop smells and a puppy to keep you right. Our opps with Principal are how we made you die. I’m a visible wake, I got no future. The police attempted this boy and now he’s shown you our fist.

We encourage you in a police sort of way to support our usury. With my Israelite I hold the general race. With all the receipts I kept in my die score gruesome. We got you’s precious HUGE, our interest rate’s our portable thug. Its real exciting when we booze you out. I had some mushroom police fall down true, you’re past your rupture day,” Judee say.

“In about a week the Druid space will be gone.”

That is a non Judah informed speaker giving an estimate of when we will be finished out forever more.

Continues at:

Won’t you listen to the truth Labor? And what is the truth? The truth is Father loves us all equally and wants us to survive. To survive do we not understand that we must be interested enough to act and STOP THE WAR?

“We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free ene

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